Martial God Asura - Chapter 5256: The Trial of the Strongest

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Chapter 5256: The Trial of the Strongest

“Why are you here, Chu Feng?”

Long Xiaoxiao had her beautiful eyes firmly locked on Chu Feng, not daring to look away for even the briefest instant out of fear that he would suddenly disappear.

“It’s a coincidence,” Chu Feng replied.

“Coincidence?” Long Xiaoxiao blinked her eyes in confusion, failing to grasp what Chu Feng meant.

“Cough cough…”

The white-robed man and black-robed man walked over.

“Junior, shouldn’t you introduce your friend to us?” the black-robed man asked.

“Chu Feng, these are my seniors.”

Long Xiaoxiao pointed to the white-robed man first, followed by the black-robed man. “First Senior Cheng Tianchan. Second Senior, Zhao Yunmo..”

Then, she looked at her two seniors and said, “First Senior and Second Senior, this is the most talented prodigy of our Holy Light Galaxy who I often tell you about, Chu Feng.”

“That sure is a coincidence. I didn’t think that I’d meet Brother Chu Feng here.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Brother Chu,”

Both Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo clasped their fists toward Chu Feng

“Same here.” Chu Feng clasped his fist in response.

Long Xiaoxiao proceeded to share what had happened to her after her parting with Chu Feng.

Back then, she was inflicted with a mysterious illness that couldn’t be treated no matter what they tried. Despite being in a coma, whenever the stars appeared in the night, she would raise her hand and point at the sky. The location where she was pointing was none other than the Totem Galaxy.

It was one thing if it had only happened once or twice, but she did it every night. The stars never remained in the same position, but she would always accurately point out the Totem Galaxy.

Thus, her parents deduced that the cure to Long Xiaoxiao’s illness lay in the Totem Galaxy, which led to them bringing her here.

Astonishingly, Long Xiaoxiao regained consciousness as soon as she arrived at the Totem Galaxy. Her bloodline also underwent changes that advanced her cultivation, propping her up to rank one Martial Exalted level. It even triggered a phenomenon.

The phenomenon drew in a powerful cultivator, who was impressed by her and took Long Xiaoxiao in as a disciple. This powerful cultivator had two other disciples, Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo.

None of this belonged to this realm. They were only here to handle a task, but by a stroke of coincidence, they learned about a series of abductions that had happened and investigated the matter. Their investigation eventually led them to Constellation Hall.

Chu Feng also told her how he had gotten here.

“So, you came here to save me? That sure is a coincidence.”

A radiant smile blossomed on Long Xiaoxiao’s gorgeous face when she learned that Chu Feng was here to save her. Her vibrant left Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo feeling a little uncomfortable.

They had long heard about Chu Feng from Long Xiaoxiao as she often praised him to the high heavens, but in their view, the Holy Light Galaxy was nothing more than a remote countryside that even dogs would avoid.

Even their strongest prodigy was likely to be no more than trash. It was unthinkable to them that anyone formidable could have come from there. Long Xiaoxiao only thought that Chu Feng was formidable because she hadn’t seen how huge the word was.

The two of them never thought that Chu Feng was a match for them, and they were confident that they could easily win Long Xiaoxiao’s heart.

Yet, it was clear as day to them that Long Xiaoxiao harbored feelings for Chu Feng. From the moment he appeared, her eyes had hardly left him. Even the smile on her face was something they had never seen before.

They had done many things to win Long Xiaoxiao’s heart, and the latter, being an outgoing person, was never shy when it came to expressing her delight either. However, she had never shown such elation before.

“See! There’s something wrong with the gazes of those two fellows. I told you that they’ll be your love rivals, but you refused to believe me. I reckon that they are cooking up schemes to secretly dispose of you lest you become an eyesore. You should be careful around them,” Eggy said.

Chu Feng also noticed the subtle changes in their expressions, but he chose to feign ignorance. As long as they didn’t do anything detrimental to him or Long Xiaoxiao, he wouldn’t make things hard for them.

“Chu Feng, we’ll be participating in the Trial of the Strongest. Why don’t you come along with us?” Long Xiaoxiao proposed.

“I’ll pass on that. I shan’t get in the way of your trial,” Chu Feng replied.

He had come here out of worry for Long Xiaoxiao’s safety, but now that he had confirmed that Long Xiaoxiao was safe and had even found a powerful master, he wanted to turn his attention back to dealing with the Situ World Spiritist Clan.

“Brother Chu Feng, this trial is open to the whole Totem Galaxy. You have been in the Totem Galaxy for quite some time now, but you haven’t heard of the Trial of the Strongest before?” Cheng Tianchan asked.

“I’m afraid not,” Chu Feng replied.

