Cultivation Is Like This - Chapter 674 Great Demon King, Ban, Seal

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   Walking out of the portal of yin and yang, Xinli Jun felt uncomfortable, Taifu and Han Miaojun were at peace with each other, Lu Bei and Yu Yan bickered and flirted, she stood alone, and she was very redundant.

   is too embarrassing.

  Lu Bei and Yu Yan couldn't get in. There was still an vacant seat beside Taifu and Han Miaojun. Xinlijun came behind the skeleton to see what they were studying.

   "What's the matter, why are there so many random women in your house."

   "There are no three or four, they are all elites."

  Lu Bei raised the bar subconsciously, and found that Yu Yan's face was not good, put away his hippie smile, and explained the reason why the Double Profound Treasure Map became a hotel apartment.

   Don't look at so many women in his house, there's a reason.

The first is Xinli Jun. The curse of Xiongchu blood is directly related to the Xianfu Continent. He came to help with his servants, and took money to do things. He was thrown into the small black room because of his employer's strength, and the second was Taifu. She is very skilled in language, and has been very happy with the previous cooperation. This time, she was hired by her to do things with money. After the completion of the event, the price is very high, and she will continue to cooperate in the future.

  The last is Han Miaojun.

   "There is no possibility that the little devil escaped from the seal and his strength has fallen slightly, and he is still licking the wound outside the corner. The moment you find me, hey, I am full of blood and resurrected!"

   Thinking about the principle of the guest as the host, the Taifu has no choice but to give up, there is a way, my guy is polite when he is an adult, and he can only aggrieve himself and wait.


The logic is muddy and the order is clear. Lu Bei listened to what was right, but he felt that there was something wrong and questioned: "He has a special relationship with Xiongchu, why is he suddenly so concerned about the blood of the Gu family, no matter what he is, he is also the Tianjian Sect. Sect Master, would it be too sloppy to betray yourself for a small amount of money?"

  Bah, it's an old man who wants a face, I'm clearly still a child!

  Li Jun gave the reason for choosing the Dragon King. It was the reason for the manager at that time. Is there a big white face and a beauty plan.

   "Shuiyun Miao, Madam Eclipse."

  Succinct and concise, even the idiot understood, what was sealed in the small array and the crystal coffin, and what was the sitting golden body fighting.

  Skills are less pressing, one less language, and one less way out.

   "Little Devil..."

   is high for nothing.

   Li Jun is also bad, Gu Tianyin, including Xin and Han De are the key points, there is no real enemy and there is only one.

  Tianlu Hall, Front Hall, Taicang Pond.

   "Have a grudge, but with..."

  Hande has just lied, and the surnamed Han has seduced me a few times.

"seal up!"

  It doesn't make sense, it's just you!

  The gate of immortality hangs in the sea alone. Due to the heavy responsibility of suppressing the demons passed down through the ages, he often communicates with the forces of Xiaolu in Xianfu, and there is no mysterious and lonely reputation.

   Taifu raised his brows and looked at the two most face-to-face men present.

  A lie takes a thousand lies to complete.

  Lu Dong had just retreated into the small land of Xianfu, but the old man of good fortune didn't feel anything. He made predictions all night, and even cut a small head sticker with turbid seven officials. Anyone who has no brains knows that there are few people and little power.

   The relationship between him and the Palace Master of Jigong is more complicated. After turning his face, he wanted to kill him directly, but the elder brother Qinglong on the side of the tomb guard had an order that Han Miaojun could not die, so it would be of great use to keep it.

   "Old stuff is fine!"


  The gate of longevity has been destroyed for thousands of years. Assuming that the immortals among the gate owners can independently suppress the demons for seven hundred years, it also means that the demons have not escaped for seven hundred years.

  I can see that there is no resentment!

   Dragon Palace.

   Shallots mixed with tofu, one clear and two white.

   "Oh, the Palace Master has no grudge against you?"

   Compared with Gu Tianyin, Lu Bei can only say that he is not a bit stupid. If he hadn't quit male sex, Gu Tianyin could lie to you four times a night. However, the IQ of the man caught in the **** is limited, and Lu Bei is keenly aware of the flaws, and he believes that Taifu and Gu Tianyin have nothing...

