I Have a Special Forces System - Chapter 2205 change

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【I have a special forces system】【】

At this moment, Yu Sheng stood up and joined Shinichi. "I will work with you, and the others will retreat quickly." Yu Sheng said. Zhenyi was stunned for a moment, and then quickly said, "This is not the time to be fooling around, you feel like leaving." Yu Sheng ignored him this time, and directly greeted Can Feng and others. Can Feng, and Can Xianluo, they looked at the people here and rushed, first stunned, and then there was a hint of mockery on the corner of their mouths. "I'm in such a hurry to die." Can Feng beckoned, and a sword appeared in his hand. With his current ability, he waved a force to slash at Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng threw a punch directly, defeating the opponent's attack, and at the same time, his physical potential was opened, and a golden world swirled behind him. In the world, there are Buddhas, saints, old ways of walking on the sun, moon, stars and rivers, and various figures, all of which seem to be looking down at the sky. "What is this." Can Feng was stunned, because where he lived for the rest of his life, black ripples appeared one after another, which directly separated the space here, as if he had set up a small space. Can Xianluo was also shocked at this time. He was with Can Feng, and he had never seen such a move before, but he thought about it and guessed something. "This kid, release the ability of the domain to fight with us." When he said the power of the domain, Can Feng's face was a little uncertain, and he began to calm down. However, more patterns appeared on his face at this time, it became more bizarre, and his strength became more terrifying. Just now, Shinichi wanted to stop this little brother Yu, but he never thought that the other party would show such power, which shocked them. Qin Luo, and Qin Su were also shaken, this power was too unusual, and being able to compete with the power of these three demonized people was already somewhat beyond the power possessed by the great master. There are not many people in the Southern Territory who can burst out this kind of momentum with this class strength, and at this time, people with this kind of strength appear here, is it a coincidence at this time. Qin Su also had a big mouth at this time, because he could clearly see the face that was fighting in front of him. With the battle, Yu Sheng's face makeup skills gradually spread, because he didn't want to keep that state any longer. Only by letting go and recovering his strength and appearance can he be at his peak. This also surprised Qin Su and Qin Luo, and shouted together, "Yu Sheng, it's you." Yu Sheng nodded without much nonsense, and directly killed the three in front of him. The three of them did not completely become demons. They swallowed so many demon guts, and they only alienated some special abilities, such as space transfer, or the release of demon force waves. I saw three ripples hit like three bright rays, and Yu Sheng greeted them with bare hands. The three demon lights present three different powers, and the colors are red, yellow, and purple. Their lethality is amazing. It can be seen that when they are spread to places, some stones are directly evaporated. As long as they touch a little, they will explode and smash, which is amazing. However, Yu Sheng did not step back, and directly caught it with his bare hands, trying to remove the power of these three rays of light. Dao Yi, Qin Luo and the others wanted to help, but as soon as they came over, they were isolated by the demon fire arranged by Can Feng. Only Yu Sheng was left in this place. Yu Sheng caught the three demonic light waves with his bare hands, so his palms were hot, and the energy gathered by these three forces suddenly wanted to pierce his palms or evaporate. Yu Sheng mobilized his body strength to gather his palms, and finally resisted this wave of attacks. However, under the scorching light, Yu Sheng's palms slowly turned red, and a smell similar to charred meat wafted out. Seeing that Yu Sheng took over the three of them with his bare hands and released the demon light, Can Feng's face suddenly became very ugly. Then he continued to increase his strength, and the lines on his forehead became clearer. "Hiss." The two people next to Can Feng also exerted their strength, wanting to take down the person in front of them in one fell swoop and destroy each other. However, at this moment, their bodies trembled a little, and their necks and heads began to twist involuntarily. Can Feng suddenly felt the two people around him, and felt that the change in the released energy was abnormal, so he reminded. "What are you doing, can you concentrate more?" Can Feng was a little anxious. These guys actually dropped the chain at a critical moment, which made him very dissatisfied. He knew that the opportunity was rare right now, and if he didn't take advantage of this opportunity to attack or get rid of the opponent, then it would be difficult to find opportunities in the future. However, Can Feng did not expect that just after he finished speaking, the two people