Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8025 trust the wrong person

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Chapter 8025 Trust the wrong person

With the help of Thorol, the demons present cooperated one after another, and all their whereabouts were reported.

Even Sorol personally recorded his whereabouts in the past few days, giving a good start to the demons.

A large number of clues were reported, and Kant carefully read all these whereabouts.

It is true that the scope of management of each demon is a very small part, but now, Kant has the whereabouts of almost everyone, how to patrol, how to arrange, where there are key defense facilities, it is not easy to see at a glance What?

Taking the credit for this map, it can definitely be exchanged for enough benefits in Feng Tianxing's hands.

But this is not all of Kant's conspiracy.

In order to show his loyalty to Feng Tianxing, Kant could not wait to sell all of Hurley's family in exchange for his glory and wealth.

Driven by resources, Kant's brain burst into unprecedented wisdom.

"In this way, I need to compare. You ask your subordinates to report their whereabouts first, and I will study it with some of the magic generals of Sorol."

"I will personally come to arrange today's patrol later, and you will stay in your own station."

With Kant's plan, all the demons present were very cooperative.

Including Thorol, there are only five people in total, and the five of them almost determine the future of all the demons in this camp.

After this screening, Soroll shook his head for a while.

"This person is hiding too well, there are not many places that don't match."

Kant's performance is very determined.

These demons are not traitors in the first place, and they are not afraid of shadows, so how can they find out the problem.

The only person with problems is him Kant, but he doesn't have to report to anyone.

Naturally, no one will find out.

"I think Feng Tianxing is doing his best to confuse people like Kanser. We are all people who serve General Hurley. It is only natural that we can't find out."

"I don't think it's too early. General Thorol's patrol tonight has to ask you to be stationed. Let me do the arrangement for their patrol now."

The more Soroll looks at Kant now, the more he likes it.

This kid is loyal to General Hurley, and he knows that sharing his worries will be of great use in the future.

He nodded again and again.

"Okay, you can arrange it. The few of us are just discussing how to deal with the situation tonight. After tomorrow morning, after confirming that there are no other traitors inside, we will launch a general attack on the clamoring ants outside."

Kant also cheered a few times with these demons before leaving.

It's just that when he turned his back to everyone, the coldness of the corners of his mouth permeated his heart.


Your vitality will be greatly damaged today, and it is your ability to stick to this place tomorrow.

Kant directly found his two nearest magic generals.

Find one of them alone.

"Today I arranged for you and Jie Li to patrol, but you have to remember that Jie Li is the traitor. General Thorol and I have repeatedly confirmed, but we are worried that if we call him here, he may not be fooled, so you are on patrol this time. At that time, this traitor must be killed."

"In order to let him perform the task with peace of mind, thinking that he has not been discovered, I will tell him that you are a traitor. This matter must be kept secret, and no one can tell it. Remember, after it is completed, I will report your credit to Hurley. grown ups."

"Besides, there are many people who rebelled this time. Don't trust the words of others. Those with suspicious behavior will be killed."

This remark was also elaborated by Jie Li.

Not only Jie Li, but all the demon generals today have received such news, and the demons who are on the mission with them are traitors.

Their task is to kill these "traitors".

And the positions of all of them patrolling, in fact, point to a common destination, suspicious?

As long as there is doubt in the heart, everyone is suspicious.

Today, it must be a chaotic and **** battle, enough to cause serious internal damage to these demon generals, unless Thorol can find out the clues.

The orders issued today are all in the name of Thorol.

In order to prevent this last variable, Kant returned to Thorol's residence and told all his arrangements, but it was limited to reporting which two people were patrolling together.

After reassuring Thorol, Kant did not leave in a hurry. Instead, he secretly asked his good brother to go outside to find Feng Tianxing's men. Today's attack was a golden opportunity.

Kant has been waiting here for the news of his good brother. It was not until the flames outside and there was a commotion that Kant came to his senses. His good brother was afraid that he would not be able to escape. These demon generals sent out a carpet-like search.

There was a moment of annoyance in my heart, and a little happiness.

Sadly, his only remaining partner has disappeared without a trace. Fortunately, once he dies, the reward he can get will be a little more.

After all, his good brothers have all died here, so Feng Tianxing has nothing to comfort him.

Putting away the regret in his heart, Kant will continue this matter.

At least, you have to work hard to move forward for your own future.

Kant left the camp and took the initiative to report to Jiang. He still remembered seeing Jiang's camp yesterday, and now is a great opportunity to attack.

As soon as he had this idea, Kant saw two demons with bruised noses and bruised faces rushing towards Thorol's room.

At this moment, Kant no longer had the possibility of hesitation, and immediately got up and quickly fled outside.

"General Thorol, both of us have been ordered by Kant to say that the other party is a traitor. This matter must be thoroughly investigated. I suspect that Kant is avenging private revenge."

When Kant issued the order this time, he borrowed the name of Soroll, no matter from which point it should not be doubted.

Unless they have some contradictions themselves, they will be skeptical of Kant's words.

After all, they are enemies, and these two are also due to Kant's negligence. Although the relationship between the two is not good, they have met several times.

After this first round of attacks, the two stopped, and after checking carefully, they found the problem.

Report back immediately.

After Sorol heard the words of these two people, his face was more than stiff.

It was iron blue.

He naturally didn't think Soroll would have such a simple idea of ​​revenge, but at this time, he thought of a possibility that made his back even more chill.

This possibility, let him sit on the spot, already shivering, not knowing how to deal with it.

The sound of roaring and fighting in the distance outside seemed to have proved that his speculation was correct, but he didn't want to admit such a result at all, lowered his head and took a deep breath.

"I did something wrong,"

"General Hurley, I'm sorry for you."

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