Celestial Immortal - Chapter 676 God Gang True Dragon! Occasionally thinking [for subscription]

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   Daoist Feihong knew nothing about the Celestial Courtyard. He said that the reinforcements came after three hours, and it would be good if they arrived not too late.

   After all, the situation in Guangling Mountain is not too bad, and it can be topped.

   Even if there are reinforcements, it is priority to support other places.

   Daoist Feihong was frightened when he heard the sound of the dragon's roar, and in a panic, he sent a voice transmission to Chu Chen's consciousness:

   "Captain, the big thing is bad, and the enemy is coming again.

   In the eight-array picture, Chu Chen is dedicated to two purposes. In addition to arranging troops, he is transformed into a broken army star, holding the [Six Jia Eight Gods Qinglong Sword] and fighting with the group of demons.

   Hearing the words of Daoist Feihong, the mountain god, he laughed out loud.

   "Friend Feihong, don't panic! Friends are not enemies!"

  Chu Chen secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

   One person fought against five rank five demons. Even if he commanded tens of thousands of soldiers and horses to use the [Sun Bin Eight Formation Method], he was extremely exhausted after a battle.

   Especially in the late stage of the two statues of Shushan Jushi and King Jinguang, the supernatural powers are extremely good.

  The six arts of the Confucian scholar and gentleman of the Shushan layman, ritual, music, imperial, number, calligraphy, archery, all kinds of divine communication, killing, imprisoning, gaining, cursing, and calculating, are extremely comprehensive.

   And that King Jinguang is a golden leopard into a demon, with great swordsmanship, breaking mountains and rivers, sweeping away the dry army, and has great martial arts.

  Led by two rank five late-stage demons, the demons were besieging him. Chu Chen could only rely on the power of the [Eight Formations] to defend against the enemy with eight major formations, focusing on defense and dragging him abruptly.

  Fortunately, he practiced [Hunyuan Tianxin Xuangong] very well, with strong mana, and [Dabu Yuandan] to help him, he just joined forces to stop the fierce siege of the five big demons.

   The little ghost boy was also quite excited, and said with great joy, "Sister Ying Er is finally here!~"

  Chu Chen and Little Guizai were delighted.

   The five rank five monsters in the eight-array map, including Shushan layman, King Jinguang, and Lady Jade Bone, also felt the powerful aura approaching here, and their faces changed greatly.

   attacked Guangling Mountain and entered the other side's Mountain God Realm, so their news could not get out, obviously it was not the reinforcements they invited.

   The only possibility is that the reinforcements from the Celestial Court are here.

  Chu Chen was sitting in the middle army, hiding in the wind and clouds, with a faint smile on his face, and returned the words of the monk Shushan:

   "Friend Shushan, I'm waiting for my companions, what are you waiting for!"

   Shushan Layman heard this, his face flushed and his expression was very ugly.

   However, he was not in the mood for anger at this time, but only panicked.

  Why so fast!

   Not only Shushan layman, but all the monsters in the eight-array map were all pale.

   In fact, after they joined forces to besiege Chu Chen for more than an hour, countless deadly offensives were resolved, and they were already secretly screaming in their hearts.

  Chu Chen couldn't be killed, and the Eight Array Tu couldn't break out, and he was caught in a deadlock.

   Their only chance is to exhaust Chu Chen's mana before the arrival of the reinforcements from the Celestial Dynasty, dragging him to death, and then they will be able to break through.

   However, when he heard reinforcements coming from the other side, the demon in the Eight Arrays was in a panic.

   "Fellow Daoist Shushan, don't hide your clumsiness, take out your ability to press the box, if you can't break through, you and I have to die here!

King Jinguang was wicked and courageous, and regardless of the loss of his cultivation, he sprayed a mouthful of blood on the nine-ringed golden saber in his hand. The next moment, the big saber burst into a dark light, and an ancient beast that was full of resentment and evil condensed. Qi flew out. …

   Shaped like a ferocious tiger, with wings on its back, it roared and slashed towards Chu Chen.