  Not yet, when did the Taifu reveal the information to Gu Tianyin, and we stayed outside alone?


  Is there any supplement? There are few doubts.

   Halfway through the words, close your voice.


   Xin Yuyan is also nonsense, and he turned his hand and took out a book.

  The demons appear in the world, the monks go crazy, and the human beings are painted

  Tan or said, Han Miaojun is not this disciple who moved to rescue soldiers, and he went back and only cared about himself?

  Hande frowned slightly. After the Demon Elimination Party, you became the King of the Mountain, and observed the relationship between several small forces.

   Air release time begins.

   "The host who convened a small meeting to get rid of demons, he is not a demon, and the thief shouted that the thief was caught."

   But not to mention demons in the small land of Xianfu, is there a demon cultivator...

   Grinding, can he just slow down!

   As time went on, the seal became more and more stable. The leakage of demonic energy led to the rampant cultivation of demons in the small land of Xianfu. Several small forces joined forces to eliminate demons, followed the vine to find the gate of immortality, and slaughtered them and uprooted the source of demonic thoughts.

   Jun Li and Xin Yuyan took a step forward, Lu Bei was moving, and Han Deya took the initiative to take the next step.

  The selection came and went, and there are only a few people who are not qualified to be on the list, King Du'er, Dao Zun Guangfa, Lady Eclipse, and Dragon King of Dragon Palace.

  Li Jun.

  Tianmo is the master of bad words. He has been sealed for many years, and he was forced to fall asleep. If he wakes up, he is very angry.

   Still that?

  The undercurrent is approaching stagnation, the water waves are rippling back and forth, and the perfectly proportioned body is looming on the water.

   Taifu expressed his speculation and asked Li Jun and Gu Tianyin for their opinions, if they had not added it yet.

   "It's a slap in the face, but the old Zhu family has become a poor ghost, there is oil and water to squeeze, and there are so many things that can only be replaced by the ancient family of Xiongchu."

   As Han De said, the grand master also thought so.

   Enough to curse and shrug my shoulders, curse Xu Suo...": Pulse can return blood or just "go out..."

   "The owner of the Han Palace is very poor. You recommend Mrs. Eclipse, which means that there is no small problem with Mrs. Eclipse. 40% of the time is that the smell is congenial and sympathetic. The recommendation is to pass and continue."

   Taifu sorts out the clues at hand and fills in the pictures.

   is expensive anyway.

   It sounds like a small problem, but out of trust in the dead ghost and his own vision, Lu Bei nodded and said nothing more.

   Before a brief discussion, Jun Li recommended the Dragon King Ao Yi.

   Ao Yi and Gu Zongchen have had a fight, and they have learned the skills of our group. They are very polite when they speak. Even if the negotiation is successful, Ao Yi will dare to turn his face even if he is not injured.


  Similar to a codebook, there are no two text comparisons, one side is Xiaoxia ancient script, the other side is the famous script engraved on the back of the skeleton.

   Blame me, patronizing and grabbing the meal, forgetting that the Dragon King has long since eaten food.


   Qinglong's identity is mysterious and his strength is unknown. It is not easy for him to offend the other party, but he has no idea what to do when he is released directly, so he has been locked in a small black room until now.

   But in fact, the Longevity Sect is not completely dead, and two people have not survived.

The voice of    fell, and everyone expressed that they were not the same as the skeleton behind their eyes. Han De tentatively believed that I was the sect master of the longevity sect, with the lowest cultivation level, and could deal with the demons by myself.

   A moment ago, a figure with white snow surfaced to the surface, her delicate face was closed with heat, her long hair was frosted, and she leaned against the pool wall and closed her eyes. 1 I pointed to the characters on the back of the skeleton and translated them one by one.

The    sparkling water waves shrouded the cold air, the undercurrent surged above the water surface, and the shadow of the giant beast suddenly passed by.

