I Have a Special Forces System - Chapter 2206 see the deity

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【I have a special forces system】【】

Yu Sheng picked up the bottle and found that the bottle had not been petrified, indicating that this phenomenon may only work on flesh and blood. "What are we going to do next?" Heng Rongrong asked. "Find a way out." Yu Sheng replied. Up to now, they feel that there are some things, maybe they are not suitable to continue to explore, just like the two people who were petrified just now, maybe they will encounter such a thing next. Yu Sheng closed his eyes to see, and then communicated the atmosphere here, and found that a blue-purple aura appeared in the pool water. This breath seemed to be a residual energy, and he seemed familiar. When Ye Qingyun competed with him, the domain exuded by his body was similar to the aura here. Is this a coincidence? Yu Sheng looked at Qin Su and Qin Luo, and seemed to understand something at once. "What else did you bring, take it out." Yu Sheng said. Since this place is related to Ye Qingyun, the other party must have explained it. Qin Su and Qin Luo glanced at each other, and finally took out something like a conch in their hands. There are lines on this thing, and there is a small snake-shaped sculpture, which looks wonderful. "Does he have anything else to explain?" Yu Sheng asked. "Yes, Senior Brother Qingyun, let you finally hand over the things to him." Qin Luo said. In fact, he didn't really want to follow Ye Qingyun's explanation and hand over this to Yu Sheng. After all, they didn't trust each other very much, and would rather trust themselves. After Yu Sheng took the things, there was a sudden radiance on his body. "This is." Qin Luo and others were a little surprised, why did this happen for the rest of their lives. Yu Sheng poured power into it at this time, and then the body generated energy, which gradually turned into a blue-purple domain. Yu Sheng understood that this was the key, so he jumped off. The pool water was churning, and in the eyes of everyone, Yu Sheng jumped out of the pool water that could change a person's body. After the rest of his life, he immediately sank. At this time, the pool water formed a whirlpool, and then a ladder was exposed. For the rest of his life, he went down the stairs, and every time he took a step forward, the water behind him would submerge a point until he disappeared here. "Where did he go and what is he going to do?" Qin Su asked. Qin Luo shook his head, he didn't know what to think about the rest of his life. "Let's wait for him here, maybe, he really has a solution." Time continued, Yu Sheng went to the bottom of the pool, followed the stairs, and after reaching the bottom, he found that this was a vast space, and the surrounding water and scenery were separated. up. Yu Sheng set foot here, and suddenly found that some of the stones of the withered statues fell off, exposing dust, and finally transformed into one by one beasts. Two swords stabbed in front of him, and then transformed into human figures, these are two vigorous youths. "Who is here?" the two demon jackals asked. "The people you've been waiting for are here." Yu Sheng replied. "What nonsense, no one is allowed to enter here." The two jackals said. Yu Sheng didn't say much, took out the token given by Ye Qingyun and blew it. The conch can control the water here and the magnetic field space, and the two jackals suddenly looked surprised and stepped back. "Human, where did you come from this thing, and why did you restrain me from waiting?" Yu Sheng replied, "Du Lisa's servants, you don't know this thing." Two people flew. The two jackals were in pain, and instantly seemed to think of something, only the token of serving the master has such power. "My subordinates are convicted, and I didn't recognize that it is the master's token, please come to me." The two jackals said. So, under their leadership, Yu Sheng was taken to a room. I saw beams and painted pillars in the room, and there were various colored figures. Among them, the stone statue displayed in the middle, the woman with half body and tail, was eye-catching. Her lower body is already petrified, and part of her upper body is also petrified. However, at this time, his eyes were downcast and slightly narrowed, as if he was taking a nap. Yu Sheng was sure that her eyes were open. "Master, your descendants are here, please wake up and see." The two jackals said. Yu Sheng was a little speechless. When the two jackals faced each other, their bodies were trembling. After speaking, they walked out of the room and stared at Yu Sheng. "Next, it's up to you, let's go." Yu Sheng was a little speechless, these two jackals were too unethical, so they left, probably to continue to watch the door. Tu Lisabai, half-body snake god, one of the three servants of the demon **** during the sky burial period. It is said that the late cultivation base has reached the realm of the main god, which is very