I Pretended to Be a God of Fortune in the Fantasy World - v2 Chapter 1171 The goddess of words, the transformation of the extreme way

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Xia Xinyan's words seemed a bit complicated.

Su Li did not experience the corresponding cause and effect - at least he did not experience Su Yan's cause and effect when he was living in the present, so it was impossible to understand Xia Xinyan's words.

Su Li's supreme state of ten thousand ways, and the state of meditation, even if you don't understand it, you can hear the sound of the strings and know the elegant meaning.

Su Li pondered slightly, and said softly, "I have already made a conclusion in my heart."

Xia Xinyan said softly, "Emperor Chiyan's Dao lies in detachment and comprehension of a deeper Dao, and Su Yan, Big Brother Su, your wish is the future of the entire Wanling race in Honghuang.

In fact, the two sides do not have any conflict.

Not to mention, you are real brothers, and he has always been your big brother, so there is no contradiction between you. "

Xia Xinyan's voice was full of comfort.

It was as if, among them, there was a huge conflict between Emperor Chiyan and Emperor Lei Yan.

And what Xia Xinyan was doing at this time was a peacemaker.


Su Li didn't want to complain anymore.

Xia Xinyan is still washing the ground for Emperor Chiyan?

This is a bit outrageous.

They are already 'blind eyes', isn't it enough, but also 'missing eyes'?

Su Li sighed softly and sighed: "I will believe you even if you don't tell me. There are some things... Actually, I already see it clearly in my heart, and I know how to analyze it."

Su Li's words were very light, but he didn't worry too much about Xia Xinyan's comfort, and he didn't care too much.

In the final analysis, he is nothing more than exploring the cause and effect.

Since it is to explore cause and effect, it does not matter the process, only care about living, only care about taking a longer road and seeing farther scenery.

The process is indeed not very smooth, and it will not be very good.

But you just have to endure it for a while, and it's over.

Xia Xinyan showed a bit of relief, a bit of relief and a blush on her pretty face.

And Su Li added again: "Actually, I have always trusted you. And because of trust, you don't need to explain some things to me."

Xia Xinyan said softly, "Brother Su, in fact, I am also worried that you will have more doubts and that your thoughts will not be clear, so I just explained it appropriately.

Furthermore, you brothers are connected by blood, and I don't want you to fall into the state of life and death enemies because of some misunderstandings or differences in ideas.

This is actually a great harm to both parties.

Moreover, Emperor Chiyan has indeed paid a lot—there are some things, Big Brother Su, you don’t know, but in fact, we are still in our eyes. "

Su Li was silent for a while, then nodded lightly and said, "I understand."

During the exchange between Su Li and Xia Xinyan, Xia Xinyan also took Su Li into the depths of the ancient city of Yanling, and soon came to the Temple of Yanling.

Deep in the Yanling Temple is a mysterious ancient forbidden area.

In this area, Xia Xinyan could not enter.

Feng Zhilan, who was beside Xia Xinyan, had a rather charming face, obviously showing hesitation many times.

After Xu Qin, she silently opened the ancient formation of this mysterious and ancient forbidden area, opened the passage, and led the way for Su Li and Xia Xinyan.

"Emperor Lei Yan, Fairy Xia, please."

Before Feng Zhilan spoke, she even bowed and bowed again.

Inside the ancient forbidden area, it was like a world with ripples of clear water. The clear green water vapor in the void filled the air, and on the ground was a green lake.

In the middle of the lake, there is an old wooden house, which is also the most common house.

The cabin in the middle of the lake looks lonely and desolate.

This whole green world also seemed very peaceful and quiet.

Su Li and Xia Xinyan came here, and their mood became much darker almost at the same time.

It seems that there is an inexplicable atmosphere of sadness and loneliness here, showing a corresponding original rule.

The rules are pure and indifferent, as if they can be dominated by arbitrary creatures, or as if they did not exist between heaven and earth, but belong to a quasi-sage or a quasi-emperor, and only appear here to play. That's it.

The atmosphere is strange and heart-wrenching.

"She is in it. If you go to see it, you have to be mentally prepared."

After being silent for a while, Feng Zhilan sighed softly and said in a rather vicissitudes of life.

