Imperial Beast Evolution (Fey Evolution Merchant) - v7 Chapter 2571 Brilliant condition!

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The godmother finally decided not to pay attention to Bu Po's situation in the future.

No matter what, the position of Mother Bubo has been firmly seated.

Only by cooperating with Bu Bo's guarantee to himself, can he maximize the protection of the interests of the Mother of God Federation.

If you don't cooperate with Bu Po, let the forces behind Bu Po drive him down from the position of the godmother.

That stepper's promise to himself naturally lost its effect.

Thinking of this, the godmother's heart was relieved.

At the entrance of the sixth-level swamp dimensional crack in the Free Federation, a group of dimensional creatures often run out.

Although the number of dimensional creatures that ran out of these few times was not large, it was known to the Mirror God and the Foolish God.

The powerful ruler on the swamp world has never given up the idea of ​​attacking the main world.

This made it impossible for the Mirror God and the Fool God to grit their teeth and agree, no matter how many requests the Radiance Federation and the Azure Blue Federation made.

In the past thousands of years, when did the Mirror God and the Foolish God suffer such a big loss! ?

Chef Zun and Tie Prison were not polite at all, because Lin Yuan had managed this situation in the Free Federation.

Now the two of them will go to the Free Federation, just to pick up the wool of the Free Federation.

The Mirror God and the Foolish God couldn't help but have a hunch in their hearts, that is, a catastrophe is about to happen in the main world.

The Mirror God and the Foolish God each felt a little inexplicable about their sudden feeling.

But after the two communicated and knew that both of them had such a feeling, the Mirror God and the Foolish God immediately paid attention to it.

After igniting the divine fire, you can always have a certain perception of the future.

It's a pity that there is no third Shenhuo powerhouse in the Free Federation, and the Mirror God and the Fool God can discuss with him.

It is precisely because of the hunch that the two of them gave birth to, that the Mirror God and the Fool God forcibly endured the conditions that the Glory Federation and the Azure Blue Federation kept putting forward.

At first, Du Miao used the holy source of liuboiling to attack Huiyao in anger, but this time facing Chef Zun and Iron Prison, Du Miao always felt very uncomfortable.

After all, Du Miao was at a disadvantage because the Free Federation asked the Radiance Federation for help this time.

Chef Zun and Tie Yu did not give Du Miao any good looks, especially when Tie prison always satirized Du Miao in his words every time he faced Du Miao.

Even if Du Miao was very upset, Du Miao had to meet with Tie Prison and Chef Zun.

Because the Mirror God and the Fool God arranged a task for Du Miao to negotiate with Chef Zun and Iron Prison.

It is hoped that Chef Zun and Iron Prison can lead the radiant reinforcements and the large troops of the Free Federation into the entrance of the sixth-level swamp world.

Then go to negotiate with the dimensional creatures of the swamp world.

After Chef Zun and Tie Yu knew of Du Miao's intentions, Tie Yu said without expression.

"Can you Free Federation guarantee that it will be safe after entering this sixth-level swamp dimension crack?"

"How do you know that the powerhouses of the swamp world will negotiate with your Free Federation?"

"We Huiyao are here to rescue, not to be a shield for your Free Federation."

The expression on Iron Prison's face became angry as he spoke.

What Tieyu said seemed to be teasing Du Miao, but in fact it was the truth.

If the Free Federation can negotiate with the powerhouses of the swamp world, there is no need for the Free Federation to ask for help from the Radiance Federation and the Azure Federation!

The swamp world has been controlled by Lin Yuan, if there is really a strongman from the Free Federation on the swamp world to negotiate in advance.

The two of them will definitely be able to receive the news from a month later.

Although even if the two of them really led the group of people from the Radiance Federation into the swamp world, the powerhouse in the swamp world would not do anything to the group of people from the Radiance Federation.

But Iron Prison is still very disgusted by the Free Federation's calculations on Radiance.

Naturally, Du Miao couldn't guarantee safety after entering the sixth-level swamp dimension crack, but he still said it in order to let Hui Yao help Du Miao.

"Safety is guaranteed! Otherwise, I wouldn't have come to ask Huiyao for help."

"Now everything in the Azure Blue Federation is based on the ideas of the Huiyao Federation. As long as you, Huiyao, agree to the Azure Blue Federation, you will definitely agree!"

"I can represent the Free Federation to give the two of you some additional resources, which will not be less than the resources provided to Radiance before!"

"I hope you two can think about it for your own sake."

"Having gained more of these precious resources, you will be able to have more say in the future among the glorious people!"

Chef Zun accompanies Tie Prison this time to fight the battle.

Seeing that Tieyu handled the problem well by himself, Chef Zun has never expressed any opinion.

Chef Zun always likes to look at people with a smile, but at this time, after hearing Du Miao's words, Chef Zun's brows were tightly wrinkled together, and his eyes were full of coldness when he looked at Du Miao.

First of all, Du Miao deceived the two of them.

The Free Federation now has no ability to guarantee security issues, but it still makes false promises to Radiance.

If it wasn't for knowing the cause and effect, he really chose to help the Free Federation.

That radiance will surely suffer huge losses.

Secondly, Chef Zun has always had glorious glory and persistence in his heart.

This is also the reason why Chef Zun, as the oldest five-star creator of Huiyao, will provide creator resources to other powerhouses of Huiyao from the day he becomes a five-star creator, helping Huiyao to grow.

This glorious glory and perseverance runs through the will of the chef, and is regarded as his backbone by the chef.

Du Miao's remarks, in the view of Chef Zun, are a blasphemy to himself, and also a blasphemy to the whole of Huiyao.

Since the Free Federation has thought of a way to bring additional benefits to itself and the Iron Prison alone, it really has no bottom line.

Du Miao mentioned that Azure Federation will follow Huiyao's decision to make a because Huiyao saved Azure Blue Federation.

If Huiyao agreed to the Free Federation to send people into the swamp world to negotiate with the powerhouses in the swamp world, the Azure Federation complied with Huiyao's decision.

After the Azure Federation has killed a lot of powerful people and millions of Reiki professionals, the relationship with Radiance will drop to freezing point.

The chef said coldly.

"We Huiyao will not enter the swamp world with your Free Federation, but our glorious people can enter the swamp world alone."

"We Huiyao have a way to negotiate with the powerhouses of the dimensional world. Huiyao can prevent the dimensional creatures in the swamp world from invading the main world through the sixth-level swamp dimensional cracks within a year."

"I wonder what benefits your Free Federation can bring to Radiance?"

"If the benefits are not enough, it is not worth the risk of glory for your Free Federation!"

"I know that you can't be the master in the Free Federation. Now you will tell the mirror **** and the foolish **** exactly what you said."

"Let the Mirror God and the Foolish God make a good decision, and then come to talk to us with the price!"

"I only give the Free Federation one chance to bargain!"

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