Evil Spirit World: I Push This World with My Flesh - Chapter 626 take advantage of the chaos

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As soon as the thirty-six Baiyin Boys came out, a strange aura quickly spread out, filled with ominousness and strangeness, it seemed to be more evil than the strangest evil in the world.

They stared at a pair of big innocent eyes, and babbled from their mouths, just like children learning to talk.

Qiong Qi's eyes froze, staring at the thirty-six Baiyin boys.

"act recklessly!"

His tone was cold, and a pair of scarlet eyes suddenly showed countless lines, and suddenly spun rapidly.

Burn blood!


Motivated by the strange pupil technique, a layer of cold and terrifying power spread out in an instant, like a layer of dark red tide, quickly swept away towards the thirty-six Baiyin boys, and all their blood was ignited, so that they Burn to death.

But, terrible things happen soon.

His blood burning secret technique seems to be useless to this group of boys at all.

As soon as it spread, it was quickly absorbed by the bodies of this group of boys.

The eyes of a group of boys glowed, and they stared at Qiong Qi instantly, with bursts of rich smiles on their faces.

"It's so big!"

"Is it tasty?"

"Whether it's good or not, you'll know after one bite."

The boys made crisp sounds.

Whoosh whoosh!

Their bodies flashed, as if they were traveling through space, turning into terrifying black qi, and instantly rushed towards Qiong Qi's body.

Rao Yiqiongqi's cultivation and eyesight were almost unable to capture the speed of these boys.

Only when his eyes flashed, the thirty-six Baiyin boys, like tiny fleas, slumped on his body, opened their mouths, and bit his body fiercely.

Qiong Qi's complexion changed, and he immediately noticed a severe stinging pain all over his body. Pieces of tough scales shattered at a glance. Not only that, but there were countless tiny tentacles in the bodies of these boys, taking root. on him.


Qiong Qi suddenly let out a terrifying roar, which was deafening, and his body was full of demonic energy, and the demonic fire burned, and an unimaginable wave erupted directly.

However, these Baiyin boys seemed to grow on his body, no matter how strong the fluctuations erupted from his body, they never let go.


Qiong Qi was furious, he stood up, and a huge blood-colored claw slapped a boy directly, killing the boy like a fly.

Jiang Dao's eyes flashed.

"It's done!"

He knew that Qiongqi was dead.

This is how the Nine-headed God Emperor wanted to shoot these boys to death before, but he was stuck by these boys, so he could only abandon his body and flee for his life.

It was exactly as he guessed.

Qiongqi's huge claws had just been slapped on a boy, and the boy was like a piece of cowhide candy, withered in an instant, directly sticking his claws and body together.

Qiongqi was shocked and angry, and let out a terrifying roar again, endless demonic energy billowed from his body, and the breath was earth-shattering, indescribably wild.


He roared and struggled with all his might, and a terrifying black light appeared all over his body.

But it didn't work at all.

No matter how his body struggled, he couldn't shake off his claws. His claws were directly stuck to his body because of the boy, and the boy was between his claws and his skin, crazy. absorbing his blood.

Not only that, but each of the remaining thirty-five boys.

No child is idle.

Another God Sovereign not far away suddenly changed his color, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Fellow Daoist Qiongqi, how are you?"

He hurriedly shouted.

"Friend Fatian, help me kill these boys!"

Qiongqi shouted angrily and struggled desperately.

Easily, he didn't dare to pat these boys with his other paw, for fear of sticking together again.

Qiong Qi roared again and again, black light billowing all over his body, and pieces of powerful power continued to erupt.

The previous God Emperor, with a change in expression, rushed over immediately.

A black long sword appeared in his hand, swung it directly, burst into black light, and slashed towards these boys, shouting, "Fellow Daoist Qiongqi, be careful!"

call out!


One after another terrifying sword energy instantly fell on those boys, but the moment the sword light fell, it all dissipated on the surface of Qiong Qi's body.

The stinging pain on Qiong Qi's body was even more severe, and he could clearly feel that the essence in his body was rapidly draining, and he couldn't help but appear full of horror, "Fatian Daoyou, quickly help me!"

The God Emperor Fatian also showed a trace of horror, unbelievable.

These boys!

To be able to take the full blow of his [Soul Eating Sword]?

how can that be?

What kind of monster is this?

Jiang Dao, who was not far away, breathed a long sigh of relief.

He knew that the two **** emperors were in trouble.

If you are entangled by Baiyin Boy, even if you don't die, you will have to peel off the skin.

His eyes flickered, and he instantly looked at the horrific Devil Peak that was destroyed behind him. With a grin on his face, his body turned into a shadow, and he instantly approached the Devil Peak.

Brush brush!

His speed is extremely fast, like a strange big leech, he has bypassed the blockade of the two **** emperors in a blink of an eye, and his body is instantly inside the broken Devil Peak. Hitomi moved to the extreme.

call out!


He stabbed hard, and the terrifying murderous intent penetrated, and instantly acted on a hidden evil spirit, causing him to scream on the spot, his body exploded, and he died tragically.

In this way, Jiang Dao kept waving the holy spear of battle, blazing out one after another of terrifying murderous aura, screeching.

Every terrifying murderous aura can be accurately penetrated into the chest of a head of evil or monster, and the number of his revisions quickly climbed again.

All the remaining evil spirits and monsters were horrified and started to flee desperately.

"Old Ancestor, save your life!"

"That human broke in!"

"Help, old man!"

There was a burst of miserable screams.

Puff puff puff!

One after another terrifying murderous aura rushed out, acting on these evil spirits and ferocious monsters, and if they were next to each other, they would inevitably be torn apart, turned into Yin Qi, and died tragically.

God Emperor Fatian, who was slashing at the group of boys with all his strength, was shocked and angry when he heard the movement, and his eyes were red.

"Damn human, An dare to do this!"

He shouted angrily and waved the black killing sword to kill Jiang Dao directly.

"Fellow Daoist, help me quickly!"

Qiongqi's face was painful, and UU Reading www.uukanshu.com let out a terrifying roar again.

God Emperor Fatian quickly stopped again, his face was shocked, and he looked back at Qiongqi.

"Ancestor help!"

"That human being is unstoppable!"


A burst of screams kept ringing.

"Fellow Daoist, these ordinary evil and vicious monsters will die when they die, and they can be recruited again, but I am the Emperor of God. If I die, these boys will definitely not let you go!"

Qiong Qi's face was painful.

God Emperor Fatian shouted angrily, waved his black killing sword, and slashed towards the group of Baiyin boys again.

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