Martial God Asura - Chapter 5262: Even Rank Two Half-Gods Aren’t a Match for Me

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Chapter 5262: Even Rank Two Half-Gods Aren’t a Match for Me

“Chu Feng,” Long Xiaoxiao called out worriedly.

Chu Feng responded to her concern with a confident smile.

Sensing that Chu Feng was absolutely certain of victory, Long Xiaoxiao smiled in relief before taking a step back, opening up space for their fight.

The crowd also retreated as well, creating a sufficiently large space for Chu Feng and Liang Feng’s showdown.

“Any last words?” Chu Feng asked.

“Last words? I should be the one asking you that!” Liang Feng scoffed in response, unhappy that he hadn’t been able to think of cool lines like that.

“I guess you’re ready to die then,” Chu Feng said.

“Shit! How dare trash like you act so arrogantly? Do you think that I’m of the same caliber as the countryside bumpkins you associate with? I’ll let you know the vast difference between our galaxies. Even if I’m not the strongest prodigy in our Totem Galaxy, I can still crush you as easily as stepping on an ant!” Liang Feng bellowed.

Despite being angered, he still remained rational enough to activate his Lightning Armor as an additional layer of insurance. That further raised his cultivation to rank five Martial Exalted level. Then, he exerted his oppressive might on Chu Feng, crushing everything in the vicinity.

Much to the crowd’s shock, Chu Feng remained unharmed despite receiving the brunt of the oppressive might.


There was a loud explosion, and a thick layer of smoke puffed into the sky.

The crowd squinted their eyes to catch a closer look, only to be stunned to see Liang Feng lying on the ground. His chest had been penetrated by Chu Feng’s foot.

“That aura… He’s a rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivator!”

The crowd was dumbfounded, including Long Xiaoxiao.

She knew that Chu Feng was confident of defeating Liang Feng, but it had never occurred to her that he would actually be this powerful. She found it hard to believe how swiftly he was growing.

Even Mo Yuhan also raised her head to look at Chu Feng, but her gaze only lingered for a brief moment before she continued eating her meal.

“Brother Chu Feng, that’s enough. There’s no need to go that far,” Cheng Tianchan said.

He hadn’t expected Chu Feng to be this powerful. If he continued turning a blind eye to the situation, Liang Feng would be in grave danger.

“Brother Chu Feng, it’s only a spar. If you go any further, Liang Feng’s master won’t let you off. You won’t stand a chance against a rank two Half-God level cultivator!” Zhao Yunmo said.

Out of fear that Chu Feng wouldn’t listen to their advice, he even brought up Liang Feng’s master.

“Rank two Half-God level?” Chu Feng asked.

Liang Feng’s companion, Zhao Qing, quickly interjected, “My master, Daoist Wang Xi, is a rank two Half-God level cultivator. He’s already on the verge of a breakthrough and will be reaching rank three Half-God level very soon.”

“I see,” Chu Feng replied with a nod.

Seeing that, Liang Feng smiled. He thought that Chu Feng was intimidated.

But the next instant, Chu Feng raised his leg and stomped down on Liang Feng’s neck.

“We have already agreed to have a life-and-death battle. What kind of man would I be if I cower after having made a promise?” Chu Feng sneered before slowly retracting his leg.

The crowd’s mind went blank. None of them had expected Chu Feng to kill Liang Feng. How could someone from the Holy Light Galaxy be so brazen as to do something like this?

“Y-you… You actually killed him!” a man cried out.

“You have a problem with that? You’re free to step forward if you wish to avenge him. I’m standing right here,” Chu Feng said.

The man immediately lowered his head. He only looked down on Chu Feng because the latter was from the Holy Light Galaxy, but the latter clearly didn’t fear any of them. He didn’t want to foolishly become the second Liang Feng.

Those who were thinking of standing up for Liang Feng also hurriedly sealed their mouths. All of a sudden, a bizarre silence fell upon the massive palace.

“Brother Chu Feng, don’t you think that you have gone overboard?” Cheng Tianchan suddenly stepped forward and said.

“Brother Cheng, I know that you’re on good terms with Liang Feng. After all, you were the one who put him up against me,” Chu Feng said.

“W-what nonsense are you spouting?”

