Mechanical Flesh - Chapter 634

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Although the Cursed Eye was awake, his body was still weak. After chatting for a while, they saw that the Cursed Eye was a little tired. Qi Yuan and Mo Sheng then got up and said goodbye.

After the two left, Lina closed the door, and the invisible force field enveloped the room again, blocking out all prying eyes again.

Lina walked over to the bed, helped the Cursed Eye cover her quilt, and said softly:

"Qi Yuan seems to have found some clues from the recovery of your injury."

Cursed Eye closed his eyes and said slowly:

"Qi Yuan is very smart. Although he is just entering the apocalypse for the first time, in some places, he is more sensitive than many peak apocalypse. He can find some clues, which is expected."

"This is your secret. Once it is leaked, it may threaten your safety," Lina said.

"Don't worry," said Cursed Eye.

"I can see that Qi Yuan has no ill will towards me, and you also underestimate him. If he can resist the hunting of the mechanical royal court, he will definitely become a title-level powerhouse."

Lina was stunned for a moment. As the assistant of the Cursed Eye, she knew the Cursed Eye very well, so she knew exactly what this sentence meant.

The Cursed Eye is not only a title-level powerhouse, but also a mysterious domain. His evaluation of Qi Yuan is not a simple compliment, but a prophetic affirmation.

Judging from past experience, most of the prophecies of the Cursed Eye have finally come true in various ways.

After following the Cursed Eye for so many years, Qi Yuan is the second person to have the Cursed Eye make such a prophecy.

And the first person so prophesied by the Cursed Eye has now become a title-level powerhouse!

Lina began to re-examine Qi Yuan in her heart. Although this young man has begun to emerge, there are also many talented young people in the headquarters. They are even more dazzling than Qi Yuan at the moment. No matter from which angle, Qi Yuan is not. will be better than them.

After all, Qi Yuan is just entering the apocalypse for the first time, and there is still a long distance from the title-level powerhouse.

But since the Cursed Eye is so optimistic about him, there must be some advantages in Qi Yuan that he has not discovered.

"At the gate of truth, I am unable to go personally because of my current injury. Please help me contact the Sword of Light and Xia Zhiqiao. Please pay attention to him."

Lina nodded, the Sword of Light is an old-fashioned title-level powerhouse of the Gate of Truth. It is not only powerful in itself, but also holds great authority in his hands. As long as he says a word, no matter who wants to deal with Xia Zhiqiao, he must first Consider whether you can withstand the anger of the Sword of Light.

"You go out first, I need to rest." Cursed Eye said.

Lina turned away silently, closed the door from the outside, and then silently guarded the door.

The Cursed Eye lay on the bed drowsy and fell asleep, but his own breath began to rise and fall like a wave. In the constant ups and downs, his injuries quickly recovered.

The awakening of the Cursed Eye, like a sea-fixing needle, gave the directors of the Black Steel Sanctuary strong confidence, and everything began to develop in a positive direction.

Jiang Ming and Shang Yu also woke up from their coma shortly after the Cursed Eye woke up.

On the side of the star energy stone mine, the shelter has also arranged for people to mine star energy stone. Because of the aftermath of that battle, there are no powerful insects and beasts near the star energy stone mine. , was also driven away by the strong men stationed in the shelter. A large number of refugees entered the mine under the employment of the shelter. It is foreseeable that a large number of star energy stone ore will be sent back to the shelter soon. The main force of this battle, Qi Yuan and Mo Sheng will get a lot of shares.

On the other hand, Ah Jiu's cracking has made great progress. She not only cracked the last instructions before Mo Lin left, but also found the person who left behind the secret defense method.

"Mo Lin's last order is the "Scorched Earth Plan" that continues to the Mechanical Court. Once he succeeds, the entire Black Steel Sanctuary will be turned into ruins in the explosion. Under the title-level powerhouse, I am afraid that no one will be able to survive. Come down." Ah Jiu said.

Qi Yuan picked up the mechanical creation on the table with a serious expression. Although he believed that Ah Jiu would not lie about this kind of thing, the result was still a little too terrifying.

Qi Yuan tried to input Morin's instructions into the metal creation, and soon the energy matrix inside changed, and a blazing energy was released along with it.

However, under the order force field, this group of blazing energy comparable to a mid-level capable person's full-strength blow was suppressed before it could burst into too strong destructive power.

This level of energy is certainly not enough to destroy the Black Steel Sanctuary, but if combined with some other means, such as the explosion of a large number of energy cores, then this mass of energy is enough to destroy the entire Sanctuary.

"I was careless, and almost let Mo Lin destroy the entire Sanctuary." Qi Yuan said with lingering fears.

Hundreds of thousands of people live in the Black Steel Shelter, and once the "Scorched Earth Project" succeeds, all of them will die instantly.

Qi Yuan suppressed the fear in his heart and clicked on another piece of information. When he saw the familiar name, he was suddenly stunned.

Talk about autumn!

It turned out to be about autumn!

Qi Yuan looked at A Jiu and said seriously, "Are you sure that Tan Qiu is the hider, not a scapegoat brought out by the hider?"

"I'm very sure." Ah Jiu said.

"After obtaining your permission, the data and information of the Black Steel Sanctuary are in front of me, and there is no secret. I confirm that Tan Qiu is the last hider, and she is a member of the divine organization!"

Qi Yuan fell silent. Although Tan Qiu's research strength is very strong, her combat power is not strong, even if she is only at the fourth rank now, such a woman is actually a member of the divine envoy organization, and her status is higher than Mo Lin!

He has been bound to the end of the world, so he is naturally in an opposite position to the angels of God.

But for Tan Qiu, Qi Yuan doesn't really want to become an enemy with her. After all, Tan Qiu gave him a lot of help at the beginning. No matter when he was weak or strong, the relationship between the two parties has always been good. One of the few friends at Blacksteel Sanctuary.

If the lurker is someone like Mo Lin who regards the life and death of hundreds of thousands of people in the shelter as a must, he can kill him without hesitation, but Qi Yuan feels a little difficult to start with Tan Qiu.

"Perhaps you can talk to him in person." Ah Jiu also saw Qi Yuan's hesitation.

"Judging from the data defense left by Tan Qiu, she should be different from Mo Lin. At least she doesn't think about killing people, but saving people."

At this moment, Qi Yuan's private information terminal suddenly received a message.

Seeing the person who wrote the letter, Qi Yuan raised his brows.

The person who wrote the letter was Tan Qiu, and the content of the message was very simple.

"Tomorrow morning at eight o'clock, the seventh laboratory, see you."

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