Interstellar Tattered Queen - Chapter 2665 Mimon

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On the body of the monster Green Green Stone, the limbs of many strange creatures are transplanted and spliced. This is obvious to all. However, because the types are so complicated, many of them cannot even be named. , and a species that is not known at all, so everyone can't find clues from this at all.

   At this moment, after hearing Shen Changqing's words, everyone understood, and their mood gradually sank.

   Obviously, the monster Green, Green, and Stone will not transplant, or splicing useless organs for itself. Then, if it really transplants the scales of Mi Beast, and has the ability to restore Mi Beast, it is obviously not a good thing for everyone.

   It can be said that it is extremely bad!

In such a short period of time, the scarred body of the other party will recover. Then... Isn't it telling everyone that no matter how much damage is caused to it, as long as it is not really killed, it can be extremely recovery in a short period of time?

   Then how to fight?

  Yue Qiguang was a little reluctant to believe: "Are you sure it's Mi Beast? Could it be a mistake?"

  Shen Changqing shook his head: "No."

  Because of the inspirational goal of eliminating star beasts in life, Shen Changqing studied all the information about star beasts recorded by human beings over and over again, in order to kill those star beasts after really stepping into the battlefield.

  Nami beast's scales, he couldn't admit it wrong. Because Mi Beast is a very strange star beast. It has scales all over its body, but it is not an aquatic star beast, but a flying star beast. It has no feathers around it, but it can swim in the sky.

Even, it is the only star beast that can roam the starry sky even if it has not reached level 5... other star beasts, if they have not been upgraded to level 5, it is impossible to withstand the harsh environment of outer space, but Mi beast Different, its powerful physical resilience allows it to enter the starry sky soon after birth...

However, it is precisely because Mi beasts are too powerful and special, so their breeding ability is not strong, it can be said to be very low, which also leads to a very rare number of Mi beasts, and they like to live in the depths of the starry sky far away from humans , are rarely found by humans.

  The first time humans discovered Mibeasts was the outbreak of the beast tide 1,000 years ago. The damage caused by Mibeasts was immeasurable. Humans paid a painful price to eliminate those Mibeasts.

   For the next 1000 years, Mimon was not found again.


   Here, I met Mimon's scales?

  Shen Changqing's heart is very heavy, which shows that Green Green Stone has the ability to completely annihilate a small group of beasts, otherwise its experiment would not be so successful.

   As long as the experiment is not successful at one time, it is necessary to go through several studies and experiments before obtaining accurate experimental results. Then, Cyan Green Stone successfully transplanted the scales of Mi Beast into his body, and he succeeded, and successfully obtained the powerful resilience of Mi Beast... This shows that the number of experiments of Cyan Green Stone will never be higher. few.

   Here comes the question—

   How many beasts did it catch for experiments?

   Where did it catch Mimon?

  Mimon has been discovered on the plane where humans are, so what about other planes? Can't Blue, Green, and Stone be captured on the human plane?

   Shen Changqing told everyone the question in his heart.

  Chu Jiaojiao frowned and said, "Although I can't guess the answer, I don't think this question can be ignored. Maybe I can catch some key information."

Yue Qiguang stuffed a nutrient into his mouth and said, "Is the Mi beast it captured really a human plane? This means that there is actually a way to enter the plane where humans are on the Tianshi plane, right? "

  In this way, if they follow the investigation, can't they find their way home?

"It is not ruled out that there is such a possibility, and it is very likely." Shen Changqing nodded and continued: "I think there are at least two ways to capture Mi Beast. The first is the plane where we humans are, because here The figure of Mi Beast has been discovered. The second way is the space crack. There are many species hidden in the space crack. Isn't it one of them like the old scalper who ran into the space crack with great effort? It is not ruled out that there are also Mi Beast."

   Before they entered the space crack, they encountered surging star beasts. The number of star beasts was huge and there were many kinds. Even 10th-level bugs and 12th-level mosquitoes appeared, but they didn't find a single beast.

  The opening of the space crack is a fatal temptation for all star beasts. Mi beast is so powerful, it should also appear...

  Mimon did not appear.

Shen Changqing thought of this and said, "I have always suspected that Mi Beast is a kind of star beast with a very high IQ. It may even have a certain strength to resist the influence of the beast tide, precisely because they can resist the fury of the beast tide when it erupts. It also allowed them to escape many beast tides... The temptation of star beasts when the space crack opens is obviously abnormal, and Mi beast may have sensed some danger and did not come."

   "To sum up..." Shen Changqing said softly: "We are also not sure whether the Mi Beast captured by Qing, Green and Stone came from the human plane or from the crack in space. Both are very possible."

   As soon as these words fell, Yue Qiguang's heart that had just ignited was instantly poured a pot of cold water.

  If it was not captured from the human plane, then it means that there is no stable path leading to the human plane outside the Tianshi.

   That guy's hope of going home, hasn't it been extinguished again?

  Liu Fufeng, He Bi, and Sheng Qingyan listened all the time, but didn't speak, they were very silent. As for Ji You, Ji You fought with the recovered Qing, Lu, and Shi. The two sides fought fiercely, but Ji You still had the upper hand.

At this time, Ji You slashed the green, green and stone to the ground again, smashing a deep pit on the ground, but this time Ji You did not give the other party a chance to stay in the deep pit for a long time. In the next moment, Ji You Using the rope, the blue, green, and stone were thrown into the hole.


This time, everyone saw very intuitively how Qing Green Stone recovered its body. I saw that on its dilapidated body, countless tiny scales suddenly appeared on the surface of the body. These scales exuded light, and the light directly covered it. After the whole body was removed, the moment the light disappeared, its body was restored to its original state.

   "What a horrible recovery."

"too fast."

   "This kind of recovery speed, if there is no limit, it is simply invincible."

   "Are there really no restrictions?"

   "What are the constraints?"

  Chu Jiaojiao, Yue Qiguang, Shen Changqing... all raised their heads, staring at the scene in the air, thinking about the possible constraints of the other party.

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