Cultivation Is Like This - Chapter 675 Zulong Daoyin

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   Lu Bei stepped into the Dragon Palace's instant inquiry, and Ao Yi noticed that a bird was approaching.

   Seeing that he was a descendant of the blood of his deceased husband, he lost his real dragon and turned into a human figure, waiting for the Black Feather-headed King to take the initiative to appear.

   is like a boiled eagle.

   As for Hei Yu's seemingly loyal gaze, Ao Yi didn't care much, and didn't take it to heart at all. Junior, it's just a trivial matter, and after a while, she will be killed to the point of being utterly dissipated, and she will no longer be held accountable as an elder.

   Absolutely never thought that Hei Yu's patience was more than hers, as if she didn't speak, Hei Yu would be able to stare into the sky.

   For a moment, in a state of mind that was not leaking, Leng was ashamed without looking away.

  Ao Yi failed to boil the eagle, and waved her aura and turned it into a black robe. She bundled her long hair and curled up her temples, put on a single coat and looked in the direction of Hei Yu.

   said coldly: "Come out, if you want to take revenge, you can make it clear. This king will not be stingy to give you a chance to find your own way."

   What revenge?

  Dragon King and Black Bird have a grudge?

  Lu Bei raised his eyebrows and walked out of the frosty fog, stepped on Taicang Pond, with ripples every step of the way, clasped his hands and cupped his fists and said, "Hei Yu has seen the Dragon King, and he came today not to seek revenge, but to discuss with the Dragon King about eliminating demons."

   It's up to you? "

  Ao Yi is disdainful, the disparity in status is too great, and he doesn't even bother to laugh at him.

   "What the Dragon King doesn't know, this elder broke through the bloodline limit, awakened his innate supernatural powers, and passed the test of the good fortune Laojun, and is now the eighth elder of the Yin-Yang Dao." Lu Bei said truthfully.

   "Is there such a thing?"

   Ao Yi looked sideways when he heard the words, and looked straight at Lu Bei.

   Dai frowned slightly and gave a mediocre evaluation.

   "It's true, if the Dragon King doesn't believe it, he can invite the third prince, and this elder met him at the Demon Exorcism Conference."

   "That's the case, you can go look for him, if you have anything, just discuss it with him." Ao Yi shook his head slightly, delaying Hei Yu's death.

   "No, although the third prince's status is noble, but it is related to the Immortal Mansion Continent and the Wanwanli Sea Area, he is not enough."

   "Good luck Laojun asked you to come?"

   "It is indeed related to the good fortune Laojun, but this demon is not the other demon. This elder refers to the demon of Changshengmen."

   Ao Yi closed his eyes slightly, and there was a ripple in the depths of his eyes.

   She stared at Hei Yu with a frosty face, her aura could not stop rising, sealing the sky and locking the earth to isolate one world.

  In the hazy and hazy delusion, the clouds are falling from the sky, and there is a real dragon phantom sitting cross-legged in the sky, holding his head high into the cloud, and then leaning down, the boundless dragon's might shrouds the sky.

  The mighty dragon's might spread endlessly, the oppressive space shivered, and black cracks exploded from time to time.

  Lubei is at the most extreme location, where the mottled light and shadow are blurred, and the cracks in space explode incessantly, cycling between crazy collapses and reorganizations.

   But no matter how the space is shattered, how the distance between heaven and earth shrinks, it cannot shake his physical body one bit.

   Good blood, you are much stronger than Yin Peng. "

  Ao Yi showed relief: "If this king remembers correctly, your name is Yin Shou, right?"

   "The Dragon King has a good memory, and this elder is Yin Shou."


   Ao Yi raised his head and laughed loudly, raised his hand and pointed to the sky, under the cover of a black dragon robe.

She dissipated the black robe that had been transformed by the spiritual energy, and showed her completely delicate body generously. When Lu Bei's face changed his clothes: "Nonsense, what is Yin Shou? Identity, this king spares you not to die." Out of respect for the master of the Dragon Palace, Lu Bei continued to keep his eyes open, and readily admitted his identity: "Dragon King has a clear mind, has water supernatural powers, and the poor monk sighs at himself."…

   Ao Yi was silent, and his hands in dressing stopped for a moment.

