Douluo See You For a Long Time - v2 Chapter 89 Extend production to competition

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The competition continued to be intense and exciting, while contestants No. 5 and No. 8 became the focus of attention.

Player No. 8 chose a piece of reward material with a ten-fold reduction in price. Even though he didn't know the true characteristics of the reward material, this piece of reward material itself is used in magic items, and routine application can greatly enhance its performance. That means he'll take a huge bargain.

As for No. 5, he also received huge attention, naturally because he used the programming ability of the software extremely skillfully in the process of making magic props.

This is a very rare ability in the elven empire. The elven empire is still a magic empire in the final analysis, and magic requires a little more rigor than technology.

This makes the magic similar to the existence of artificial intelligence, the language used in the writing process is much less restricted than the usual programming language, and it will not be crazy. Error reporting does not need to be so rigorous in terms of logic.

What Chengying is doing now is completely hardware-based programming. , It is impossible to make a wrong letter, which is very difficult for elf magicians who often use the power of thinking when making magic props. It's even counter-intuitive to them.

Because of this, very few elves have mastered programming to his level. More control depends on the magic weapon spirit, and this thing can be made directly through soul props.

There are similar items among the props provided on site. It is some soul crystallization. Magic that involves the soul is not necessarily evil. These soul crystals do not necessarily have to be extracted from intelligent creatures. It's just that it is easier to extract from intelligent creatures, and the amount of extraction is also larger.

What can be included in this kind of competition is naturally the materials obtained through legal channels. It is the crystallization of the soul extracted from the breeding of mammals. Although the price is a bit high, it is much less difficult to use this thing to program the tool spirit than to program an artificial intelligence to control magic items.

But in the same way, if you can use your own ability to bypass this material limitation, you can undoubtedly save yourself a lot of money and strengthen other aspects of the props you made.

The host's commentary also began to speak faster and faster: "Have you seen it? Contestant No. 8 seems to have figured out the nature of the reward material he selected. I think he may have guessed the reward material." What is it, it is likely that it is just showing weakness to the enemy.

From my point of view, he has a very good application of this material, making full use of the various properties of the material, which will give him a huge advantage in the next competition.

Let's look at the No. 5 player again. The No. 5 player is still so steady and unhurried. It seems that the time has been calculated and it is the most assembled stage.

From the core he chose to make at the beginning, we can probably guess that the magic props he made should not be integrated, and now it seems that it is indeed the case.

Can we see that the shell he made is a spherical shell, is he going to make ten spherical floating cannons? This kind of production is indeed allowed, but although the spherical shape is convenient to move in various directions, it is afraid that it will be at a certain disadvantage in terms of limit speed. I don’t know if the program he wrote can make up for this defect. .

Let's take a look at player No. 1 again. Player No. 1 just made a mistake, but he made up for it very well, my God! It turned out to be ten times the price of reward materials, and player No. 1 actually used his last funds to choose reward materials at the end of the game. What would he do?

Could it be that everything he did before was to confuse his opponent? My God, what he did before was not a mistake. The damage left by the mistake can just be made up with this piece of reward material. I don’t know if it should be called make up. It should be the original design. On the contrary, the effect of adding this reward material is better than the original.

It's amazing that contestant No. 1 hides deeper than contestant No. 8. But the matter has come to this point, I am afraid that no one can redeem anything, what a pity! The other players seem to regard No. 1 as the one who must be eliminated, and have not made preparations for him. If this is the case, the situation of the other players is not good.

There are still ten minutes, and the production time is about to end. We saw that contestant No. 5 had already completed his own assembly first. It seems that a lot of time has been reserved, and it is currently being debugged. It seems that there is indeed a kind of flicker, and the suspension function is well realized. The movement is also quite sensitive. It seems that the spherical design does not affect the resistance during the flight too much. Instead, the propellers are designed around the spherical shape to make them more flexible in the process of turning. I just don’t know what will happen in the next game. How will it behave.

Well, we have seen that the contestants have completed their works one after another. Only the number one contestant has not finished. Time is running out. If you can't complete your work on time, the society will be eliminated directly.

The choice of No. 1 contestant is too risky. In order to confuse the opponent, making such a choice has pushed himself into a desperate situation. The time is only the last three minutes. Can No. 1 contestant finish his work in time? ! Let's enter a commercial, a wonderful program, and continue right away! "

Obviously, as a program whose influence has radiated the entire Elf Empire, the Elf Empire, which has already become quite entertaining, will not give up the commercial value of the game.

After the advertisement, contestant No. 1 completed his work during the last 10-second countdown, but he had no time to debug it, and the next debugging work may need to be completed during the competition.

"Although the work is completed, it is still very dangerous. If you debug during the competition, it is very likely that your work will be damaged by the opponent's attack. We have no maintenance time during the competition. If the work is damaged , the next game can only be played in a damaged posture. This is also an important test for our player design. I don’t know if the No. 1 player can pass the test. Let us wait and see, and the next step is to draw lots...

Let's see the results of the first knockout round! "

The numbers of the contestants began to rotate on the big screen, and stopped in groups of two. That's the two sides of the battle.

"No. 8 vs. No. 5. It's a matchup that people look forward to! It's a pity that No. 8 and No. 5 are players I'm quite optimistic about. It seems that only one person can advance, and the match begins."

The designers of both sides stand on both sides of the arena, each standing on a high platform, as if they are the conductors in the battlefield. However, they cannot really control the battlefield. All they can do is input the functions of their works into the battle process. puppets, telling them how to use the weapons they made.

