Mechanical Alchemist - Chapter 550 sea ​​of ​​gold

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ten days later.

On the endless sea, a huge black-sailed ship was sailing.

Su Lun was meditating in the captain's room when a golden light suddenly flashed from the window, causing him to open his eyes.

Looking at the bright sunshine outside the window, he walked to the window with his heart. Looking through the glass, he saw golden waves.

"It turns out that it has already reached the Golden Sea..."

Seeing the charming golden ocean outside the window, Su Lun calculated the voyage in his heart and guessed the current position of the Dawn Mission.

This is a sea area marked as "Golden Sea" on the Dragon Land chart. Because there is a kind of golden yellow seaweed in the sea water, the sea water under the sunlight will reflect the golden light, like a liquid gold covering the ocean.

It is also a spectacular view that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Golden eyes flooded the cabin, making all the furniture in the room seem to be coated with a layer of gold paint.

At this moment, a lazy voice of Qianjo resounded in the room, "Hey, where have we been?"

"Golden Sea."

Su Lun responded, thinking about it and adding: "In about two or three days, we will reach the ruins of the ancient dragon country, which is also a real high-risk sea area.


These days, together with Mr. Hei from the Little Void Realm, he carefully studied all the classics and documents robbed by the Silver Dragon Royal Family, and compared with what Bartolo said, he almost confirmed a lot of information about the dangerous sea area. Along the way, there were frequent dangers.

That's right, they are about to arrive at the "Ruins of the Ancient Dragon Country".

After hunting the desk silver dragon, Su Lun and the others stopped following the magic airship castle.

Because it doesn't make much sense to follow.

Previously, the regiment destroyed three ten thousand regiments, but the next time they encounter, the opponent will definitely be prepared, and the battle is very risky.

Without the external force of Yinlong, the current Dawn Group does not have the strength to fight head-to-head with several 10,000-person corporations.

It won't be cheap at all.

Therefore, diverting the route to avoid it is the best choice.

And the purpose of those guys from the plane of the gods coming to the waters of the Land of Dragons is to find the [Fountain of Mimir].


Su Lun knew where the spring was, and he had a chart of the Land of Dragons in his hand, as well as Bartolo, a guide who had been to the ruins, and Tani and his mother Friedel, who had a sense of absolute navigation assistance. member. The probability of finding spring water is very high.

If you really want to be able to successfully cut the beard, it can be regarded as completely destroying the plan of those people on the plane of the gods, and it is even better than killing those people in the regiment.

So these days, Dawn has sailed all the way along the route that the Black Sam Pirates sailed thirty years ago.

Chijo's expression did not change at all when he heard this.

She stretched lazily, and the towering body, who was not bound by bandages, also trembled, and greeted Su Lun, "Go, let's go to the deck to get some air?"

Su Lun listened to Wei Wei's surprise, and a look of anticipation flashed in his eyes as he asked, "Sister Qianjo, have you broken through?"

Since the last time he hunted down that silver dragon, Qianjo has been in retreat.

She was so restless that she never went out, and she didn't think she wanted to go out today.

There must be a breakthrough in the realm.

Qianjoo listened to Yingmei raised his eyebrows slightly, not knowing that he was asking about the Sword God Realm; but that description was not accurate. She also found it troublesome to explain, so she only responded, "It's still early. It's just a little insight."


Su Lun listened and shrugged, and it really wasn't that easy to break through.

Thinking that he hadn't been on deck for a few days, he said, "Let's go, go up and have a look."

Qianjo also got up, took off the swordsman robe, went to the mirror, picked up the bandage and wrapped it, and pursed his mouth again, as if he felt that going out was always a hassle to bind his chest.

While wrapping her bosom, she looked at Su Lun who was looking in the mirror with great interest, ignoring the gaze, and only asked, "By the way, Dr. Banks's 'Thunder Dragon blood potion, has it been successfully developed? ?"

"not yet."

Su Lun shook his head and added: "But it should be soon. The laboratory said that the sample experiment is already in progress."

He knew Qiantiaowen's genetic medicine, and naturally he wanted to fuse the clone.

