Doomsday Wonderland - v9 Chapter 2177 Play as a pig and eat a tiger... No, play as a pig and eat a pig

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Lin Sanjiu sat cross-legged on the cold concrete floor and thought silently.

"Impossible," she said flatly.

Lisuke, who had just turned around and raised his foot, twisted it again. "How do you know it's impossible?"

"With you?" Lin Sanjiu said, "With those pigs?"

Even though those pigs had many wonderful items, she believed that Yu Yuan could save her life. In the worst case, maybe he is crouching in a corner now, waiting for him to save...

Risuke looked at her, and his mouth unknowingly turned to one side. As if Lin Sanjiu was a giant insect that destroyed human towns, he was both taboo and disgusting.

"You'll know when you're about to die," he squeezed out a word between his teeth, his eyes burning with a light he didn't know what it was: "When you're afraid of regrets and lie on the ground begging me, I'll ask you later if it's possible."

"Why do you look so deeply hated?" Lin Sanjiu looked at him and asked.

"You have the face to ask?" Lisuke smiled. "As an evolutionary, you have the face to ask? If you die one more person, the world will be cleaner."

"What happened to me?" Lin Sanjiu's tone was still calm, "Or, when you were outside, other evolutionaries hurt you?"

Risuke was startled. "Shut up," he said impatiently. "Where did you get so much talk?"

"The injustice has the first debt and the owner, whoever is sorry for you, who do you hate..."

"I hate Evolvers!" Risuke's voice rose sharply, sharp and cracked. "I hate every evolutionary person, you shouldn't exist, cancer! How is it? What can you do? Even if nothing happened to me, I am clear about your essence, and I must not let you live. When I pass the assessment, I will ask to kill everyone who has just evolved!"

"What passed the assessment?" Lin Sanjiu asked immediately.

Risuke hummed again, didn't answer, just said, "You wait here for Mr. Pig. When he's done with your valuables, you won't have a few minutes left... Ha, I Better find some snacks, and when he kills you, I can watch and eat."

Although they were both from underground farms, he was too different from Ding Liuyi.

"Do you still have snacks?" Lin Sanjiu thought for a while, but asked a question that seemed to be the most insignificant. "The farmer has three meals a day, so where are the snacks?"

Her attitude has always been so calm and peaceful that even if the other party is full of hatred, she can't keep breaking out.

"You think I'm the same as them?" Lisuke sneered, "I'm Mr. Pig's assistant. When I kill you in a while, I'll have to learn a little bit, so I can help next time."

Lin Sanjiu nodded and finally understood: "You have the word 'Li' in your name, right? It turns out that you are Pig's assistant. They call you 'Lisuke', which is an honorific title."

"so what?"

"Not so good." Lin Sanjiu asked, "I just have a question... As a person, why are you willing to be a pig's assistant? There are so many people in your underground farm, why let a pig manage you?"

"What's wrong with the pig?" Lisuke's words didn't seem to be a rhetorical question in anger, but he actually seemed a little puzzled.

"Pigs are domestic animals." Lin Sanjiu couldn't imagine that this sentence still needs people to say, "People raise pigs to kill and eat meat, and pigs raise people to do what?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Lisuke managed to calm down some emotions, but suddenly his face flushed purple, and a pair of round eyeballs bulged out in white. "What nonsense are you talking about? People and pigs have been comrades on the same front since ancient times, living, fighting, building and creating together. Who do you think you can deceive?"

Lin Sanjiu really didn't expect that he would hear such a response, and even paused, not knowing what to say.

Risuke's anger was overwhelmed, and he continued to say, "Livestock and so on are all before the apocalypse, and now we don't have them anymore. But do you think that only the evolutionary people know what society was like before the apocalypse? Do you think Is it useful to lie? If you think pigs are domestic animals, you must also think that people are domestic animals, right?"

Ordinary people after the apocalypse have never seen a large-scale, industrialized breeding industry, let alone the opportunity to eat the products of the breeding industry, and it may be normal to know nothing about the breeding farm; No trace - even if it is a small household, someone should have raised pigs.

"With so many ordinary people on your farm, none of them have ever raised pigs outside?" Lin Sanjiu asked in disbelief.

"I've never heard of such absurd things," Lisuke sneered again, "of course, because it doesn't exist at all. People raise pigs? Everything we have today is thanks to Mr. Pig. , Saying that people raise pigs is not like saying that you gave birth to your mother?"

"What did the pigs give you?" Lin Sanjiu was surprised and puzzled, and tried to ask like a chat.