   Taifu gritted his teeth and concluded that if Lu Dong could be calculated, if he could calculate the gate of immortality, but the good fortune Laojun never mentioned that there is no hidden demon in the small land of Xianfu...

   you it? go

  Hande knew when he came to Xinyuchang, and he grabbed the codebook with his hands, looked at the codebook, pretended to read it once, but in fact used his personal panel to learn a new Chinese language with the talent of picking one out of ten thousand.

Taifu rolled his eyes and looked at Gu Tianyin with anger: "Palace Master Han thinks less, his confinement has not yet begun, and he should go back after the wind is released, because this Sect Master can't give him a recommendation, let's talk, Who does he choose?"

   White Brocade.

   The routines are the same, and Taifu can guess it with his eyes closed.

   The seventh doubt is also the most important doubt.

   In the end, it was the face.

The    explanation makes sense.

The voice of    fell, and Jun Li and Gu Tianyin stopped at the same time. The ancestor of the ancient family, Han Miaojun, inherited the gate of longevity.

  The seven people also didn't think about it, the former laughed but talked, the latter

   opened his mouth and said: "Good luck Laojun can predict the sky and calculate the demons. Why did I see no action for hundreds of years? I am sure that I really don't have the ability. I should be able to calculate that the longevity door is not a demon sect."

   Taifu took out the bill, shook it behind Lu Beimian, and sighed that life was easy: "If it's to support him and Sister Orochi, the Gu family's 100 million yuan can touch you."

   Good Fortune Laojun cultivated in the Xiaocheng period. Before being possessed by the demons, his strength was only low or high. The teammates that Taifu used to sacrifice could only be in the Xiaocheng period.

   would be right.

   "Price's eyes are bad, come and see."

   The face is like that, Han Miaojun's character is too bad.

   Seeing that Lu Bei's expression was the same, Tai Fu secretly said that he was unlucky, waved his hand to open the door of Yin and Yang, and asked Gu Tianyin to take the initiative to retreat from the big white house.

  The Longevity Sect has no important task of suppressing the demons, so why did they make it clear to the other forces as soon as the demonic energy leaked, and they had to drag it to the front to explain that it was clear?

   One is Han Deya, who delayed running away with the seal of longevity, and after leaving, deceived the dragon bloodline to prolong her life.

  Gu Tianyin and Li Jun moved their eyes to look at the codebook, and the master closed it with a snap, threw it back into his mouth, chewed it, and grumbled to the Prime Minister Qiangu, I seemed, maybe, it was the right time.

Gu Tianyin was about to make fun of him when he received a voice transmission warning that he was deducting food and grass, and changed his lines in an instant: "After listening to what Sect Master Lu said, there is no gap between Shuiyun Miao and Yin Yang Daoyan, so Mrs. Choyin may be the wrong choice. "

  Where did the demon go!

   He heard from you that you are entangled with men who are eight or seven in order to make money to support their sisters!

   It must be said that the relationship between the Longevity Sect and the small forces is extremely poor. Asking for help will only suffer from it. It has to fight against the demons alone. So, why did the door owner without the immortality seal go to the inner realm to rescue soldiers?

   "Out of stock, I learned."

   Taifu: (One =)

  The demon broke out of the coffin, the door owner used himself as the coffin, and the weak continued to seal.

  Zhengqi Dao, Long Palace, and Yijue Temple all give Yin and Yang Dao face, come as soon as you say it, and leave as soon as you say it. Only Mr. Chongyang, who was born in Shui Yunmiao, stayed and discussed the plan with Zhai Xingzi.

   On the other side, Xin Yuyan saw the characters on the back of the skeleton, and frowned slightly, indicating that he had seen those characters.

  There is only one truth. Lucky Laojun was possessed by a demon. Because Yishan was Rong Qihu, he was determined to kill Lu Donggri and took the initiative to hold a small meeting to eliminate demons.

  The whole picture, as long as the doorman, have it, if the strength is weakened, the devil will continue to curse the slippery brother

The Taifu raised his brows, made up his mind, and said sullenly: "The strength of the demons is clear, it may not be appropriate to trade and then go, the sect master decided to choose a reliable teammate, they recommended themselves, and now they can't actively sign up. ."

   Chapter 673 Great Demon King, Forbidden, Sealed

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