Evil Spirit World: I Push This World with My Flesh - Chapter 625 Qiongqi

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In the darkness of thick fog.


Depressed breath.

Jiang Dao held his breath, and his body was like a strange black shadow, firmly attached to the stone wall.

An extremely huge terrifying spiritual thought swept through the sky and covered the earth, pervasive, gloomy and terrifying, shrouded the entire Devil Mountain peak, like a layer of eviscerated cold knives.

Even though Jiang Dao had blocked the pores to the extreme, this terrifying spiritual sense still pressed his body to sting, and his skin was about to crack.

His heart was startled.

God Emperor level powerhouse!

What a horrible idea.

"Oops, it's about to be exposed."

He clenched his teeth tightly, his body turned into a shadow, and he swept away at a high speed with difficulty.

The moment he was about to act, that terrifying divine sense swept in instantly, like lightning, shrouded directly towards his body.

Jiang Dao was instantly terrified, the golden light erupted from his body, the Emperor Jueba was activated, and all the nuclear reactors in the body were providing energy, and the whole person swept away like a terrifying lightning.


A hoarse and terrifying voice suddenly came out.

The terrifying and enormous pressure instantly chased Jiang Dao's body at high speed.

The breath is terrifying, and the space collapses.

The devilish energy of death turned into an endless tide, smashing the space, rushing all the way towards Jiang Dao.

Even if Jiang Dao urged Huang Jue Hegemony for the first time, it was still slower than the speed.

Almost as soon as he rushed out of Xuanhuang Sacred Mountain, he was instantly overtaken by that terrifying demonic energy.

In the gloomy and dark ghost of death, there is vaguely a majestic and huge ghost, standing on the ground, with a terrifying breath, and approaching Jiang Dao's body, his eyes are cold, a big hand sticks out, covering the sky and covering the earth, and grabs it directly. Jiang Dao's body.

At this moment, even time seems to stand still!

The moment he grabbed Jiang Dao, Jiang Dao turned around abruptly and slapped it with a palm.


The sky is shaking, the light is surging.

The endless terrifying divine light rushed out in an instant, mighty, and shrouded toward the huge ghost.

Destructive force is like a torrent of steel.

The space is concave, and the laws are broken.

There was only this terrifying glare left between the heavens and the earth.

Xeon Killer!


The huge ghost raised a terrifying roar in the sky, and the black devilish energy all over his body dissipated as soon as he met.

Between the heavens and the earth, black and red blood is flying all over the sky.

Huge chunks of corpse splattered everywhere.

The terrifying force even passed through this area and slammed directly on the Devil's Peak in the back. With a thud, the entire top of the Devil's Peak was chopped off on the spot, and countless people died tragically.

The terrifying power fluctuations sent Jiang Dao flying straight out, and fell fiercely into the distance.


The powerful and terrifying movement continued for a long time, and the entire space was trembling and roaring, and there was a destructive aura everywhere.

A large number of evil spirits and monsters were shaken to death.

After a long time, everything finally calmed down.

The god-king-level powerhouse was not killed by a single blow. The body that was torn apart at this moment was quickly reorganized again, and gathered together, with a pale face and trembling body, looking towards Jiang Dao.

"Xeon Killer?"

His voice was sharp.


Suddenly, a powerful and terrifying aura erupted from the Devil's Peak behind him again, accompanied by waves of terrifying roars, gloomy fluctuations like a tide, rapidly sweeping in all directions.

The terrifying roar shook the sun and the moon, causing the entire mountain range to shake violently.


An incomparably huge blood-colored behemoth rushed out of the broken Devil Peak at once.

It is covered in scales, a hundred feet tall, with scarlet eyes, covered with white hair, and green ghost fires burning on its body. The breath of the entire body is extremely terrifying.

"Damn human, is it you, are you the lucky one?"

This terrifying beast had a cold voice, and a pair of scarlet pupils stared at Jiang Dao.

This is Qiongqi!

After living countless years, he just got out of trouble not long ago.

Most of the people who escaped from the same group as him have not recovered, and fell into a deep sleep as soon as they entered the virtual world. Only it took the lead in restoring the cultivation of the **** emperor and guarding the Devil Peak.

As for Jiang Dao, he had heard of it not long ago.

It's just that he didn't expect that this human would dare to come here to cause trouble before he went to trouble Jiang Dao.

"Be careful, fellow Daoist Qiongqi, he has a Xeon killer on him!"

The previous god-king-level powerhouse shouted, his aura was abnormally disordered, his origin was injured, and his face turned pale.

"Xeon Killer?"

Qiong Qi's pupils shrank, and his scarlet eyes looked at Jiang Dao again.

This thing had been heard before he was sealed.

It's just that in that era, the Xeon killer has not been practiced at all.

Unexpectedly, in the past countless years, the Xeon Killer has actually taken shape.

"Okay, in this case, it will save the ancestors to look for it in the future. Let me see the power of this Xeon Killer!"

Qiong Qi let out a terrifying roar, the demonic energy all over his body was billowing, and the ghost fire was burning.

It was terrifying to the extreme.

Jiang Dao's face changed, he quickly stepped back, and suddenly threw the Haotian Pagoda, and directly threw the Xuanhuang Sacred Mountain inside.


The Xuanhuang Sacred Mountain rose in the wind, and the rays of light were gorgeous, like air inflated, and it became thousands of feet high in the blink of an eye.


Qiong Qi slammed his paw out fiercely and smashed onto this terrifying and heavy Xuanhuang Sacred Mountain.

A layer of dazzling light burst out, and the space was shaken into pieces and shattered. Like a fragile mirror, it crackled and chaotic energy erupted.

Then, the huge Xuanhuang Sacred Mountain was smashed out by his claws. With a thud, it smashed thousands of feet away and fell to the ground, smashing the entire ground on the spot. Depressed, the ground shakes, and the scene is terrifying.

At the same time, Qiong Qi's body was shaken violently, the animal's claws stinged, and the body retreated uncontrollably, and the blood on his body was surging, as if it was burning.


It raised its head to the sky again and roared loudly, the body glowing, the ghost fire burning, and finally stopped the backward body.

"Xeon killer? What about the Xeon killer?"

Qiongqi's tone was cold, staring at Jiang Dao, coldly said, "Is this your Xeon killer?"

Jiang Dao was surprised and incredulous.

This guy!

Really scary!

Xuanhuang Sacred Mountain was blown away by his claws?


Qiongqi opened his feet, UU read www. With a terrifying aura, uukanshu.com crushed the space and made a harsh roar. It approached Jiang Dao again, with a pair of eyes staring at Jiang Dao.

"If you can't come up with the Xeon Killer, today I will let you not survive, nor die!"

His eyes seemed to be filled with the effect of deterring the soul, and with a flash of cold light inside, Jiang Dao's soul was about to be withdrawn.

Jiang Dao's expression changed, and he quickly retreated again. With a flip of his palm, he took out the animal control bag and shook it hard, and he released all the thirty-six Baiyin boys in it.

"Kill, kill him!"

Jiang Dao shouted.


After the thirty-six hundred yin boy was released, he looked around curiously, let out a crisp cry, and then looked at the huge poor Qi in front of him, his eyes blinked, and a strong smile appeared on his face.


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