   Knowing that nonsense is useless, she raised her hand and poked her paw out, and suddenly, a violent wind swept through the fields, reaching everything.

  Reluctant to show her true face, she took off the mask with her own hands.

  The rolling wind is mixed with a tyrannical spiritual will, and the harmony between heaven and man resonates, and a casual blow is the power of heaven and earth. tyrannical mental will

   Pushed away the whistling sonic boom and looked in all directions, with immeasurable strength.


   The space beside Lu Bei exploded in response. He leaned back into the void, shook his shoulders, and dispersed the violent whistling from the siege.

   At the same time, the unpredictable force of the accusation also shattered the ubiquitous tyrannical will.

  Ao Yi let out a light snort, the powerhouse who had so easily removed her mental will, there were only four in the Xianfu Continent, plus Gu Zongchen later, the total was only one index.


   Who else has crossed the forbidden area, and the secret of the immortality seal has been cracked?

  Boom! !

   Void Blast. ~~

The    fist mark is in the sky, and the momentum is like a deep sea, and the majestic and mighty momentum is unmatched.

  Ao Yi bore the brunt of the attack. Seeing this punch, she snorted coldly, her clothes fluttered, and Su clenched her fist in return with a thunderous strike.

   In the void, like thunder.

  The two fist marks collided in the air, like a thunderbolt flashing across the sky, and like a big sun coming, the brilliant divine light interspersed and illuminated, and at a certain moment, the whole void was brightened.

   One side ruled with domineering will, and the other side fought with strange supernatural powers, both of them were wiped out, and they fought hard.

  Ao Yi did not know that Lu Bei only had the first level of cultivation in the Transcendence Tribulation period, and regarded him as a powerful enemy of the same realm.

   Her eyes were blazing, and she stepped out with a single step, hurricane air waves, and her fists rolled into the sky, condensing the overwhelming will in it, just shaking the void, leaving a split-like air mark.

Lu Bei didn't dare to contact him easily, his speed reached the limit, he moved to and fro, and reached behind Ao Yi in an instant. Before he could react, he snapped his sharp claws with his fingers, and used the three methods of bitterness and darkness to hit Taiyin to Cold and Sun respectively. Blazing, and immortal sword intent mixed with Dao rhyme.

  The three extremes of suffering and underworld, destroying the body, breaking the heart, burying the soul, and the cold of the three extinctions.

   There is no support in a miserable situation, no way out in the underworld, and there will be no room for slaughter.

Lu Bei and Taifu both cultivated together, their constitution transitioned from Taiyin to Shaoyang, and then returned to Jueyin from Taiyin, and regained the cultivation method of Taiyin killing power. The magical power is played, and the power is more than tenfold.

  The three fingers touched the back of the heart, and the majestic force poured in frantically, and Ao Yi's clothes swelled up, like a bellows full.

  No burst clothes.

   The black dragon robe is a magic weapon, which removes the two forces of the yin and the sun. Only the immortal sword intent left a cut mark on the robe.

   Missed a single hit and traveled thousands of miles away.

  Lu Bei opened an infinite distance like a teleportation, his spiritual sense sensed where Ao Yi was, and his face was extremely solemn.

   Although he has said it many times, he still has to say it again. He is indeed a monk in the Mahayana period.

   On the other side, Ao Yi was shocked by Lu Bei's unprecedented speed, even if the cloudy king Yin Peng was alive, he couldn't match it.

   As a result, she became more confused about Lu Bei's identity.

Who is   , and what is the relationship with Yin Peng? …

   Ao Yi didn't have time to think about it, and in his sight, the golden light came out,

   was about to punch up and hit hard, and there was a severe pain in the chest from the heavy bombardment.

The moment    flew upside down, the fist print in his eyes suddenly enlarged.

   Immediately afterwards, Spiritual Mind noticed that a golden figure was approaching rapidly.

too fast!

