Forsaken Immortals - Chapter 327: Deep Thoughts

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Chapter 327: Deep Thoughts

Bai Rouyun's identity was special. Although she had been reborn numerous times, and her soul had been shattered, her biggest challenge was that her current soul had not gone through the wheel of reincarnation when it was rebirthed in her current body.

If she had underwent the ordinary path of reincarnation, she would have drunk Grandma Meng's tea of forgetfulness, and would have forgotten all memories of her past life. In that case, even if Bai Mulan had the soul fragment, she would not have any reaction when it came close.

Unfortunately, her soul had not been cleansed and she was now a person with two lives.

She had, in her first life, been born to the Patriarch of the Bai family from the Wushi Continent and his principal wife. Her identity was supposed to be noble but due to the internal strife, she had been tossed to the lower realms as a newborn baby.

Her life had been one long struggle for survival, and although she had a good friend such as Xue Jingyu, she had faced her death alone.

When she was reborn, she had begun to realize that the world was not only black and white and that everything depended on the person who had to judge.

She began to open her heart and found that life had many beautiful feelings that she had never dared to experience before. She no longer hungered for a maternal family and was satisfied with what she had gotten instead.

However, she encountered Yun Mingshen, who had infiltrated the Eternal Shadow Palace, and found out that her mother was not a lowly concubine within the General's estate, nor was her father the Young General Bai.

She did not have her parents, but she had Yun Mingshen by her side as a family member, and she suddenly felt very excited and grateful for everything she had gotten.

She would never have expected that the mature man in front of her had been sent by her biological father.

Sun Junmeng also dared not let out any information, as he knew that his master was worried and scared of how his daughter would react when she found out that she had a biological father somewhere, who had never been part of her life before.

Unlike the Bai family who wished to bring her back to their family for the sake of avoiding embarrassment and to use her as a tool for a marriage of convenience, this man genuinely cared about her and worried about her opinion.

During the time that Bai Rouyun had been cultivating in the lower realm to prepare for her ascension, the master had found every piece of information possible to try and understand her situation.

Sun Junmeng still remembered how his face has turned black and angry, while his murderousness had gathered around him in an aura that became so volatile that anything surrounding him shattered into dust, as he read about Bai Rouyun's marriage to Li Moyun.

However, not much later, his features slowly softened, and he sighed deeply. The master's eyes had been full of complicated emotions, such as unwillingness and sadness, but also a slight gratitude.

Sun Junmeng could easily guess the emotions of his master at that point.

Although they had found their Young Miss, she was already married. Her marriage was a joke, as she had been gifted away as a trophy and insulted by those people of the royal family, however upon knowing how well Li Moyun had treated her, and how his daughter seemed to care for the man, his master had calmed his emotions and held back.

It was clear that his master, as the biological father, had no right to interfere with her relationships, and thus he could only accept the situation. Fortunately, the Young Miss was satisfied with her husband.

Both Bai Rouyun and Sun Junmeng were thinking about their own things, so the room had become silent as they tried to straighten out their thoughts.

The first of the two to regain his senses was Sun Junmeng. He looked at the woman in front of him and quickly wiped all emotions from his expression as he lowered his gaze and tried to find the most suitable way to pretend that he believed these herbs to come from the Forgotten Forest.

The Forgotten Forest was a popular location for many mercenaries to scout out valuable herbs and other treasures to sell, so although there would definitely be Spiritual Pearl-Bell Flowers in the forest itself, they would not be of such an outstanding quality.

Being a subordinate was difficult. He had to figure out the correct way to make it seem as if he had not seen through the fact that she had gotten these herbs from elsewhere, but still remind her that such valuable herbs should not be taken out. Even if their type was not that rare, the quality made it something that many would covet.

At the same time, Sun Junmeng had a great interest in all herbs and plants, and he had long since recognized the ordinary-looking bracelet on her wrist.

Although it did not move and seemed like a piece of ordinary wooden jewelry, he had long since recognized it as the Golden Emperor Vine.

Clearing his throat, Sun Junmeng decided to begin his most important conversation in his life. He had to be polite but not let this young lady sense anything amiss. Truth be told, although his master was many times stronger than this young lady, Sun Junmeng had no doubt that if he messed up anything connected to Bai Rouyun, then the punishments would be much more severe than if it had anything to do with his master himself.

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