Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman - Chapter 758 1st generation martial arts master Ding Zhaotian

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The barrage is a mess!

Madam Hagrid was silent for three minutes, and her expression changed!

Everyone said that she should know!

In other words, it should change from half-belief to checking for evidence or believing!

Ding Zhaotian said, "I don't know what to say either. Think about it for yourself. In my barrage, what I said was cruel!"

Ms. Hagrid said, "I, I see! I'll hang up first!"

Saying that, without waiting for the old Ding Ding Zhaotian to answer, he hung up the signal!

There was an uproar in the barrage discussions!

"My God, she woke up?"

"That's it, is it over?"

"We sincerely hope that she will not be deceived by scumbags, cheating for money and sex!"

"Yes, our 40 million people are also well-intentioned!"

"I feel that we have become a scumbag detection machine!"

"Haha, indeed, everyone's eyes are counted!"

"My God, she can't be obsessed!"

"Hope, God bless it!"

"wish her well!"

Most of the people in the barrage still have good intentions. I hope that girl, Ms. Hagrid, the beautiful Hagrid will not be deceived by the scumbag!

This is the end of the matter for the time being!

Continue south.

As a result, a miracle occurred!

That is this TV series, the ratings miracle from the first episode to the fifth episode of the TV series jointly produced by the United States!

That's half a month later!

In the US, I don't know why, the filming of the TV series, the editing and dubbing to the broadcast, are very fast.

This speed is amazing!

In only about 17 days, the editing was completed and pushed to 2 TV stations for simultaneous broadcast!

This speed, this efficiency, simply!

And, still shooting.

Ms. Hagrid's scenes were much less in episodes 8 to 11, with only 100 minutes of scenes in total!

Filming is over soon!

Their chief director contacted Lao Ding again!

They hope to send a special plane to take Lao Ding to San Francisco on the west coast of the United States to shoot a plot!

San Francisco is a famous city in the United States!

Ding Zhaotian knew this!

However, Ding Zhaotian never thought about going there to make movies and TV series.

I have never studied acting, and many graduates of the Kyoto Film Academy or the Shanghai Film Academy can't find a job or can only be a runner. How did I become a male No. 3 as a seafarer and fisherman?

According to the chief director and screenwriter, the position of the third male was given to Lao Ding.

The role played by Ding Zhaotian, this time, is not only a martial arts master, but also a hidden master of a generation!

how to say?

Flying flowers and picking leaves can hurt people!

When I learned that the script was set, the barrage, Ding Zhaotian's 31 million viewers were also in an uproar!

"What? Lao Ding has become a hero?"

"Or what, fairy?"

"Is this a fight in the sky or a fight on the ground?"

"Can you fly away?"

"A few upstairs, I guess they are the skills in ancient traditional martial arts novels, a generation of masters!"

"Maybe more awesome, similar to Superman, what the American hero!"

"Isn't there a lot of superhuman TV series and movies in the United States?"

"Lao Ding also wants to play a super-power character? Or did you learn martial arts by yourself? Or did you say that the pie fell from the sky?"

"I don't know, the details of the script, Captain Ding, have not been disclosed!"

"I think, stop making a fuss, wait a minute, Lao Ding is moved, obviously moved!"

"Yeah, wait, there will be a day when the answer will be revealed!"

"I think Lao Ding is suitable for acting as a hermit master!"


"It's not suitable for Lao Ding, Ding Zhaotian is a talker!"

"That's the need to communicate with our audience. Do you want Ding Zhaotian to keep his mouth shut and not interact with the barrage?"

"Let's go, what are you talking about? Ding Zhaotian is not only the Ocean King, but also a rising star, a Hollywood star in the United States! One day!"

"I think the chances of success are slim, just a cameo episode!"

"At least, it's a good start!"

"Ding Zhaotian wants to be a martial arts star? I'm dying of laughter!"

Everyone has a lot of discussion, and their views are different, and they cannot be consistent.

There was even a group of viewers who didn't know why, and began to laugh at Lao Ding, saying that Ding Zhaotian went there to play tricks.

For the next 4 days, things turned upside down!

Because this series is well-made, invested heavily, filmed with care, and has talented directors and photographers, the series has made headlines!


After several broadcasts, by the seventh episode, the ratings and network hits hit a new high!

This is simply incredible!

At this time, many actors from the United States and Asian countries are all asking for cameo appearances!

Hope to show up in the next shoot.

It doesn't matter if you run around!

This event, thus, turned the tide.

Many viewers began to support Ding Zhaotian's role as the so-called martial arts master teacher!

And there's another thing that made headlines!

That's what happened to Ms. Hagrid's breakup!

A global media company in the United States has made a detailed analysis and report of the cause and effect, saying that Ms. Haig was deceived by a man with a philandering heart.

The loss amounted to 20 million US dollars, which can be said to be a scam of money and sex!

However, the amazing thing is that the audience in China is the main one, and the audience in the United States is supplemented, and the persuasion to break up is successful!

Everyone kept listing evidence to prove that the photographer man was a veritable scumbag and playboy!

This incident caused an uproar in the United States!

Reprinted by many media.

More than 100 media would like to have an exclusive interview with Ms. Haig.

Ms. Hagrid was totally in no mood to be interviewed.

In the end, in desperation, he asked Ding Zhaotian to complain.

And by the way, thank the 49 million viewers in the live broadcast room of Lao Ding's life at sea!

On this day, Ding Zhaotian held a birthday party for the 17 crew members on board!

This is an amazing coincidence. a coincidence.

There are 15 people on Ding Zhaotian's boat, 15 of them have their birthdays this month, which are counted according to the lunar calendar.

And there are 2 people who are closer.

It's their birthday at the beginning of next month, and the two are still on the same day!

Ding Zhaotian throws them a birthday party.

Great reception!

This was unanimously welcomed by hundreds of people!

And it was at this time that Ding Zhaotian received a video call from Ms. Haig again!

Although Ms. Hagrid looked haggard, she said, "My heart is gradually calming down!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "I really can't take a rest, everything is gone after I fall asleep!"

Obviously Ding Zhaotian was referring to the fact that she was cheated by a scumbag for money and sex!

Ms. Haig thanked Lao Ding, Gu Zixuan, and the audience, and said, "Thank you for your warm-hearted audience friends!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "I will express my gratitude!"

Then thank the audience with their hands folded. Made a gesture!

The audience is also touched!

Many people gave gifts, and fish **** and fins kept coming.

Ding Zhaotian once again thanked and said, "You don't need to give gifts too much. Keep them!"

The barrage said with a smile: "Let these viewers keep it, they are also rewarding the hostess and goddess anchors!"

Everyone laughed!

The next day, Ding Zhaotian finally agreed to make a cameo role for 100 minutes with the director's further questioning.

100 minutes, spread over three episodes.

It's been long enough!

You know, in the first season of the episode, Ms. Hagrid only has 400 minutes!

However, the number of episodes originally expected was completely insufficient, so the screenwriting team filmed the plot of the second season and used it as the first season.


Because the show is on fire!

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