Best Son-in-law - Chapter 2989 deceived the world

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Lin Yu's words exploded above the heads of Zinder and others like thunder.

"You mean, Logan and Woods deceived the world?!"

A staff member said in shock.

At a press conference not long ago, Logan and Woods declared in front of people all over the world that they were injecting newly developed antibiotics into critically ill patients such as Hogham!

It is used to save the lives of these seriously ill patients infected with super pathogenic bacteria!

And now, Lin Yu actually told them that the so-called antibiotics turned out to be deadly genetic drugs!

In other words, the World Medical Association has been inverting black and white, deceiving and deceiving!

Playing with the lives of important officials and elites of more than 20 major and important countries in the world like a child's play!

What a rampant madness this is!

Even if the World Medical Association is the most powerful country in the world, it shouldn't be so arrogant!

Once this news is known to all countries in the world, it will definitely shock the world and cause a sensation like a tsunami!

The whole earth will tremble along with it!

At that time, the overwhelming accusations and abuses of people all over the world will be enough for the World Medical Association and the ** to drink a pot!

Not to mention, the huge loss of profit and loss of prestige that comes with it!

This series of terrible consequences may directly shake the unique hegemony of ** in the world!

So Zinder and the other staff are not unwilling to believe what Lin Yu said, but they can't believe what Lin Yu said!

In their opinion, either Lin Yu is crazy, or Logan and Woods are crazy!

"From the facts, it is true that they deceived the whole world!"

Lin Yu said very confidently.


A staff member in the crowd suddenly jumped out and snapped, "I don't believe in the World Medical Association.

Really dare to do it! "

"You must know that not only our compatriots have been injected with 'antibiotics', but even severely ill patients from the hard-core allies such as Toyo, Great Britain and West France have been injected with this 'antibiotic'!"

"More importantly, they also injected the same 'antibiotic' into their lieutenant Ben Lisson. Could it be that they even wanted to kill their lieutenant?!"

His words instantly attracted the approval of the others, who all nodded in agreement.

Even if the World Medical Association dared to take the life of his country's dignitaries as a child's play, it couldn't even take the life of its own vice president as a child's play!

"Secretary Xu, since we have chosen to send our compatriots over to you for treatment, we believe in you. There is no need for you to continue to smear the World Medical Association in front of us!"

Zinder said in a deep voice, "In your Yan Xia words, this will only backfire and make us suspicious of you!"

"I now

I really doubt whether you really have the ability to heal our compatriots! "

"Since you don't believe it, that's all!"

Lin Yu smiled helplessly, then looked stunned, and said solemnly, "I don't want to convince you either, I just want to tell you that these patients are in critical condition now!"

"In order to treat them as soon as possible, the next treatment process needs to be in accordance with my requirements, and no one should interfere!"

When he didn't want his treatment, Zinder and others intervened at will.

In other words, he can do whatever he wants!

Zinder and the others couldn't help but change their expressions slightly, looked at each other, and whispered a few words.

"You can do it all according to your requirements, but if there is an accident, do you dare to take responsibility?!"

Zinder asked in a deep voice for everyone.

"Ha ha ha ha…"

Lin Yu was not in a hurry to answer, but Lang

With a smile, he straightened his chest and said with a dignified expression, "If I don't even dare to agree to this, then I don't deserve to stand in front of you!"

"I solemnly promise here that if there is any accident, I, He Jiarong, will be fully responsible!"

"it is good!"

Zinder nodded, with a bit of respect in his eyes, and said solemnly, "We promise to hand over all patients to you!"

As he said that, he waved his hand, indicating that the medical staff on his side would hand over to the medical staff on Yan Xia's side, and hand over the patient to Yan Xia's side.


At this time, Xu Zhiyuan suddenly stood up one step at a time, and said solemnly, "Mr. Zinder, if President He cures your fellow countrymen in the end and proves that the World Medical Association injected them with genetic drugs, then what will happen? manage?!"

"Do you dare to join us, move forward, fight to the death, and denounce the World Medical Association?!"

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