Absolute Resonance - v3 Chapter 658 Mutation

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The battle between Zhu Qinghuo and Niu Biaobiao, the two monarchs, attracted countless gazes from both inside and outside the Luolan House headquarters, and the two's shots were also earth-shattering. Zhiwei, waves of hard regret together.

However, this level of confrontation did not damage the Luolan House headquarters below and the outside world. It was not only because of the protection of the strange formation, but also because both sides had launched the "Fenghou Realm", which formed the They created an independent space for one party, and they endured each other, and resolved the aftermath of the other party's offensive.

The reason for this may be because it does not want to cause more damage.

Of course, the reason why Zhu Qinghuo didn't want to cause damage was not that he wanted to protect Luolan Mansion, but that he didn't want the aftermath of the battle to be too strong to destroy the treasures in Luolan Mansion.

Regent's Palace.

On the pavilion in the mansion, the Prince Regent stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes fixed on the direction of Luo Lan Mansion, his eyes pierced through the void like falcons, taking all the battle over there into his eyes.

"Luo Lanfu's power is very strong. Zhu Qinghuo is already a fourth-rank marquis, which is also considered to be the top level in our Daxia's Fenghou realm, but at this time, it is not accounted for in the battle. A slight advantage." The Regent said slowly.

"This Niu Biaobiao, I was afraid that he was not a simple person in the past. I really don't know why such a person would be willing to be a cook in Luo Lan's house for so many years. Do Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan have such great charm?"

"Of course the charm of those two people is not small, otherwise how could even Nadu Zeyan choose to help at the most critical moment... But this Niu Biaobiao is indeed not simple, if he is in his prime, not to mention Zhu Zhu Qinghuo, even if it is you, I am afraid it is not his opponent." Behind the regent, a man stepped out in the shadows, his clothes were meticulously arranged, his skin was as tender as a baby, he seemed very young, But the indifference and deepness in those eyes seemed to have gone through years.

In addition, the most surprising thing is that he was born with double pupils. In the eye sockets on both sides, there are two pupils that overlap, one gold and one silver.

On his finger, he wears a dark red simple ring, and on the ring is engraved a strange eye with black whites and pale pupils.

The Prince Regent turned his head and glanced at the man, and said, "But since the fight, this Niu Biaobiao has never revealed his own title. It seems that his title is damaged, right?"

"Really keen perception." The man with golden and silver eyes praised with a smile.

"The Fenghou Terrace is damaged. It seems that this Niu Biaobiao has indeed been severely damaged, and it is amazing that he can survive this way." The regent said.

"It should be enough to deal with Zhu Qinghuo," the man said.

The prince regent said: "Zhu Qinghuo is just a pretense, the next step is Shen Jinxiao's shot, as long as he gets rid of Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e, then Niu Biaobiao will naturally cast his arms against the rat, and then the dispute over Luo Lan's house will be regarded as a reality. As a result, I was able to get what I wanted."

"What if Shen Jinxiao also misses? After all, he can't do it himself, he can only rely on Pei Hao's body, and he can't really do his best." The man laughed.

"Although I can't do my best, it shouldn't be a big problem to clean up the two little guys with the means of a Fenghou strong man." The Regent said lightly.

The man seemed to be deliberately contradicting the Prince Regent: "Then Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e are not ordinary little guys. There are quite a lot of miracles on them."

The Prince Regent was not annoyed by his raising of the bar, but said with his eyes slightly lowered: "No matter what happens, the outcome of today's Luolan Mansion is already doomed. What I want, I have waited for so many years, I must get it."

The man with heavy pupils in gold and silver smiled slightly and said, "After the Luolan mansion sacrifice, in a few days, it will be your little king's enthronement ceremony. From the information I have received, Pang Qianyuan is already deep in the dark cave. With the help of the power of the Dragonbone Holy Grail, Chu has begun to suppress the fish king. If he succeeds, the cracks in the depths of the dark cave will be filled, and then he will come out. I think he will definitely come to participate in the enthronement ceremony. Because he once promised to come to the old king."

"And when he arrives, the forces you have worked so hard to manage will collapse in an instant. After all, he is the invincible in Daxia."

