Mechanical Alchemist - Chapter 551 Red Robe Archmage

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There was a drizzle in the sky.

The sea map of the Dragon Country is marked as the "troll sea" with the danger of three skulls.

Thirty years ago, when the Black Sam Pirates passed through this sea area, they encountered some giant Titan blood trolls. This kind of monster power is very terrifying, and it can easily lift a three-masted sea ship with its bare hands.

There are now.

However, it has become a more terrifying deformed corpse demon, and there are still a lot of them.

The dawn group sailed to this sea area, as if it had entered some monster's lair.

Without warning, the monster threw stones from the island, and the battle attracted a large number of monsters around.

The roar of artillery fire on the sea rang out for dozens of nautical miles.

"Artillery support! Two bursts of fire!"

"Come on, there are monsters in the sea, too. The whaling team goes into the water to kill them. Don't let the monsters damage the boat!"

"Waiting group, pay attention to attracting the newly attracted monsters from the periphery, and focus on killing this ugly big guy first!"


On the Eternal Night, the crew was in a fierce battle scene.

Suddenly, the observers on the observation deck issued an urgent warning: "Be careful, the flying stones are coming again!"

Even before those words fell, dozens of stones with a diameter of several meters shot from the island not far away like a torrential rain.

The sound of the breaking wind roared into the ears, like a meteor with terrifying power.

Seeing that the rain of stones was about to hit the Evernight, Lolota and a group of swordsmen jumped up from the deck. Everyone unleashed their knives in unison, and a few knives spread out a net pocket of sword energy in the sky.

In an instant, the flying boulder was cut into countless small pieces.

Although most of the stones fell into the sea, some watermelon-sized stones hit the hull densely, like cannonballs.

It is impossible for humans to smash dozens of stone **** of ten tons together like cannonballs.

But for the eighth-order lord [Titan Corpse Demon], who was more than 300 meters long, it was just a handful of "pebbles" in the palm of his hand.

Yes, it is 300 meters high.

That monster was even bigger than the hull of the Evernight!

On the island in the distance, Su Lun, Qianjo, Barrett, No. 19 and other high-level warriors are besieging this lord-level aberrant corpse demon.

This is an enlarged version of a troll, with humanoid limbs, but the head has been deformed into a fox face full of tentacles and pustules. On the monster's belly, there is a large blood basin full of dense fangs. In addition to the strong acid that can easily melt steel when its mouth is opened, its stomach is like a bottomless pit, and it can release countless scarlet tentacles to devour everything around it. And like cannonballs, sword energy, and all kinds of alchemy can still be swallowed.

The battle is raging.

For most monsters, volume is directly equivalent to combat power.

The huge body gives them terrifying strength and armor-like flesh.

And this [Titan Corpse Demon] is just like that. With a body more than 300 meters high, it has a power that human beings can't compete with and an almost inexplicable defense.

Because the body is too large, even if Su Lun's black sickle and a thousand swords slashed on the carrion layer, it would not hurt.

In terms of "blood volume" alone, it is not even inferior to the eighth-order silver dragon hunted by the previous Dawn regiment.

Fortunately, although the monster's rank is high, its response is clumsy, and it relies on both legs to walk. Compared to the flying dragons before, it was much easier to deal with.

As long as you are careful to avoid its attacks, it's not a big problem.

Su Lun and the others fought fiercely and consumed blood for more than half an hour before beheading the monster.

As soon as the lord monster died, the undead monsters in the nearby waters soon dispersed.

There is a special disposal team to clean up the battlefield, and Su Lun returned to the ship after the battle.

Walking to the deck, Bartolo looked at the corpse in the distance, still frowning.

Not only the melancholy of revisiting the old place, but also a trace of solemnity.

Su Lun walked over and asked, "Senior, have you seen anything?"

Bartolo didn't participate in the war just now. First, it was unnecessary, and second, the talent of No. 19's [Angel of Justice] had a bad premonition. Along the way, she always felt as if there was something coveting them.

Be careful, so I didn't let Bartolo's top combat power intervene. If anything happens, there can be a back-up.

Bartolo listened to his eyes and said thoughtfully, "The undead creatures are usually rarely too intelligent. So many monsters piled up here and attacked us, which is a bit unusual."


Su Lun naturally also noticed this.

There is an upper limit to the density of creatures in the area type, and there is no special reason why these monsters will not gather together.

He asked, "Senior, do you think someone did it deliberately?"

Bartolo said: "It's not necessarily human, it may be some special existence. The ancient dragon country is said to be the battlefield of ancient gods, and there are too many ancient secrets buried here. Besides, the eruption of **** volcano will bring many different planes. The undead creatures, it is too normal to have things beyond human cognition."