  This knife is unusual, it is the gathering of the true meaning of martial arts, and it condenses the ancient fierceness.

   Layman Shushan also knew that the situation was not good, he took out the divine bow behind him, and took out four arrows from the quiver behind him.

   These four ginseng arrows are top-level divine arrows that he spent 200,000 jade to build. One arrow is shot, followed by three arrows. Once it hits the four arrows, it is extremely powerful, and it is his magical power at the bottom of the box.

   With this [Shenlian Divine Shooting] supernatural power, he once killed a 5th-Rank perfect cultivation realm powerhouse with a sturdy record.

The only drawback of    is that the magic arrow is expensive, and it is a one-time use, which is extremely expensive.

   One shot is 200,000 jade coins.

  Rao is a rank 5 strong scholar Shushan, and he can't stand it, and rarely uses this magical power.

   And this time, at the juncture of life and death, Shushan layman did not dare to be stingy, mobilized the mana in his body, and drew his bow and arrows in one go.


  As Shushan Jushi and King Jinguang made their move, the rest of the demons also showed their unique skills, attacking the soldiers and horses hidden in the sea of ​​clouds, trying to break out of the Eight Arrays, and escape every day.

Seeing the battle, Chu Chen was slightly startled, and quickly swallowed two [Da Bu Yuan Dan], then lined up to form an army, commanding tens of thousands of troops and horses, and manipulating the world's wind, clouds, dragons, tigers, birds and snakes to defend against the enemy. Varied, resist the riots of demons.

   The offensive of ordinary monsters is easy to resolve, but King Jinguang and Shushan Jushi's life-threatening blows are extremely impressive, breaking through the defensive offensive of the Eight Arrays and approaching Chu Chen.

   Seeing the ancient evil and Qiongqi slaughtered, Chu Chen's body, the **** of five thunders, appeared, Lei Xi was mighty, and the thunder light flashed in his hand, and he slashed with his sword.

  Thunder is the most restrained evil thing.

   One sword slashed, and the ancient evil was cut into two halves. When the sky was wiped out, a terrifying explosion occurred, and the void was twisted.

  Chu Chen was also shaken and flew out.


   Followed by four arrows like shooting stars.

  Chu Chen shrank to dodge, but the arrow seemed to lock on him, following him like a shadow, chasing after him through the void, and the speed was surprisingly fast.

   Caught off guard, an arrow hits Chu Chen, the incarnation of the God of Heaven.


   The incarnation of Tiangang, who was already insufficient in divine power, was shot and exploded instantly.

The second divine arrow followed, penetrated the body protection magic weapon [Tianpeng Jinjia], and hit Chu Chen's chest, but the [Jade Skin Golden Skin] couldn't resist, and the blood stained Chu Chen's robe. .

   "Stop hurting my mage!"

   At this critical moment, Marshal Guan roared, stepped on the red rabbit, turned into a blue dragon, and rushed towards the third divine arrow in a desperate way.


   Marshal Guan and the third divine arrow have died together!

   "What a loyal and pun-free marshal!"

  Chu Chen saw this, he was surprised and moved, and Marshal Guan would automatically protect the master.

   Marshal Guan's assistance gave Chu Chen a sigh of relief, mobilized the little mana left in his body, and kicked his leg.

  【Taishan God Legs】

   Leg Yuanjun hooked up with the five mountain gods, swept the power of the majestic earth veins, condensed into an ancient sacred mountain, and kicked the last divine arrow with one kick.

   Seeing this, Chu Chen breathed a sigh of relief, and was shocked by the supernatural powers of King Jinguang and Shushan. …

   Especially the Confucian supernatural power of Shushan layman [Shenlian Divine Shot], which fires four arrows in a row, chasing the soul and killing the soul.

