Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1884 - The Battle of Destiny Begins

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Chapter 1884: The Battle of Destiny Begins

Translator: CKtalon

The person’s entire body was wrapped in a gray robe, and his face couldn’t be seen at all. One couldn’t even tell if he was a man or a woman.

The person stood on the staircase and walked forward step by step. He didn’t take much effort to reach the Destiny Platform.

Terrifying energy gathered on the person’s body which resembled a huge bottomless pit. No amount of energy seemed to be able to make him react at all.

The entire process could be said to be uneventful. The scene switched to the rankings, and at the bottom of the rankings, the words “Holy God” appeared.

This attempt was somewhat baffling. One didn’t even know if Holy God was a human or a god before it ended.


All kinds of monsters have appeared. Holy God is also participating in the Destiny Battle. Who is he? Zhou Wen looked at the name on the rankings and couldn’t help but frown slightly.

This was because after Zhou Wen learned of the origins of the Holy Land, he had always suspected that Holy God was the former principal, but they were only his suspicions that he couldn’t confirm.

If it was really the former principal, three of the four people who had entered Chess Mountain were to participate in the Destiny Battle. Only Zhou Wen’s father hadn’t participated.

Just as Zhou Wen was pondering over it, he suddenly saw the Cube light up again. Another person had ascended the staircase.

When he saw them appear on the Cube’s screen, his heart couldn’t help but contract.

A figure enveloped by an immortal glow stood on the staircase and immortal light cascaded down from the figure, Zhou Wen could sense that it was definitely The Thearch.

She’s free… Although he had long known that such a day would come, Zhou Wen still paid attention when it happened.

Up to now, there were a total of two people who Zhou Wen was completely unable to match. One was Demonic Neonate who had recovered her Devil King body, and the other was The Thearch.

Although Wang Mingyuan was very strong, he wasn’t so strong that it exceeded Zhou Wen’s comprehension.

The Devil King and The Thearch had an incomprehensible strength.

Of course, that was in the past. Now that Zhou Wen had advanced to the Apocalypse grade, he could fight the two of them head-on. He would only know after they started fighting.

Now, Zhou Wen’s understanding of strength had reached a deeper level. He already had some concept of the Devil King and The Thearch’s strength.

Alright, I have to resolve everything after all. Let’s end this all at the Destiny Battle. Zhou Wen took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. He stared at the Cube’s screen, hoping to see how The Thearch would ascend Destiny Platform.

The various factions were also paying attention to the situation on the Destiny Platform. Everyone seemed to realize that the Cube’s battle was somewhat different.

Even though people didn’t know the importance of the Destiny Battle, they felt that something was different.

The Thearch stood on the first stone step and wasn’t in a rush to walk up. She only looked at the staircase calmly.

Time ticked by. Some people were puzzled as to why she wasn’t walking. Did she not have the ability to walk up?

Suddenly, the stone steps under The Thearch’s feet moved, but the stone steps didn’t fall into the bottomless abyss. Instead, they rose.

The Thearch stood on the stone steps as though she was ascending. The stone steps rose into the sky and slowly headed for Destiny Platform.

This scene stunned all the creatures in the world. Even the strongest Human Sovereign they acknowledged could only ignore the rules of the staircase and move freely on it, but not reverse the rules like her.

The stone steps slowly rose to the Destiny Platform. This wasn’t taking the staircase at all. It was more like taking the elevator.

Endless energy gathered in the sky like an endless sea that blotted out the sky.

Everyone waited for the phenomenon of the energy landing, but they were alarmed to see the immortal glow on The Thearch’s body bloom.

A gorgeous and magical glow illuminated the sky, instantly melting the sea of clouds that filled the sky. All the energy was scattered, revealing a blue-white void.


Her arrogance had no limits. Others received the baptism of Destiny, but The Thearch wiped it out.

My life is up to me, not the heavens. Who has the right to determine her limits, and what right did it have to decide her destiny?


The Cube’s ranking appeared. There was only one word on it.

This simple word appeared like an insurmountable mountain, but also like a sky that suppressed everything. It was unreachable.

Among the Immortals, countless Immortals silently raised their left hands towards the Cube’s screen with two fingers against their foreheads. This was the highest etiquette among the Immortals, representing their loyalty to their monarch.

Their monarch had returned.

From this moment on, the Immortals were no longer the fallen Immortals, but the strongest Immortals who had once reigned supreme.

Everyone that’s supposed to be here is here. On the divine mountain, Wang Mingyuan stared at the word ‘Immortal’ on the rankings with a burning gaze as though he was looking forward to something.

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How troublesome! Holy God wore a strange expression as he frowned at the word “Immortal.”

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