I Pretended to Be a God of Fortune in the Fantasy World - v2 Chapter 1168 The ancient kings fought fiercely

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It's a pity that King Tianhu's words were not enough to convince King Death and King Jinglian.

The two even turned a deaf ear to the words of the Tianhu King.

It was a gesture of contempt, contempt and playfulness!

Even for Tianhu King Biji, her words really came from the bottom of my heart, and they really came from sincerity.

However, the other party obviously didn't appreciate it, and he didn't even have basic recognition at all.

"Take it out and give you a treat!"

King Jinglian spoke coldly, his words were stern and harsh.

His attitude is very strong, and his attitude is very difficult to deal with at a glance.

As for the King of Death, the cold and ruthless aura all over his body directly rushed towards Su Li and Xia Xinyan beside Su Li!

Obviously, once Su Li refused, he would immediately use extremely powerful means.

"Brother Su, leave it to me to deal with it."

Xia Xinyan, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke softly, but in her words, she couldn't express her confidence.

It was as if Xia Xinyan didn't care about the King of Death and King Jinglian at all, and didn't take the strength of these two people into consideration at all.

Su Li gave Xia Xinyan a thoughtful look - at this time, he wasn't quite sure how strong Xia Xinyan really was.

Because, Xia Xinyan at this time may look more youthful - but the strength of this era is not completely contrasted.

Not to mention, Su Li vaguely felt that the earlier Xia Xinyan was, the stronger her strength was!

The reason for this stems from a certain origin of Xia Xinyan - what exactly this origin is, Su Li has not yet fully determined.

But he actually already had some guesses and some clues in his heart.

However, he did not connect these, because there is an abnormally critical cause and effect that does not hold.

Su Chen's guess is that Xia Xinyan has a very terrible relationship with Qi Fengyu, the Lord of Heaven, and may even be similar to his relationship with Su Yan.


The biggest logical problem in this is that Qi Fengyu lives in the moment, at least the moment he experienced with Su Li.

But Xia Xinyan has been living in the past.

The timeline here is completely reversed!

This and some cause and effect can indeed be matched, but there is a big problem.

Before these solutions, Su Li would not have any connection between the cause and effect of Heaven and the Netherworld - this cause and effect cannot be connected.

If it is wrong, it is absolutely irreversible, and the Heavenly Court is directly sent to the Nether Sea.

That would be a complete bullshit.

If he Su Li is an ordinary person, he can think whatever he wants.

But he is a human emperor, and his determination is very, very important, so he cannot easily draw a firm conclusion!

At this time, Xia Xinyan suddenly invited to fight. After a little hesitation, Su Li nodded lightly and agreed to Xia Xinyan's request.

"You watch out."

After thinking about it, Su Li spoke softly.

Xia Xinyan also nodded lightly and replied softly, "Brother Su, don't worry."

While speaking, Xia Xinyan had already stepped out.

At this time, the King of Death and King Jinglian also looked at each other almost instinctively.

The two also saw that "Su Yan" was not ready to compromise at all.

Therefore, the eyes of the two showed obvious viciousness and viciousness, and there was an extremely fierce and terrifying murderous intent in their eyes.


The next moment, the dark demonic energy in the eyes of the two was as turbulent as wolf smoke, and the terrifying aura of evil spirits and the aura of the emperor's soul was extraordinarily obvious.

"This strength..."

Su was stunned in the heart.

He had long thought that the strength of these two kings was very strong, but the combat power displayed by the two at this time made him extremely shocked!

How can it be so strong?

Is this the combat power of 100,000 years ago?

Is it so powerful?

In other words, after 100,000 years of transformation, the combat power is constantly regressing?

Su Lizhong made a simple comparison, and then he found that in the era he went through 100,000 years later, even those colorful emperors, facing the Jinglian King and the Death King at this time, I am afraid there are two or three moves. matter.

For example, the King of Lotus and the King of Death, with just two or three moves, they can directly kill those seven-colored emperors 100,000 years later!


too exaggerated!

"The division of strength, the combat power system has not changed much, but why is this?"

"Is this a powerful dark demonic energy, or is it the blessing of the terrifying Emperor Soul? The growth of the immortal evil spirit?"

Su Xingzhong quickly analyzed.

At this time, even if he was in the state of Myriad Dao Supreme, he didn't get an answer immediately—there was no definite data to support it, and many analyses were very vague.