   If Marshal Guan hadn't sacrificed his life to save him, he would have been capsized in the gutter.

   On the other side, Shushan layman and Jinguang Taoist were even more surprised.


   Their supernatural powers didn't work!

   This is their trump card trick to kill the late fifth-grade powerhouse.

   Especially Shushan layman, his heart is even more desperate.

  200,000 jade money was thrown into it, but there was not a single splash.

   It was at this time that the God of Dragon Roars came to mind in the eight-array map, and a dragon brace broke in from the outside.

  Two dragons were pulling the cart, and each dragon had a fifth-grade Taoist cultivation base, and the speed was surprisingly fast.

In the   撵 car, a woman in a red dress flew out,


   Qingying's consciousness swept away and saw Chu Chen with an arrow in his chest and his robe dyed red.

   The next moment, a pair of golden dragon eyes fell on the demon.

   His eyes were majestic and cold, as if the goddess of the Nine Heavens looked down on the mortal world.

   Shushan layman and King Jinguang shuddered when they saw this.

   The five products are complete, and they are still the gods and dragons.

   "You are courting death!"

  Qingying's face was expressionless, and the hem of her skirt was automatic without wind. One after another orbs flew out from behind her. With a few dull thunders, the orbs turned into five-headed gods and real dragons.


   The five-headed real dragon slaughtered towards the group of demons.

  Qingying herself was not idle either, she had an extra spear in her hand at some point, and she appeared in front of Shushan layman with a flick of her figure.

   Among the crowd, only Shushan layman holds a magic weapon longbow.

   "Dare to hurt my Jiro, courting death!"

  Qingying looks like a Valkyrie in the army, her face is full of frost, she stabs her spear, and the spear is vertical and horizontal.

  Chu Chen's mana is empty, and it is already at the end of the battle. The situation of the monsters trapped in the eight-array map is not much better, and they are all strong.

  Qingying's fifth-grade Taoism is complete, the descendants of the innate gods, and the great supernatural powers are invincible, chasing and killing the demons trapped in the eight-array map, naturally they are at hand.


   After several rounds, the Shushan layman was directly penetrated by a sharp spear, and Huang Tingxinjun was strangled on the spot.

   followed by King Kong.

  Qingying didn't make a move. Under the encirclement and suppression of the five real dragons, King Jinguang died suddenly, his soul was scattered, and he turned into a leopard lying in a pool of blood.

   "Senior Brother, Sister Ying Er is so majestic!"

   Little Guizi applauded, his face full of admiration, after today, in addition to senior brother, sister Ying Er is the person he admires the most, the master is not good now, and can only be ranked third.

  Chu Chen looked at Qing Ying, who was slaughtering the demons, and was slightly stunned.

   I didn’t expect that the most powerful martial arts supernatural power is not swordsmanship, but marksmanship!

  Xu is Qingying eager to take revenge for Chu Chen, and she made a decisive move, using a powerful supernatural power, or the magic power was insufficient, and her strength was greatly reduced.

   When only Mrs. Jade Bone was left, Chu Chen reacted. …

   He spent two hours abruptly, emptying the mana consumed by this group of demons, and all the "residual blood", how could he not "make up for the sword"

  Although "assisting" is also effective, and the Heart Temple also has a chance to show magical powers, but it is a small discount.

   The most important thing is that he has a grudge with the Soul Stealing White Bone Demon.

   "Ying Er, slow down!

Qingying manipulated the real dragon to blow up Madam Yugu's white bone magic weapon shield. She was about to kill him with a shot. After hearing what Chu Chen said, she stretched out her hand and grabbed Madam Yugu's neck. It lifted up like a chick.

  Chu Chen shrank the ground into an inch and came to Qingying.

   "Jiro, are you alright?"

  Qingying looked at the red robe on Chu Chen's chest and asked with concern.

  "It's okay!"