   Soon all her senses were sending the wrong message.

  Ao Yi retreated thousands of miles, his fist marks were in the air, and he imprisoned the world with his own will. He tried to capture Lu Bei's movement trajectory. After receiving three punches on his delicate half face, he completely gave up the idea. boom! !

   The void exploded, and Ao Yi took the initiative to withdraw from the space crack, tap water on his toes, and stand above Taicang Pond.

  The roar and explosions sounded one after another, and one after another, the spiritual meridian ground dragons were ordered to come, the number exceeded one hundred, and then broke thousand, and the waves swayed around the Dragon Palace, and the sea area of ​​ten thousand miles suddenly boiled.

   A violent accident awakened the entire Dragon Palace. The three princes arrived first, and then, eight generals from Zhenhai appeared, and the men in armor and armor came over to suppress the soldiers.

   "Get out!"

   Ao Yi let out a low voice, and the low voice spread to all directions. The three princes immediately saw gold stars in their eyes, and their blood was tumbling unbearably, and they blushed and retreated.

  The strong enemy is in front, they dare not do reckless behavior again, preside over the great formation of Tianluodiwang, and the entire Dragon Palace is surrounded by water.


  Two sharp claws protruded out of black cracks, violently tearing open the void.

  Lu Bei walked out with a bird-like look on his face, golden light looking around

   swiped and finally settled on Ao Yi's face.

   The four eyes looked at each other, and the electric light entered the Razer.

   "Dragon King, this elder is not here to fight today. If you insist on having a fight, you are willing to speak well, in case you destroy the ancient relics of the Dragon Palace and affect our friendship, you can go to another place."

Before    came, Taifu Youyan took the initiative to reveal his identity to avoid a fierce battle.

  Lu Bei listened, but didn't take it to heart.

   In this world, in addition to the wings that only wear socks, there is only a personal panel that can make him obedient.

   It’s better to hit the sun instead of choosing a day. Start with Ao Yi today and complete 1/5 of the side quests.

   "Nowhere else, this place is where the price is buried."

  Ao Yi is not well-meaning, his breath is connected to the whole sea, his will is integrated into it, and by the power of the dragon of the earth vein, his strength skyrockets, and he climbs up like never ending.

   Between heaven and earth, majestic figures stand proudly, and there are even real dragons entrenched in hundreds of millions of miles.

   good, a little something”

  Lu Bei's eyes narrowed slightly, and his palm became a knife to cut Jinghong: "But not much, just a little."

  The golden light flashed instantly, and the dragons of the earth veins broke off their heads. The nothingness without a substance should have ignored the physical attack. At this moment, it fell with a whimper and reintegrated into the deep sea as if it were dead.

  As the dragons of the leylines bowed their heads, Ao Yi's hurricane momentum stopped abruptly, and immediately, he slid down rapidly, and slumped thousands of miles on the spot.

  Return to Chaos.

  The real dragon dharma was the first to disappear, and the graceful figure standing proudly between the heavens and the earth also faded rapidly.

  Ao Yi merged into the sea with his body and saw that the earth dragons were being beheaded continuously, he decisively ordered them to be beaten back to their original place, and smashed the violent fist marks with the remaining power.

   The terrifying divine might shrouded down, tearing apart the void and pushing out a fault.

The    indiscriminate attack has no specific direction. Except for the Dragon Palace and the sea clan in the Tianluodiwang array, all other objects, whether tangible or intangible, are within the capture range of the tyrannical will.

  The golden light flew upside down and fell into the void crack.

  Ao Yi stepped forward, very fast, caught up with Lu Bei's figure flying backwards, pointed out, and uttered a tyrannical dragon roar, pulling away the virtual shadow of the real dragon.

  The real dragon has a divine bead in its mouth, and the eyes are close to reality.

   The sound of the tearing of the void rippling like water waves, first the ripples spread, and then the huge waves.

   Ancestral Dragon Road Seal!

   Chapter 674: Ancestral Dragon Road Seal

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