God is Coming - v3 Chapter 1098 Frostwolf

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In the interstellar era, the concept of time is different. Maybe a deep sleep on the journey will wake up decades later. A few months are but a moment in the eyes of the stars.

When Chu Jungui looked at the time again, he realized that 4 months had passed. He moved his consciousness away from the starship blueprint in front of him, still reluctant to part with it.

In order to perfect this design, it took several months before I knew it. During this period of time, the Dynasty military has established a close relationship with Guangnian, and has conducted three large-scale feedbacks before and after, and the instant small feedbacks are as many as hundreds of times. In this way, the two parties completed the final design of the new battleship with astonishing efficiency, finalized the design, and placed a formal order. The new battleship was named the Frostwolf by the dynasty, taking away the joy of the Le Mans name. However, the guy named by the military did not have any good intentions. Creatures like wolves are born to fight in groups. The military is determined to use the super cost-effectiveness of the light-year starship to win by quantity, so the first order is 3 ships. , and it doesn't matter whether light years can make it or not.

The efficiency of the military makes Chu Jungui very envious. The improvement and modification of the set-up plan is not a small project. The military can give feedback so quickly, indicating that a huge amount of computing power has been used, which is what Chu Jungui currently lacks the most. s things. In the past few months, the production capacity of Lightyear has continued to explode, and the biochip has also increased by dozens of times. At present, the computing power of the entire Lightyear is about equivalent to a super brain. The computing power used by the military is at least several hundred times that of a light-year.

Compared with Dao Ge, the growth efficiency of wise people is much worse, not an order of magnitude at all. In this way, it is difficult for the wise to take the route of winning by quantity if they want to improve their computing power. They can only continuously optimize the internal structure and algorithm, but the improvement potential of this refinement is limited, which is as simple and rude as Dao Ge.

Fortunately, in less than a month, Brother Dao has reached the limit, which is lower than the model of Le Mans. After reaching the limit, Brother Dao has grown a terrifying life form with a diameter of more than 100 kilometers. Fortunately, it has no changes, just silently. Absorbs light and heat, then splits daughter bodies. When the growth stopped, the speed of Dao Ge's splitting daughters increased significantly. The number of splits exceeded 100,000 per day. In less than two months, the total number of daughters exceeded 5 million, and then it stopped splitting new daughters.

Now inside and outside Planet 4, there are engineering beasts everywhere. On the contrary, there are not enough engineering ships for operation. The production capacity of Guangnian can't be supplied at all, forcing Chu Jungui to spend tens of billions of dollars to purchase a few more. Thousands of engineering ships.

Now the total number of engineering ships in the orbit of the planet has exceeded 200,000, but there are still millions of engineering beasts waiting to be equipped. Before there are new engineering ships, they will go to work on the surface of the planet.

The 200,000 engineering ship is actually quite amazing. As long as the supplies are available, the production capacity has already exceeded the Comet De Vrey by dozens of times. Comet De Vrey is an orbital dock with hundreds of thousands of employees, with no more than 20,000 engineering ships on hand, and only one or two thousand engineering ships that can maintain activities on a daily basis. In fact, the dispatch rate of the engineering ships of the Comet De Vrey is not bad. In any case, the Comet De Vrey in the past was also the construction of the main ship, and it was still possible to exceed the industry average. The reason for the low dispatch rate is that the construction ship is a delicate piece of equipment, which often takes decades. Generally, part of the work, part of maintenance and part of training is maintained all year round, so under normal circumstances no more than half of it can work.

Another reason is the engineers. Engineers who can drive engineering ships are also scarce talents in the interstellar era. They often need to undergo several years of rigorous training to work independently, and both the dynasty and the Federation have imposed strict restrictions on the working hours of engineering ship pilots. Even genetically optimized modern humans have difficulty working in engineering ships for long periods of time. Engineering ships are not cargo ships, and a single operation error may cause heavy losses.

And engineering beasts have no such or such problems. They are smart and strong, with unlimited physical strength. They are not allowed to eat or drink, have no excretion, have no unacceptable thoughts, and do not need to be paid. It can be said that these engineering beasts have laid the foundation for the ultra-low cost of the light-year starship.

Chu Jungui glanced at the communication channel, and there was nothing new in it. This period of time was surprisingly calm. The last incident where Chu Jungui forced the Fourth Fleet to retreat by force did not follow up, as if this incident had never happened at all.

There was no movement on the doctor's side, and even the daily news was much less. It seems that the research on real dreams has encountered a bottleneck. And the Doctor is not someone who will easily admit defeat, not to mention the competition between the Federation and the Community. It's just that the research on this paranormal phenomenon does not know when a breakthrough will be made.

The others were also busy, and there was basically no sound. Therefore, during this period of time, Chu Jungui was able to hibernate on Planet 4 and concentrate on research, and all his achievements were the design of a new starship in front of him.

But in the face of this design that took nearly half a year of hard work and a small half of the computing power of the entire planet, Chu Jungui rarely hesitated and did not activate it immediately.

He came to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the dock in the distance.

Countless engineering ships are flying in and out of the huge dock, like a tireless swarm of bees. In the dock, the Frostwolf-class battleship has faintly shown its outline~www.novelbuddy.com~ The construction speed is extremely amazing. At several other space bases, the construction of related equipment and structural parts is in full swing.

Just in front of Chu Jungui, more than a dozen engineering ships dragged an already-built structure and flew towards the dock. The height of this structure exceeds 100 meters and the mass exceeds 100,000 tons. Structures of this size are very common in space, with more than a million tons abound, and even larger ones.

It's just that these engineering ships fly at an extremely fast speed, far exceeding the safe speed of the workers. When approaching the dock, all the engineering ships decelerate at the same time and quickly reduce the speed. When the speed is reduced to the construction speed, it is less than a thousand miles away from the hull. Meter. Then, as soon as these engineering ships are pushed forward, the structural parts are accurately placed in the designated positions. The whole process is smooth and smooth, without any mistakes.

In fact, the installation process, which took no more than 10 minutes, took a full day at Comet de Vrey. They need to start slowing down a few hundred kilometers away, and the entire slowdown process takes nearly ten hours. So many engineering ships move synchronously, and the structural parts will be damaged if you are not careful, so in general, a large special transport ship is used to send the structural parts to the side, and then a small engineering ship will install them. However, these engineering ships from Guangnian directly dragged the structural parts, accelerated and decelerated strongly, and successfully installed them in one place at one time. Only engineering beasts can do such an operation.

Chu Jungui frowned slightly, connected with the wise man, and said, "Wake up Brother Dao, I want to talk to him about something."

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