Invincible Powers (Gai Shi) - Chapter 2334 she has been

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"Palace Master, the Beast God Temple is still in the Phoenix Star Territory. Those alien beasts in the desolate world, as well as the surviving Beast Gods, are also there." White Tianhu looked at Hao Zhang from time to time as he reported.

The vastness at this time made him feel unfamiliar, and he could no longer see the world that he was familiar with.

"My hometown, after a series of **** battles, is finally about to sink."

Tianhu couldn't help but sigh.


With a complicated expression, Zhiya looked at Haoman not far away, and said emotionally, "Although our bloodline originates in the barren world, our hometown is vast from beginning to end."

Tianhu and Yuzu nodded lightly.

In today's vast expanse, apart from Yu Yuan and the great devil Bertans in the depths of the earth, there is no sign of any life activity.

Due to the departure of Ji Yan, Hao Man is no longer covered by the monstrous flames, and the flames are like fiery snakes turned from magma, and they are still constantly moving away from the vast world.

The bursting thunder and lightning also returned to the realm world that should belong to them.

But Haoman's avenue is extremely chaotic at the moment, and the magnetic field is strange and complicated. I don't know if Yu Yuan and the great devil Bertans have destroyed Haoman's roots.

Out of reverence for him and the mighty people, they did not dare to set foot in the land even though they could not see the danger.

In addition to the vastness, there is the colorful butterfly with bright wings, Harris, the **** of oblivion, Carolina, the **** of death, and the powerhouses of the source world.

However, no one dared to enter Haoman, they were just passively waiting for news.

Ming Chaos Kun, Pan Tortoise and Xingluo Bujia, after leaving the Holy Demon Continent, originally wandered in the major galaxies, they also sensed that the heaven and the earth had undergone great changes, so they all came again.

The three star beasts gathered beside Ji Ningshuang and the strong man of the Soul Sect, and looked at Zhiya intently.

But he didn't dare to do anything to Chiya.

Qin Luo and Zu'an, the powerful primordial spirits, are also afraid of Chiya, afraid that this mad woman will kill them and seize their origin under the madness.

These people, in fact, did not know that the murderous creature that Zhiya kept in captivity had escaped from the deserted world.

"Come here."

Zhiya, who was flying to the Phoenix Temple, was about to enter the palace she had carefully built when she suddenly heard a message from Yu Yuan.

Ziya's beautiful body was a little stiff in front of the palace filled with colorful rays of light.

"Just come to the heart of vastness."

Yu Yuan's unmistakable inner voice resounded from Zhiya's heart.

Zhiya considered for a moment and did not dare to disobey Yu Yuan's orders, because she always felt that when Yu Yuan's heart sounded, her heart and body no longer belonged to her.

"Zhu'er, you come with me to the heart of the vast heart."

Under the astonished gazes of Tianhu and Zhongqiang, she took Yuzu's little hand and turned into two dark purple monsters, suddenly shooting towards the vast world.

After a while, the two beams that seemed to merge into one fell on the crystal clear and vast heart.

The Great Demon God Bertans, with a thoughtful expression, stood beside the blue-black pool.

In the pool that once belonged to the source soul's lair, Yu Yuan sat cross-legged, and the blue-black origin of the liquid was now worthy of his waist after sitting cross-legged.

Seeing Yu Zhu also coming, Yu Yuan's face was slightly cold, and he said unhappily, "I didn't ask you to bring her down with me."

"There are too many evil spirits out there. I'm afraid that Shi'er will be hated by others and kill her while I'm not there." Zhiya explained lukewarmly.

The old devil grinned and sneered: "You are the one who is most hated by people. Everyone knows that the relationship between this girl and Yu Yuan, who would dare to kill her at this time?"

"I had to come with my mother!"

Yu Zhu tightly held Zhiya's hand, her face was full of stubbornness and her maintenance of Zhiya.

Of course she wasn't stupid. She knew that Zhiya was pulling her down, but she was worried that Yu Yuan would kill her.

"I didn't hurt you girl in vain."

Zhiya's icy heart as cold as crystals escaped with a hint of warmth, and she also held Yu Zhu's little hand tightly.

At this time, Yu Spider has become her confidence and support, allowing her to dare to talk to Yu Yuan, whose mana is almost perfect, in the vast heart.

As a small group of beings at the peak of the Three Realms, through the momentum of Yu Yuan in the pool, she knew that it was Bertans, the great demon **** who had returned from a foreign land, and was no longer Yu Yuan's opponent.

She also knew that there was another Yu Yuan on the other side of the barren world, who was also so terrifying and powerful.

The person who really forced the abyssal origin soul to escape this world and find another way out in the foreign land is definitely not the great devil Bertans, but Yu Yuan, who is about to have no flaws.

"What do you want to know?"

After calming down, Zhiya pretended to be calm and took the initiative to ask questions coldly.

"How did you breed that little Origin Beast? Also, how do you know it is a Origin Beast, and how do you know that it needs to feed on its origin?" Yu Yuan expressed his great confusion.

After the death of the real abyss, even the seven-layer illusory abyss and the source world also have a door.

Even if Zhiya obtained the secret of the existence of the "chaotic giant" through some of his fragmented memories, she should not be able to have the life seed to create a small primordial beast.

