Invincible Powers (Gai Shi) - Chapter 2333 Speculation about Yuanling

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The little Origin Beast let out a few soft whistles, and a thick cloud of dark purple smoke wrapped around its shrunk body tightly.

At first glance, it seems to have an additional magical robe.

The thick cloud of smoke surging, there are many fine shimmers of light and faint electricity, wandering in the purple sea like a robe like a living thing, it seems that it can be condensed into a fierce creature in the next moment.

The purple sea it inhabits is sometimes brought into the body by it, and sometimes released by it, becoming more and more mysterious.

Yu Yuan's brows moved, and his eyes showed a different color.

He could see that the purple deep sea wrapped around this little Origin Beast, in which the wandering light and faint electricity, had many overlaps with the robes of Stephanie, the God of Destiny.

This shows that Little Origin Beast has gained a lot of benefits from Stephanie, so it is so close to Stephanie.

"It's a mother's thing to have milk."

Yu Yuan couldn't help scolding secretly.

Suddenly, the golden eyes of Stephanie, the **** of destiny, happened to look over.

It seems that he heard his heart and rolled his eyes at him.

Yu Yuan was stunned for a moment.

"Okay, let's go."

Stephanie's voice was slightly cold, and after a light drink, she took the lead.

Stepping on the forehead of the little source beast, she held the staff containing the power of destiny, and went to the place where many source spirits fled.

The terrifying aura on her body dissipated, causing this world to hide and hide, and I don't know how many source spirits are running away.

"Strange, she is inexplicably angry with whom?"

The Bone Race's Haoster scratched his skull, which was as bright as white jade, and watched Stephanie go away in astonishment.

After a while, this incomparably thick Book of Time, like a flat land hanging in the air, supported all the people and the primordial beasts, and chased towards Stephanie.

The little Origin Beast that had already taken refuge with Stephanie frequently turned to look at Yu Yuan as it flew by in the void.

The **** of fate never looked back.


The God of Gale snorted and said, "Great creator, you are the source of all chaotic giant spirits. Since this little guy came from that world, he knew it well, but he actually chose Lady Stephanie."

As if afraid of a misunderstanding by the God of Fate, Qiong Qi hurriedly defended: "I respect Mrs. Stephanie, but every yard is a yard, the blood and roots of all our Chaos Giants are already on you!"

Yuzu and Chai En, the **** of gluttony, also nodded in agreement.

While they were talking, Dickinson, the **** of chaos in the form of a dark golden serpent, looked at Yu Yuan with strange eyes, and suddenly said, "I..."

"What are you?" Qiong Qi asked in surprise.

Dickinson is an exotic spirit beast. After he has cultivated the spirit of chaos, he can be considered to be promoted to the origin beast.

In this world, whether it is a Dickinson-like spirit beast or a chaotic giant spirit, as long as one can sacrifice a source spirit, they will all be called source beasts.

"The source of my blood, like, like..."

Dickinson hesitated, looking at Yu Yuan's body of the sun god.

The heart of the spirit beast in his body suddenly beat abnormally, bursting out with the divine light of blood.

Yu Yuan was suddenly touched!

In Yu Yuan's body of the Yang God, a corresponding bloodline mystery was triggered, and there were too many similarities and overlaps with the life imprint in the heart of Dickinson's beast!

"Crazy Serpent."

In Yu Yuan's mind, the undead bird's old enemy, the starry sky beast that died in the gray area, found that the chaotic serpent and the dark golden celestial snake named the **** of chaotic had a lot of overlapping marks of life.

"The source of my bloodline seems to come from you too."

Dickinson finally mustered up his courage. He looked at Yu Yuan in shock and fear, and said, "Strange! It's so strange! This is totally unreasonable, and it doesn't make sense."

Also at this moment, Stephanie on the head of Xiaoyuan Beast suddenly turned around and took a deep look at it.

Yu Yuan froze in his heart, always feeling that this mysterious God of Destiny knew many secrets.

But she just didn't want to say it.

grey area.

Yu Yuan's real body was submerged in the pool at this time, and the part below his neck was submerged by the source.

Bathed in the source, he felt the wonderful source with his own body, and found that there are many subtle principles, flowing from the source to his body, infiltrating towards his ten-story "soul altar".

When the subtle laws were integrated into him, he also slowly saw some strange pictures, as if they existed in the abyss.

I don’t know how many millions of years ago, in the now dead abyss, stars began to form, revolving around the sun.

The orbit of the stars revolving around the sun is a natural avenue of law, which contains the truth of heaven and earth.

And this is not man-made, but in one world, the law of nature's own evolution.

There is a meteor shower that flies from the sky, falling on a barren land and burning everything, overflowing with many wonderful forms of flames.

