Glutton Berserker ~The One That Exceeds The Concept Of Levels~ - Chapter 208: Sixth Form

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Chapter 208: Sixth Form

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What should I do about that?

It looked like the world had been hurt and red blood flowed out. It made me think of something irreparably fatal.

My father called out to me as I stood still.

[At that rate, it won't close until it's all over.]

Father says as if it's someone else's problem. Because this result was not by his own will.

He was forced by the Sacred Stigmata to open the Door to His Land. Dad had no choice.

And I had a chance to stop all this. However, I threw it away and chose my Dad instead.

Dad didn't look at what was about to happen, and only looked at me.

[Fate, are you still going?]

[That's why I'm here. I'll go even if Dad stops me.]

[Then, take this.]

It was the Black Spear Vanity that was handed to me with weak hands.

I held the heavy black spear in my hand. It seemed to represent the weight of my father's feelings.

Apparently the spear can change its appearance depending on the user. Now it's no longer the ominous long spear that the Black Angel had.

The image of Dad wielding his power flashed many times in my mind. It was a familiar figure.

[What do you see in this? What kind of power do you desire?]

[I am…]

In the past, it was all self-satisfaction. If it was me back then, I probably would have chosen to handle it as a black spear.

But not now. Roxy, Myne, Eris, and Aaron… No, not only that, but also the people who served the Barbatos family, the people of the territory… There were still many friends who had taught me how wonderful it was to walk together.

So, you too…

[Come to us.]

The Black Spear Vanity lost its shape. It turned into small black particles and was sucked into the Black Sword Greed.

『This is… Fate. That's right! You did it.』

[Borrowing the power of Vanity, to unlock the form Kairos couldn't open.]

『Oh, yes. Our new power – let's go to the sixth form.』

The most peaceful rank release ever. My greedy companion would not demand compensation for just this time. This was because Black Spear Vanity would provide him with an abundance of power.

The sixth form gradually took shape. Of course, the appearance was already decided.

It's sharper than when Dad had it. But, not as much as the one the Black Angel was wielding.

It was in a shape that suited us better.

The shape of the sixth form was a black spear. And what I wished for was the power to close that completely open door again. It's the usage Greed hated the most, but let's just convince him this time. The person himself was still surprised that the shape had changed, and he didn't notice it…

When the time comes, you should understand.

Whether or not it went well depended on the outcome. Still, I had to go to that empty space…

Dad seemed satisfied with the new appearance of Greed. However, he immediately tightened his face and said,

[Fate, watch out for the other one inside you.]

[Do you mean the Gluttony skill?]

[Yes. It's dangerous. In addition to being unstable and ferocious, he is also harboring resentment for being kept sealed. Every time you use the Gluttony skill and connect with him, he might try to replace you.]

I recalled the other Fate I faced in the spirit world. Just as Dad said, his hatred for me grew each time we fought. I don't think we can understand each other in that situation.

Originally, the two of us were supposed to be one person…

Not all my problems had been solved.

[I'll try. As I always do.]

[If you've made it this far…you don't need to worry. I'm fine now.]


[You can’t save me any more than this.]

I knew that Dad was in good spirits. I didn't realize it when I was young… Dad had already passed away before I could. Those painful memories came back to me.

As if to dispel such anxiety, Dad gave me a big smile. That face was the same as the one I had seen when I was young, and it alone let me know that my father had been released from the bondage of the Sacred Stigmata.

[Come on, let's go… Fate!]

[I'm going!]

Bumping fists, I turned away from my father. Eris approached me with a happy face.

[I'm glad. I was nervous for a while. After all, I was frozen, cold, and frustrated at the time.]

[You're as tough as you look.]

[Right. Feel free to praise me more.]


I look up at the sky in amazement.

[Do you want to go? To that place]

[If you have proper wings, you can fly at once.]

[Then I'll take you there.]


[I saw the two of you fighting and thought. I figured I also had to throw away my ties and face the truth.]

[Eris? What?]

[Libra said that I'm a collection of monsters…even if I look like this, I'd be happy if you could do what you've been doing until now.]

While speaking those words, Eris's appearance changed. She had eight large wings, and sat on the ground where a large white body had collapsed.

No way…this was. The shape is not exactly the same, but I knew a white dragon when I saw one.

A living natural disaster. There were even those who worshiped it because of its excessive strength.

The one that Eris transformed into was exactly, the Tenryuu. Her form looked more sophisticated than the one that fought me though.

[What do you think?]

Despite her large body, Eris sounded somewhat embarrassed.

I pat her on the head while jumping on her.

[It's cool and I'm surprised. I never thought the time would come when I could ride Tenryuu.]

[The Tenryuu that you defeated was the result of someone who, like me, was made an experimental subject by Libra. He lost his human form and, unable to return, gradually lost even his heart. Long ago, people like that. There were a lot of them. They all died, but…]

[I see…..]

[But, I'm glad. I should have told you about this sooner.]

[We are similar like that.]

[There's a difference between body and mind, but yes. Let's go. Hold on tight.]

I turned around before taking off. Dad was still watching me.

We nodded to each other and said our final goodbyes. I wished that things could go the way I want it, but it just doesn’t work that way.

Eris spread her wings and fluttered toward the bright red sky.

My father gradually became distant. I knew it, but…the tears were overflowing on their own.

[Fate…your father's magical power…]

[I know. It's always been that way. It's always been that way since the beginning.]

[But, if it stays like this.]

[This is a mutual decision.]

Dad's magic wavered like a candle's flame was fading. To the extent that even the slightest breeze would make it disappear…

Even so, I won't look back anymore. It's a promise I made to my father.

The hands gripping Eris's horn were filled with strength. It seemed that it was transmitted to her, and she stopped saying anything.

As we headed forward, the final magical light waved through us.


And the inorganic voice that I heard made me feel an unprecedented emergency.

《Gluttony skill activate》

My father's power flowed into me. I didn't expect this kind of result.

Even so, I'm the bearer of the Gluttony skill, so when it came to fighting, it ended up like this. Even more so when fighting with your life on the line.

An inorganic voice ran through my head. It didn't matter how much status was added.

The only thing that remained was the fact that I ate my father.


I felt like I could barely hear my father's voice.

And hearing that voice, I could no longer control this bitterness inside…


I threw the black spear in my hand with all my might toward the Door to His Land in the sky.

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