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  Jiro, how is your injury?”

  Qingying saw that Chu Chen was stunned and thought that Chu Chen was seriously injured, not only physically, but also his soul.

  Chu Chen, who was silently observing the insights of the temple chief, woke up like a dream, shook his head and said:

   "It's okay, the flesh is wounded, it looks scary, but it didn't hurt the soul."

  The method of the eight formations is best at defense, arranging troops and forming a formation.

   The most important thing is that the five elements spells such as water and fire cannot hurt Chu Chen.

In the case of fighting more and less, it is extremely difficult to kill the same-level powerhouse. In order to save mana, Chu Chen did not use the fire letter mark, water letter mark and other great powers in the top supernatural power [Twelve Seals of the Celestial Spiritual Spiritual Art]. supernatural powers.

   However, under the protection of the Eight Arrays and many divine seals such as water, fire, earth, and wood, ordinary five-element spells such as water and fire did not pose a threat to him.

  【Tiger Letter Seal】It also has restraint on monsters such as wolves, tigers and leopards.

   This is the reason why Chu Chen was able to use his own power to block two late-stage fifth-grade, three middle-grade-5, and dozens of sixth-grade demons besieged.

   Of course, Chu Chen's appearance is still quite miserable, and most of his body is wounded by swordsmen.

The top-level guardian armor [Golden Canopy] was seriously damaged, and his spirituality was greatly lost. This meeting has been taken back. An arrow was inserted in his chest, and his body was covered with large and small holes in his blue-clothed Taoist robe. The wounds of swordsmen and soldiers are full of scars, arrow holes are densely covered, and poisons are all corroded.

  If it were an ordinary fifth-rank monk, he would probably already be lying on the ground, dying.

   However, the [Hunyuan Tianxin Xuangong] that Chu Chen cultivated is no trivial matter. It has a good shape and a strong body. Especially after the transformation of [Xueyuanjun], the vitality in the body is endless, and Chu Chen's injuries are constantly restored.

In addition, there is also the fairy medicine [Flying Dragon and Clouds], which was born in Wuhua Town and has five internal organs, and its vitality lasts for a long time. As long as there is no irresistible fatal blow, no matter how many injuries he has suffered, he can recover little by little, which is quite impressive. .

  Qingying knew what Chu Chen was capable of, and she also let go of her worries, but seeing Chu Chen with arrows stuck in his chest and clothes soaked in blood, her heart was also distressed, and she said:

   "I'm late."

  Qingying felt quite guilty, but when he remembered the reason for being late, an angry expression appeared on his face, saying:

"Erlang, after I received your news, I rushed over as soon as possible. I didn't think that the chamber of commerce had an internal ghost, and cooperated with outsiders. We came up with the idea of ​​[Dabu Yuandan]. The chamber of commerce was in chaos everywhere. It was also attacked suddenly.”

  Chu Chen sighed: "How is the situation now?"

"It's okay, the other party didn't succeed." Qing Ying showed a happy expression: "I usually live in a secluded place, and I rarely make shots. Outsiders don't know my supernatural powers. Only a late fifth-grade monk shot, but his supernatural powers are quite good. Kung Fu was able to kill him."

  Chu Chen nodded, showing a happy look.

   Wealth and silk are heartwarming.

   Take the battle between Chu Chen and the group of demons as an example, if there is no [Da Bu Yuan Dan] to restore his mana, and only the ordinary [Ben Yuan Pill], he can't support the group of demons to join forces.

   At critical moments, 【Dabu Yuandan】is life-saving.

  Master Huolong alchemist is obsessed with alchemy magic. In his eyes, the elixirs that cannot help people become enlightened are all small ways, and only ignorant alchemists specialize in this way. …

   But this is the case. When the Fire Dragon Alchemist gave Chu Chen [Dabu Yuandan], the tone was quite proud, which also proved that this spiritual pill is quite good.

  Although the Golden Toad Palace shelters the Diyuan Chamber of Commerce, it has prevented a lot of trouble, but the recipe for the [Dabu Yuandan] created by the alchemist master Huolong alchemy is too tempting.

   In fact, in the world of practice, whether you are looking for a brilliant alchemist or placing an order with a high-end medicine store, you have to pay first.

   Strictly speaking, high-end elixir and elixir are all "futures" and are rarely available in stock.

[Dabu Yuandan] The positioning is quite subtle. It belongs to the treasure of high-level elixir. It is the only one in Bianhuangzhou County. It is also a popular and commonly used elixir. Dan vouchers are developing rapidly.

   It is no surprise that such a cornucopia is coveted by others.

   "Ying Er, what's the background of the other party?"

   "I don't know right now, I'm in a hurry to help you, wait for me to go back and investigate slowly."


