Harry Potter’s Book of Sin - Chapter 2676 she is looking at you

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"Maka, then I'll go in—"

"Hey, Harry! I said, are you going to just go in there?"

"Then...or else? Hermione said before, let me get in when I arrive, and it's best not to delay a second! To be honest, we've spent too much time on this road..."

"Then you can't break through, right? Look at this door... including the black fog that fills almost all the space in the castle, these are all things that are closely related to the witch Kern's perception! To put it more vividly , they are like mental tentacles that are connected to her own will and continue to extend outward - any life that comes into contact with these mists will be noticed by her at the first time. Now, you are still ready to break in like this ?"

"But, how can I..."

"Huh? Oh, I'll talk about this later, because I think you'd better... let it go... well, it looks like you can go in now."

The conversation that had just been sent outside the door could not help but resurface in Harry's mind at this time. He knew that this was not the time to think about it at all, but Harry was so concerned that a series of images lingered in his head.

He didn't care about things like "How did Maca know that the black mist in the castle was equivalent to an extension of the witch Kern's perception", although that question was equally important today.

What Harry cared about was that at the last moment just now, the wall of black mist at the entrance was actually broken open from the inside! After linking up the several procrastinations of Maca along the way, the timing was too coincidental, and it was so coincidental that it was difficult to think that it was really just a coincidence!


"But every extra move of Macana in the past does have a corresponding reason - I haven't heard much of the conversation between him and Willie, but it seems to be asking him to be the next head of the Blois family. How Willie should handle some affairs in the future; and after that, a stop at Miss Geoffine's is to remedy some unexpected circumstances in Hermione's plan. Either of these two things, It's all important things..."

Just thinking about it, Harry, who was wearing an invisibility cloak, suddenly stopped and closed his eyes. After a few seconds of pause, he opened his eyes again.

"No! I can't think about these things anymore... I have to concentrate my mind, concentrate my mind... The enemy is ahead!"

Although he had already entered, from the moment he stepped in, Harry did not dare to raise his head to blatantly observe the situation in the auditorium at the moment. Hermione had reminded earlier that people's eyes also contain spiritual power, and wizards like Kern would probably be discovered the moment their eyes touched each other.

By then, neither his invisibility cloak nor the magic formations of Hermione and Luna would work.

"Speaking of which, the moment I came in, the formation was activated... which means, at least Luna... or Hermione, one of them must be fine. It's good, it's good, at least very good. The safety of one of them has been confirmed soon."

Harry lowered his head and stepped forward with breathless concentration, trying not to make any noise.

Before he started, all the magic spells were useless, so all he could rely on was his own body.

Be careful, be careful, you can't take a single step wrong.

"Did she find me...?"

Although they had done their best to prepare, Hermione also said that they had done everything they could. Didn't Maca quietly watch him come in just now? If that fails, it's probably death.

"The heart is beating too fast, and it needs to be calmed down as soon as possible, which may also become a factor of failure..."

Harry lightly covered his chest, paused again, and then continued to tiptoe forward slightly.

"Who's in front? Ah, it's Neville! He… His chest is still up and down, like he just passed out… okay, he's okay, okay…"

A figure on the ground suddenly appeared in front of Harry's deliberately suppressed vision, making Harry's heart skip a beat. Especially through a layer of invisibility cloak, although you can still see the outside, it is like a very thin gauze is covered in front of your eyes, after all, there is a hazy feeling.

Fortunately, he still confirmed Neville's breathing.

"Looking at the posture of Neville falling to the ground, he should have fainted on the spot... Was it because the Patronus suffered an overly powerful attack that made him unable to support his spirit? Well, before he fell, he seemed to be heading towards that direction…"

Even though his heart was full of worry at the moment, after taking one more look at Neville who was in a coma, Harry pursed his lips and silently walked past him.

It's good to see that Neville doesn't seem to be in serious trouble, and in the future, he may also see a second or third colleague who fell to the ground, and maybe even some of them have died. Familiar faces...

The auditorium was very quiet, so quiet that he had to force himself not to think deeply, so that he could temporarily ignore the fact that "there has been a battle here, and there is a high probability of casualties".

Because all he needs to care about now is his own task, and everything else is not something he should consider now.

"Ah! It's Luna!" I saw another figure lying on the ground. "Is she also in a coma? So, Hermione started the formation?"

Although Harry desperately wanted to raise his head and look around for a week, even if it was just a quick glance! This is just to be able to confirm everyone's safety as soon as possible, so even if he doesn't see the specific location of "that woman", he is still willing - it is better to say that it is just right!

It's a pity that he couldn't do that, so he could only be secretly anxious in his heart.

Keep going!

Don't think too much, just keep going!

However, it was at the moment when Harry raised his foot again and planned to walk around Luna's body and move forward, Luna on the ground suddenly opened his eyes and looked straight at him.

what happened? Luna is awake? Can she see me? Why is she looking at me like that? What the **** is going on?

A series of questions flashed through Harry's mind, and then he heard Luna's voice suddenly ringing in his mind.


"Harry... run away! She's... watching you!"

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