Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1902 The Quintessential Kainos EmperorEnters The Main Reality! Lll

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Chapter 1902 The Quintessential Kainos EmperorEnters The Main Reality! Lll

Representative Aileron was briefly silent as his eyes seemed to shine with innumerable thoughts.

He went on to reply lightly.

"The Unexplored Grotto Sanctum was not the only Domain where something unexpected occurred."


,m "It is why the Assembly wished for a debriefing across all who had come across attacks and even to count the losses that we came across this time around."


When Akaris heard this word, her eyes turned grave as she asked.

"How are the losses?"

Not everyone had Noah Osmont in their domain as when the well planned and carried out attacks from Ancient Races came...

"Worse than expected. Most of it is due to the fact that the Ancient Races had the aid of Dimensional will put a strain on the alliances we have formed so far."


A shocking revelation rolled in as Representative Aileron gazed at Ezekiel when he spoke of alliances with Dimensional forces!

The tides of destiny continue to spin in an unknown direction as the vessel they were on went past the depths of the Pure-Blooded Domains and forged towards the Main Reality.

On the clear and clean deck of this vessel, Noah's eyes were gazing at the pulsing tendrils of the essence of a foreign Natural Law of Reality that coursed all over this DHARMA vessel, his eyes also capturing the figure of Aileron as his values rose up before his eyes.

<Name>: Aileron Lykaios

<Lineage>: Mixed????

<Realm>: Reality

<Titles>: The Golden Boy, Seeker of Truth...

<True Dimensional Vitality Values>: 310 Billion

<Innate Ultima Barrier>: 100 Billion

<Reserves of Essence of Reality>: 43 Million

<Mana>: 350 Trillion

<Destiny>: 66 <Fate>: 65…

<Overall Battlepower>: Ultima Strata

He was a stupendous existence to see, and it also gave Noah a peek at an example of an Ultima Strata existence!

And his stats were glorious, to say the least as his Innate Barrier alone was something no Alpha Strata LEGEND could easily overcome

He would have to deal with many beings like him and those even more powerful as he delved into the Main Reality and began to understand the structure and intricacies of this land better.

The place that was known as the Desolate Mausoleum!

And was the location that most fate, destiny, karma, and fortune clustered around as the Primordial Bloodline thrived within these lands and accumulated immense levels of wealth and resources.

This was the domain that Noah neared!

Due to how powerful the vessel they were on moved, they would not have to wait for too long as Noah's eyes could already capture the changes in the outside Boundary Between Realities.

Even with the shocking speed they were moving in, he could still see the dazzling rivers of Realities becoming more and more frequent!

Their size and stature increased ever so brightly as they went further in, something unique was that he found every time- they would cross an imperceptible domain barrier as they passed the vast stretches of Realities.

A barrier that the DHARMA vessel they were on would flash with a white light every time it crossed.

This white light was a verification that granted rights and access to those designated, otherwise one would not be able to peer and delve into the lands of Primordials so easily and so deeply.

Anyone crossing through these lands would easily be seen as if you did not share the Primordial Bloodline, you would have the hidden force of Primordial Legions- whether it be normal Adjudicator Legions or Obsidian Adjudicator Legions, or even the Will Bearers that moved under the commands of LEGENDS rain down on you!

With the authority of Representative at the lead and this fantastical vessel, it did not take long for Noah's eyes to begin capturing a magisterial River of Reality unlike anything he had ever seen.


His mind buzzed as he felt his very aspects of existence begin to come to life!

He felt them buzz with activity and wonder as they neared a vast Reality that seemed to cover all of his eyes.

A Reality where he could not see the top or the bottom. Even when he gazed to left and right, he could still see its extending domain across these directions as well!

And the further in they went, the more massive and titanic this river of reality seemed.


The vessel they were on came to a halt as the swirling mass of essence surrounding it stopped and their surroundings became clear.

They were still in the bounds of space, but they had stopped in a region where vibrant and powerful auras of Adjudicator Legions of Primordials could be felt!

Unique vessels of all types littered the surrounding space along with thousands of enormous portals that were guarded by an Adjudicator Legion each.

Uniquely, every single Adjudicator Commander was either someone at the peak of the Primogenial Strata, with some of the larger portals having those at the Beta Strata leading them as they protected important domains within the Main Reality!

The voice of Aileron rang out as they stopped and the vessel's transparent glass opened up once more.

"We will proceed into the Waypoint that leads to the Niberius Holy City from here on forward."

His words were more so for someone like Noah and Kaitlyn who had never been to this location before, their eyes currently gazing at their surroundings with curiosity.

Noah's eyes went over the many Adjudicator Legions stretched throughout the boundary of space as well as the countless Rivers of Prime Realities that stretched out behind them, with his eyes always being pulled back to the massive and endless Main Reality that put everything else to shame!

Countless dazzling Realities could be seen stretching from it as if it was a huge pillar shooting out countless branches of stellar light, Noah not even being able to appreciate its vastness and genuine bounds as he would go through a Portal- a Waypoint that would lead into a domain within this Reality.

Representative Aileron was in the lead as a golden robe had gone on to drape over him, the wings on his feet and back as vibrant as ever while he took the whole party towards a crimson blue portal that had a powerful Beta Strata Adjudicator Commander and his Legion surrounding it.

The Commander and his Legion saluted respectfully while Looking at Representative Aileron, making way as Noah and the rest followed behind while disappearing into the Waypoint!

Into the Main Reality of these vasts and endless domains of space.

Into the land that was known as the Desolate Mausoleum!


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