The seventh-order lightning blue dragon hunted by the Dawn Mission has been made into a breeding outfit [Isaac's Dragon-shaped Golden Body·Thunder Dragon].

However, because the main material is pure-blooded blue dragon, the rank of the cloned equipment produced is very high. Even if Qianjiao itself has a high affinity for the Thunder Element, the possibility of distortion of fusion is also very high.

Under normal circumstances, when she is eighth-order, she may have a certain degree of success in the fusion.

But fortunately, there are biological warlocks on the current alchemy plane and ceiling level in the dawn group, and there is still a shortcut to this fusion.

As long as the genetic medicine is successfully developed, it will be like her fifth-order fusion [Hand of the Void], as high as this legendary breeding equipment.

This kind of high-level breeding equipment will give the alchemist an irreplaceable advantage in combat power compared with the same level.

When Qianjo heard this, the expression in the mirror was slightly regretful, and he muttered: "Oh, that's a pity. I'm still thinking about integrating the seventh-order colony to see what happened to the eighth-order hegemony. What. After the last fight with the silver dragon, I vaguely touched some deep insights into domineering body protection. I have some clues in meditation these days, but my body is not strong enough to support some of my thoughts, and I don't know if it's right or not. …”


Su Lun's eyes twitched slightly.

This touches the perception of the eighth-order hegemony?

Just like when she felt that there was no threshold in the field of comprehension, these words always gave people a sense of pretence and intangible.

However, Su Lun was also full of joy and expectation.

Qianjo's strength is not entirely based on talent, and she has come one step at a time.

But Qianjo himself didn't seem to feel much about her exaggerated progress, and his expression remained calm. She had already wrapped her tube top and hung the sword on her waist.

The two went out.

At this moment, the deck of the Evernight was lively.

"Wow... I caught three more golden shells! Haha, I'm the 'first lucky star' in the group!"

"You can't count, Miss Nineteen is our ship's first lucky angel, huh!"

"Oh, of course, how can I compare to Captain Nineteen."


This golden sea not only has golden seaweed, but there are also many shellfish creatures that feed on seaweed, which gives them a very beautiful golden shell.

Although the gold content is not high, those golden shells and conch are natural works of art. If you really want to take Lu Yingmafa back to auction, it may not be cheaper than real gold.

The crew also salvaged in the sea with great interest, which was considered some small pleasures in the voyage.

As soon as Su Lun and Qianjo came up, they heard the voice of the first voyager, Stani, from the loudspeaker on the ship: "Everyone, be careful, we have already crossed the Giant Elephant Island, and the Titan Sea is ahead. The demon's territory is now, and there may be many large deep-sea monsters in the sea..."

Everyone looked back and saw Tani in the cockpit.

However, his warning not only did not make the atmosphere on the ship dignified, on the contrary, the crew laughed at him.

"Hahaha, are you going to improve the food tonight? Captain Tani, it's up to you, find those Krakens, and leave the rest to us 'Whaling Team, just fine!'"

"Oh, our 'artillery team, just launched new equipment, just need a big monster to test the firepower. If there is a monster with short eyes to attack the ship, it's up to us..."

"I can't let your artillery team do it! The prey that the artillery shot last time smelled like gunpowder, it's a waste..."

"Don't worry about eating it, my partner in the lab said that they need samples, so it's best to catch a few live ones!"


Everyone laughed and laughed, and the boat was full of laughter.

The battles over the years have also made the Dawn regiment's cohesion stronger and stronger, and the cooperation of the regiment members has become more and more tacit. For them who have already hunted two pure-blooded dragons, it seems that everything is not so difficult.

So that even if they encounter a powerful Kraken now, everyone will only think that there will be more rare and uneaten ingredients for dinner, not a risk.

Everyone has an inexplicable confidence that if they encounter difficulties, they will be able to solve it if they unite together.

The fresh sea breeze brushed against their cheeks, and both of them felt refreshed.

Suren and Chijo walked to the deck, listening to their mates talking about what to hunt for food tonight.

At this time, Luo Luota, who was practicing slashing the wind on the mast, saw Su Lun and the two who came out, and their expressions were instantly excited, and a light Yue landed on the deck.