terrifying. Yu Sheng looked at the statue in front of him, thoughtfully. Then, Yu Sheng opened his palm, poured it into the conch, and poured it on the stone statue along the blood trough. There were other things in the conch, and suddenly a figure flew out, a ray of soul. "It's you." Yu Sheng guessed right, there was Ye Qingyun's soul in the conch, he stripped it out, and came here to possess himself. "Yu Sheng, I have to say that you are very smart. It's good to find this." Ye Qingyun said. Yu Sheng stared at each other and answered. "It's not that I'm smart, it's that you are clever, you can take advantage of people's hearts, you know me, and you know that sooner or later I will contact Qin Luo and the others, and use this as a bridge to find this place." Ye Qingyun nodded. "This time, I owe you a favor." Yu Sheng smiled. "You don't owe you so much. How many things are you hiding from me, and everyone, Qin Su and Qin Luo outside, although they are your pawns, they are also living beings." Ye Qingyun looked at Yu Sheng, Some do not understand. "When you say that to me, it looks like I'm very insidious." Yu Sheng didn't answer, but asked. "What do you want to do, what do you want to do with us here?" Ye Qingyun was silent for a while before answering. "Do what I'm supposed to do." After he answered, the stone statue suddenly trembled, and two lines of blood and tears flowed out. Ye Qingyun's soul seemed to be pulled, and slowly moved towards the Du Lisabai statue. "This is." Yu Sheng directly used his strength to imprison Ye Qingyun's spiritual body and prevent it from being absorbed by the image, because he did not know what would happen next. "Hey." Yu Sheng couldn't stop it, but instead was blown away. Ye Qingyun and Du Lisabai's bodies merged, and when they saw Du Lisabai, they opened their eyes at once, and then stared at Yu Sheng. Then she opened her mouth, a core spit out, and her eyes were blood red, staring at Yu Sheng, as if staring at Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng felt like being stared at by a fierce beast at this time. "Go." Du Lisabai said softly, but the words were Ye Qingyun's voice. Yu Sheng didn't know what he wanted to do, did he want to revive this Tu Lisabai? Yu Sheng didn't wait for him to answer, and then saw a snake tail fall over, and he was thrown out directly. Outside the pool, Qin Luo saw Yu Sheng fly out and fell heavily. Everyone didn't understand what was going on, so they went to help. "Come on, get out of here." Yu Sheng said weakly. Daoyi pointed his finger at this moment, and his expression became tense. "How could this be, what did you encounter when you went down?" Yu Sheng stood up, then pulled Dao Yi and said. "Don't talk nonsense, hurry up." Yu Shengzai urged Jian Xin this time, and this time he directly used the strongest force to penetrate every corner of this space. At this time, only a sound from Kacha was heard, and a crack appeared in the sky above. Yu Sheng directly picked up the others and rushed out together. Boom! They rushed out for the rest of their lives, and the space behind them kept collapsing. After a few people rushed out, they went to the outside scenic spot and ran desperately. Behind, a pair of cold eyes stared at them, a huge head rushed out of the jungle, and then a huge body, with a hazy purple-blue aura. That is a kind of monster domain, only some big monsters can condense, covering the sky, and it becomes a haze below. "What is this?" Dao Yi asked as he ran. "Dulisabai's real body." Yu Sheng said. He never thought that this trip to the celestial burial area was completely a scam. The final layout was made by Ye Qingyun, and the purpose was to use their hands to release this Du Lisabai. When Yu Sheng came back to the original Gobi, Daoyi also quickly withdrew the arrangement and called everyone to leave. "What happened, in such a hurry." The old man of the waning moon religion asked. Yu Sheng didn't have time to talk nonsense with him, just a picture scroll appeared, shrouded some people, crossed directly, and wanted to forcibly transfer. "Boom." Yu Sheng just took out the scroll, and there was a beam of light directly blocking it. This is a person from the rivers and lakes, and he does not accept Yu Sheng's spellcasting. "What are you going to do, we finally got here, and we haven't seen the treasure, the classics of Hexue District, and the secret treasure, so let me wait." Qin Luo and Qin Su tore apart the space and crossed over. In the celestial burial area, the order is complete, so it is smoother to cross a certain distance than the outside, and the rest of your life has moved directly across five times, directly passing nearly a hundred miles. What happened next, Yu Sheng didn't dare to think about it, because he could guess it. I saw mourning from the rear, very mournful, with unwilling voices, and flesh-and-blood figures. There is also the sound of mountains and rivers being crushed. Qin Su, and Qin Luo watched this scene, their hearts were blocked, is