Su Lun frowned slightly, and said nothing.

Since they killed the aberration monster in the Golden Sea a few days ago, it has not stopped, and there are more and more monsters.

But if it's just a monster, it's okay to fight, if you can fight, you can run away.

I am afraid that I will encounter some "supernatural" existence that is beyond comprehension.

For example, the group of monsters encountered today always makes people feel that something is wrong.

Su Lun looked at the crow on the shoulder again, this one didn't call, which means that it is not fatal at present.

Before you come, you have already taken risks, and there is nothing to back down.

After a while, everyone dealt with the corpses of those monsters, and the Eternal Night continued to sail.

In order to prevent some special situations, double sentries are arranged on the deck, and some precision energy fluctuation detectors are also arranged, such as "infrasound wave detector", "psychological sensitive instrument", "thermal energy fluctuation instrument". Marfa these The research achievements in this area in the past year are extraordinary, and the performance is enough to replace most of the perception methods.

And of course Tani and his mother Friedel.

Multiple insurances virtually eliminate the possibility of inexplicably falling into a dangerous situation.

The boatmen also smeared the dragon's feces on the hull, so that some low-level monsters will not come to disturb them often.

So sailed into the night.

After entering the ruins of the Kingdom of Ancient Dragons, in order to avoid attracting monsters by the light, the Evernight has no lights at night.

Tonight's night is not too bright, this black sailboat is fine on the dark sea, like a ghost that blends into the night.

There is already a faint gray gas in the air, which is the gas of hell.

It is similar to the dark spiritual energy of the old Lingtun, it is a kind of death-type spiritual energy. Risk of distortion with prolonged inhalation.

But for Su Lun, this kind of spiritual energy has no negative impact on him, but it is very pleasant to breathe. The impurity of death in the spiritual energy, he can easily digest it now, which is very beneficial.

So he didn't practice in the cabin these few days, but often came to the deck at night to wander.

On deck, the sentries were wearing gas masks.

Seeing him coming, everyone greeted each other.

"Mr. Sullen!"


Because of the battle during the day, Su Lun always felt that something was a little strange, so he did not go back to the cabin after wandering around, but went under the main mast and jumped up.

On the sturdy mast, Chijo was meditating.

The sword meaning she realized was "Thundering Hell", which was learned from the Kingdom of Yellow Springs. Now that she encounters the real spirit of hell, she also feels that there is a kind of incomprehensible realization. And the closer you get to the core of the ancient dragon country ruins, the more perfect the law of heaven and earth is. This is a rare cultivation environment for the two of them who can digest the qi of hell.

The two did not speak, as usual, they meditated and meditated not far from each other.

Time flickered and it was midnight.

The moon in the sky has been completely covered by dark clouds, and the Eternal Night without lights seems to be in a black lacquer that can't be seen, and it is impossible to tell where is the water and where is the night.

With a top navigator like Tani, he was not worried about hitting the rocks, and the Evernight was still sneaking in the predetermined direction.

Su Lun put the black rune umbrella on his thigh, and his perception covered the whole ship.

There was only the sound of rushing water beside my ears.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes suddenly!

"someone is coming?"

Su Lun was also surprised.

Just now, a strange soul fluctuation suddenly appeared on the deck.

Even without looking at it, Su Lun is now familiar with distinguishing the soul of each of the tens of thousands of members of the group.

So I noticed this uninvited guest all of a sudden.

Finding the abnormality, Su Lun opened his eyes and looked at Qianjiao.

Just a reminder, Chijo opened her eyes immediately.

The two looked at each other, and she immediately understood, her hand had been quietly placed on the hilt of the sword.

The reason for such a reaction is because Su Lun perceives that the soul of the visitor is very fluctuating!

It was so strong that she thought it might be a "soul monster", not a human being.

Because even Master Pierre, who had met the ninth-order in Lingdun, never had such a powerful soul fluctuation.

In this sea of ​​​​there is no possibility of living people, there is a "person" suddenly, no matter what the situation is, people feel a chill on the back.

Where did "he" come from?

What does "he" want to do?

This guy is obviously so strong, and he sneaks onto the boat, which is very strange.

"Hey, did you find it directly?"

However, it didn't take long for Su Lun to discover that the guy was actually heading towards the main mast.

He immediately realized that this guy seemed to be coming for him?

Being able to capture his position so accurately in the dark night, Su Lun also thought of a possibility, that is, the other party can also distinguish the strength of the soul!

In the entire dawn group, the strongest soul is Su Lun himself.