She originally seemed to want to scare Su Lun and the two, but both of them were expressionless.

Lolota's boring expression that didn't frighten people for a moment, suddenly became full of anticipation, and a quirk flashed across those pure eyes, and he tentatively said: "Teacher, you have been in seclusion for so long, they all say you If you want to break through the Sword Saint, you must advance to the Sword God..."

Chijo listened to this and knocked her forehead with the scabbard angrily, "It's early! You girl didn't understand your sword intentions well, and you kept making jokes all day..."

"Oh, teacher, why are you hitting me on the head again?"

Lolota touched his forehead and pouted, "Mr. Hei said that people who always knock their heads will become stupid."

As she said that, she glanced at Su Lun next to her from the corner of her eye, revealing a playful smirk.

Su Lun couldn't help laughing too.

At this time of the conversation, the crew on the deck watched the two walk onto the deck and greeted each of them enthusiastically: "Mr. Su Lun, Sister Qianjo!"

The crowd gathered around and chatted with each other. Of course, the one who asked the most was whether Qianjo was an advanced swordsman.

Qiantiao's explanation was also a little helpless. It was difficult to describe the sacred realm, and the so-called Sword God realm was too general. She did touch the threshold of a little bit of slashing rules, but that little bit of understanding can't be described in words.

Coincidentally, it was probably because the noise was too loud that it disturbed the monsters on the seabed.

At this moment, there was a sound of waves, and a tentacle suddenly appeared on the sea in the distance.

Someone shouted excitedly: "Wow, just said the Kraken, the Kraken came to the door!"

Everyone looked at what they thought was a big eel, and they were already thinking about whether it was charcoal grilled or sashimi.

But looking at it again, countless tentacles emerged from the sea.

It turned out that it was not Rui Yu, but an ugly monster with sarcomas with tentacles. It has the multi-mouthed serrations that are the hallmark of **** creatures, and giant compound eyes that make the scalp tingling.

Compared with its bloated sarcoma body, the tentacles are very slender, like red lines.

No matter how you look at it, it is not a normal creature, but a deformed irregular monster.

Su Lun frowned, and identified it as [distorted **** titan ghost snake (sixth-order silver)].

The faces of the crew members who had been thinking about hunting sea beasts for food also became ugly.

"Ah... this siren looks so ugly. Is this stuff edible?"

"Is there any source of distortion around here? Otherwise, how can there be aberration monsters? It looks like the legendary **** born.


"Yeah. Such a huge monster is polluted and distorted, and the source of pollution is definitely not simple. We have to be careful."

Many of the members of the Dawn Regiment came out of the old Lingdon, and they were all too familiar with distortion.

Seeing this strangely-shaped monster in front of him, he naturally immediately thought of the source of the distortion.

Su Lun also frowned, and the first thing that came to mind was this question.

He was not surprised that there would be hell-species aberrations in the sea.

Because Bartolo said before, there are a large number of **** creatures and deformed creatures in the depths of the ancient dragon country ruins.

However, how could that biological belt appear in the vicinity of the Golden Sea, a few hundred nautical miles further west?

After thinking about it, the tentacle monster's tentacles danced like seaweed, and it looked like it was trying to trouble the dawn group?

Because of the Titan blood, this monster is very large, and there are many tentacles underwater.

There are ripples on the sea, and it looks like tentacles are coming over.

The Dawn Group, who was still interested in hunting sea monsters and eating meat, looked at them with disgust, and no one actively wanted to go to sea. On the contrary, the artilleryman is ready, ready to give the ugly monster two shots.

But at this moment, Chijo muttered, "It's ugly!"

As soon as the voice fell, a domineering sword energy rose into the sky on the deck.

Hearing the sharp sound of the long sword being unsheathed, there seemed to be a flash of cold light in front of him.

But if you look closely, you can only see the slow movement of her sheathing the knife.

At this time, a wave of air came late, blowing the robes of everyone on the deck hunting.

Su Lun's pupil power keenly captured her movements, and muttered in his heart: "Sure enough, it has become stronger again.


Looking at it again, the sword energy like a crack in the space quickly swept across the deck and went straight to the monster.

