Cultivation: From the Inauguration of Druid - v2 Chapter 844 winemaking blossoms

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On the other hand, Lan Caihe felt remorse at this time. He felt that he was useless because he was smoked down by Chun, which caused Lingqing to lose the white peony. Bai Mudan can be regarded as Lingqing's half apprentice, but now the apprentice didn't save him, but saved his own oil bottle. He is also quite guilty of Lingqing. Although everyone planned to return the white peony to Lu Dongbin, there was a big difference between being kidnapped by Lu Dongbin and kidnapped by Chun and others. If it was Lu Dongbin, that would be in line with everyone's calculations. But being robbed by Chun and others means that he is incompetent and lost his fellow Daoist. He Xiangu also came back at this time, but judging from her appearance, the effect of this line was not ideal. In addition to dragging the pangolin, it did not resolve the doom between the two sides. Han Zhongli looked at Lingqing and said, "I'm worried now that Dongbin will be fine if he joins Tongtian Church?" Lingqing said, "According to my understanding of Shishu, if he wants to kill the third brother, it won't be so big. It took a lot of trouble. Since he personally came to subdue the third brother, he definitely planned to use the third brother to deal with the Eight Immortals in turn. As for Bai Mudan, if he wanted the third brother to obey him, he would not hurt her." Han Zhong Li breathed a sigh of relief: "That's okay." Then he sighed: "I didn't expect Dongbin to be completely enchanted so quickly, we still underestimate this thousand-year-old love robbery." Lingqing also remembered his own love robbery. , when associated with the Millennium Love Tribulation. No matter how careful he was, he still almost overturned the car, not to mention Lu Dongbin, who deliberately indulged. Seeing that everyone was a little worried, he couldn't help but persuaded: "You don't have to worry. In fact, it's not a bad thing for the third brother and Tongtianjiao to mix with the uncle." Zhang Guolao asked: "Where did you start? ?" The others also looked at him curiously. Lingqing smiled and said: "Now the white peony has a five-colored fairy clothes spell, and the two of them are not worried about losing their lives. And the third brother is now in the devil, and he can't indulge himself, so he must suppress his body and mind, and it is inevitable that he will not make irreparable things. Now that I have joined the Tongtian Sect, I will definitely take revenge on us. The Eight Immortals have the job of subduing demons and exorcising demons, so it is just for him to get rid of this inner demon and return to the right path." Tieguai Li agreed: "That's right, after all, the cave Bin also banned his mind at the beginning." "Yeah." Han Zhongli nodded and said, "Dong Bin banned the mind, and the love demon doesn't know, so I don't worry that he will lift the ban and guide himself into the devil. Really want to. When it is irreversible, we just need to release the ban, and we will definitely be able to make him change his mind." "That's the truth." Ling Qing said: "Now let's hold back and see if the third brother can't hold on first. , or Bai Peony repents first. When she realizes that Lu Dongbin, who has been enchanted, is not the one she likes, she will definitely come back to us. Xian Gu should pay more attention these days." "Okay!" He Xiangu nodded. She has now experienced a love calamity, and this cultivation base has also risen steadily. Only when she either gives up the pangolins or transforms them, then her calamity will disappear. At that time, she will be officially promoted to the pinnacle of Earth Immortal, and she can become a Heaven Immortal only after she has passed the calamity. There is no better way to see it, so we have to wait and see what happens. Han Xiangzi went to save his uncle Han Yu again. When Bai Peony woke up, he was already in a cave. When he opened his eyes, he saw Lu Dongbin who looked at her affectionately. "Dongbin!" She rushed over happily and hugged Lu Dongbin tightly. The two told each other how they missed these days. Just when they were in love, they suddenly felt a pain like a needle stick, which suddenly woke them up. After Lu Dongbin checked it out, he discovered the colorful fairy clothes spell on Bai Peony. "Tieguai Li, Han Zhongli, you guys are doing very well! When he tried countless times and found that he couldn't lift the spell, he frantically vented his emotions. Bai Peony comforted him: "It doesn't matter, as long as you can I am satisfied with you. ""no! Lu Dongbin pushed the white peony away, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and said, "I'm going to find Master Tongtian. His magic power is so powerful that he will definitely be able to unravel the spell on you." " Bai Peony was pushed by him to lie on the stone couch, turned his head and looked at him in surprise: "Tongtian sect master? "Lu Dongbin also found that he had pushed Bai Peony down, he quickly helped her up, and said softly, "I was excited just now, didn't I hurt you?" "I'm fine. "Bai Peony is nothing at all. Seeing his pity, he forgot what happened just now, and asked: "Why did you go to Tongtian Sect Master to solve the curse on me?" Lu Dongbin held her in his arms and said, "I haven't had time to tell you, I have already joined Tongtian Sect. For you, I don't even do immortals, and only the leader of Tongtian can avoid those annoying heavens. After I ask Tongtian Sect Master to break this curse, we will be able to be together. "Bai Mudan suddenly remembered Lingqing's