Forsaken Immortals - Chapter 326: Master

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Chapter 326: Master

"These Spiritual Pearl-Bell Flowers have been growing to near perfection. Although this kind of flower is more common than many other precious herbs, it is also one of the most needed for alchemists.

"The quality of the herb determines the ability to balance the refinement process of pills, and these herbs are able to increase the possibility of succeeding with higher-tiered medicines by a lot, depending on the formula used."

The mature man could not help but sigh in amazement as he looked at the stalks of herbs in front of him. All of them were pristine, and he even coveted them for himself, but upon thinking about the young lady's identity, he quickly withdrew even the slightest inkling of shrewdness.

"My name is Sun Junmeng. I am the manager of Lingcao Pavilion, and usually, my office is elsewhere.

"I came to this Forgotten City this time due to the ruckus that the Young Master from the Zhao family has been making, but I did not expect that I would encounter a treasure like this along the way."

Although Bai Rouyun knew that the Spirit Pearl-Bell Flowers she had brought were precious, she could not help but furrow her brows upon hearing how this man was referring to them as treasures.

She had specifically picked these herbs as they were not overly important, so even if they were of good quality, no one would truly care. However, this manager did not only care, but he even referred to them as treasures, making her feel that something was wrong.

As such, Bai Rouyun did not wish to give away anything else, so she nodded her head politely in a greeting and quickly introduced herself by name.

As she cupped her fists in polite greeting, Sun Junmeng's eyes swept across Xiao Hua on her wrist, and his eyes contracted slightly before he quickly looked away. Everything was done swiftly, without Bai Rouyun's notice, but it was clear that the mature man had recognized the Golden Emperor Vine wrapped around her hand.

He could not help but feel very excited as he looked at the outstanding woman in front of him, and even a sense of pride appeared in his heart.

From the very first time that their master had ordered them to look for his wife, he had been sent to this Wushi Continent to increase their influence and find all the information he could find.

Unfortunately, he soon got news of the destruction of Miss Yun's home, and also the death of the Young Madam. His master had been heartbroken and close to deviating into the devil path when he found out that Young Madam still had a living family member trying to survive, and he once more regained his senses.

Even if he could no longer save his beloved, he would at least ensure that her only family member left would survive. This resulted in his men keeping an eye on Yun Mingshen but never interfering with his life. Only if he had no way of survival were they allowed to step in.

At the same time, he left his businesses on the Wushi Continent to Sun Junmeng as he hoped that they could help Yun Mingshen in the future, but before it reached this point, he suddenly got the news about Bai Rouyun.

It was Sun Junmeng who had been tasked with keeping an eye on Yun Mingshen, as his master was unable to look at the young man without feeling his heart being ripped from his chest, so it was also Sun Junmeng who was informed about how Yun Mingshen had gotten close to a young lady named Bai Rouyun from the lower continents.

At first, Sun Junmeng felt that this woman might be the future wife of Yun Mingshen, so he started to gather all pieces of knowledge and information about her past, and the more he read, the more stunned he became.

Eventually, one of the hidden guards contacted him and informed him that Bai Rouyun was the daughter of their Young Madam, and also described the life that she had lived since her birth.

Sun Junmeng was ecstatic to know that their master still had a daughter living somewhere in the world, and hoped that she could become his new light in life, but who would have thought that their domineering and ruthless master turned into a chicken the moment he knew of his daughter's existence.

He still remembered the excitement and hesitation on their master's face as he tried to ask whether or not she would blame him. Their master was still blaming himself for his wife's death, although he had no way to know nor any means to block the calamity.

However, now that his daughter was alive, he was worried that she would blame him. Fearing for his own daughter looking at him with hostility, he was so scared that he had still not appeared, and merely asked even more people to protect her in the shadows and keep him informed about her whereabouts.

It was also due to this that Sun Junmeng was in the Forgotten City. He had been sending his hidden guards to every edge of the Wushi Continent to look for the missing Young Lady, and only after contacting his Master, who used a forbidden spell to trace her location, did he know that she was somewhere close to the Forgotten City.

Sun Junmeng had been worried about meeting their Young Miss at first. He did not know how to contact her, nor did he know what to expect. Their master was so outstanding and powerful, but this Bai Rouyun had been suffering since childhood.

It was not that they feared for her not being talented or skilled. To them, her happiness was the most important, but they feared that she would suffer. What if she felt unworthy after arriving at the Wushi Continent?

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