Doomsday Wonderland - v9 Chapter 2178 two faces of a pig

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When Lin Sanjiu was walking on the path between the wooden houses, looking for clues about Yu Yuan, the moment she heard the slow "Who are you", she knew that trouble was coming.

"Don't tell me you're in charge of night inspections, because I know there are no night inspections here."

The soothing voice came from a wooden hut on the right, a few steps away from her.

Lin Sanjiu held the [ability polisher] high, so that the light was firmly trapped in the direction of the source of the sound, standing in the shadow, and slowly lowered her waist—she put one hand behind the half-earth wall of the wooden house, groping for After a few moments, I found a face that was still snoring slightly.

[Mark Twain's Novels: "The Prince and the Beggar"] It was given to her by Gong Daoyi in the Lava world. She had never used it, and was buried under the card library, but she did not know why, and broke into her at this moment. In her mind—and then, in her palm.

By touching her own and the target's faces, she can swap faces with each other; the effect lasts only one minute.

"You are not very polite," the pig continued to speak under the white light.

Because Lin Sanjiu kept hitting its eyes with light, she was sure that the other party didn't have time to see her true appearance. She quickly wiped her face and the face of the sleeping man on the ground, and straightened her waist again.

"You should take the light away and answer my question properly."

One minute... Swapping looks has only one minute effect. And what she can exchange is only her appearance, her voice and figure are still her own - fortunately, she has a coat on her body, so that her body curves will not be exposed like a race vest.

Lin Sanjiu stood on the ground, knowing that anxiety was eroding her precious minute, but she didn't know what to do; why did she think of using this item?

"Wait," Teacher Yi screamed, "I know, I'm your subconscious, and I'm also aware of your unformed thoughts... I remember there was this in the card library—there, take it!"

Lin Sanjiu lowered the [ability polisher], and when the pig's small eyes swept across his face, he secretly activated the [preconception] that was tightly held in the other hand.


As the name suggests, under the effects of this item, the target will always be swayed by its initial impression. Even if what he sees and hears next is contrary to the first impression, it is difficult for the target who is hit to correct his cognition on his own. The effect is persistent, not only will it not disappear due to the passage of time, but if it is not corrected in time, it will gradually take root and solidify. After a period of time, even if others intervene, it will be difficult to change.

Yes, she had seen it when she was counting the sub-space items - when she read it alone, both [Mark Twain's Novels] and [Preconceptions] were not very practical, especially [Preconceptions], there were so many restrictions that people didn't know. What should I do with it; but when combined, it unexpectedly creates a long-lasting effect like deformation.

A minute later, she no longer had to speak in a rough voice, and her face recovered, but none of the pigs and people in the wooden house realized that the person in front of her had changed from a man to a woman.

"When you asked someone to twist me to the punishment station, it really made me nervous." Lin Sanjiu crossed his arms, looked at the pig in front of him, and said, "However, fortunately, you were greedy. My [ability polisher] was taken away, and I held onto it tightly and refused to let go, blocking most of the light. I don’t know now, whether they didn’t find out my gender, or thought it was not worth mentioning.”

The pig's mouth was half-open, and from the nostrils and lips of the tangled hair, the bright and wet reflections could still be seen.

"You, are you really not a man?" It staggered back two steps, and his voice became a little sharper: "Don't come here! I warn you... I can activate [Logic] again... I already know that you are a woman. , don't, don't come here!"

Lin Sanjiu looked at its trouser pocket. "Then you start it," she said encouragingly. "I've always been curious, what is the difference between [Logic] and your trouser pockets. Come on, I won't stop you, you start one and I'll see."

Instead, the pig froze in place with its hooves hanging beside it, not knowing what to do.

"How do you..." it murmured, "how do you seem to know about us?"

Lin Sanjiu didn't answer. She raised her hand suddenly, and when she swung it down again, a steel whip with a sharp blade swooped down and bit a piece of concrete ground. A long ditch half a finger deep.

Pig looked at the whip in her hand, then looked back at the ground where a whip mark was torn. The welt is at the door, like a crescent moon.

Even if it turned around and ran, it couldn't outrun the steel whip in Lin Sanjiu's hand.

When this comprehension fell into the pig's mind, even she could see that every muscle and every hair on the pig's face had suddenly changed;

"It's me who doesn't know Mount Tai," said Pig with admiration, enthusiasm, and meek laugh, and said, "So he is such a powerful person! I'm nothing else, I know the most current affairs. You don't have to worry about me. I have a second heart, with skills and abilities like yours, I dare to have a second heart? Tell me, what do you need to know, I will know everything and say it all."

"You switch attitudes really fast," Lin Sanjiu said calmly.

Pigs cooperate very well. "I'm a degenerate, my nature is low and weak, in front of someone as powerful as you, I'm willing to lick your shoe mud, but I can't be unhappy at all. I'm just like this, I can't help it, you Looking at something like me that is not on the table, you can use it if you can use me, and if you can't use me, you have pity on me and let me take a few more breaths."