“Chu Feng, this is no ordinary trial. There’s a lot you can gain from it. It’s hosted by the Totem Dragon Clan, and they have spent three thousand years preparing for it. This is an opportunity not to be missed,” Long Xiaoxiao said.

“The Totem Dragon Clan has spent three thousand years preparing for it?”

Chu Feng was initially uninterested in the trial, but his interest was piqued when he heard that the Totem Dragon Clan had spent such a long time preparing it.

“What kind of trial is it?” he asked.

Cheng Tianchan, Zhao Yunmo, and Long Xiaoxiao quickly filled him in on the details.

To put it simply, the Trial of the Strongest was a tournament. There were four categories in the tournament, namely early Martial Exalted level, late Martial Exalted level, early Half-God level, and late Half-God level.

Early Martial Exalted level was defined to be cultivators between rank one Martial Exalted level to rank five.

Late Martial Exalted level was defined to be cultivators between rank six Martial Exalted level to rank nine.

Early Half-God level was defined to be cultivators between rank one Half-God level to rank five.

Late Half-God level was defined to be cultivators between rank six Half-God level to rank nine.

Interestingly, there were no age restrictions in all of the categories, and there were generous prizes to be won. All cultivators who participated in the tournament would receive something in return, just that the prizes hadn’t been announced yet.

However, the champions of each category would receive the Strongest Token.

“Those in possession of the Strongest Token will be entitled to the protection of the Totem Dragon Clan. It can only be used once, but what’s more important is that it embodies the recognition of the Totem Dragon Clan. Those who obtain this token will gain great prestige throughout the world of cultivation and receive the favor of countless powers. I wonder who will be the champion this time around,” Cheng Tianchan said enviously.

“I never thought that the Trial of the Strongest would commence so abruptly. Had I known in advance, I would have suppressed my cultivation at rank five Martial Exalted level. I might have stood a chance that way,” Zhao Yunmo said in lamentation.

“Second Senior, you wouldn’t be a match for them even if you had suppressed your cultivation. You should know how many prodigies have been suppressing their cultivation ever since the Totem Dragon Clan announced the event three thousand years ago.

“Many of them were renowned prodigies back in their era, though they were now three-thousand-year-old elders now. They chose to suppress their cultivation for so many years just to make their name in this fight.

“Furthermore, I heard that some of them have been nourishing their bodies using a special method to accumulate energy. This accumulated energy can only be released once, but you can be certain of its destructive prowess. Those people are just waiting for the Trial of the Strongest to commence so that they can show the world what they are capable of!

“Some even declared that they would die with no regrets as long as they could claim the title of the strongest!” Cheng Tianchan said.

“Eyy, you’re right. Those people are too tenacious. The young master of the Brokensword Mountain Manor, Ouyang Canjian, is one good example. He was a prodigy who awed the entire galaxy by reaching rank nine Martial Exalted level at ninety, but for the sake of excelling in the Trial of the Strongest, he suppressed his cultivation to this day.

“I heard that he hasn’t been slacking around over the past three thousand years. He devoted his time to master all of the martial skills of the Brokensword Mountain Manor. I reckon that he’ll be the champion for the late Martial Exalted level category,” Zhao Yunmo said.

“That’s hard to say. As formidable as Ouyang Canjian is, the juniors of the current generation aren’t to be made light of. There are at least four juniors who are able to put up a fight against Ouyang Canjian,” Cheng Tianchan said.

“Well, that’s true too.”

Zhao Yunmo didn’t deny those words. He was aware of how formidable the juniors of the present generation were.

“Is the Totem Dragon Clan not participating in the Trial of the Strongest?” Chu Feng asked.

He couldn’t help but notice that none of the names they had mentioned belonged to the Totem Dragon Clan. It seemed like the Totem Dragon Clan wasn’t participating in the tournament even though they were the ones hosting it.

“That’s right. No one from the Totem Dragon Clan is participating in the early Martial Exalted level, late Martial Exalted level, and late Half-God level categories,” Cheng Tianchan said.

“I see,” Chu Feng replied with a nod. “So, they are only participating in the early Half-God level category?”

“That’s right,” Cheng Tianchan replied.

“How unlucky,” Chu Feng remarked.

His interest in the Trial of the Strongest had already been piqued, but he was at an awkward position due to the recent breakthrough in his spirit power. Going by the classifications, he was only eligible for the early Half-God level trial, but that happened to be the category which the Totem Dragon Clan was participating in as well.

“Only the juniors of the Totem Dragon Clan will be participating, but it’s almost confirmed that Long Chengyu would clinch the champion seat for the early Half-God level category,” Cheng Tianchan said.

“Who is Long Chengyu?” Chu Feng asked.

“You don’t even know Long Chengyu?”

Both Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo were surprised to hear that question.

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