The regent looked calm and said, "Isn't this still you? You have been planning for so many years, and I don't believe that you will easily let Pang Qianyuan come out from the depths of the dark cave."

"Furthermore, as long as I have mastered the National Guarding Array, even if Pang Qianyuan comes out, I'm afraid I can't do anything about it."

"But if you want to take control of the National Protector Array, you have to do some tricks for it, and at this time, you also need the treasure of Luo Lan's residence as an aid." The man with golden and silver eyes said with a smile.

The Prince Regent nodded slightly, and continued to turn his attention to the direction of the Luolan House headquarters, and said, "So today is the first step of the plan."

"How could I allow it to fail?"



In the sky above Luo Lan Mansion, the violent phase force shook the sky.

Huge meteorites that were burning fell from the sky, like falling stars, constantly blasting towards Niu Biaobiao's position.

Countless people raised their heads, and the meteorite was reflected in their pupils, causing a look of horror on their faces.

Such a devastating attack, if it wasn't for the fact that the two Fenghou strongmen blocked the sky with the "Fenhou Realm" at this time, I am afraid that half of the Great Xia City would have been destroyed in this battle.


However, with the fall of the meteorite, the sound of a piercing knife sound suddenly resounded, and I saw one after another domineering to the extreme knife light swept across the void, the void was directly chopped by the knife light, leaving traces that have not been seen for a long time. dissipate.

The knife light swept across the meteorite, and the meteorite shattered immediately, and at the same time kept splitting from the inside, and finally turned into nothingness.

Zhu Qinghuo, who was looking at this scene, looked indifferent. He stared at the pig-killing knife in Niu Biaobiao's hand, and a look of fear flashed in his eyes. This knife seems to be a bit complicated, and it is definitely not an ordinary purple eye. The Noble Phantasm, because of the special splitting power contained in that saber aura, it seems that as soon as it is hit, it will continue to split all matter like a plague.

In the previous confrontation, any of his offensives could not achieve the slightest effect. This is not only because Niu Biaobiao has a terrifying physical strength, but also the killing pig knife in his hand is one of the reasons. .

Although the other party has never revealed his own title, but even so, it has already prevented him from making the slightest progress.

From this point of view, ordinary means are useless.

A coldness flashed across Zhu Qinghuo's eyes, his hands clasped together, and a seal was formed quickly. At the same time, in the sky behind him, there were actually fiery red clouds piled up, as if forming a red cloud covering the sky.

The next moment, Chiyun was torn apart, and there was a huge fiery red handprint that broke through the cloud.

"Fenghoushu, the handprint of the **** of fire!"


When Zhu Qinghuo performed the Fenghou Technique, Li Luo and Jiang Qinge couldn't help but be attracted. This is the Fenghou Technique that was really performed by the Fenghou strong. Heaven and Earth.

However, when the two of them were immersed in the power of the Marquis Technique, they almost invariably felt a dangerous aura attacking.

Jiang Qing'e reacted the fastest, and immediately slapped Li Luo away with one palm, and then the jade palm shot out, only to see the dazzling light of light pouring out like a torrent, turning into layers of mirrors of light in front of her. .


However, these mirrors of light only existed for a breath of time, and they all shattered.

An extremely powerful and astonishing force poured out like a torrent, and UU reading www.uukanshu.com and Jiang Qing'e collided with each other.


The phase force shock wave raged, tearing apart the nearby ground with traces, and Jiang Qing'e's shadow was also shaken back dozens of steps, and her blood was violently shaken.

"Sister Qing'e!" Li Luo, who was standing still, was shocked and hurriedly shouted.

Jiang Qing'e stretched out her hand and waved at him, indicating that there was nothing wrong, and then some cold eyes were cast in the direction of the force.

Then their expressions changed slightly.

Because they saw that not far away, Pei Hao, whose body was already riddled with holes, actually stood up stiffly and slowly at this moment, his hideous face covered with blood holes. , facing Li Luo, Jiang Qing'e showed a weird smile.

"You don't think that this is the end of my place, right?"

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