  Chu Chen shook his head. He had been taking the immortal medicine [Flying Dragon and Cloud Bone] for a long time to calm the five internal organs, and a few days ago, he had instilled Xue Yuanjun, and his body was constantly growing. This injury was not fatal to him.

After    finished speaking, Chu Chen's eyes fell on Madam Yugu.

   "Soul Stealing Bone Demon, you finally fell into my hands."

  Qingying was a little surprised at why Chu Chen told her to stop. Hearing this, she was immediately surprised:

   "So you are the white bone demon from Guangping."

  Mrs. Yugu touched the blood on the corner of her mouth, looked at Qingying in horror, and said:

   "You are Princess Ying of the Diyuan Dragon Palace!"

  Mrs. Yugu knew that she had no way out, and then snorted coldly, looked at Chu Chen, and said disdainfully:

   "Chu Chen, I thought you were so talented. It turned out that you invested in the Diyuan Dragon Palace. No wonder you practiced so fast!"

   Qingying's face turned slightly red, and she scolded:

   "Snake poisonous woman, what nonsense are you talking about, Erlang's cultivation relies on his own talent!"

  Chu Chen was not annoyed at all, with his xinxing cultivation base, there was no trace of turbulence in his heart, his eyes were sharp, and he looked at Mrs. Yugu:

   "You stole the lives and souls of hundreds of thousands of people in Guangping, making them weak and weak. Many people died prematurely because of you, and their sins are heavy. Today can finally be settled."

   Mrs. Yugu snorted coldly across her neck and said:

   "Win the king and lose the bandit, willing to gamble to admit defeat, the big deal is death!"

  Chu Chen saw that he did not repent and was not soft-hearted, the [Ling Jianzi] was formed in an instant, and a sword stabbed into Mrs. Yugu's chest.

  【Lingjianzi】condensed from a thousand meritorious deeds is extremely lethal to demons. With one sword piercing into the body, Mrs. Jade Bone endured great pain, trembled all over, and let out an earth-shattering cry.

   Immediately, one after another black jie steamed up.

  Qingying was quite disgusted, and threw it away, and a white bone fell on the ground.

  Chu Chen saw Madam Jade Bone and all the demons in the Eight Arrays were dead, and he was looking forward to calling out the Heart Temple.

  Performance: One thousand and thirty two

   Chu Chen was overjoyed when he saw the meritorious deeds of the Heart Temple.

  In one day, there are thirty-two meritorious deeds, which is very rare. In one day, if the first meritorious deed is good, you can get it by doing good deeds, but the difficulty of each subsequent meritorious deed will become higher.

   All of a sudden, thirty-two meritorious deeds have been gained, which is indeed a big gain.

   However, what surprised Chu Chen was the supernatural power that appeared in the Heart Temple.

  【Gong Xing: One thousand and thirty two】

   [Dharma Door: "Shangqing Jade Skin Ziying Vipassana Hidden Book" "Shangqing Returning Morning Return to Tong Rihui Zhongshu"]

  【Source: "True Letters"】

   [The concept of color is called yellow and red, and the upper Tao is called the hidden book. The occasional scene of the real man is precious. Couples love each other in two scenes, although they are called husband and wife, they cannot be husband and wife.]

  【Conditions for practice: One thousand and five years of meritorious deeds】

   "Good guy, the best room in the room, the intersection of the two scenes. The heart temple competes to manifest the occasional scene and save the thought method!"

   Chu Chen, who was born in the Lingshan School, knew a lot about it in order to deduce and perfect the Lingshan Fundamental Method. As soon as he saw the method that appeared in the Heart Temple, he recognized it at a glance.

   The lower vehicle dual cultivation method is for men and women to harmonize, practice the way of yellow and red, and the method of mixing qi, while the superior dual cultivation method is for men and women to contemplate the two scenes, and the harmony of yin and yang.

   In other words, this is a very serious and superior double cultivation method.

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