Cultivation: From the Inauguration of Druid - v2 Chapter 843 let go of scruples

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"Don't say it!" Lu Dongbin interrupted him with a stern statement, and said sharply: "I can't be with Bai Peony when I become an immortal.

Then why don't I become a demon?

If I become a demon, I don't have to care about the destiny and the mission of the Eight Immortals.

I can do everything I want to do unscrupulously, and stay and fly together with Peony.

Yes, as long as the Jade Emperor is overthrown, the Tiantiao can be abolished, and we will not have to be forced to separate. "

Thousands of years of emotional repression, Emperor Donghua's heart has not yet flashed his disgust for the laws of the heavens.

Therefore, when he was reincarnated as Lu Dongbin, he felt so empathetic when he heard the story of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl.

Only then did I think of asking the Queen Mother to be kind and let the Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet a few more times.

If it is possible, it means that the sky is not immutable.

Although he did not know the meaning of the heavenly rule at the time, nor did he understand the restraint of the heavenly rule on him.

But he did it subconsciously, because he had such an obsession in his heart.

Before this rule, the gods in the sky could also have love.

But when some immortals fell into the devil for love, they even caused turmoil in the heaven and disturbed the law of the operation of heaven and earth.

This rule appeared in the heaven.

And Fairy Yunhua was the first immortal who dared to resist this rule.

Of course, her fate is enough to make the immortals watch out.

Now, Lu Dongbin is in love with the devil, and he has already embarked on a step by step, the old way of Fairy Yunhua.

This is his release of the suppressed emotions in his heart, and it is also his resistance to the old-fashioned self.

When he completely vented his emotions, and then woke up and looked at the consequences he had caused.

Maybe you will really understand what this rule represents.

In order to truly spend their millennium love robbery.

This is the purpose of Ling Qing and Zang Lingzi.

If Lu Dongbin's heart is not removed, he will not be able to successfully return to his place in one day.

If the Eight Immortals do not return to their positions, the calamity will not survive, and the world will gradually turn into a demonic realm.

Originally, this could not be better for the previous Tibetan Lingzi.

But now, after Lingqing's persuasion, he has given up this extreme method.

After all, in his current opinion, destroying the sky and destroying the earth is not really better than Taishang Laojun.

That is just incompetent flipping the chessboard in the end, which is a symbol of not being able to lose.

Lu Dongbin let go of the last restraint in his heart, and there was nothing that could make him scruples anymore.

Abandoning Han Xiangzi, he turned around and went to Xiaoyaoju.

"Dongbin!" Han Xiangzi turned the bamboo in his hand, and countless golden flowers flew to stop Lu Dongbin.


Lu Dongbin urged the Fire Dragon Chunyang Sword to slash through, not only swept away the golden flower, but also threw up Han Xiangzi's blood and fell to the ground, so he could only watch him leave.

Inside Xiaoyao Residence, Tieguai Li and the others followed Lu Dongbin not long before Bai Mudan rolled his eyes and slowly approached Lingqing who was meditating cross-legged.

With a sweet smile, he called out, "Master, just let me go!"

Ling Qing opened her eyes and looked at her and said, "What are you doing?"

"Dongbin and I are really in love with each other, I can die for him, or he can turn against you and me.

You might as well fulfill us. "Bai Peony came behind him and gently hammered his shoulders.

Ling Qing smiled and said: "You call me Master now, that is the third brother's niece.

The two of you are like this, don't you mess up your generations? "

Bai Mudan slammed him and said, "There is no real apprenticeship, it's just that you teach me to practice, and I call you Master.

When you kissed me with Xiangu earlier, didn't you agree with me and Dongbin?

Why has it changed now? "

She suddenly pretended to be surprised and said, "Could it be that Xian Gu abandoned you in a chaotic manner and made you change your temperament so much that you began to hate all lovers in the world?"


Lingqing raised his hand and knocked on her head, saying, "Stop talking nonsense there.

I ask you, if my third brother were to kill us all for you, would you still like him? "

Bai Peony, holding his head, shook his head and said, "No, Dongbin is not that kind of person.

Master, why do you miss your brother so much? You should know about him? "

Lingqing said: "It is precisely because I know him that I know what he will do.

Remember, even if the third brother takes you away, you have to remember that the one you like is Lv Dongbin, who is full of pride, affection and righteousness.

rather than a demon who annihilates humanity. "

Bai Peony asked suspiciously, "What do you mean?"

However, before she could answer Lingqing, she smelled a foul stench on the tip of her nose, and then slapped it away.

Lan Caihe, who was on the side, was unprepared and fainted.

Afterwards, Chun walked in with Hokong Jushi, the Bull Demon Venerable, and the Unicorn Master.

Bowing in front of Lingqing, he said, "See Young Master!"

Ling Qing looked at several people and said, "Get up."

"Yes!" The four responded and stood up.

Chun came to Lingqing, cupped his hands and said, "Young master, we are ordered by the leader to take away the white peony."

Ling Qing nodded and said, "I see, you should be more careful, don't let anyone hurt her."

Chundao: "Young master, don't worry, the sect master also appreciates Bai Peony very much, and no one would dare to trouble her without a long eye."

"Yeah." Lingqing hummed softly and said, "Take her away, I'll take care of the rest."

"It's the young master!" Chun responded, making Houkong return to his original form and carrying the white peony on his back.

