Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8019 Offensive loss

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Borui slammed open the tent and immediately began to order troops.

"All the demon generals under my Borui follow the orders, and now call the manpower immediately, and must dare to replace Young Master Feng for me before Young Master Feng arrives!"

"I will never allow Young Master Feng to be without the protection of the demons!"

"Give you half a moment! Everyone must prepare and set off, otherwise, they will be beheaded!"

Borui was really ruthless this time, and no matter what the devil generals on the scene thought, he directly took his subordinates to chase people.

Jiang Yi was still looking at the demons present. "What, what are you going to do? Feng Tianxing said when he discussed with me at the beginning that he will attack at most half an hour after he arrives at the position. If you don't hurry, Feng Tianxing will be surrounded and die. span

. "

"Tsk tsk, thinking about General Sheluo, who was the most popular figure at this time, it's really miserable that the younger generation has ended up like this."

How could these demon generals withstand such stimulation, and in an instant, the entire tent became empty.

Order the troops, set off, and under the burning heart of the demon generals, they squeezed the little physical strength of their subordinates.

Jiang glanced at the camp where there was no longer a living person, and then returned to the hands that he had already prepared. "You all know the destination of this trip, right? The first 100 demons who arrive and still maintain their fighting power, the first demons who arrive will be rewarded with 100 pieces of silk, and the first 100 demons will be rewarded with two silks. Ten horses. The first thousand arrived

The Demon Race, reward a piece of silk. Set off. "

Immediately, the demons, who were like dark clouds covering the sun, scrambled to their destination.

And above their heads, is the leisurely ginger.

"Feng Tianxing, I've done almost what you taught me, and there's only one left to finish off with the offensive and siege."

"However, with such a tired crowd, can they really fight against Hurley's subordinates?"

"What the **** are you planning?"

Based on Jiang's understanding of Feng Tianxing, the plan this time was definitely not that simple.

This fighting style is like his command style.

Others might misunderstand that Feng Tianxing was sad because of the loss of his father, but Jiang knew that Feng Tianxing was more indifferent than all the demons present.

When we were drinking together last night, Jiang discovered that Feng Tianxing was not really sad, he was just a little lost.

Lost in the fall of such a good helper, there is no sense of bereavement at all.

From the current point of view, what he needs and what Feng Tianxing can give him are in a delicate balance.

Jiang can read it, but he can't understand it.

Everything about Feng Tianxing was like a huge cloud of suspicion, making it impossible to see his true face.

The plan of revenge this time is definitely not as simple as what Feng Tianxing told him last night.

His opponent is Hurley, and the subordinates that Hurley has trained for many years, are definitely not the miscellaneous soldiers gathered by the city lord soldiers he faced last time.

It is absolutely impossible for such a tired crowd to attack.

Glancing at the demons below, who had already started to divide into echelons, Jiang's eyes moved slightly.

Because he saw, in the distance of this group of demons, there are two or three demons that are also speeding.

"Heli's subordinates?" With a thought, Jiang burst into full speed and directly killed the group of demons, stopping them directly. He didn't even need to ask, Jiang knew that this was Heli's subordinates. , they dress too much


Jiang's heart flashed a trace of solemnity.

Hurley's men have been inquiring about their news?

That being said, they knew they were going to attack as early as yesterday.

It is impossible to hide the army dispatching, especially the remarks that Feng Tianxing announced in front of everyone last night.

"No, even if we are sneak attack this time, the other party is prepared."

"When they were prepared, our raid was killing them."

Just wanting to erase these two demons, quickly passed the news to Feng Tianxing.

The demon who was stopped laughed. "Even if you kill me today, it won't help, Young Master Jiang, I advise you to calm down, Feng Tianxing is now seeking his own death, if you don't join in and don't take revenge with us, we can pretend that what happened before today didn't happen.

. "

Such a threat made Jiang even more troublesome.

However, in the vagueness, Jiang seemed to think of something.

It was almost inevitable that Hurley sent someone to follow them as they left.

As a fellow disciple, who was also taught by Jia Luo himself, how could he not be prepared for this, especially Feng Tianxing, a ghost and ghost.

At that moment, Jiang gave up his plan to kill the two demons and smiled helplessly.

"That's fine, you go back and send a message to Hurley, I don't need anything else, but I need a piece of silk."

The two demons did not expect Jiang to change their minds so quickly. After the initial doubts, they nodded.

"Okay, we will convey your words to General Hurley, let's just say goodbye."

After they really left, Jiang also returned to the sky above his army, and he kept analyzing all Feng Tianxing's words last night in his mind.

The more he thought about it, the more doubtful clouds appeared.

The place where he drank yesterday, Feng Tianxing chose the edge of the camp, saying that he wanted to enjoy the moon as a pastime.

While drinking, there are many mentions of today's attack plan.

If all this is taken as a message to Hurley, what is his real purpose?

The west is exactly the direction that Hurley left. He only needs his subordinates to go to this place. What is the purpose?

With more and more doubts, Jiang Bai was puzzled, so he could only follow his subordinates closely and follow him along the way.

It was only late at night when Jiang brought his hands down to the predetermined location.

Just after half an hour of correction, there was already a commotion in the west, and a scream of flames and slaughter directly opened the final decisive battle.

Jiang glanced at his panting and unrecovered subordinates, so he could only bite the bullet and let them kill them, mainly cheering for them.

The noise lasted for a whole night, until dawn, when there was no movement in the west, all the demons retreated one after another.

Not long after, Borui sent someone to inquire about the situation.

They didn't gain anything in three ways. Hurley's camp was already prepared, and they didn't get any benefit from this trip.

"This matter is troublesome. If you retreat now, you will be pursued. You have to contact Shangfeng Tianxing quickly."

Before the messenger's words were finished, a demon came to the tent. "Master Feng's latest order has been issued, and please send messengers from all over the world as soon as possible."

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