Cheng Tianchan widened his eyes in shock. There was no way he would admit to this matter, or else he would have to shoulder the blame of Liang Feng’s death.

“It doesn’t matter whether you admit to it or not. I have already killed Liang Feng, and I believe that he fully deserves it. If anyone has a problem with it, you’re free to avenge him right now,” Chu Feng said. “And that includes you too, Brother Cheng.”

“You!!!” Cheng Tianchan’s face turned livid.

While he was offended by Chu Feng’s defiant attitude, he dared not to fight Chu Feng in a life-and-death battle. It was not that he wasn’t confident of victory. On the contrary, he thought that he would still be able to defeat Chu Feng even if the latter was at rank eight Martial Exalted level.

What he was afraid of was the possibility of defeat. A misstep was all that was required for him to lose his life.

“Brother Chu Feng, I have really misjudged you. I didn’t think that you were such an unreasonable person!” Cheng Tianchan exclaimed.

“In other words, you’re afraid?” Chu Feng asked.

“Why would I be afraid of you? I’m just holding myself back out of consideration for Junior Long,” Cheng Tianchan said.

“You say that you care for your junior, but why didn’t you say a single word when Liang Feng confronted me earlier?” Chu Feng asked.

“I…” Cheng Tianchan was rendered speechless.

“Brother Cheng, it’s not a crime to be cowardly. We’re all born mortals; who aren’t afraid of death? What’s shameful here is your refusal to admit to your cowardice even though it’s clear as day,” Chu Feng said.

Cheng Tianchan’s face turned livid. He wanted to refute Chu Feng’s words, but he was unable to find an acceptable excuse.

The crowd also knew deep down that Cheng Tianchan was afraid.

“Xiaoxiao, it looks like I’m not welcomed here. Since that’s the case, I shan’t disturb your gathering any longer,” Chu Feng said before taking his leave.

“I’ll go with you.” Long Xiaoxiao said as she rose to her feet.

Just as they were about to step out of the room, Chu Feng suddenly stopped and turned around, saying, “I wish you all a pleasant day.”

Then, he left the palace together with Long Xiaoxiao.

“A pleasant day?”

The crowd fell silent. How were they supposed to have a pleasant day when one of them had been killed? At the same time, they felt frightful.

Not even in their wildest dreams had they expected the fellow from the Holy Light Galaxy to be this powerful and vicious.

“Brother Cheng, didn’t you say that Chu Feng’s rank three Martial Exalted level cultivation is nothing but an act? Why is he a rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivator all of a sudden?” a man asked Cheng Tianchan.

He was Cheng Tianchan’s good friend, and he had heard about Chu Feng prior to this gathering.

Cheng Tianchan revealed an awkward look and didn’t answer the question.

“He… Is he really a junior? How did such a junior appear from the Holy Light Galaxy? Is he even from the Holy Light Galaxy?” someone exclaimed.

They were more concerned with Chu Feng’s strength than Liang Feng’s death.

Long Xiaoxiao followed Chu Feng to his palace.

“Chu Feng, you sure hid it well. You have actually reached rank eight Martial Exalted level!” Long Xiaoxiao exclaimed in delight.

She finally understood why Chu Feng remained so fearless from the start to the end.

“Are you surprised?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course!” Long Xiaoxiao nodded her head vehemently.

“That’s good to hear. I didn’t tell you because I wanted to give you a surprise.”

“Did you know right from the start that my seniors would attempt something like this?”

“Don’t you know your seniors better than I do?”

“I didn’t think that they would do it right in front of me,” Long Xiaoxiao replied. Nervousness flickered across her eyes as she said, “Chu Feng, let’s leave now.”

“Why?” Chu Feng asked.

“Isn’t Liang Feng’s master a rank two Half-God level cultivator? You killed Liang Feng; his master won’t let you off,” Long Xiaoxiao said.

“Rest assured,” Chu Feng replied.

He opened up his palm and released a whiff of spirit power.


Long Xiaoxiao was so shocked that she could hardly close her eyes upon sensing the spirit power.

“You are a Gray Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist?” Long Xiaoxiao asked.

“I’m at White Dragon God-cloak, but Gray Dragon God-cloak World Spiritists and rank two Half-God level cultivators aren’t a match for me.”

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