   When Chu Chen and Qingying were discussing, the little ghost on the side was instructing the Eight Generals and Eight Hundred Divine Soldiers to collect loot, and they were extremely excited with storage instruments of various sizes hanging on their bodies.

   "Senior brother, sister Ying Er, you have made a fortune, so many treasures"

  Chu Chen heard the words, smiled, and did not talk to Qingying, he made a sound transmission with his divine sense, and ordered the troops and horses to withdraw the eight formations.

   The next moment, the wind and clouds dissipated, and the devastated Guangling Mountain appeared in front of him.

  The smoke of gunpowder filled the air, the peaks and hills collapsed, the ground was full of potholes, and there were all kinds of rocks, debris, and wood.

   "Shan Chang (Mr.), are you alright?"

   Daoist Feihong and Hu Dali saw the Eight Arrays withdrew, and rushed over immediately.

   In fact, since Qingying arrived, the monsters that besieged Wanquan Daoyuan and Shan Temple have withdrawn and did not dare to stay any longer.

   "I'm fine, I just suffered a little bit of flesh and blood."

  Chu Chen looked at Daoist Feihong and Hu Dali.

   Daoist Feihong is not bad. As the **** of Guangling Mountain, he sits in the mountain temple. He uses the incarnation of the mountain **** to fight against the demon powerhouse. Except for the mysterious method of breaking the mountain and destroying the temple, the power of the mountain **** is wilted, and there is no injury to his body.

   Tiger Vigor is much more miserable. The animal skin and armor are bathed in blood, and the scars are repaired. The tiger hair on his body is charred black, revealing the red and pink flesh, and he looks very embarrassed.

   But he was in good spirits, apparently not fatally.

   "Fellow Daoist Feihong, Dali, I have worked hard, and I will report it to Xianting to ask for credit for you."

   Hu Dali smiled naively.

   Daoist Feihong was a little ashamed, smiled and said:

   "Captain, this time thanks to my own efforts to stop the group of demons, how dare I take credit, ashamed, ashamed."

   Daoist Feihong sighed sincerely, and his heart became more and more incomprehensible to his own mountain chief.

   In fact, after knowing the lineup of the monster army, he had prepared the worst plan for his fall.

  However, he never imagined that his family would be so good at practicing magic powers without showing off the mountains and the mountains.

  The 10,000 soldiers and horses sent by Xianting could not stop a rank five demon even if they were in formation. …

   In other words, this time, the mountain chief turned the tide with his own power and blocked two late-stage fifth-grade demons, three fifth-grade demons, and dozens of sixth-grade demons.

   The sturdy record, Rao is used to seeing ups and downs, and the Feihong Daoist who has experienced life and death is also extremely surprised.

   What surprised him even more was Qingying, who was driving a dragon and chariot to help Guangling Mountain. He was always in the situation in the eight-array map. He saw Qingying's supernatural powers with his own eyes, which was a surprise in his heart.

   Daoist Feihong naturally knew that the other party was invited by the mountain chief, but he still bowed to Qingying, the two dragon monks, and thanked him:

   "In the lower Guangling Mountain God, Daoist Daoist Feihong, thank you Dragon Palace Princess and the two Dragon Clan Daoists for helping us!"

  The monk transformed by the dragon bowed his hands and saluted:

   "You're welcome, fellow Daoist.

  Qingying smiled: "Fellow Daoist Feihong, don't be polite, I heard Erlang mention you, it's a pleasure to meet you."

   Daoist Feihong heard that Qingying called his mountain chief "Erlang", and he had a quick reverie in his heart.

  Chu Chen saw this and said with a smile:

   "Everyone, don't stand outside the mountain. The turmoil is continuing. You and I will go to Wanquan Daoyuan for a talk."


   Xianting did not make empty promises. After three hours, Xianting began to contact Wanquan Daoyuan, intending to send reinforcements.

   After learning that Wanquan Daoyuan had repelled the demon, it gave up.

  With the arrival of Xianting reinforcements, the commotion caused by the monster attack receded like a tide.

  The demons danced wildly in various places, the calamity of the chaotic party ceased, the stability was gradually maintained in various places, and the southwestern states gradually restored the former order.

After the    war, it is natural to count the losses and gains.

In terms of battle damage, thanks to Chu Chen's eight formations, Wanquan Taoist Academy was not breached by the main force of the demons, and there were no casualties among the disciples of the Taoist Academy. hurt.

   The biggest loss was the 10,000 soldiers and horses that Xianting rushed to help Guangling Mountain, and 30% of them were killed in action, leaving only more than 7,000 soldiers and horses.