Hokong Layman is a god-like essence, and the back of the elephant is wide and comfortable, but he does not worry about Bai Peony's suffering.

Then several people saluted Lingqing again, and then left.

Ling Qing grabbed Lan Caihe and took him back to the Lu Mansion to settle down, and then turned back.

On Chun's side, just after walking very far, they met Lu Dongbin who had rushed back with Zongjian.


When Lu Dongbin saw that the white peony was in their hands, he wanted to grab it without a word.

But the four of them had been prepared for a long time, and the one-horned master punched out the hollow drill that he had repaired, and knocked Lu Dongbin's pure Yang sword into the air.

Venerable Bull Demon on the other side shook the steel fork in his hand and pointed at Bai Peony's neck.

Chun took a step forward and said, "Lu Dongbin, if you don't want Bai Peony to die in front of you, you'd better stop."

Seeing this, Lu Dongbin threw the rat's weapon, and put away the male and female swords and the pure Yang sword that were lying in the dark.

Master Unicorn looked at the male and female swords not far from him, and hurriedly retreated behind the bull demon.

Previously, his hollow drill was cut by these two swords. His body was not as hard as the hollow drill. If it was cut once, his life would be over.

Lu Dongbin took the sword and asked, "How could you guys grab the white peony from Lu Daoqing, Lan Caihe, and so easily?"

Tsubaki waved the Tsubaki branch in his hand, and a stench caused Lu Dongbin to step back.

Looking at his performance, Chun smiled and said, "That's it.

He could dodge it, but Bai Peony and Lan Caihe couldn't dodge. He only cared about saving Lan Caihe, so we naturally caught Bai Peony easily. "

Master Unicorn smiled and said, "It seems that in his eyes, Bai Peony is not as good as Lan Caihe!"

"Humph!" Lu Dongbin snorted coldly, did not answer, and shouted, "Give me back the white peony!"

Chun asked, "So, you promised to join our Tongtian Sect?"

Lu Dongbin said: "If you want me to join the teaching, let your sect master come and invite me. Now you'd better return the white peony to me."

The Bull Demon listened to the steel fork in his hand and said, "Lu Dongbin, don't be ignorant.

What kind of identity are you, you dare to ask our sect master to invite you? "

Lu Dongbin stared at him and said, "What are you? You dare to teach me how to do things?"

"Hahaha~ What a good Lu Dongbin, as expected of the reincarnation of Donghua." With a loud laugh, Zang Lingzi appeared in front of everyone.

Chun and others worshipped one after another: "Sect Master!"

"Get up." Zang Lingzi waved his cloak and asked everyone to stand up. He looked at Lu Dongbin and said, "Lv Dongbin, last time I asked you to join the teaching, but you dismissed it.

Now I give you another chance, I wonder if you will give me a different answer. "

Lu Dongbin glanced at the white peony and said, "Put the white peony first."

As soon as Zang Lingzi signaled, Chun helped Bai Peony up and sent it to Lu Dongbin's arms.

"How? Lu Dongbin, this sect master has shown enough sincerity." Zang Lingzi said, "So, what about your sincerity?"

Lu Dongbin checked Bai Peony's condition, and he was relieved to see that she just fainted and didn't suffer any harm.

He raised his head, looked at Zang Lingzi and cupped his hands: "Lu Dongbin, see the leader!"

Zang Lingzi looked up to the sky and laughed loudly: "Okay!


Ling Qing came from Lu Mansion and was about to see this scene.

At the same time, Tieguai Li and others also witnessed the scene of Lu Dongbin bowing to Zang Lingzi.

Seeing everyone laughing, Zang Lingzi waved his cloak, rolled up Lu Dongbin and a group of cultists and disappeared in front of everyone.

"Dongbin! Dongbin!" Han Zhongli shouted twice, but to no avail.

He was about to turn towards Yunfeng Mountain, but was grabbed by Tieguai Li.

"Zhongli, don't be impulsive!"

Han Zhongli shook off Tieguai Li's hand, but he didn't mean to be impulsive anymore, he just asked, "Why don't you get Dongbin back now, what are you waiting for?"

Zhang Guolao knew that he was in a hurry, and persuaded: "It's useless for you to go to Yunfeng Mountain, Dongbin is unlikely to come back with you."

He asked Lingqing again, "Why is it only you? What about Caihe?"

Lingqing replied, "Caihe was stunned by Chun's odor, so I placed him in the Lu residence.

Let's go back to the Lu Mansion now. If UU reading wants to save Xing Caihe, we still need Brother Tieguai's lily fragrance. "

When everyone heard this, they were worried about Lan Caihe, so they went back to Lu Mansion first.

After he was rescued, everyone in the lobby discussed how to deal with Lu Dongbin's joining Tongtian Sect.

Everyone didn't have the idea of ​​blaming Lingqing. When Lu Dongbin turned the calamity into a demon, everyone knew that Lu Dongbin personally agreed.

Moreover, Ling Qing himself has used this method, and now he has indeed resolved the love calamity.

Therefore, this matter cannot be blamed on Ling Qing's head.

As for the loss of White Peony, they also failed to keep Sun Hu and the others behind, and they didn't think there was anything wrong with Lingqing's inability to beat Chun, Hokong, Venerable Niumo and Master Unicorn.

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