Mechanical Flesh - Chapter 633 ask for help

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The closed door opened, and Lina walked out slowly. From her eyes, Qi Yuan saw a deep exhaustion.

Qi Yuan was a little curious, what method did she use to wake up the cursed eye that was seriously injured and dying so quickly, and it would make people so tired.

"Your Excellency the Cursed Eye has awakened, please come in and talk." Lina said softly.

Qi Yuan and Mo Sheng walked into the room, the Cursed Eye had already sat up, half lying on the bed leaning on the white pillow.

Although the eye of the curse is still very weak, there is a trace of blood on his face, and the energy response in the body has also rebounded significantly.

Perhaps because it was too weak, the Cursed Eye could not maintain a complete force field shielding around him, which made Qi Yuan vaguely feel a strange energy fluctuation.

"Since I came back alive, I think Black Wing should have died in your hands." Cursed Eye said slowly.

Also a title-level powerhouse, although Black Wing is the enemy, the Eye of the Curse also wants to know the process of Black Wing's fall.

Qi Yuandian also knew what the Cursed Eye was thinking, nodded, and told the battle process in detail, not even ignoring the huge claw that appeared in the void.

After the Cursed Eye heard it, he was in a trance for a moment, and then fell into a long silence.

"Since it was the one who shot, Black Wing must be completely dead. I didn't expect Black Wing to be so mad that he dared to step into the restricted area of ​​the sky rashly."

Qi Yuan's heart moved, and the Cursed Eye seemed to understand the terrifying existence hidden in the lead cloud.

However, it is not difficult to understand, if it is not for the strong threat in the sky, with the strength of the eye of the curse, it must have already set foot in the field of the sky.

"What kind of strength is that one in the sky?" Qi Yuan asked.

The Cursed Eye sighed.

"Although that one has recorded several shots, he has never shown the whole picture. In the records of the Arms Headquarters of Doomsday, there are only a few words. So far, we don't even know what species it is, let alone what it is. Its specific strength, I only know that it is definitely not the life of Seablue Star, the sky is his domain, and it is a forbidden area that even the title-level powerhouse dare not set foot on."

"It's power is far more than Seablue Star, but as long as it doesn't violate the sky domain, it won't shoot casually. In fact, we have already acquiesced in its **** of the sky, even the group of lunatics from the Theological Society will not Dare to cross the line in any way in this matter."

Cursed Eye paused, as if he didn't want to continue talking on this topic.

"That existence is not what you should be in touch with now, you just need to remember that the sky is his domain."

"Compared to it, what you should pay more attention to now is the revenge from the Royal Mechanical Court. The news that Black Wing died in your hands will definitely not be concealed from the Royal Mechanical Court, and even the style of the supreme controller. Once he decides to take revenge, the next The next attack must be the other title-level powerhouses of the Mechanical Royal Court, you should consider leaving the Black Steel Sanctuary."

Qi Yuan nodded.

"We've thought about it, and if nothing else, we'll be leaving within a month."

"Have you considered where to go?" Cursed Eye asked.

"There are still some things that have not been solved. I want to solve these problems first, and then consider this problem." Qi Yuan said.

The Cursed Eye nodded slightly.

"If there is anything that needs help, just say that, whether it's Arms of Doom or Gate of Truth, or a few others, I have friends, and sometimes they can solve a lot of trouble with a single word."

The eye of the curse spoke very slowly and seriously. Qi Yuan knew that this was not a simple scene, and he really wanted to help.

Qi Yuan suddenly remembered Xia Zhiqiao from the Gate of Truth. She had already advanced to the ninth rank, but after leaving the Apocalypse, she disappeared silently. She must be in trouble. Those friends of the Eye of the Curse may be able to help.

The friends in the eyes of the curse must also be title-level powerhouses. No matter which force they are in, title-level powerhouses have a strong right to speak. If they are willing to help, even if they can't solve Xia Zhiqiao's predicament, at least they can give her a helping hand. A security guarantee.

He and Xia Zhiqiao have nothing to do with each other. If the Cursed Eye is rashly asked to inquire about Xia Zhiqiao's news, it will definitely arouse the Cursed Eye's suspicion. Although the Cursed Eye is not malicious, Qi Yuan still does not want to bury this suspicion. seed.

However, the Cursed Eye was the only title-level powerhouse that he had access to, and the only one who could solve Xia Zhiqiao's troubles.

Just when Qi Yuan hesitated, the Cursed Eye said slowly:

"I see the hesitation in your eyes."

"I know you have secrets. If you are just an ordinary Apocalypse, the Mechanical Royal Court will not hunt you from afar, and it is even more impossible for you to confront a powerhouse of Black Wing's level."

"I believe that you can become a title-level powerhouse in the near future. With the strength you have shown and your record of killing Black Wing, you are also eligible to be respected by the title-level powerhouse. This respect can make You avoid a lot of prying eyes, you avoid a lot of potential danger."

"Most of the time, being cautious is a good habit, but in many cases, you have to learn to use external forces. A person's strength is limited. Unless your strength is strong enough to crush all enemies, don't ignore external forces. Help, just like facing Black Wing this time, if you didn't show up, the dead person might be me."

Qi Yuan nodded lightly.

The Cursed Eye is like an elder reminding the younger generation, so that he starts to seriously examine himself. Although the super life form talent tree is powerful, it is not omnipotent. Now the enemies he faces are getting stronger and stronger, just super life form. The strength brought by the talent tree is no longer enough to defeat the enemy, and he really needs the help of external forces.

This is the case with Xia Zhiqiao. Although this will reveal some secrets, there are many secrets on his body. Compared with the super life form talent tree, many secrets are not so important.

After pondering for a while, Qi Yuan decided to ask the Eye of the Cursed for help.

"I have a friend at the Gate of Truth. She has been out of contact for a while. It is likely that some accidents have occurred. If possible, I hope to be able to inquire about her."

Cursed Eye heard the words, thought for a moment, and then said slowly:

"If I guessed correctly, your friend's name should be Xia Zhiqiao!"

Qi Yuan looked at the Cursed Eye in surprise.

"Looks like I guessed right." Cursed Eye said with a smile.

"Don't be so surprised. What happened recently at the Gate of Truth is no secret to me. I only need to compare it a little to make a guess."

"What happened to Xia Zhiqiao?" Qi Yuan asked.

"Her things are a bit complicated." Cursed Eye said slowly.

"Not long ago, she suddenly advanced to the ninth rank, which caused some people's suspicion and jealousy. Some people took the opportunity to attack her on the grounds that she might be involved with Mo Shengting. With Xia Zhiqiao's strength, she just needs to cooperate. Investigation, this kind of thing would not have caused her much trouble, but she unexpectedly chose to do it, and the target of the action was a title-level powerhouse."

"Although Xia Zhiqiao is not weak, he is obviously not an opponent of a title-level powerhouse. Although this conflict was quickly stopped, the follow-up impact was very complicated, and Xia Zhiqiao was taken into custody because of this."

"However, don't worry, Xia Zhiqiao has only lost his freedom temporarily, and there will be no danger to his life. No matter how fierce the infighting at the Gate of Truth is, it will maintain the bottom line. A ninth-order apocalypse is not an object that can be sacrificed by the way. "

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