It has always been an unsolved mystery to Yu Yuan that Zhiya was able to get that little Origin Beast.

"Did it go to the other end?"

Chiya didn't answer the question.

Yu Yuan nodded lightly, and said: "I and my Yang God body on the other end communicated briefly through a long river of time. I found that there are also a few Chaos giants over there, which should also be from ours. The world has passed. The little Origin Beast you bred is like a duck over there, and it is growing through hunting."

Zhiya Feng's eyes showed a relieved expression, and she whispered: "It's fine, as long as it is still alive, I will never die."

"Tell me, how did you get it?" Yu Yuan said with an impatient face, "Don't force me, I now have the ability to search your memory directly from your mind and heart. !"

"you dare!"

Chiya's eyes flashed with madness again.

"Okay, don't waste everyone's time, tell us the origin of that little Origin Beast!" Bertans smoothed the game.

"You may not believe it."

Chiya took a breath and calmed herself down first, and then said a little awkwardly: "If I say, I suddenly got a revelation in a dream, as if I was favored by a god, and learned the mystery about the origin beast. , and obtained the life sequence that nurtured the primordial beast, would you believe it?"

Yu Yuan frowned: "Do you think I will believe it?"

Zhiya said with a cold face: "I knew you wouldn't believe it! So when you asked me for the first time, I didn't tell the truth. Because, even I couldn't believe it myself!"

"I myself can't believe that at a certain moment, when I realize the true meaning of life and blood, I will fall into a deep sleep in a daze. Even when I was in a deep sleep, I seemed to see a shadow hazy in a golden halo."

"Maybe it's a woman. I can't confirm it, but this golden shadow told me the secrets related to the Origin Beast, and also gave me a special life sequence that gave birth to the Origin Beast."

Zhiya gave an unbelievable answer.

Yu Yuan's face was cold and hard, and even Yu Zu was stunned, and felt that her mother was deliberately trying to prevaricate Yu Yuan.

In her mind, Chiya is almost omnipotent, in the abyss, the source world and the wild world, who can make her dream when she realizes the Tao, and can tell her how to breed the source beast?

"I believe it. It's because it's too outrageous, so I'm willing to believe what you say."

Unexpectedly, after being silent for a long time, the great devil Bertans suddenly said: "There is no such person in the source world, the desert world, including the dead abyss. But in my heart, there is a person who may be able to match the number. , her name is Stephanie, and she's called Destiny on the other end."

"She should be the one who gave you a special life sequence so that you could breed that little Origin Beast."

"Stephanie, she actually came to my world."

Bertans had a sullen face, and his mood suddenly turned bad, "She asked you to make a small Origin Beast, which feeds on the origin of the vastness, and also nibbled Yuan Li and the Little Spinosaurus."

"What does she want to do?"

In the world with many foreign lands, the source **** that the old demon really admires and fears is actually only Stephanie.

Hearst, the **** of time, although ranked ahead of him, was not in awe.

Because he believed he could surpass Hurst sooner or later.

Only the mysterious God of Destiny, Stephanie, who was the first to get rid of the enslavement of the source spirit, was also the first to sacrifice the source spirit, and created a majestic existence that conferred the gods by sacrificing the source spirit, would he let him There was no bottom in his heart, which made him feel deeply powerless and in awe.

The old devil did not expect that Stephanie had been to the source world and had secret contact with Zhiya.

What was even more unexpected was that the ferocious and powerful little Origin Beast was actually conceived by the demon phoenix under her instruction.


The huge body formed by Yu Yuan's fusion of colorful flesh and blood lay flat in the depths of the starry sky, whistling in the vast sea of ​​stars.

On his back, a "hump" is now bulging, and upon closer inspection, it turns out that it is the peak of fortune.

One by one, the desolate star fields crossed in Yu Yuan's whistling. His overwhelming consciousness swept the galaxy like a hurricane, searching for the hidden secrets of this world.

He wanted to see if there was a stone statue similar to Garuba, the God of Destruction, and if there were passages that had not been destroyed.

By erecting the stone statue, the Phoenix Queen disturbed the alien **** of destruction, Garuba, and the fact that she just came out with the fountain touched him.

He wanted to try to reproduce it.

But he searched for each star field, and did not sense anything, any area, there was a spatial anomaly that could be connected to the foreign field.

On this day, his terrifying body came to a star field where living creatures survived.

"It's it! Here it comes! Terrible Destroyer! Destroyer!"

In this star field, there are stars in the heaven and earth, the alien beasts who survived by chance, and the alien powerhouses in the barren world, looking up at Yu Yuan, whose colorful body almost covers the vast galaxy, feeling his suffocating pressure, they all uttered desperate expressions of despair. howling.

The turtles are hiding in this star field, and they are in a state of fear all day long. The creatures who feel that the doomsday will come at any time are like mourning.

The arrival of Yu Yuan's body seems to mean that the remaining star fields will be swallowed up by him and killed.

In the eyes of the remaining beings in the desolate world, he with a huge and colorful body is synonymous with the destroyer.

Suddenly, the mighty consciousness spread by Yu Yuan sensed the Phoenix Queen from them.

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