I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey - Chapter 314: Justice, A Concern

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Chapter 314: Justice, A Concern

They never left Machine Loop!

A chill ran down Joseph’s spine.

A huge, complex operation had been ongoing in the core of the Truth Union for years, decades, or maybe even centuries, yet the latter showed no signs of being aware of it.

Funnily enough, the Truth Union had expended heavy manpower for operating their ‘Clay Idol’ Project, yet their most successful products were stolen from under their noses, exploited and replicated in mass.

This was an organization that supposedly held unrivaled status in Norzin and were so powerful they were known to bend the forces of nature. Yet, the Truth Union had been played like a fiddle and would be the greatest laughingstock if this information got out!

That would mean that the moles within the Truth Union were affiliated with the ‘Path of the Flaming Sword.’ This gigantic parasitic nest within Machine Loop was probably the base of operations for the moles planted within the Truth Union.

The enemy they were always looking for had been underneath them the whole time.

Perhaps the enemy had even been laughing as they watched from the shadows over the past few busy months.

As a knight of Secret Rite Tower, Joseph was technically an outsider to the Truth Union, yet he couldn’t help but be thoroughly shaken by it.

One could hardly imagine what was going through the minds of Andrew and Hood—both were scholars of the Truth Union—right now.

More so now that the aether surveillance network always utilized by the Truth Union had been completely reduced to a mere decoration.

The scholars who bragged about being able to control the whole of Norzin had just been given a rude wake-up call. Smacked hard with a dose of reality and swollen with shame, who could blame them if they exploded with rage?

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Yet when Joseph’s eyes darted to gauge Andrew’s expressions, he realized the Vice-Chairman seemed much mellower than what he had expected.

Andrew did narrow his eyes, revealing his conflicted feelings on the situation. Amongst a plethora of emotions, he mainly felt surprised, defeated, contemplative, and amazed.

However, besides all that, he surprisingly followed up with an expression that screamed ‘Indeed, it’s like this.’

He wasn’t actually aware of it long beforehand but rather was informed in advance via certain channels. And now that he personally bore witness, he could finally verify the credibility of it.

It wasn’t just Andrew; even Hood was privy to the information.

Their eyes didn’t reveal any signs of disbelief. Instead, they sparkled with hints of rapt fanaticism.

It was as if another entity had replaced the Truth Union. In fact, it seemed to have become their new knowledge and information, becoming a symbol of their belief. This unwavering and deep-rooted belief even desensitized the unprecedented sight before them.

Certain thoughts started to race through Joseph’s mind.

Unless… This is another one of Boss Lin’s doings?

Was it Boss Lin who told th…

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