Imperial Beast Evolution (Fey Evolution Merchant) - v7 Chapter 2570 Relief Mother!

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[Lin Yuan]: I will arrange five island whales for you to facilitate the flow of people from the Dark Continent and the Sandbar Continent. After that, Warren will choose suitable locations to build ports in the Dark Continent and the Sandbar Continent.

[Lin Yuan]: When there is a fleet, the connection between the Sandbar Continent and the Dark Continent will be completely close.

Seeing the news from Lin Yuan, Suyi felt extremely excited, and at the same time felt Lin Yuan's trust and love for him.

Although the sandbar continent is chaotic, in fact, the sandbar continent is extremely vast and has relatively abundant resources.

Most of the resources on the Dark Continent were taken away by the Seven Pages of War.

The Seventh Page of War launched a complete invasion of the Dark Continent, treating the Dark Continent as a large gold rush cave.

Never thought about developing the Dark Continent at all.

This made the Sui people fully realize the problems of the Dark Continent after taking over the Dark Continent again.

The only way to solve this problem is to obtain resources from the outside world to feed the dark continent.

If the resources of the sandbar continent can be circulated to the dark continent, it can immediately solve the current situation of the Sui people's resource distress.

Lin Yuan gave himself a chance, it was impossible for Suyi people to go to Lin Yuan for help with everything, which would definitely make him look extremely incompetent.

In return the Sue will bring stability to the Sandbar continent.

Since Lin Yuan said that he wanted to expand the territory of the Seven Dark States, the Sandbar Continent also became part of the Seven Dark States.

The Sui people immediately replied to Lin Yuan.

[Suyi]: Master, I will definitely not live up to your expectations for me! I will send someone to the Sandbar Continent immediately, and within a month, I will personally rush to the Sandbar Continent to preside over the situation.

Seeing the reply from the Sui, Lin Yuan no longer put his mind on the sandbar continent, and was ready to return to the Glory Federation.

After integrating the secret tome condensed from the remaining three books, and completely controlling the five dimensional worlds, then set off to search for the core of the land veins of each continent in the main world.

The abyss red lotus has a very strong perception of the core of the land vein, and through the abyss red lotus Lin Yuan has found the core of the land vein of the sandbar continent.

And took the core of the land veins of the sandbar continent.

It would not be too difficult for the abyss red lotus to go to various continents after Lin Yuan to find the core of the land veins.

Every time Lin Yuan goes to a place he has not been in the main world, he will mark the current space environment through the tentacles of the ethereal jellyfish.

Now when the strength of the ethereal jellyfish is still at the diamond level, it is somewhat difficult to teleport across continents through the skill [Node Teleportation].

The peculiarity of the ethereal jellyfish is that it does not need the contractor to provide the will rune, but needs to comprehend by itself from the environment.

Not long ago, the ethereal jellyfish finally comprehended the rune of will, and will be able to successfully advance to the mythical species about next month.

After the ethereal jellyfish is promoted to the mythical species, it can be promoted all the way to the level of the tenth-level mythical second realm of the lord rank.

At that time, the ethereal jellyfish can try to teleport across continents through [node teleportation].

This made Lin Yuan not take long to move back and forth at the entrance of the five-dimensional crack even if he was in Huiyao.

Lin Yuan talked with the master Yuehou through the letter of heart, and learned that Chu Ci had returned to Huiyue Hall.

Lin Yuan and Chu Ci have not seen each other for a long time.

Lin Yuan still misses his sister, the only relative by blood!

Chu Ci's master Cang Yue and his own master Yue Hou will help Chu Ci strengthen the spiritual objects, but Lin Yuan is still ready to understand the current situation of Chu Ci's spiritual objects, and then personally help Chu Ci strengthen it.

Lin Yuan felt like an arrow to Hui Yao, so he didn't choose to go to the Federation of Gods and Mothers to meet the Goddess.

But Lin Yuan's control of the Zerg was the best answer for the goddess herself.

The godmother has been staying in her bedroom for a while, and she is instructing Bu Po while preparing the spiritual liquid.

Although the godmother just admitted Bu Po's identity in her mouth, it is impossible to ignore Bu Po at all.

Because the goddess has not been able to communicate with the people behind Bupo until now, it makes it difficult for the goddess to have a solid heart.

After all, no matter how good Bu Po promises, if the people behind Bu Po have any bad thoughts about the Federation of Gods and Mothers, Bu Po can only compromise in the end.

The godmother proposed to Bupo before, hoping that the people behind Bubo could solve the zerg on the sandbar continent.

If the Zerg on the Sandbar Continent continues to wreak havoc, it will eventually affect the Federation of the Divine Mother.

Through this incident, the goddess can make a general judgment on the strength of the forces behind Bupo.

As a result, not long after Bu Bo made a promise to himself, the zerg raging on the sandbar continent all disappeared at once.

As if the zerg had never appeared.

In addition to cultivating a group of heavenly mothers over the years, the goddess has also secretly cultivated many strong people.

A five-star creator is capable of doing this.

The godmother dispatched many of the powerhouses she secretly cultivated to the sandbar continent, and the godmother has always regarded the sandbar continent as a piece of fat.

But the chaotic level of the Shazhou Continent discouraged the godmother, and the godmother didn't want to go to this murky water.

The relationship between the various forces on the Sandbar Continent is intricate, and the Mother God feels that unless she destroys all the federations on the Sandbar Continent, it will be difficult to clear the relationship on the Sandbar Continent after ruling the Sandbar Continent, so that the Sandbar Continent can develop peacefully.

Moreover, the Sandbar Continent has been extremely belligerent because of the many federations it has fought in successive years, especially the Sandbar Federation is rumored to have a five-star creator!

But for a while, no one knew whether this news was true or The goddess greeted the Sandbar Federation as her five-star creator, the purpose was to determine whether the Sandbar Federation had any. Five-star creators exist.

If Sandbar Federation really has five-star creators, they will definitely respond to themselves.

As a result, the Sandbar Federation ignored him.

Because of this, the goddess has always been extremely dissatisfied.

The powerhouses cultivated by the **** mother were dispatched to the sandbar continent, and they would bring information on the sandbar continent to the **** mother from time to time.

It didn't take long after seeing Bu Bo's response to himself, the Zerg on the sandbar continent really disappeared.

The godmother couldn't help but feel a sense of fear and fear in her heart.

The forces behind Bu Bo are simply too powerful to be able to fight against so many zerg!

And the method used is not to kill these zerg that came to the main world, but to let these zerg who came to the main world return to the dimensional world.

This shows that the forces behind Bu Bo can talk to the top powerhouses of the Zerg clan!

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