If you look at it from the side, you can see that this is a crescent moon sword energy. After the sword qi left the sword edge again, it became bigger and bigger, and finally became dozens of meters long.

A few hundred meters away, the sea monster had not yet come to the level, and a blood line appeared on the compound eye on its head. Then, with a sound of blood, half of his head slipped off, revealing a slashing wound with a smooth cut.

Cut in two, the scarlet burst!

Seeing this, everyone on the deck was stunned for a moment, and then burst into fierce cheers.

"Wow, Chijo-san is amazing!"

"This sword is too terrifying, killing such a powerful monster without accumulating energy?"

"My God, Chijo-san, is this the realm above the Sword Saint?"


There was a lot of excited discussion.

Even Su Lun felt strong when he saw it.

Just a random cut, a sixth-order silver-level monster was killed, which is really amazing.

At least the previous thousand pieces will definitely not be so easy.

And Su Lun saw something else, that sword qi was not just a physical slash, it seemed to be some kind of higher-level destruction.

Otherwise, the energy fluctuations visually detected are not enough to cut such a huge monster into two sections.

I haven't drawn a knife for so many days, and I feel panicked about Qiantiao's character. But looking at the results, she frowned slightly, as if she was not too satisfied, as if something was missing.

The monster was killed before it had time to act, and everyone in the Dawn Group was no longer excited to watch.

Some of the boats went to sea to salvage some body fragments.

You can't eat it, but it can also dismantle curse materials and leave some samples for the biological laboratory.

Su Lun and Qianjo were watching everyone busy on the side of the boat when they heard light footsteps.

Su Lun looked back and greeted with a smile, "Senior Bartolo, you are here."

Bartolo smiled and nodded, then turned to look at Qianjo, who he hadn't seen in ten days, and praised again: "The sword you just made was really good. Break the law with your mind, this path is very suitable for your swordsmanship. ”

Chijo listened with a look of respect, "Thank you for your previous guidance, senpai."

She also truthfully expressed her doubts about this senior who had pointed her to kendo many times, asking for advice: "Senior, when I cut out that sword just now, there seemed to be some resistance, so I wouldn't be able to cut it off. The power of the sword should be greater."

Bartolo listened with a complicated smile and explained: ''That is the backlash of the laws of heaven and earth. After the power reaches a certain limit, you will find that the laws begin to reject you, because you have gradually discovered the true meaning of 'them.' Originally, it was impossible for you to understand or touch it at this level, so it is normal for you to doubt. After you advance to the eighth level, you will understand. "

Qianjo didn't know if he understood it or not, and his face was thoughtful.

Anyway, Su Lun next to him didn't understand.

But I also understand that Qianjou's sword has the power of law beyond the rank itself.

However, when the two finished talking about kendo, Su Lun also pointed to the corpse of the deformed monster in the distance and asked, "Senior, I remember you said that monsters from **** should be further west. Is it normal to appear here?"

The sea area of ​​the Dragon Country is an extremely dangerous area, and Su Lun does not dare to be careless.

If there is any abnormality, it is best to understand it.

"That's what makes me weird too."

Hearing this, Bartolo also had a suspicious look on his face, and he pondered for a moment before replying: "When we came here more than 20 years ago, at least a few hundred nautical miles to the west would we encounter aberrant creatures from hell. This boundary is very clear, because the aberration monsters of the **** species only live in places where the atmosphere of **** is strong. here."

Su Lun understood in an instant, and asked: "You mean, that hellish air has spread over?"

Bartolo nodded and said, "This is the only possibility. Probably the **** volcano in the depths of the ruins erupted again, which caused the aura of **** to spread, and the monster's territory expanded to the outside."

After a pause, a dignified expression appeared in his eyes, and he added: "That is to say...from now on, we have actually entered the most dangerous zone."


Su Lun listened, his eyes slightly solemn.

Although they were following the route of the Black Sam regiment, the environment of many sea areas has changed in the past 30 years. Just like this aberration monster that appeared on the periphery.

In other words, even if they go in the same way, they will encounter many unforeseen dangers.

From now on, the real test begins.

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