When Su Li was thinking, the King of Death and King Jinglian had already shot together.

When the two of them shot, it was a terrifying black qi that transformed into a giant sword, smashing out of the sky.

With a single blow, the fighting intent is like madness, and the murderous intent is like reality!

Faced with such a move, Su Li judged that he would at least need to use the "Three Cleansing One Qi" technique of Pangu's unique technique, in order to be able to handle it.

So, how should Xia Xinyan respond?

Su Li paid attention and prepared to protect Xia Xinyan as soon as there was a problem.

At this time, facing such a blow, Xia Xinyan didn't care much.

She simply gathered the power of Nether Samsara, and then punched casually.

This is similar to Huaqiu Dao's Taoist method, which is natural and derived from the chaos of yin and yang of the five elements.

With one punch, the fist intent is actually the last to come first, and one punch swept the sky, showing an unmatched momentum!

This kind of power is hard to imagine, this is the fist of a strange woman!

The fist swayed the void, and directly hit the terrifying black gas giant knife directly.


The void was shocked, and then the giant sword that was derived from the black gas shattered directly, and exploded directly into the dark powder in the void, and then these dark powder were shaken again by Xia Xinyan's undiminished fist intent. directly into nothingness.

The blow of the King of Death and King Jinglian was so scrambled by Xia Xinyan, so vulnerable!

This situation also caused the King of Death and King Jinglian to snort at the same time. While their faces were slightly pale, they were also a little gloomy and ugly.

Obviously, the two also underestimated this weak-looking woman!

"Be careful."

At this time, Su Li suddenly fixed his gaze on Ye Xu, the left-handed sword king, and immediately reminded him.

When Xia Xinyan was fighting against the King Jinglian and the King of Death, Ye Xu, the left-handed sword king, was always watching.

It's just that he hid it very well, so there was no murderous aura before.

However, Su Li never ignored his existence.

At this time, Su Li just reminded that Xia Xinyan was already prepared.

There is no doubt - Xia Xinyan also noticed something wrong with the left-handed sword king Ye Xu, because she would not ignore it.

"Be careful."

At the same time, Tianhu Wang Biji also reminded, and it was also Xia Xinyan.

Her voice almost completely overlapped with Su Li!

In this regard, it can also be seen that she is also paying attention to the situation at the scene all the time, and even is prepared to try to help at a critical moment.

The left-handed sword king, Ye Xu, realized that his chance to shoot had been missed, and he was a little embarrassed.

He stared fiercely at Biji, the king of the foxes, and then suddenly shot, manifesting a shadow, covering Biji directly.

This blow seemed unpleasant, but it directly formed an invisible crush, and Brigitte could be suppressed with a single blow.

But at this time, Su Li suddenly gathered the Pangu axe, held the battle axe, and without hesitation, smashed the left-handed sword king Ye Xu with an axe.

The left-handed sword king Ye Xu didn't take it seriously at first, but suddenly Su Li's Pangu axe contained the terrifying profound meaning of the soul, and the terrifying characteristics of slaughtering the primordial spirit.

Therefore, Ye Xu, the left-handed sword king, almost instinctively restrained his attack on Brigitte immediately, and developed an afterimage to fight with Su Li's axe head-on.


The afterimage of the left-handed sword king Ye Xu was instantly cut off by the terrifying Pangu axe that slaughtered the primordial spirit, and turned it into powder.

The left-hand sword king Ye Xu was shocked, and a mouthful of blood poured out of his throat, which he forcibly suppressed and swallowed it all at once.

On the surface, he seemed to be fine, but in reality, he suffered a bit of backlash.

Ye Xu, the left-handed swordsman, was also a little suspicious - at this time, he could sense very clearly that the strength of this "Su Yan" was soaring. The leap in quality has risen to the level of a terrible specialization master!

So much so that Ye Xu directly suffered a loss because of his carelessness.

Ye Xu had a strong sense of jealousy in his heart, and some thoughts immediately subsided.

At this time, on the other side, Xia Xinyan did not have the interference of the sneak attack of the left-handed sword king Ye Xu, and directly formed a crushing slap on the King of Death and King Jinglian.

However, at the moment of another confrontation, Xia Xinyan only felt that her whole body sank slightly, and then the whole person seemed to have fallen into a quagmire, and immediately became a little blocked, and her movements were greatly restricted.