While Su Li pondered for a while, Xia Xinyan said softly, "Elder Feng doesn't need to worry too much, all cause and effect will eventually change in the future."

"And what we are doing now is trying to change."

Xia Xinyan's words made Feng Zhilan slightly startled, as if she no longer knew how to answer.

Feng Zhilan pondered for a long time, and his eyes were a bit blank.

After a while, she came back to her senses, looked at Su Li with a bit of complexity in her eyes, and said: "If you... There is still a chance.

But once you enter that lonely and vicissitudes of the house, there is no turning back. "

"You...you must choose carefully, you must...you must decide carefully!"

Feng Zhilan seems to be out of an indescribable mind, and the words are a bit complicated, and even some insincere.

It was as if she was making some kind of difficult decision in her heart, and the ideological struggle was also very powerful.

This is an obvious entanglement, and a state of wanting to do and fear.

It's like she's poisoning an important person, hesitating or not.

Seeing this, Su Li couldn't help but smile slightly, and said comfortably, "Elder Feng's kindness is accepted by Su.

Now that we have come this far, is there any reason to go back?

Not to mention, the road I have traveled is the road of the present, and there is no turning back. "

Su Li's tone is very firm, and his decision has never wavered.

The hesitation and complexity in Feng Zhilan's eyes gradually dissipated, and finally turned to the state of mastery of thoughts.

At this time, she didn't say much.

She just nodded silently.

In fact, Su Li actually knew very well that Feng Zhilan was so entangled precisely because there might be a shocking cage in it, and Feng Zhilan was very likely to know a thing or two.

On the contrary, it is very likely that Xia Xinyan is still being kept in the dark, and she is still in a state of 'being sold and helping to count the money'.

"Su...Emperor Lei Yan, since you have made a decision, the old woman will stop talking."

Feng Zhilan obviously hadn't given up completely, and wanted to keep reminding her, but she held back.

This person's performance is indeed of some obsessive-compulsive disorder-that is, the kind that will not give up until a certain state is reached.

However, Su Li was not impatient or disgusted at all.

Feng Zhilan is like this, but it is just worth making friends.

If it is complete indifference or complete indifference, on the contrary, it is the real ruthless generation, which requires deep fear.

Su Li's eyes were obviously filled with sincere gratitude.

He knew very well that if he didn't care, who would care about the heavy price he had to pay for Su Li after paying like this?

After this source is given, including the recovery of Yanling Tiannu's treatment, what kind of heavy price does Su Li have to pay during this period?

On this point, Su Xinzhong had a certain judgment.

Besides Feng Zhilan, not even Xia Xinyan really mentioned this heavy price!

Relatively speaking, Feng Zhilan is now more grateful than Xia Xinyan.

Because she at least took the safety of 'Lei Yan Emperor' in her heart.

From this point, it is not difficult for Su Li to deduce that Fu Wanling, the goddess of Yanling, already knows the method of her own recovery, and even this method, Feng Zhilan is very likely to know!

However, Feng Zhilan so deliberately repeatedly obstructed or even refused, and even Yan Lingtian's sealing herself in such an independent room was itself a kind of refusal.

This just shows that Fu Wanling has true feelings in her heart.

Ruthless people are only selfish and don't care how heavy the price others pay.

Su Li's gaze made Feng Zhilan understand.

The same is true, Feng Zhilan's emotions are a bit complicated, but there is also a bit of relief and moving in the beautiful and emotional eyes.

It was a genuine relief.

She didn't say anything else, but turned around silently and left here step by step.

At this point, Feng Zhilan knew the next result—there must be one and only one, and that is, Yan Ling Tian Nu was saved.

And for this, Su Yan, Emperor Lei Yan, must pay a huge price!

The space in the cabin is not large, but this room is very clear and bright, and it is also full of simple but chic atmosphere.

Among them, the spirit of Fu Wan, who has turned into a withered statue, sits quietly on the ivory-like soul jade bed, forming a silent state of no-self.

Xia Xinyan glanced at Su Li silently, and immediately began to gather powerful immortal power, and began to form the origin of Yin and Yang with Su Li's talent for words and the power of law.

This is a guided process.