   The soldiers and horses of Chenghuangfu and Shanshenli Society died in battle against demons, which means that their yin lifespan is exhausted, but their credit is obvious to all. They enter the underworld, whether they stay in the underworld or reincarnate, they will be preferentially treated.

   In addition to eating, more than 70 Lingdou soldiers under Chu Chen's command were killed in battle, including Marshal Guan.

   But fortunately, all of them can be resurrected, there is no major problem.

   Compared with the losses, this time the victory was great.

Ferocious beasts and monsters are covered with treasures, and they can take out a lot of spiritual materials. But this time to defend against the army of monsters, countless beasts, big monsters and small monsters have been beheaded. There are treasures everywhere in the mountains, worth millions of jade money.

   Daoist Feihong and the Eight Generals of Feitian led their troops and horses to sweep the battlefield and enjoyed it.

  Chu Chen, Qingying, and Little Guizai did not participate in cleaning the battlefield, but returned to Lingxiao to live in the cave.

   On the one hand, Chu Chen returned to the cave to recuperate from his injuries. On the other hand, the little ghost had long since taken away the biggest loot—a large number of treasures and storage instruments that were carried by a large number of fifth- or sixth-grade monsters.

  According to the rules of Xianting, under normal circumstances, after killing a demon, the body is reported to Xianting, and the treasures and storage instruments on his body can be left behind.

   Except for individual demons, the treasures and storage instruments on the demons are often more valuable than the demons' bodies. …

  Especially the big monster with superb cultivation base and rich net worth.

  Chu Chen laid down eight diagrams, and all the besieged were big demons of the fifth or sixth rank of Taoism. After Qingying arrived, they all shot and killed them, and then they were touched by the corpse of the money-loving kid.

  Chu Chen, Qingying, Little Guizai, Hu Dali and others happily took stock of the spoils.

  All kinds of high-level magic weapons, martial arts weapons, and battle armors and jackets are always covered in the clean room of the cave, and the aura is dazzling and dizzying.

   These treasures are the treasures of the fifth or sixth grade demon monks, and the quality of each one is quite good.

  Except for some sinister and poisonous magic weapons that need to be destroyed, it is not easy to sell them for money, the rest are all worth a lot of money, and any intact treasure is worth tens of thousands of jade.

   Among them, the magic weapons and weapons of the eight fifth-grade demons are the most valuable.

   In particular, the treasures carried by the two rank five demons in the late stage, the ink pen, saber, bow and arrow of Shushan layman, and the nine-ring golden sword of King Jinguang are all extremely precious treasures.

   "Erlang, these three treasures, swords and bows are all authentic Confucian secret treasures. They are all top-level instruments and weapons, and they are very compatible with your little brother Pengju. This treasure will not be sold. I will give it to Pengju in the future."

   Qingying said with a smile.

  Chu Chen nodded. He had a battle with Shushan layman. He knew the power of the three treasures of Confucianism.

  Chu Chen and Qingying have the business of [Dabu Yuandan]. They are not short of money for the time being. Naturally, this kind of treasure will not be sold.

"This [Qianqi Fierce Sword] is made of high-quality gold stone spirit mines. The souls of the above ancient poor and strange beasts are sacrificed and suffocated. They are also top-level spirit soldiers with good potential. Become a magic weapon-level divine weapon, vigorous, this weapon is extremely suitable for you.”

  Qingying commented on Baodao and threw the [Qianqi Fierce Sword] to Hu Dali.

   "Give it to me."

  Hu vigorously took over the treasured saber. He was pleasantly surprised and a little overwhelmed. He looked at Chu Chen and said, "Sir."

  Chu Chen smiled: "Dali, only by stepping into the realm of great supernatural powers can it be possible to turn the treasured sword into a magic weapon-level magic weapon, accept it, practice well, and don't live up to our expectations for you."

  Hu vigorously listened to Chu Chen's opening, and immediately refused to refuse. He grinned and saluted: "Thank you sir, Princess Ying for the reward."

  Chu Chen and Qingying smiled lightly, they were quite generous to their own people.

  In addition to Hu Dali, the two rank five Jiaolongs who came to help out also got several treasures.

   Even the little devil got several treasures.

   In fact, Chu Chen and Qingying had already sent the little ghosts a lot of magic weapons and treasures for killing and protecting themselves. Not to mention how powerful their supernatural powers are, at least they will not be bullied at will by the little monsters of the sixth or seventh rank.

  After counting the treasures, Hu Dali and the two Jiaolong left the cave fully satisfied.

  Chu Chen, Qingying, and Little Guizai did not stop taking stock of the treasures.

   In addition to the treasures carried by the monsters, the other big head is the storage tools.