At this time, the place where Xia Xinyan was, and the entire space suddenly distorted.

At the same time, almost at this moment, Xia Xinyan's figure also disappeared.

At the moment when Xia Xinyan's figure disappeared, an extremely terrifying force penetrated the void, directly shattering the place where Xia Xinyan was - even the void was directly shattered, and the turbulent flow of the void exploded again and again.

"Boom boom boom-"

One can imagine how brutal and terrifying this terrifying fatal blow was!

And with such a blow, if Xia Xinyan was hit, it would definitely be a dead end!

After all, this area itself has certain properties similar to the Nether Sea.

To die here, that would definitely be a tragic outcome.

Su Li couldn't help but raise his brows at this time, and his heart couldn't help but "squeak".

The other party is a simple slap in the face!

Perhaps Ye Xu, the left-handed swordsman, never thought of using his sneak attack to kill Xia Xinyan.

In the final analysis, the left-handed sword king may have started, if successful, it is naturally better.

If it doesn't work, it will not only attract the attention of Tianhu Wang Biji, but also Su Li's attention, so that no one on Xia Xinyan's side can be distracted.

And after the attention of Tianhu King Biji and Su Li was diverted, the really hidden means suddenly broke out, and Xia Xinyan was almost dead!


Not far from Su Li's side, a ripple in the void manifested, and then Xia Xinyan's figure re-condensed in it.

This place is only about ten meters away from Su Li.

Su Lin thought about it, and the figure had already appeared beside Xia Xinyan.

Xia Xinyan looked a little embarrassed at this time, and no longer had the confident and free-spirited temperament she had before.

Xia Xinyan's hair was a little messy, and the beautiful gauze skirt on her body had obvious cracks - if the battle was more intense, this time Xia Xinyan's gauze skirt would be shattered, and then the scene would be complicated.

"Are you all right?"

Su Li was concerned.


Xia Xinyan responded softly, and at the same time took out a special set of spirit armor from the ring, and blessed it on the outer layer of the gauze skirt with some shattered traces.

Immediately, her pair of beautiful eyes stared at the area where the void was distorted by killing.

In this area, a ripple appeared again at this time.

Ripples are surrounded by black magic energy.

In the ripples, the figure quickly condensed and formed, turning into a somewhat unique phantom.

In this phantom, there is a strong source of energy such as Qi Luck. After these auras are gathered into one, it naturally looks very good.

This phantom was still a bit illusory at first, but gradually it became extremely solid.

In the end, this phantom gradually turned into an actual existence, forming a person Su Li was quite familiar with!

Moreover, he was someone that Su Li had never expected before!

In the past, one of the ten villain kings that Su Li had come into contact with - Tianyun King Jia Yongsheng!

The Heavenly Fortune King Jia Yongsheng suddenly hid in the Heavenly Dao's luck and ambushed Xia Xinyan in such a state!

Not only did Su Li not notice this scene, but the powerful Xia Xinyan also did not notice it.

If it wasn't for Xia Xinyan being extremely powerful, I'm afraid this blow would have killed Xia Xinyan!

In comparison ~www.novelbuddy.com~ Xia Xinyan, who is a little embarrassed, has a special charm and is more admired by Su Li.

This time, Xia Xinyan's ability to dodge has already demonstrated her extremely terrifying combat power and insight!

At least, when Jia Yongsheng made his move, Su Li hadn't noticed it for the first time!

You must know that at this time, Su Li has two additional three thousand avenues!

Moreover, Su Li is still in the state of meditation of the Supreme Myriad Dao!

I didn't even notice Jia Yongsheng's ambush, so how difficult should this ambush be? !

"It's a little dangerous, but fortunately there is no danger."

Xia Xinyan sent a message to Su Li.

Su Li breathed a sigh of relief, and a pair of cold eyes locked Jia Yongsheng directly.

On the other side, seeing that Jia Yongsheng's attack failed, Ye Xu's face suddenly became even colder!

"Let's do it together!"

"Can't procrastinate!"


Suddenly, the left-handed sword king Ye Xu seemed to have thought of something, and immediately gave the order to attack with all his strength in a cold voice!

With the order of the left-handed sword king Ye Xu, Jia Yongsheng no longer hesitated, and directly concentrated the power of the law of destiny to derive the ultimate murderous intention, and killed Xia Xinyan.

The left-handed swordsman Ye Xu and his party of three also shot directly at Su Li!

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