Su Li no longer hesitated at this time, and directly sacrificed the source of the powerful yin and yang qualities that had been condensed before.

After these origins were manifested, Su Li used the means of speech spirit talent and the insight of speech spirit talent acquired by 'three times and twice' on the mural, and directly sacrificed the seeds of the 'Jiuyao Asking Heart' formed by the origin of this speech spirit. He went out and penetrated into the eyebrows of Fu Wanling, the goddess of Yanling.

This process was very smooth, and there were no obstacles.

Even those whose origins entered the brows of the Spiritual Goddess was as easy as a fish in the water, and the degree of fit also formed a great perfection in an instant.

This kind of process, Su Li originally thought it would be quite complicated, but unexpectedly, this scene was extremely smooth and round.

At this time, Su Li also suddenly understood, and some inexplicable emotions - it turned out that the cause and effect between him and Fu Wanling had already been extremely smooth, even silky.

In this state, it can even be said that "heart has a consonance" is not an exaggeration!

This kind of fit, just like if the yin and yang have been combined countless times, has already formed a state of physical and mental unity between the two parties.

In this case, everything about him, whether it is blood or origin, can be absorbed by Fu Wanling in an incomparable fit, and it can operate without any refining!

Moreover, this absorption is still extremely compatible, and it is a state of perfection and cleanliness.

It's like using one's own bloodline and origin, without the slightest hindrance, without the slightest mismatch!

Su Li also silently watched Fu Wanling finish absorbing this seed.

Because this process is too smooth, the changes are also very obvious, and the transformation is also very clear.

At this time, Fu Wanling, after absorbing the seeds of Jiuyao Wenxin, the transformation of Yanling's talent has become almost immortal.

The terrifying aura that broke through the quasi-emperor also overflowed, and soon escaped into the void.

Such a scene is quite shocking and moving.

At this time, Xia Xinyan also began to mobilize the power of reincarnation, and at the same time, she also mobilized a part of the special immortal energy - when this immortal energy appeared, Su Li could clearly judge...

This power of reincarnation comes from the Kunlun Mirror.

And this immortal power comes from the source of immortal power in the Yaochi in the heavenly court.

Su Li had seen the source of immortal power in Yaochi.

At this moment, when these two forces appeared, Xia Xinyan's identity was revealed!

It turned out to be Qi Fengyu!

Lord of Heaven!

Su Li was stunned for a while.

In fact, he had already guessed the answer.

But this this-

Su Li did not immediately determine the cause and effect.

because of the uncertainty of time and space.

Also because of Qi Fengyu's side, she was still pregnant with an immortal fetus.

If Xia Xinyan exists at this time, is Xia Xinyan the future of Qi Fengyu or the past of Qi Fengyu?

Obviously, along the way, Su Li was walking in the past of time, but Qi Fengyu belonged to Xia Xinyan's past.

Qi Fengyu now exists in Su Li's current reality again.

Xia Xinyan also exists in Su Li's current reality.

Is this space-time disorder?

Or the intersection of timelines?

The overlap of parallel space-time?

Su Li pondered, but did not dig deeper into the information.

Instead, he silently looked at Fu Wanling.

All the cause and effect at this time, first focus on Fu Wanling.

With Xia Xinyan's hard work, Su Li will naturally not fall behind.

Su Li also recalled the origin.

At this time, the immortal heritage of the artifact spirit in Fuxiqin actually gathered out completely at this time, replacing part of Su Li's origin, flowing towards Fuwanling.

Su Li originally wanted to stop it, but when he thought of something, he immediately let go of the obstruction and let all the source of Fuxi Qin's artifact spirit flow out~www.novelbuddy.com~ used to be Qin Xiang.

Now that there is love, there is no need for a piano.

If there is love, there is no need for the piano to follow.

Su Li's mood was complicated, but he also vaguely understood some cause and effect.

Almost all of these causes and effects appeared in front of Su Li's eyes, but he didn't look into them in depth.

Instead, he silently watched Fu Wanling's transformation, like watching a peerless fairy bathe again, wash himself, and then complete a kind of ultimate sublimation.

This scene is very eye-catching and very shocking! Yan Ling Tian Nu has obviously stepped into an unprecedented new level at this moment!

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