"Too many, a stable place to live, a safe environment, three meals a day..." Lisuke thought for a while, then said, "I've already been matched with several women, if I hadn't been more selective, I'd be a woman all day long. , don't have to do anything else, after all, who doesn't want to match up with Mr. Pig's assistant? Those women are all lining up to let their head of the house give me a message. Is this kind of life possible outside? It's up to you evolutionaries to give me?"

To pretend to be interested in this topic really made Lin Sanjiu feel a little disgusted.

"Oh? Why do women want to be nice to you?" she asked with interest. "You're the pig's assistant, what's in it for them?"

Risuke seemed to feel that this topic could prove some kind of honor, but he was willing to talk about it.

"Of course there are many benefits," he laughed and said, "Although everyone has the same food and lodging, when we ask for a woman, we can apply for something from the farm and use it as a gift. Not only food and lodging supplies, but also special performance. Okay, people like me can still apply for scarce materials. What do women lack, and men apply to send them over, but there are still people who don’t agree? If they don’t agree, there will be nothing in the future.”

"Can't a woman apply by herself?"

Even in the deep hatred between Lisuke and the evolutionary, there seems to be a topic that men want to talk about no matter what.

"Joke, if they apply for things themselves, what hope is there for ordinary people to match women? Then everyone is as tall and handsome as Mr. Pig, so there is hope?" Risuke sneered and said.

Lin Sanjiu remembered that Bingwu38 hugged the quilt and said, "You will also have it in the future" - it turned out to be the case.

"Is that why you are willing to be raised by pigs?" She shook her head and asked, "Then you don't feel ironic when you feed chickens and cows?"

"Huh?" Risuke's face was a little stupid, and he said, "We don't raise those things."

Lin Sanjiu stared at him for a few seconds. "Then where did the beef in your nutritious meal come from?"

"I bought it from outside," Risuke said uncertainly, then became unhappy. "What does this have to do with you? It's an irrelevant thing... Or do you want to replace the beef and take our pot when you die?"

"Beef bought outside?" Lin Sanjiu leaned over and asked, "You bought beef from the outside world full of doomsday energy to eat?"

Lisuke was stunned for a moment, and then he said angrily: "How can there be such a perfect thing in the world, clean beef? There is doomsday energy, just draw it out, can you still eat without nutrition, because of choking? The virtue in the outside world is not your evolution. caused by?"

As he talked, he became more and more annoyed, and kicked the steel gate fiercely. The heavy and muffled sound of "Winter" suddenly echoed inside and outside the cell.

When the sound of the impact dissipated, a slow voice sounded from the corridor that Lin Sanjiu could not see.

"What's wrong?" In the sound of the pig's trotters hitting the ground, the pig in purple shorts asked, "Who made such a commotion?"

"Ah, Mr. Pig,"

Lisuke changed his tone immediately and said hurriedly, "This kid is in a hurry, shouting and making trouble, but don't worry, the door is locked tightly and you won't be able to get out."

"It doesn't matter, I'm still afraid of this?" Pig laughed, and the huge pink and white pig head appeared outside the iron gate railing again. Hei Wuwu's small eyes turned on Lin Sanjiu, and he turned his head and said, "Go to my office and wait for me."

"Yes," Lisuke responded, his eyes swept over Lin Sanjiu's neck, and finally showed a look other than hatred - Lin Sanjiu felt as if everything on his neck was licked by his eyes It's like it's over.

He seemed to want to say something, but he held it back, and finally said "then be careful with him" and left.

After Risuke disappeared, Pig opened the iron door unhurriedly. The tall, round pink and white giant pig walked into the cell step by step, and suddenly the cell was so crowded that it seemed that even the air was no longer flowing.

"To tell you the truth, the time it takes for you to become an ordinary person is actually only thirty minutes." Pig grinned and exhaled: "So you see, I went to borrow something... After I can make you recover , can also be honest, lie still, and can't make any attacks. You call me something, and I will secretly send you out of the farm and save your life, do you understand?"

Lin Sanjiu covered his nose and let go of his shoulders. "Sure enough, the effect of logic will not be permanent."

The pig in purple shorts was taken aback. "What? What logic—how did you know that?"

"Not only do I know that it is [Logic], but I also know another thing." Lin Sanjiu smiled at it and stood up slowly. "Is there a step in its use steps that needs to correctly describe the target?"

Pig looked at her blankly.

"When you describe me, you must be referring to 'a man', right?" Lin Sanjiu flexed his shoulders and said, "It's really hard to pretend to be an ordinary person and not fight back."

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