Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman - Chapter 757 persuade to break up

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In terms of barrage, because Ding Zhaotian came out and chatted with everyone, the number of people gradually increased!

In fact, some accounts are hung here, and people have fallen asleep!

There are also some people who are on night shifts and have nothing to do to look at the seascape. The sea at night has been seen too much, and the scenery has become a little monotonous!

This is an approximate situation of the current more than 30 million people.

Now, some people come in again, not in the big recommendation position, but in the first position in the sidebar!

It's a medium recommendation.

Millions of people came in, but adding up, plus those who didn't leave, it's still less than 40 million!

These are less than 40 million people, discussing hundreds of millions of advertising costs and the issue of clothes.

Someone said: "If it is a clothing brand, then everyone can wear some free clothes given by sponsors!"

"It's normal for sponsors to sponsor!"

"Yeah, if I were Lao Ding, I would put a layer on the boat and put on the logo of 100 sponsors, and let them sponsor our food and clothes!"

"You are not Lao Ding, and Lao Ding will not do this!"

"Brother upstairs, old Ding is shy and reserved!"

"I think it's a loss of a great opportunity to make money, isn't it just a sponsor, isn't it just an advertisement!"

"Don't forget that Captain Ding Zhaotian's main business is the boss of a big company, and there is no shortage of those hundreds of millions!"

"Is this money too much?"

"Is there too much money? Everyone!"

Everyone is talking about it!

Opinions cannot be agreed.

Ding Zhaotian declined, and said, "If your brand is good, next time, this time, as I said, there are only 2 advertising spaces left on the foredeck, your next time, let's talk about it next year!"

The Joy continued to sail.

Ms. Hagrid called again, and it was a video call with her boyfriend!

This made the 42.1 million viewers of the barrage at this time in an uproar!

A TV series that Ms. Hagrid finished 7 months ago has become a household name!

That is, Ms. Hagrid is a household name in the United States!

The most recent advertisement received, the agency fee is 30 million US dollars!


At the same time, Ms. Hagrid also has a great harvest of love.

And photographer boyfriend, engaged!

This incident was also told to Lao Ding, Gu Zixuan and others through a video conversation.

Also told 40 million viewers friends!

These audiences, the waves of discussion, one wave after another!

The screen does not stop!

Some viewers did not understand and asked, "Is this photographer famous?"

"Is this photographer famous? What does he do?"

"Is it an independent photographer or is it filmed for TV dramas and movies?"

"What exactly is going on?"

However, someone came out to explain right away!

Said: "Ms. Hagrid's marriage will not last long! Because that photographer is a scumbag!"

"Isn't it?"


"How is it possible, you have to be responsible for your words!"

"I also found it. I found on the Internet that this photographer has 3 marriages, 2 children, divorced for half a month, and hooked up with Ms. Hagrid!"

"Isn't it?"

"A few upstairs, is he rich?"

"It's not too rich, about 9 billion US dollars, in the rich circle of the United States, it is considered a middle and low level!"

"9 billion, I'll wipe the class!"

"My god, the one upstairs is $9 billion!"

"I know, $9 billion!"

"You should focus on the scumbag himself. He abandoned his wife and children just to get Ms. Hagrid, this?"

"Isn't it? Everyone!"

There is a lot of discussion on the barrage!

I brushed too frequently, and the fat man understood it. The fat man was bold and straightforward, and said, "Ms. Haig, is this your boyfriend the scumbag mentioned on the Internet?"

As soon as these words came out, everyone was amazed!

The barrage said: "Fatty is good!"

"Father, good, straightforward!"

"Fatty, good, direct enough! That's what I should say!"

"I think it would be better for Fat Fatty to remind Ms. Hagrid!"

Ding Zhaotian didn't watch the barrage, Gu Zixuan whispered to Ding Zhaotian, "Old Ding, watch the barrage!"

The barrage is still talking.

There are more barrages saying that man is a scumbag!

Everyone seems to be very concerned about this matter, or hope that Lao Ding sees this matter, this situation!

Ding Zhaotian finally saw it!

Said, "Okay, I'll tell Ms. Hagrid!"

Then he thought for a while and said, "Ms Hagrid?"

Hagrid said, "What's the matter?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "I will convey what the audience on my side of the barrage has said, you can refer to it!"

Hagrid obviously didn't watch the bullet screen, and said happily, "Is the bullet screen congratulating me for finding the love in my heart?"

In terms of barrage, they swiped: "It's not congratulations, it's helping you identify scumbags!"

"I wanted to congratulate you, but your husband is a scumbag, do you know?"

There are also some viewers who directly post barrages in English, and there are so many posts that Ding Zhaotian didn't have time to watch them all!

Gu Zixuan said, "I see, Ms. Hagrid, why don't you open the channel and watch it!"

After a pause, he said, "Do you have this live broadcast software?"

Miss Hagrid seemed to realize something and said, "I have it, let's see!"

After watching, silence!

The barrage is brushed!

"Ms Hagrid, hurry up, it's too late to break up now!"

"Ms. Hagrid, our audience is also for you, and the audience's eyes are all there!"

"This gentleman from the United States says he is a photographer, but he is actually a complete scumbag! The job is not good, and he picks up girls all day!"

"Marriage fails one by one, he is responsible!"

"If this first marriage is the woman's fault, what about the second, third, and fourth marriages?"

"It can't be all the woman's fault, right?"

"I think it seems too kind to say that?"

"The one upstairs, we should be stricter, but Ms. Hagrid may not listen!"

Many people use translation software to translate it into English and send it out.

On the overseas channel, a large number of English barrages were directly posted, which meant that they were persuaded not to persuade peace!

Madam Hagrid looked at it, and sure enough, she frowned!

It was quiet at first, then frowned.

After a while, he said, "I know about the three marriages, but I don't really care!"

She paused and said, "But, he lied to me, saying that he and the other party have been separated for a year and a half!"

The barrage said: "He is completely deceiving the little girl! What a year and a half, two months ago, they stayed together for the night!"

At this time, a person brushed 200 super rockets, which attracted everyone's attention.

The audience said: "This gentleman, has harassed my employees many times. I will not name this person, I can't take this person!" In English!

The barrage completely exploded!

At this time, Ms. Hagrid burst into tears!

Violent reaction!

The barrage is even more fun!

There is a lot of discussion!

A piece of the word brush up!

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