Bartolo had joked before, saying that his soul was as strong as a monster.

Thinking of this, Su Lun suddenly flashed: "Is it a peer who cultivates the soul?"

Sure enough, after a few breaths, the soul wave walked silently under the main mast, and then "floated" up again.

Yes, it is floating!

Without alerting any sentinels, without touching any sensory instruments on board, he floated up like a ghost.

Although Su Lun himself hadn't seen the floating guy with his naked eyes, Mr. Crow on the top of the mast could see it clearly.

Uncle Crow is a dead bird, it can see any form of spiritual body

Su Lun frowned as he watched, but he still planned to strike first.

Just when this guy jumped up, he suddenly pulled out the black rune umbrella and slammed it behind him.

At the same time, there was a sound of a sharp blade clanging out of its sheath, Qianjo suddenly opened his eyes, and slashed with a knife.

The rune black umbrella has a special effect, that is, it can hit the soul.

And Qianjo's slash can also cut deadly physical slicing damage.

Now the combat power of the two can be regarded as the top professionals of the alchemy plane, and they have a tacit understanding. With perfect cooperation, there is no possibility for that person to dodge at all.

If not, this raid had a miraculous effect!

The sneaky guy wanted to get close, but he didn't think that as soon as he came up, he greeted him with a knife and a stick, and he didn't have time to react at all.

Su Lun didn't know why the other party maintained this "invisible" state without any trace, and even the spatial perception noticed that he did not exist. But when he came over, he didn't get motivated, that is to say, "he" was not an entity in the physical sense.

Probably used some kind of special magic tool.

At such a close distance, Su Lun has determined that this is definitely a living person.

Enemies who come with malice!

As long as it is human, it can be killed.

But at the moment of the sudden explosion, Qianjo's knife was one step faster than Su Lun.

That person probably felt that his ability could ignore the slash, so even if he was attacked, he didn't panic.

Qianjo slashed through the void, as if it had slashed into the sky, without cutting anything at all.

However, this knife is not intended to hurt the enemy, but to keep the enemy in this ghost-like state!

Just as the sword energy swept past this thousandth of an instant, Su Lun's rune black umbrella followed.

A magical scene was staged. On the empty mast, as if something had been hit by the rune black umbrella, a translucent figure was immediately revealed.

Su Lun sneered as he looked at it.

It was like the first time he met the "curator" and was stunned by this stick. The guy in front of him obviously didn't expect that a weapon could directly draw people's souls.

As soon as the translucent figure appeared, one could immediately see that his expression had a "shocked" stiffness.

Taking this opportunity, the sharp sword that Qiantiao had just chopped returned with a dozen slashes, and a flower wrapped in a domineering sword was cut out, immediately slicing the person into a dozen sections.


Su Lun's hand was still waving in the air, but his eyes narrowed slightly.

Because he clearly felt the other's soul collapsed, which was a sign of death.

But it shouldn't be so easy.

Su Lun thought in his mind, just thinking that it would be foolproof to harvest the soul of the enemy, however, a bizarre scene happened right in front of him.

He watched that the broken soul was suddenly reunited by an incomprehensible force, and then appeared on the sea a few hundred meters away.

Seeing this, Su Lun's pupils shrank suddenly: "Resurrection."

It's not surprising that he can't kill such a strong enemy the first time, and it's good to be able to sneak up on people to suffer a little.

But to his surprise, this guy actually mastered such divine arts.

Su Lun himself has been resurrected, how can I not know that this guy really died just now, and then came back to life!

But looking at the other party's clothes, he was not surprised immediately, and he muttered to himself: "The Archbishop of the Crusaders in the Heavenly Plane, the Eighth-Order Great Magister, no wonder he can borrow the power of the gods"

And the gods plane magician and other ranks are strict, the rank is the status, and their robes have obvious signs.

The eighth-order great magister does not necessarily wear this red robe, but the one who wears this kind of robe must be the great And there are still many people in the Holy See who can wear this kind of red robe with golden stripes. high position.

At least this guy in front of him is the highest-ranking person in Su Lun who has seen the plane of the gods!

But what Su Lun can't figure out is why this guy appeared in the waters of the ancient dragon country?

Also, did he come alone, or was there someone else?

Su Lun squinted into the depths of the night.

In any case, it seems that the situation is not quite right tonight when someone comes to the door.

Those guys on the plane of the gods have been hit so many times, and this time they must have a certain degree of certainty.

Last time, the 30,000-strong group was killed. Could it be that there are ten or eight?

However, what Su Lun didn't expect was that after watching it for a long time, it seemed that such a guy was here?

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