words, what you like is a heroic Lu Dongbin, not a demon who destroys humanity. But with Lu Dongbin's sweet words, she also put down her worries and completely immersed in it. The next day, Lu Dongbin brought white peony to the main hall of the main altar, cupped his hands and said, "Meet the sect master! Zang Lingzi looked at him and said, "Why are you here if you don't marry your beloved Yaner?" "He said to Bai Peony: "Bai Peony, we meet again." "Bai Peony forced a smile and bowed, "Peony has seen the leader!" "Lu Dongbin said: "Sect Master, Dongbin has something to ask for. Tieguai Li and the others cast a strange spell on Peony, and Dongbin wanted to ask the sect master to unravel it. ""Oh? "Zang Lingzi said curiously: "What curse, even you can't solve it? "Speaking, he came to Bai Peony's side, grabbed her hand, and began to investigate. Then he let go, and said: "So it is, it is the five-color fairy clothes curse. Lu Dongbin hurriedly said, "Does the sect master know this spell?" Zang Lingzi said: "This mantra was originally a kind of body protection mantra, but it was changed to be used for such a purpose, but it is quite thoughtful. " Lu Dongbin asked: "Then I wonder if the sect master could unravel this curse?" Zang Lingzi pondered for a while, then said: "It was not difficult to solve this spell originally, but in addition to the five-color fairy clothes spell, there is also a magical rune in it. This talisman is extremely complicated, and the sect master can't understand it for a while. ""Rune? After thinking for a while, Lu Dongbin said softly, "Daoqing! "Zang Lingzi nodded and said:" It is indeed him. Bai Peony couldn't help but ask: "Isn't Master Daoqing's ability to teach bishops?" Why can't he understand his methods? Zang Lingzi sighed and said, "I didn't teach him all of his skills, he learned the method himself." "Chun and other monsters felt that Lingqing was an undercover agent inside the Eight Immortals and wanted to cooperate with the leader to deal with the Eight Immortals. But in the pangolin, they knew that Lingqing was a traitor and betrayed Zang Lingzi. Lu Dongbin came, and he was still enchanted. After that, I broke up with Han Zhongli and others. If I only knew that Lingqing was undercover, I am afraid it would be a bad thing, but I couldn’t hide it. So Zang Lingzi also told them about the pangolins. He After a pause, he said again: "If you want to solve this spell, you can also let Bai Peony stay here, I have carefully comprehended and understood, and then I will untie it for you. "Zero Bai Peony was startled and looked at Lu Dongbin, "Dongbin! Lu Dongbin patted her hand and said to Zang Lingzi, "No need, I will find a way myself. "Zang Lingzi said noncommittally: "Well, you can go." "Lu Dongbin and Bai Mudan went back to the cave, both of them were speechless. Bai Mudan touched Lu Dongbin's face and said, "It doesn't matter, as long as we are together, it will be fine. "Lu Dongbin smiled and said, "Yes, it's better than anything else that we can be together unfettered." Afterwards, the two embraced each other, but a shadow flashed on Lu Dongbin's face. Although Lu Dongbin and Bai Peony felt that the five-colored fairy clothes spell was a bit of a hindrance, the spell didn't just prevent them from further intimacy. Even if someone wants to hurt the white peony, this spell can protect them, which is equivalent to carrying a magic weapon with them. Moreover, they have just been able to be together now. , I didn't have the heart to ask Lingqing to solve the curse. Zang Lingzi was also waiting for him to enter the devil further, and Tongtian Sect was quiet for the time being. Seeing that there was no movement here, Lingqing and others were relieved. Cultivating separately, seize the time to improve their strength. Now Han Yu has also returned to the court, back to Chang'an City, and Han Xiangzi lives in Xiaoyaoju, and it is convenient to come and go. This year, it is Han Yu's birthday, Xiangzi went to pay his respects and was at the banquet. He continued to explain to the crowd some simple and easy ways to benefit the body and mind. Han Yu was displeased when he saw it and asked him what he had learned outside. Xiangzi listened and said casually: "Qingshan Yunshan Grottoes, this place is my home; Midnight meal of Qiong liquid, Yin Chen chewing Jiangxia; Qin playing jasper tune, furnace refining white cinnabar; Baoding saves golden tigers, Zhitian raises white crows; One scoop of good fortune, three feet slaying evil spirits; Flowers; someone can learn from me and look at fairy flowers. "Han Yu said angrily: "It's all nonsense, since you say you can make wine and blossom, then give it a try. "At this time, it was the early winter season, when everything was hidden, and there were no greenhouses, so where could there be flowers in full bloom? Enjoying with the guests present is considered to be a blessing for my uncle. I took another pot, filled it with soil, picked up the bamboo and played it. In an instant, a green flower, like a peony, was incomparably huge. The flowers sparkled with light. , two lines of poems appeared: Where is Yunheng Qinling's family? "Xiangzi said: "This is about the future of my uncle. The secret is hard to leak, and the nephew dare not predict. Uncle horizontal and vertical in the belly, will come from the fulfillment. "Now Xiangzi saw that his uncle already had faith, and after Yu Xi disbanded, he persuaded him bitterly for a while. But Han Yu's vulgarity was over, and he still couldn't listen. Xiangzi had to say, "We will meet later. "From returning to Xiaoyaoju.

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