"Raise your hooves," Lin Sanjiu ordered, looking at it, "As long as they sag down your pants a little bit, I will remove your arms from your shoulder joints."

It hastily raised its two hard gray hooves above its head.

"Where's my stuff? Is it in your trouser pocket?" Lin Sanjiu said, looking at its flat, empty trouser pocket.

"How can it be," Pig hurriedly laughed, "it's all empty. If you don't believe me, come and search. I put your things in the office."

Lin Sanjiu nodded. "Where's my companion?"

Pig blinked, as if he had long thought that she would ask this question.

"Don't believe me, I really don't know the details. After someone reported to us that a suspicious person had appeared on the farm, another colleague of mine — oh yes, also a pig-type degenerate. —I followed his traces to intercept and arrest. Before I saw you, I heard from my colleagues that they found someone very smoothly... But then where was he sent and how to deal with it, I have not yet Time to know."

Probably seeing Lin Sanjiu's expression getting worse and worse, Zhu hurriedly added: "But don't worry, if you want to know his whereabouts, I will ask my colleagues for you. If you can use me like this A bastard, I can also lead you to find him... With me by your side, it will be much easier for you to move, isn't it?"

"Are you going to take me to the other pigs?" Lin Sanjiu looked at it, "Let them get ready, and then I'll throw myself into the trap?"

"No, no, how can it be!" Even though they were all pig-type degenerates, the character of the purple shorts was different from that of the pigs that had been lifted before. "How can they compare to you, let me give up a strong man like you, but go to join forces with a guy similar to me, isn't that a brain disease?

"I can take you to my go-to office, where I'll make internal calls to other colleagues, and you can hear what's going on yourself, wouldn't that be more reassuring? Besides, your stuff is there too. , I just took it all by the way..."

Lin Sanjiu glanced at it.

What the purple shorts said might be true—it might really not know what happened to Yu Yuan—but she didn’t have the slightest trust in this pig.

That set of self-deprecating, self-deprecating words, from a pig-shaped degenerate, really wants as much as possible, not even a cent; but Lin Sanjiu didn't forget that this is a way of trying to isolate and block the world. Evolver's underground farm.

So far, apart from the "insect" at the door, and the [Logic] that doesn't know why the purple shorts can't be used now, she hasn't seen any countermeasures against the evolutionary.

However, she didn't let the thought come out of her face.

"Okay," Lin Sanjiu nodded, "just take me to the office. Remember, if you make any small moves, my whip can directly smash your skull and take out your brain."

"Don't worry, I'll lead the way and do nothing!" As if the pig in purple shorts had been granted amnesty, he quickly opened the door carefully and led Lin Sanjiu out of the cell—she used the pig first to be on the safe side. Once [Oops! The wallet is gone], in this way, no matter how many items it is, there is no use for it.

This building is spartan, much larger than it looks from the outside, it seems to have been completed in a hurry, and the wires are still exposed on the corridor wall. Apart from one person and one pig, after walking for a few minutes, Lin Sanjiu didn't see anyone or heard any movement.

"We don't have much electricity here," Pig said with a grin, turning on the light switch on the wall in the next corridor. "So in order to save electricity, the lights must be turned off when no one is around..."

Lin Sanjiu watched the white lights come on one after another from the empty corridor, and said nothing.

"You don't know, although we are fallen species, but we have no heart to build a farm. We need ordinary people to serve, farm, and support us. Ordinary people need a place to live. We each take what we need, and win-win..."

In the babbling voice of pigs, one person and one pig quickly turned another corner, went up a flight of stairs, and entered a dark hall that also had no lights on; Flip the switch at once.

No lights came on—in the darkness, countless voices screamed and screamed.

"It hurts so much, it hurts so much" "Help me, please forgive me" "Who gives me a treat, I can't take it anymore" - From the depths of the darkness, bursts of sharp or twisted waves surged, on the verge of madness, suffering and pain The cry, as if all the pain in human history has been intercepted, mixed up, and turned into an endless wave of suffering that repeatedly hit the walls.

The pig stood silently for a few minutes amid the high and low screams.

When the time was almost up, the pig pressed the switch on the wall again.

This time, the lights came on.

The white light washed away the screams and screams just now, revealing an ordinary, empty hall. The pig looked back and saw a dead female corpse on the floor beside him.

"Oh, it's really a woman. So you look like this... Even your clothes are different?" The pig snorted and kicked the robe on the female corpse a few times with his hooves. "It's a pity, you can't get anything on your body... However, it's better to take less things than to be punished after I was found to be ineffective, right?"

It said, suddenly remembered something, bent down, and used its hooves to fiddle with the female corpse's neck a few times; with a scolding, the purple shorts straightened up again.

Shaking his head, the pig threw the female corpse in place, turned and went downstairs.

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