In the burning earth, there are mountains and rocks that have been smashed by thunder and lightning, and then burned by flames and turned into gold and iron.

Among them, flames, thunder and lightning, gold and stone, the earth, the four real and ubiquitous natural wonders, are also deducing the laws of heaven, forming the trajectories of laws that imply wonderful laws.

In the real abyss, before flesh and blood living beings are conceived, there are stars, sun and moon, thunder, gold, wood, water, fire and soil.

After the emergence of these cornerstones of the world, many wonderful laws have evolved in accordance with nature.

This is one side of the world, after hundreds of millions of years, the natural way of heaven has been nurtured.

call out! shhhhh!

In the origin of the pool, there are many avenues of laws that are naturally conceived. Some of them overlap with Yu Yuan's "soul altar", and some of them are not in the "soul altar". If it involves gold, wood, water, fire, soil, sun and moon Xing, Bingbing, and Thunder will penetrate into different levels of his "soul altar".

like a supplement.

There are more novel laws of heaven and earth, which are also hidden in his body, integrated into his bones and meridians, and imprinted on his heart.

The blue-black origin in the pool is getting less and less.

The Great Demon God Bertans watched silently from the side, watching the origin in the pool be absorbed by Yu Yuan, merged into the flesh and blood body of Yu Yuan's body, or escaped into his "soul altar".

When he arrived at the source in the pool, from Yu Yuan's neck to his waist.

He suddenly opened his eyes, looked at the old demon and said, "The so-called Dao Law, one world can naturally evolve and breed."

The old demon nodded silently, indicating that if he had any insights, he might as well say it clearly.

Yu Yuan continued to speak immediately.

"The origin soul from the abyss has created a vast human race, and let the human race step out of the vast expedition to conquer the outer galaxies. It is also through the vast human race Xeon that collects the natural laws that pervade the starry sky in the source world."

"The vast and powerful people comprehend those natural laws, understand the subtleties of them, and when they integrate them into the soul, he also obtains a subtle law that is naturally nurtured by the world."

After a short pause, Yu Yuan looked down at Tan Chi, at the source that was still disappearing inside.

"Yuanling seems to have the same mission. Yuanling's advancement and breakthroughs can also be strengthened by collecting the corresponding laws of the Dao that are naturally bred in different worlds."

In the heart of the vastness, Yu Yuan suddenly took a breath and said: "The source spirit of the real abyss, the dead sun, moon, stars, gold, wood, water, fire and soil, don't seem to have been naturally conceived in the abyss. I even doubt that the so-called The source spirit is also created by man, not naturally conceived."

"They seem to be released and collected in the major worlds, those naturally bred Dao laws."

"It's like the source soul created the human race, allowing them to understand the heaven and earth avenues related to their avenues in the many star fields of the source world."

When the old devil was thinking, Yu Yuan said again: "I felt through the source, that the dead abyss, there is no picture of the source spirit condensing naturally. The source spirit seems to appear out of thin air, it seems that The child took root in the abyss."

"We need to go to the beginning of the realm, and we can find the answer through the spirit of origin." The old demon was touched by his words and said: "If your feelings are true, if the spirit of origin is not naturally conceived, but created by man. Then, the spirit of origin must be involved, and the origin of the origin is nine out of ten!"

"You mean, the origin spirit created the origin spirit and scattered the origin spirit in the worlds?" Yu Yuan said in shock.

"Besides him, I can't think of anyone else."

"Are those origin spirits all from the Beginning Domain?" Yu Yuan asked again.

"We have to find a way to get to the beginning of the domain, but also as soon as possible!"

When the two were talking in secret, the starry sky beyond the vastness.

Whoosh! Whizzing!

One after another figure, or emerged in the door of time and space of the main star of Taiya, or stepped out of the many caves of Kaitian Yaoxing.

Among these people, there are the strong souls from the Holy Demon Continent, the God King Tai Xu, Tian Qi, An Ziqing, Ji Ningshuang, Xuan Li, Adria and You Qian.

There are also the supreme powers of the Protoss, such as Qin Luo, Zu An, and the primordial spirits like Fan Heqing.

There are also Ming Chaos Kun, Xingluo Bujia, Pangui, Elena and Denise, Barlow, these ten-level powerhouses of alien races.

After the death of Dewitt, the **** of space, and the law of the void in the source world was restored to stability, the powerhouses reunited in the gray domain.

In order to avoid the origin soul of the abyss, they were afraid to escape slowly one by one, and now they have returned.

Because they received news that Yu Yuan had captured Hao Zhang, expelled the origin soul from the abyss, and occupied Hao Zhang's heart.

The gods, the demons in the outer domain, the alien races in the abyss, the beasts in the starry sky, including the alien beasts in the desolate world, the source of blood and soul, all point to Yu Yuan at this moment.

