Interstellar Tattered Queen - Chapter 2664 keep a hand

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  's prudence engraved in his bones, when the situation was good, still let Ji You subconsciously keep a hand.

The    monster's blue, green, and stone were in a very bad state, and countless spiritual threads were not only cut off, but also devoured.

   Its spiritual world is also in chaos.

Its mental core, for a moment, Ji You can clearly sense the chaos of its mental core. Obviously, both its body and its spirit are very bad, shaky, just need to push it gently, kill it directly.

  Jiyou only needs to smash the hidden aura of its lifeline, that is, the black spot on the spiritual aura in its spiritual world, that extremely hidden mark, then it will surely die!

   For a moment, Ji You almost started.


   Ji You still gritted his teeth, resisting the urge to kill his opponent with one blow, and pressed the idea. That mark was secretly left by Ji You at the beginning of the confrontation with Qing Lu Shi. Until now, Ji You was not willing to touch it.

   This is a hole card.

The enemy Qing, Lu, and Shi Ming knew that Ji You had done a trick. It was Ji You who made this move that caused it to fail to synthesize the lifeline. This card, as long as Ji You played, then Qing, Green, Stone has no resistance, only the ending of death.

  The situation has already turned to Jiyou and his party. As long as the green, green, and stone are quickly captured, all the crises here will be over.

   As long as Jiyou plays this card...

   Ji You just didn't fight.

She chose to slowly, little by little, cut the flesh with a dull knife to wear off the opponent's strength. Although this method is a little troublesome and laborious, it is better than it does not need to consume too much strength of Ji You, and it also allows Ji You to Have more time, a little bit of recovery.

He Bi, Chu Jiaojiao, Sheng Qingyan and the others, although they didn't know why Ji You didn't directly kill the extremely weak Qing, Lu, Shi, but everyone knew Ji You and knew that she was not a casual person. Any decision she makes is her own. Therefore, no one asked.

   He Ne and others are also seizing the time Ji You has won to try to recover himself, especially why He Ne and Sheng Qingyan, both of whose hands have been cut off, have now entered the treatment cabin for repair.



The explosion of the entire space did not stop because Jiyou's spiritual silk devoured the particles that the silk threads turned into, because the space barrier of the Qing people's territory was worn out during the battle between the monster and Jiyou and his party, causing The whole space began to become unstable.





The instability of the    space has also caused the entire green space to form a strong hurricane, sweeping everything around, sweeping…

   Qing·lu·shi's complexion became paler, and his body became weaker. It did not resist Ji You's blow and vomited a large mouthful of blood.

   The blood was black, with a hint of blue in it. If you look closely, it was a little rusty red, very light, very light…

Qing Lu Shi never said a word, just trying to cope with Ji You's attack. Those green eyes stared straight at Ji You, as if she wanted to take Ji You into her heart and remember it forever. .

   Ji You squinted: "Old Lu, don't look at it, even if you see the flowers, I can't die."

While speaking, Ji You jumped and placed the machete on Qing Green Stone's neck. Qing Green Stone couldn't dodge, and was severely cut, and a large amount of blood spurted out. He also staggered fiercely and almost fell over.

   This scene made Chu Jiaojiao, Yue Qiguang and the others suddenly couldn't hold back and looked at them one after another.


   "It's almost, this guy might be killed!" Yue Qiguang slapped his thigh, very sorry.

"Idiot." Chu Jiaojiao scolded and said, "Such an existence, just the death of the body, has no meaning at all, because we are not sure whether it has prepared other bodies for itself. After all, who knows this Is a body a real body?"

"That's right." It was Shen Changqing who spoke out, Shen Changqing pursed his lips, and Qing Jun's face was solemn, and said, "The entire Qing clan has been made into puppets by it, everyone here, It's all it and it's not it..."

  Shen Changqing was silent for a while, then continued: "Except for Ji You, the rest of us can't actually be sure of its real body."

  Although this monster's body is very strange, it also caused fatal pressure to everyone. It seems to be its real body, but who knows the answer?

Qing Da Shi was listening next to him, and couldn't help but interject at this moment, saying, "This person should be Qing Lu Shi, I have been friends with him for many years, except for getting older, his There hasn't been much change in appearance."

Green Light Stone is a member of the Green Nationality, and he can be regarded as the only living person of the Green Nationality so far. Throughout his youth, Green Green Stone lived in the territory of the Green Nationality, so it is very important to Green Green Stone. He also has a deep understanding of it, and also thinks that this is cyan, green, and stone, especially the opponent's attack method, and every behavior is the same as cyan, green, and stone.

   Everyone was talking at length, so why raised their hands, interrupted everyone gently, and said, "Watch what happens."

  So, everyone present immediately shut their mouths and returned to silence.


   Everyone, continue to recover quickly.

At the same time, the battle between Qing, Lu, Shi and Ji You is still going on, and Ji You has the upper hand. Qing, Green and Shi are losing ground, and Ji You has cut off an arm and a leg. The blood was dripping and it looked extremely miserable...

   At this moment, Qing Green Stone couldn't hold back, and his body collapsed.


   The entire ground was shaken violently, and a deep pit was smashed.

  Blue, Green, and Stone lay in the deep pit and didn't move for a long time.

  Jiyou stopped and didn't go forward.

  0.1 seconds.

  0.2 seconds.

  0.3 seconds.


   After a short period of calm, suddenly, the green, green, stone slowly climbed out of the deep pit, and when it appeared, everyone was immediately surprised!

  Yue Qiguang: "Damn it! What the **** kind of repairing ability is this? It's all healed?"

   As everyone can see, the blue, green, and stone have been completely intact in a short period of time. Its pale complexion has also become green and bright... There is no sign of weakness at all!

  Chu Jiaojiao frowned and said, "This is—"

She always felt as if she had caught something, but she just couldn't tell. Shen Changqing next to her spoke at this moment and said, "The Great Compendium of Star Beasts records a very special star beast called Mi beast, which is born with a very sharp beast. Scales, its body's self-healing ability is very powerful, when I observed the monster Green Green Stone just now, I found that there are some scales on its body surface that are very similar to the scales of Mi Beast."

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