  The storage tools in the wild places outside the customs are quite rough, far less refined than the storage tools of the Xuanmen monks in the middle-earth. The restrictions are relatively simple and crude, and the storage tools are very simple and easy to damage.

   Not to mention, the monks and demons in the wild land will deliberately destroy their own storage tools before they die, so as not to benefit the enemy. …

   This can also be regarded as a kind of culture of wild land, which belongs to the behavior of "self-protection", so as to reduce the occurrence of vicious incidents of "killing people and stealing treasures".

   But this time, Qingying showed her great power and made a decisive move, and many demons didn't have time to destroy their storage instruments.

   This time the harvest is also quite rich.

   There are twelve intact storage instruments. The most surprising thing is that the storage instruments of the other five-rank powerhouses are broken, but Shushan Jushi's storage instruments are not broken.

To be precise, Shushan Jushi also wanted to self-destruct the magical storage tool, but I don’t know if he panicked at the last moment. He didn’t say that the self-destruction was unsuccessful. Instead, the protection and prohibition of the storage magical tool was accidentally damaged. Storage bag cracking just got easier.

   "Little devil, is this storage bag really looted from that scholar demon?"

  Chu Chen and Qingying were a little unbelievable.

  The kid nodded repeatedly:

   "I can touch the corpse. The first one will touch the scholar and the leopard with the highest Taoist cultivation. I have specially put away their treasures, and I will definitely not be wrong."

   Little Guizi is very determined.

   is about the loot, it remembers correctly.

   After all, the more loot he has, the more incense he can ask for.

  Chu Chen and Qingying were overjoyed.

  You don’t have to eat the little ghost rice, and the fragrance cannot be missed. It’s about seeking fragrance, and the little ghost is always the most reliable.

   So, the two did not delay, their divine sense penetrated into the storage tool, and joined forces to crack the storage tool.

   After about a stick of incense, the storage bag burst open.

   To Chu Chen and Qingying's surprise, the moment the treasure in the storage bag was opened, the storage space collapsed.

   Countless treasures fall into the void.

  Chu Chen and Qing Ying were quick-witted and quick-witted. At a critical moment, their consciousness swept away, and they each grabbed a small treasure box by self-consciousness.

   "Bad luck!"

  Qingying was a little regretful, she just caught a glimpse. She saw a lot of good treasures, but unfortunately she didn't have time to fish them out.

  Chu Chen smiled:

   "Forget it, there are times in your life that you must have it eventually, and there is no time to force it in your life. Those things are not related to us, and the treasure box in our hands is related to us."

  Qingying agreed: "Also, Erlang, let's open it up and take a look."

After    finished speaking, the two did not say much, and opened the treasure box each.

   "Let me see what the treasure is."

  The money-loving kid's eyes flashed, and he flew to the table to watch.

The    treasure box was opened, and there were actually two books inside.

   "Shangqing Yuxia Ziying Vipassana Hidden Book" "Shangqing Returning Morning Return to Tongrihui Zhongshu"."

  Little Guizi recited aloud, and then he looked at Qingying who was flipping through the pages, and Chu Chen, who was stunned, and asked curiously:

   "Senior Brother, Sister Ying Er, what kind of treasure is this, is it a Taoist scripture or a Dharma manual? Why haven't I heard of it."

  Chu Chen was dumbfounded. At this moment, he finally understood why the Heart Temple had inexplicably displayed the double cultivation method. The original source was here.

   Qingying, who was reading the Taoist scriptures, was also stunned. After some research, she naturally understood what the scriptures were in her hand, and Xiafei's cheeks became slightly hot on the spot.

   The little boy on the side saw that his senior brother and Qingying did not answer it, so he was immediately puzzled, lowered his voice, and asked in a low voice:

   "Senior brother, sister Ying Er, why don't you talk, isn't this a very amazing treasure?"

  Chu Chen and Qingying God Envoy Guicha nodded at the same time. …

  The little boy came interested: "I'll take a look."

After    finished speaking, the little ghost seemed to stretch out his hand, but Chu Chen and Qingying did not give it.

   "Little devil, this scripture is too profound for you to read."

   "Hehe~ little devil, there are two packs of incense here, I will reward you, go.

  Little Guizai took Lingxiang from his senior brother in a daze: "Senior brother, sister Ying Er, it's too easy for me to ask for a reward, I'm not used to it."

  In the end, the little ghost boy rushed away with Lingxiang in his hands and practiced the clean room, leaving only Chu Chen and Qingying.

   A moment of silence.

  Qingying hesitated for a moment, smiled sweetly, and said:

   "Erlang, this is the real-life spectacle method. We pulled it out at a stroke. We really have a fate with this method. Why don't we practice spectacles together in the future, and the cultivation will be faster."

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