Everlasting Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5884 end, creation

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Jade Rakshasa promised that when the True Spring Conference was over, Lu Ming would get his due reward.

Lu Ming naturally showed gratitude.

Although the Wanhua Temple and the Ancient Cunning Temple retreated, they did not dare to relax and were still on guard. Who knew if the other party would come back soon.

One day, two days, three days...

For three days in a row, there was no movement at all.

Jade Rakshasa simply sent people out to inquire about the news secretly, and the news that came back made them breathe a sigh of relief.

The people from the Wanhua Temple have gone to attack other temples. Obviously, the current Extreme Jade Temple is a hard piece of bone, which is even harder to chew than the Fu family. In a sense, it is even harder to chew than the Wanfa Temple.

It is meaningless to stare at the Jade Palace, the Imperial Capital of Dalin.

Sure enough, the next few days were calm.

The news that Jade Rakshasa has become one of Primordial Ruyi has come out, and none of the Twelve True Temples will attack them.

Soon, it was time for the Maizumi Conference to end.

boom! boom! ...

The sky trembled, the void of the real universe cracked open, and more than a dozen figures stepped forward, separated from the sky above the real universe.

The boundless terrifying aura spread out, squeezing the entire Jingzhen universe.

That body has, giving people an unmatched, immortal aura.

Lu Ming's face was solemn, because the dozen or so figures were too terrifying, and they gave him the feeling that they were no weaker than the ancestors of Cangtian and Huangtian before they broke through.

"The Immortal Emperor powerhouse of the Twelve True Halls has arrived. This should be Immortal Emperor Daluo."

Beside Lu Ming, someone from the upper clan whispered.


Suddenly, at the top, six suns appeared.

No, that's not the sun, but six eyes.

They are different from each other, they should come from three different creatures, billions of times brighter than the sun, and in their eyes, there is the birth and death of the great universe, and the transformation back and forth between birth and destruction is indescribable.

Lu Ming just glanced at it, and he felt the pain splitting, as if his eyes were about to burst.

"It is the ancestor of creation."

"Close your eyes quickly, and don't look at the eyes of the ancestors of creation, or you will die."

Someone exclaimed and hurriedly bowed their heads.

Fortunately, the existence of the Creation Realm immediately restrained its breath, and the three pairs of eyes also became ordinary, vaguely visible, and the three pairs of eyes were scanning the real universe.

"Is that the existence of the Creation Realm? It's impossible to speculate. A look is enough to kill me."

Lu Ming felt wet with cold sweat.

He really had a feeling that he was about to explode just now, and his body and spirit would be destroyed.

He's been keeping a low profile, and he's right.

The ancestors of the sky and the ancestors of Huangtian have been deployed for eternity, and there is a high probability that they have broken through to the realm of creation, which is far from what he can deal with.

Once his traces are found, he will have no chance of surviving.

Afterwards, scattered Xia clan continued to appear in the Dalin Imperial Capital.

These Xia clans are scattered in various places, and they were lucky enough not to die. As long as they did not die, they were regarded as the points of the True Jade Palace. They were found by the ancestors of creation and sent over.

The power of creation is cleaning up the living beings in the cosmos, and not a single one is left.

Not long after, the Immortal Emperor in the sky descended, and it was a Daluo Immortal Emperor in the Jade Palace.

"The ancestor of creation has gathered all the dust tribes together. Now, you hand over the soul gathering beads to me, and I hand it over to the ancestor of creation, and then I can exit the real universe."

Immortal Emperor Daluo of the Supreme Jade Palace opened his mouth.

"Follow the order of the Immortal Emperor."

Led by Jade Rakshasa, they handed over the Soul Gathering Pearl.

Afterwards, Immortal Emperor Daluo handed over the Soul Gathering Pearl to the ancestor of creation.


Immortal Emperor Daluo waved his hand, and a vast immortal force enveloped everyone, including all the Xia clan in the imperial capital of Dalin.

For Immortal Emperor Daluo, if there is nothing, the formation of the Imperial Capital of Dalin will not have any effect.

The next moment, everyone left the real universe and came to the chaos outside the universe.

In the chaos, there are people flashing constantly, and it is the other Daluo Immortal Emperor from the Twelve True Halls who came out with the people from the major halls.

Next, several ancestors of creation will join hands to erase all traces of the real universe, and then put in the new twelve dust clan, let them multiply for a thousand stellar years, and prepare for the next real spring conference.

Not far away, several silhouettes came from the sky, and the chaotic energy separated automatically.

Lu Ming Tong Kong Yining.

He saw Hua Tianye and followed behind a middle-aged man.

That middle-aged man, his breath was like a sea, unfathomable.

That was Immortal Emperor Daluo of the Ancient Cunning Palace.

"Brother Yu!"

Immortal Emperor Daluo of the Ancient Cunning Palace smiled and clenched his fists to the Immortal Emperor Daluo of the Jade Palace.

"Huazhi, what advice do you have?"

Daluo Immortal Emperor Dandan said.

"Of course, congratulations to Brother Yu, the Jade Palace has produced a Primordial Ruyi, which is really enviable."

Daluo Immortal Emperor Huazhi of the Ancient Cunning Hall said with a smile.

Yufeng, the name of Immortal Emperor Daluo of the Supreme Jade Palace, when he looked at the Jade Rakshasa, his eyes were full of admiration, and said: "The feng shui turns around, I, the Supreme Jade Palace, have been over five thousand stellar years and have not been born with Hunyuan. Like one, this generation did not let me down."

Immediately, he looked at Huazhi and said, "You can't come here politely. Tell me, what's the matter?"

"I want someone from you?"

Hua Zhi finally stated his purpose.


Yufeng refused directly.

"Brother Yu, don't worry, what I want is just a Xia clan in the universe called Lu Shi."

Way of Hua.

"Just a Xia clan?"

Yu Feng was taken aback.

It's just a Xia clan's words, it doesn't matter, just give it, he was about to agree, but he heard Yu Luosha say: "No, Lu Shi, I can't give it."

He then clasped his fist to Yufeng, sent a voice transmission to Yufeng, and said, "Emperor, Lu Shi, is the peerless genius of the Xia clan, and he just got some good fortunes, so he cultivated to more than 99,000 kinds, this time we It is also thanks to his help that he can get a good ranking. Rakshasa promised him that he would be called into the Supreme Jade Palace, and it will be a great help for us to grow up in the future."

"One Xia clan actually has ninety-nine thousand species."

With Yufeng's state of mind and knowledge, his heart skipped a beat.

This talent is not strong, but amazing.

Winning over will definitely be a great help in the future. There will be an extra powerful Immortal Emperor in the Jade Palace.

Therefore, he immediately made a decision: "Huazhi, I can't give it to anyone, this time the Xia clan is the race guarded by my Extreme Jade Palace, so all the Xia clan belong to my Extreme Jade Palace."

"Senior, Lu Shi, in the real universe, killed many of us, and we must pay the price."

Hua Tianye clasped his fists.

"As far as I know, it's not Lu Shi who killed your Guxing Zhendian, but the detachment organization."

Jade Rakshasa hurriedly said.

"I don't care who killed it, even if Lu Shi killed it, it only shows that you are incompetent."

Jade seal Dandan Road.

Hua Tianye and the other real sons and daughters of the Ancient Cunning Hall were blushing, but the other party was Immortal Emperor Daluo, how could they dare to talk back.

"Brother Yu, a mere Xia clan, why should you hurt the harmony between you and me? If you give me Lu Shi, I will have a great reward and will not disappoint Brother Yu."

Hua Zhidao, at the same time, made a sound transmission, promising to seal a heavy treasure.

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