Now that He is far away, if the powerhouses of the source realm want to find out the answer, they can only come to the gray domain to see Yu Yuan.


Sword Sect Zhiqiang, like Yu Mu, came over and hurried over to salute Lin Dao.

Not far from Lindao, there is also the "Sword of Star Frost" Ji Ningshuang, but Ji Ningshuang is with the powerhouse of the Soul Sect.

"He is in the vast heart."

Lin Daoke pointed to Hao Zhang and said something to Ji Ningshuang, Tai Xu and others.

"we know."

Adria pursed her lips and chuckled, her bright eyes fell to the vast earth, and said, "My father and I can communicate with souls, and I know that both of them are inside."

Lin Dao said no more.

Adria suddenly said: "Jianzong is still good."

In the Sword Sect, Lin Daoke, whose realm is unknown, Ji Ningshuang, who was promoted to the supreme, and Fan Heqing, Yu Mu, who is supreme, has become another powerful force outside the Divine Soul Sect.

If He could never return, Sword Sect would definitely have a place in the current source world and desolate world.

Lin Dao didn't pick up Adria's words, but looked at Yu Mu and said, "Senior Han didn't come?"

Yu Mu hesitated for a moment, shook his head, and said sadly, "He can't accept this cruel fact."

"When he discovered the source of his soul, and his call to the source soul actually reflected the soul altar in Yu Yuan, he disappeared in the creation star field."

Han Miaoyuan, who was loyal to the one who took the revitalization of the Protoss as his mission, and gave everything for it, suffered a heavy blow to his heart due to Yuanhun's departure.

He arranged to mutilate Yu Yuan during the Dragon Slayer period, and after Yu Yuan woke up in this life, he suppressed him again and again.

After the dust settled, the origin soul from the abyss abandoned this world and marched towards the mysterious world at the other end, causing Han Miaoyuan's spiritual pillar to shatter.

He definitely couldn't hold back his face, and when he came to meet Yu Yuan in the gray area, he couldn't bow his head to admit his mistake to Yu Yuan.

"That's it."

Lin Daoke was not good at handling these things, so he nodded and didn't mention Han Miaoyuan again.

The chatty Yu Mu took the initiative to go to the Divine Soul Sect, licking his face and talking to Ji Ningshuang, and quickly mingled with the strongmen of the Divine Soul Sect.

Tai Xu came to Zu An and Qin Luo, and wentssip with them, saying that the Soul Sect thanked Zu An for his help.

Ming Zhuan Kun, Pan Tortoise and Xingluo Bujia were on the side of Divine Soul Sect, coldly looking at the demon phoenix standing alone in the void, obviously full of hatred, Ming Zhuan Kun still did not dare to act rashly.


In a gap in the narrow and long space that was suddenly torn apart, the Phoenix Temple surrounded by colorful rays of light suddenly emerged, and Yu Spider appeared in front of the temple.

"Mother mother."

Yu Zhu waved his hand vigorously with a look of joy.

Seeing that Zhiya was safe and sound, she immediately felt relieved, and the concern and peace of mind in her eyes and face showed at the same time.

Seeing her appear, the childish Ya, who was originally in a bad mood, still had a little more gentleness and love in her cold phoenix eyes, and asked softly, "Are you alright?"

"It's okay." Yu Zhu said softly.

"Okay, you'll be fine."

I have been following the movements of the heart of the vast, looking forward to a tragic battle between the source soul of the abyss and Yu Yuan and the great demon nerves, and I can take the opportunity to pick up a cheap phoenix, and my mood has improved slightly due to the arrival of Yu spider.

Because she found out sadly before that she was also suppressed by Yu Yuan in all directions, and it was difficult to cross the mountain of Yu Yuan.

However, seeing her daughter driving the Phoenix Temple, and thinking about her daughter's identity, she felt a little more at ease.

She suddenly said in surprise: "It seems that you have made great progress in the attainment of the power of poison."

"The Lord of the Palace."

The white Tianhu stepped out of this hall that can travel through the void, bowed towards Zhiya and saluted, and then said, "After you left, the deserted world has changed a lot."

He will tell the story in the future, and tell Zhiya that the space gods who came from a foreign land have dropped a colorful skin and almost killed them all.

-If there is no Yu Yuan to come to rescue.

"Without the father... Without his help, all the beasts in the Void Turbulence Land will turn into blood."

Yu Spider, who almost leaked her tongue, secretly looked at Hao Zhang, she tried to overcome the obstacles of the earth and found Yu Yuan who was talking to the old devil Bertans.

"He should save you. When I left, I knew that when you were really in trouble, he would definitely appear."

Zhiya pouted, a copy should be like this.

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