beside him began to withdraw their strength, and then twisted on the ground. All of them were curled up and twisted on the ground. A man kowtowed on the ground and hit the ground, suddenly he dug a hole, grabbed it and ate a mouthful of dirt, and smiled behind him, giggling. Can Feng was shocked, what happened to his companions, at this time, he was still fighting with Yu Sheng, and the two people next to him withdrew their strength, and his pressure doubled, and he secretly gritted his teeth. "In the end, it was still backfired. Sure enough, the human body can't withstand the power of monsters and monsters. If you absorb not monsters, but real monsters, then you may explode and die on the spot." said to them. Yu Sheng also increased his strength at this time, his body was boiling with combat power, and his palm slowly moved forward, directly pressing Can Feng back. In the end, the demon wave was defeated, and Can Feng flew out and fell. From then on, he didn't understand why he couldn't win against the other party or the person who made him angry again and again. After the injury, Can Feng sat directly on the spot. At this time, his body also reacted, and then his hands and feet twisted uncontrollably, and climbed up like a cricket on the ground. Seeing this for the rest of their lives, the three monsters became stronger and stronger, but they also had more and more negative effects. In the end, they might turn into half-human, half-demon things. At that time, he will be out of control and will only be wild, and now in the process of degeneration and transformation, his strength is also the weakest. "We have to solve them quickly, otherwise, we will have trouble." Shinichi said quickly. When Yu Sheng saw this, he directly took out a group of pink spheres and reflected them in the sky. As soon as the sphere appeared, thousands of sword intents rang out, as if the crystal ball of light was a world of swords. "This is actually Jian Xin." Qin Luo and Qin Su were surprised, and their eyes were a little bit strange. They thought of the rumors in the rivers and lakes, saying that someone had obtained the sword heart and was in the hands of the Red Lotus Sect, but they did not expect that the real situation was in Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng held Jianxin in his hand, and this Jianxin was not tamed by him or merged with him, which made him a little distressed. "You can help me solve these people in front of me now, you can." Yu Sheng said to Jian Xin. The pink glass crystal sphere trembled slightly, as if answering the rest of his life. "Then let's go." Yu Sheng directly punched the sword heart, and the sphere in front suddenly spread out, and strands of red sword energy floated out of it, directly converging into a pair of pictures, covering the place. As soon as Jian Xin came out, Can Feng and others were noticed, they really didn't expect him to have such a trump card. Jianxin flew over, and Jianguang directly enveloped them, and the dense sword qi slashed horizontally and vertically without showing any mercy. "Ah." Can Feng screamed in the sky. He was defending and fighting against Jian Xinzhi with his own magic, but he found that he couldn't do anything about it. If it weren't for Yu Sheng's explanation, this group of swordsman's rays of light would directly kill the three of them. But even now they have been abolished, lying on the ground and wailing. Yu Sheng took back the power of the sword heart, and saw that thousands of sword qi reappeared and condensed into a sphere in Yu Sheng's hands. Qin Luo, Qin Su's eyes had some fiery colors, and they all looked at the things in front of them. They knew that it was Kenshin, and other people in the rivers and lakes robbed the head and existed, but they didn't expect that since it really appeared here, it was in the hands of Yu Sheng. "The rest of my life." Qin Luo said. Yu Sheng turned back, smiled at them, and then waved his hands to tie up the three waning moon sects. "These three people are doing a lot of evil, why don't they get rid of them?" Heng Rongrong asked with some doubts. Yu Sheng returned. "It's still useful to keep, these three people can't die yet, otherwise how can we explain to the waning moon sect." Everyone was puzzled, and some looked at Yu Sheng without thinking, not knowing what he was thinking, what he wanted to do, but in the end they still did not ask, and then We plan to leave here together. "I can't stay here for long," Qin Luo said. He now finds that the demonic energy here is too strong, and the longer the time goes, the more unfavorable it is for people. He has to find the so-called Jingshi and leave immediately. After thinking about it for the rest of my life, the realm stone does not appear in the form of a stone. Generally speaking, he turns into something and appears. No one knows where it is hiding now. "Since you can't find it, then go back here. I don't think this place is easy. There should be other crises. Staying here for too long is not good for you." Yu Sheng said. Several people looked over and asked with some doubts. "Why do you say that, do you know something here?" Shinichi asked. He is also curious about the rest of his