this the secret of the celestial burial area, it turns out that there is a trap behind it. Tu Lisabai's body was resurrected and blood stained the burial area. All martial artists were spared, and the entire army was wiped out. This result makes people speechless, but Yu Sheng knows that this will become a fact. Because no one knows better than him, that power is simply not something that human beings can contend with. That is the power of God, or Tu Lisabei can only exert one percent, or one thousandth of the power of a demigod, but it is enough to make everyone hate it, that is a living ancient supreme powerhouse, they take What to fight, only to be destroyed by the group. The loud noise is roaring filial piety, but the servant's voice is not heard. Yu Sheng passed the reflection of the Tianjing Stone, and could see a pair of huge hands crossing, grabbing a group of martial arts people at once, and directly crushed them into flesh and blood, and blood spattered on the spot. This is a sad song, a portrayal of blood and bones, Yu Sheng and others are watching. The exit has been closed, but with traces, Yu Sheng can still find it here. "Let's go, it won't be safe here soon," Dao Yi said. Connecting to the cave of Hellfire, as long as the front ban is broken, they can get through, and they can go back to the world after passing through. "Wait and see if there is anyone else." Yu Sheng said. With so many people, there must be escapees. If they can escape from here, they can leave together. Dao Yi shook his head. "Let's go." The Gobi is very desolate, and people are separated. It stands to reason that there are survivors. However, in the celestial burial area, it is not possible to use spells to fly in the sky or use swords. How far can you go with your steps? It's not at all. Yu Sheng stood for a long time without speaking, but he still wanted to wait. Finally, a few figures walked through quickly. They carried the forbidden talisman on their bodies, and they tore them apart at the critical moment, allowing them to escape for a certain distance. The three Venerables were bleeding at this time, and some half of their bodies had disappeared, and they were running with strange techniques. The three venerables knew for the rest of their lives that they were the venerables of the Hengshan Sect and the Red Lotus Sect. There is another one, the old Venerable from Yunjian Villa. At this time, they saw that someone was responding here and immediately reminded them. "Let's go quickly, let's work together to open the exit." Yu Sheng replied when he saw them like this. "You don't need to take action, I am alone." I saw him Cui Dongjingshi, a grinding wheel appeared, and then turned with a rumbling sound. The rules coming out of this exit shattered directly, and the entrance of the cave that was traveled by the iron chain was directly thrown open. They rushed out and appeared on the altar outside. The vast altar can accommodate at least tens of thousands of people, and there are many statues on it, which are wonderful and beautiful, each of which is huge. At this time, Yu Sheng saw the statue of Du Lisabai, his eyes seemed to light up, and the whole statue had a bit of aura. If there is such a performance, it indicates that the existence in the snow area may have recovered and become conscious. Yu Sheng and the others did not suffer many injuries, but the three Venerables, none of them were clean, they were all stained with different degrees of dirt and blood. "Hey, God, why do you want to do this." A Venerable sighed. Several sects sent people into the burial area, but they lingered on, and they were the only ones who came back, or the others were buried in it. "No hurry, I'll wait here. If anyone approaches, I'll open the passage to welcome them out." Yu Sheng said. "This, yes, but it is very dangerous here." Venerable Yun said. The space in the snow area is no longer quiet. If the entrance altar is affected here, and the things inside come out, those who stay here will inevitably suffer. Yu Sheng nodded and replied. "They can't come out yet." Through his observation, the rules inside the burial area are completely different from those outside, and even the concept of time is different. Therefore, he felt that there should be something blocking all this, otherwise it may not have been so many years. Have not opened. After Yu Sheng and others came out, the pick-up and drop-off staff who stayed here also came. They are responsible for responding to people coming out of the snow area, protecting their safety, and reporting the situation to their sect. "Why don't you see the people of my waning moon sect." An elder asked suspiciously. "Why did the Hengshan Sect come back alone with Rongrong, and the others?" asked an elder of the Hengshan Sect. Yu Sheng and others were speechless for a while, and their hearts were a little bitter. "They are still inside, it may be difficult to come back." Heng Rongrong said.

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