Contestant No. 8 made a great flaming sword. Because it contains a piece of reward material, it burns a flame that is almost never extinguished, and has extremely powerful destructive power. As expected, he chose a melee sword Class puppet.

During the competition, you can choose the type of puppet, you can choose the pit type, the remote type, the magic type, the physical type, and of course you can also choose the comprehensive type, which can be freely matched.

Chengying chose a comprehensive type of puppet.

"As expected, contestant No. 5 chose a puppet with relatively average comprehensive abilities. The floating cannon is indeed more suitable for such a strong person. It can be effective in long-range and close combat, but the floating cannon is a weapon that is difficult to use. The artificial intelligence that is highly dependent on the floating cannon itself can only be seen in the game to see what effect it can exert.

On the eighth side, it can be said that the naked eye is strong, and the magic swordsman in close combat can be said to have extremely high explosive power. There is also a certain degree of restraint for the opponent, and it is very likely to kill the opponent in seconds. The scene looks a little unfavorable for player number five.

Oh, contestant No. 5 chose Youdou, which is a very solid choice. The opponent's attack power is too strong, it is not as suitable as a frontal attack with the opponent. Walk around and look for opportunities. The floating cannon can be attached to a person's body, which can increase the speed to a certain extent, and it will not suffer too much in terms of speed.

We saw the chasing and fleeing in the arena, and the scene was quite tense and exciting. It can be seen that player No. 5 reserved enough debugging time, and released the performance of the props he made very well. The props and puppets he made The cooperation between them is quite tacit! Obviously the speed is slightly inferior, but it can still dodge the attack at the nick of time.

However, contestant No. 8 has not used any special abilities. According to my experience, this sword will definitely not be as simple as it appears on the surface. If the No. 5 player only has this level, I'm afraid it will be dangerous!

It's done, sure enough! It is a powerful flame jet, although the attack distance is not very far, but the coverage area is very large! This time there is no escape. I'm afraid it's going to take this attack severely.

wait what is that? Is the weapon made by player No. 5 overweight, and why? Suddenly, a steel plate flew over to block the flame attack. The weight of this steel plate alone is already completely overweight. Let's pass the microphone to the judges' seat. "

An elf wearing sunglasses took the microphone and said: "I can tell you clearly that player No. 5 is not overweight. The shield that appeared on the field is another situation. You don't need to worry about the fairness of the game." .

Due to the confidentiality of player information, we cannot disclose what kind of ability this is? Whether it is other contestants or the audience, please use your own judgment to guess what kind of function this contestant is using? "

Back in the arena, a steel plate suddenly appeared to block the flame spray. Playing combat is back to chasing and fleeing. The steel plate is not very strong. After blocking the flame spray, it melted completely immediately, and then the flame sword continued to chase after it. The powerful material gave him a very strong attack power, although he was not good at long-range attack, but it can also release some attacks similar to flame arcs. The extremely high temperature poses a considerable threat to the opponent.

Most of the time, there is no possibility of dodging at all, but often at this time, a steel plate or a stone will suddenly emerge from the ground, waiting in front of the attack, and successfully resist the attack while being vaporized.

"Is this guy's ability to manipulate the substances in the arena? No, apart from manipulation, he should also have a certain refining ability. Otherwise, there shouldn't be such pure steel plates buried in the ground in the arena." Eight Player No. 1 is also speculating about the opponent's ability. He still has hole cards that he hasn't used, but this base is expendable. He didn't want it, and it was exposed the first time.

After all, there is no chance of repair. After using the chassis this time, there is no way to continue to use it in the following games. If you don't do it well, you will still lose.

In a group of ten people, only one person can win, which is still too cruel, so that everyone will be careful in the competition.

Player No. 8 was still thinking hard about how to defeat his opponent, but player No. 1 frowned while watching the game.

"It's not right, it's a big problem, this No. 5 has a big problem, if his ability is really to control other substances in the arena, then there's no need to use it every time he is cornered.

He was stalling for time, but why? Not only can we not repair the magic props, but we can't even recharge them. Is there any benefit in prolonging the game as long as possible?

No, he's probably hiding a big problem, so he can't be allowed to procrastinate any longer! But there is no way to inform, why are you still hesitating on the eighth, if you have a hole card, you should use it at this time. No matter how the opponent looks at it, he is preparing for something. No matter what his purpose is, if he doesn't interrupt at this time, it will be absolutely dangerous. "

It's just that No. 1 can only be in a hurry. Reminders are not allowed during the game, so he can only watch helplessly. The game continues to be delayed, but No. 8 has not used his hole card because he feels distressed.

And one after another, No. 5's puppet has suffered certain injuries. If he persists like this, No. 8 has a great possibility of victory.

However, the No. 1 who was paying attention to the game at this time was already a bystander, and couldn't help covering his head: "It's over, the problem is serious now, this No. He's a master of concealment."

It was when he came up with this idea that the ground in the arena vibrated violently, and then pieces of steel objects flew out of the ground, like Iron Man wearing a battle suit, flying onto him one by one, assembling It is a set of battle armor, and it is a battle armor with extremely high back armor and heavy weight. UU reading

In the rules of the competition, it is not allowed to manufacture weapons whose quality exceeds the limit, but it has never said that it is not allowed to manipulate the substances in the field to strengthen one's own weapons during the competition, and now it has been delayed for so long. The purpose is to continuously delay the process of making weapons. The longer the delay, the more powerful the weapons will be.

【To be continued】

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