life. This person has a first-class learning ability and a strong sense of martial arts. Now he is persuading everyone to leave. He must have known something, so he asked. "The Curse of Tu Lisabeth is not over yet," Yu Sheng said. "Here, I feel that it is the domain she released, and this pool is actually the world in her eyes. As long as you jump out of this pool, you may know the secret here, and you may find some things left behind by it." After Yu Sheng's analysis, Everyone looked surprised, but he didn't expect that he had learned so much all of a sudden, and there was an illusion, as if he had been here. Yu Sheng explained, "It's my first time here too, and these are all my speculations." Everyone nodded, and this time, no one made it difficult for Yu Sheng. But what kind of courage and strength does it take to jump into this pool? Because this is a multiple choice question. Yu Sheng stood there thinking, and asked everyone not to act rashly. At this moment, Qin Luo didn't mind whether to use the waning moon to teach a few people to try, after all, this is a risky place. This proposal was put forward, and Yu Sheng immediately accepted it. Since he had no reason not to take it, the idea was a good one. I saw that Yu Sheng kicked the residual line down. The water splashed around, then rippled, and then I saw the remnant line swimming in the pool, as if nothing happened, but at this time, he was panicked, because he knew what they were going to do with him for the rest of his life, this was the plan It means to bring him to sacrifice. In fact, it's not just him, if other people also encounter things, they can only cry and admit that they are unlucky. "Forgive me, Yu Sheng, we didn't mean to offend you. If we knew it was you, how could we dare to offend you like this." Yu Sheng sneered to himself. "What's the use of talking about this now, you scum, it's not a pity to die." Yu Sheng looked at the other party in the pool, looking alive, he couldn't help frowning, could it be that he guessed wrong. The scene he imagined did not appear. It stands to reason that people who fall into this pool will be corrupted or have other mutations, but now there is nothing at all. Qin Su and Qin Luo are also watching here, and they also want to know the secrets in this pool. They want to know more, so as to complete the task assigned to them by Ye Qingyun. However, everything went smoothly, leaving them a little disappointed. Just when everyone thought that everything was normal, the residual line in the pond slowly disappeared, and the body slowly changed, covered with a layer of white frost. At the beginning, Cunluo Xian didn't perceive the change in his body. He just felt very tired and didn't care. He still begged a few people to go up and let Yu Sheng let him go. But gradually he also began to feel that something was wrong, and his hands and feet began to move slowly. An uneasy mood also spread in his heart, and UU reading www.uukanshu.com gradually applied for the application. At first, he guessed that this pool of fruit is really weird. The one who could see it most clearly was Yu Sheng and his group, because they found that the people in the pool were slowly aging, and what appeared on their faces was not a wrinkle, but a kind of stone skin, which slowly frosted away. This is a slow petrification process, and this pool of water has the appearance of turning people into stone withers. Yu Sheng continued to observe, and finally found that this person was completely submerged in water. At the moment when he turned into a stone, since he was suspended, he slowly floated up and stood on the other side of the pool. Everyone was surprised, but they didn't expect that the pool also had its own induction that could remove the petrified people ashore. Seeing the residual line after the petrification, Can Feng and his party were even more pale, because he knew that it might be his turn next. Yu Sheng glanced at Can Feng, thought for a moment, and pushed a disciple next to him, Ye Ye. After this disciple entered, it was the same as the original remnant line, wandering and struggling for a while, and then slowly aging. This time, Yu Sheng directly used magic, a chain passed through, and directly dragged others up. After leaving the pool, the waning moon disciple finally survived and was not completely petrified. However, his current physical function is also very poor. The cortex of his one-step clone has been petrified, and so are some of his organs. Obviously, the pool water is very corrosive to him, which makes people even more puzzled. There can be some kind of power in this pool water that can make people petrify, which is too unusual. After thinking about it for the rest of my life, I did something that everyone didn't understand. He just took out a treasure bottle, and then introduced the water from the pool and collected some. "This is." Qin Luo and Shinichi on the side were all surprised that Yu Sheng actually collected the water here at this time. You must know that this is a very dangerous thing. Moreover, if it is touched, it may not be able to be released, and the touched place will gradually petrify.

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