Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8193 The only hiding place in the void

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The only hiding place in the void

Admiral Yan, who was busy among the army, did not guess that the two reinforcements he invited today were both ulterior motives.

He is still immersed in dealing with various problems left over by Feng Tianxing's dispatch of the army.

Although this workload is not large, it is firmly locked in this tent.

The endless and meaningless busyness continued for a whole day, and Feng Tianxing returned to the camp.

"Admiral Yan, I have carefully dispatched the demons around here, and have garrisoned all important places, just waiting for the void to strike."

Admiral Yan got up quickly, and sat down to rest against the wind.

"Thank you for your hard work. It's just that since yesterday, I've felt very uneasy in my heart. I'm not sure what the problem is."

Feng Tianxing looked outside, and then secretly covered the two of them with spiritual energy.

"It's normal to be restless. From what I know about the Lord of the main city, he won't let the reinforcements come so quickly. It will take at least half a month."

"Without support, relying on such a small amount of demons, I'm afraid it will be difficult to complete the task of resisting the void."

Admiral Yan frowned immediately.

"Then what can we do?"

Feng Tianxing stretched out his hand.

"Defeat Void, and destroy all these voids before the main city's Lord's men arrive. Then the credit will be ours, and the results will be ours. City Lord Luo can't say any nonsense, he can only watch."

"And after today, you can be regarded as a person with head and face. When the time comes, give this City Lord Luo a little kneeling and licking, and I guarantee that you will make a lot of money."

Admiral Yan thought for a moment, embarrassed.

"But isn't the task of defeating Void a bit too difficult? We don't seem to be Void's opponents."

The corners of Feng Tianxing's mouth raised slightly.

"Don't worry, your defeat is only due to your ignorance of Void. As long as you understand Void, as long as you know Void's weaknesses and ways of acting, you will be able to find a chance to defeat Void."

"In this way, I will be stationed here with City Lord Luo, and you immediately mobilize three thousand elite demons, at least the demons at the peak level of the body, go to Luofeng Mountain to find my clone, take him, your plan to raid the void will definitely able to succeed."

Seeing the hesitation on Admiral Yan's face, Feng Tianxing suddenly reached out and patted him **** the shoulder.

"I still have to hold on to City Lord Luo. I'm almost busy with everything I can be busy with you, and I have no reason to stay here. If I go with you, guess what City Lord Luo will think? Will not stab us in the back."

Admiral Yan shook his head helplessly.

"Okay, if that's the case, then I'll do what you want, but I'm not sure if I can defeat Void."

Feng Tianxing smiled.

"You don't need to do it yourself, you just need your cooperation. The strength of my avatar alone is enough to cause serious damage to the void. Moreover, I have arranged for people to come over in advance. When the time comes, you can just wait and see the good show."

With Feng Tianxing's persuasion, Admiral Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

He reluctantly bid farewell to Feng Tianxing, went all the way to Luofeng Mountain, and found Feng Tianxing's human avatar.

Feng Tianxing put his hands behind his back at this moment, looked at the natural danger that had shown signs of fading in the distance, then looked at Admiral Yan, and nodded.

"Three thousand perfect peak demons, the defeat of Void this time depends on your cooperation."

"This is my avatar of Feng Tianxing. I just wanted to find out the news of the human race and evolved it specially. I hope you don't mind my identity as a human race."

Admiral Yan heard Feng Tianxing's voice, and quickly spoke for Feng Tianxing.

"Admiral Feng has countless means, which are beyond our comparability, and we have no solution now, either fight or die, we have already determined this before you came, so I hope you can forget all this For the grievances, fight well with me and Feng Tianxing's clone."

Three thousand demons left the big camp, sneaked across the world, and killed all the way to the back of the void.

From the moment Admiral Yan set off, Feng Tianxing found Lord Luo, and waited for orders by his side, without any outrageous behavior, respectful like an ordinary servant.

With such an attitude, even though City Lord Luo felt a little displeased, he still did not break his face, and maintained a superficial friendship with Feng Tianxing.

If Feng Tianxing made any abnormal moves, he would strike and tear Feng Tianxing completely apart.

After all, they are people outside the main city, not such confidantes in the main city.

Regarding his choice, the Lord of the main city didn't think there was anything wrong with it. After all, he had grown up in such an environment since he was a child. Obviously, his superiority had been deeply engraved in his mind.

Feng Tianxing didn't have any dissatisfaction with the attitude of the city lord of the main city, nor did he feel anything wrong.

These several rebirth experiences have already calmed Feng Tianxing's mind a lot. Arguing over these trivial matters has no value, let alone any meaning.

Feng Tianxing calmly accepted all the attitudes of the Lord of the main city.

And this is just his performance. What he thinks in his mind is how to let the human race have a stable development space, and these powerful demons are the ones that need to be eradicated most.

Even if I become the Demon Emperor in the future, it is impossible to directly order to change my attitude towards the human race. Even if I order, with my future identity and status, I am afraid that it will have little effect.

In the final analysis, even if I use the body of the demon clan to inherit the identity of the demon emperor, I am still an outsider after all.

Did the Demon Emperor deliver any of his own soldiers to Feng Tianxing?

With no real power but only an empty name, most likely he will be bound by this title to work for the demons.

At this moment, Feng Tianxing's situation in front of the Demon Emperor is perfectly reproduced on the city lord of the main city. In their eyes, Feng Tianxing will always be an outsider, and it is "wise" to some extent to do things for them.

It's just that they didn't know that Feng Tianxing had already predicted this, whether it was the Demon Emperor or Luo City Lord.

With Admiral Yan leading the way, Feng Tianxing's avatar has crossed the natural barrier of Huicheng and came to the other side.

Three thousand demons are not too many, and the movement of the team is not too big. Coupled with the huge perspective of the void, and only one consciousness, it is obvious that this group of demons deliberately avoiding can't be found.

After leaving Tianxian, Admiral Yan asked Feng Tianxing.

"Where do we go next?"

Feng Tianxing was silent for a moment before speaking.

"In the beheading operation, Void has only one consciousness. No matter how many Voids are killed here, it will not affect the only body of the demons. We need to find Void's deity and kill him. The Voids you can see will be wiped out. .”

Admiral Yan frowned.

"But I don't know where this void deity is, will it be too disturbing to look for it now?"

Feng Tianxing's clone smiled lightly.

"Why do you need to find it yourself? Void has only one purpose. His body must be in the Grand Canyon. There is no other possibility."

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