MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 860: The final war (3)

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Chapter 860: The final war (3)

Rudra took on the knight of the emperor form and began his counterattack against four tier 5 enemies at once.

Rudra knew that the only way to ensure that the enemies actively engaged with him in battle and not try to run away was if he started to deal incredible amounts of damage to the city and to the devil's army, which was why Rudra chose to go for the giant form for this battle.

The knight of the empire took massive amounts of MP to mentain however it had unparalleled PVE abilities , especially now that he had Excalibur.

Excalibur was extended until it became a sword worthy of being wielded by a giant and Rudra used it to unleash powerful slashes that could wipe entire sectors of the city , causing massive enemy casualties and forcing the tier 5 commanders to personally jump into action.

The compromise that Rudra gave for mentaining his massive form was his agility , as while his attack and defense were very high when a high speed moving target attacked him from range he was but a sitting duck.

It was exactly what the tier 5 commanders did as the four of them circled Rudra as fast as possible and unleashed a flurry of tier 4 and 5 attacks onto his massive body which was rocked by continuous explosions.

Rudra tried to pinpoint the location of one of the enemies and swung his sword to crush him, however he was too slow and the enemy cricled behind him and used a wind blast so powerful that it knocked Rudra off his feet making him crash into the ground crushing 40 houses.

Rudra shook off the dust and got back on his feet once more as he reduced the size of his avatar to a more reasonable 20 feet tall as he gained the necessary speed to fight now.

For two days Rudra clashes and hunted against the enemy commanders, their battle turning the city into rubble, however right when he was close to defeating an enemy general and finishing him off , another would interfere and cause a distraction big enough for one to escape.

In the end he was able to kill only two while the other two were gravely injured , their weapons broken and their shields battered when a trajedy befell upon the army of death.


( At the same time Karna)

Karna had taken over the second legion as it's commander and while Rudra was busy destroying the city in his epic battle, Karna was busy leading the second legion into fighting a meaningful fight as enemy tier 4 generals obliterated their advance.

Karna fought like a true madman as he defended his troops against an onslaught of 11 tier 4 generals at once without conceding an inch of land.

The second division humans and demons alike started to call him 'the lion' because of how he battled against a pack of wolves alone, just to give his division some breathing room against an overwhelmingly strong opposition.

His bravery inspired many and as Rudra kept slaughtering the enemy commanders one after another, Karna began to see hope in all this as he was sure that once Rudra finished off the tier 5 commanders wiping off the small fries would take a few hours at max for him.

Karna was more or less confident in the battle that the gods were fighting at the forefront as Lucifer seemed to progressively loose HP and was clearly outmatched. However, when he saw the impossible occur before his eyes , Karna felt like the blood in his veins had ran cold.


Lucifer purposefully slowed down his speed of defending about one nanosecond after each strike.

It was so slow a change that Hades and Omar thought Lucifer must be slowing down because of accumulating damage, but that was not the case at all.

The epic battle raged on for 2 days nonstop and hundereds of thousands of blows were exchanged between the gods and the devil until finally he was no longer able to keep up with the defense at all and was being brutally hammered by the combined attack of the two god's at once.

The terrain below the gods had been completely destroyed as even the last traces of rock were impossible to find under them as only boiling hot magma could be seen.

The battle they had over the last two days was so intense that the shockwaves created by them exchanging blows destroyed the layer of land under their feet and eroded it until not even Ash was left of the land that was once solid.

The devil teethered at a dangerously low orange HP and looked to be visibly exasperated. The god's saw their opening and charged into deal a major blow to the devil as Omar swung his sword aiming for Lucifer's torso from the left while Hades swung his scythe aiming for his head from the right.

However both of them did this while being within a 2 meter radius of Lucifer and it was exactly the chance that the devil had been looking for since the past two days as his eyes shined and he switched the pace of his defense to display his agility to the maximum as he narrowly dodged Omar's sword and grabbed his sword arm by the wrist and threw him into Hades whose scythe missed Lucifer's head by a hairs breath due to Omar colliding into him.

Before either of the god's could react to the change in the devil's speed, Lucifer unleashed his Trump Card.

[ GRAND MOVE : PRISON OF DARKNESS! ] - The prison of darkness started to envelop the gods and Omar instantly tried to retaliate by unleashing his strongest flames, but the darkness surrounding his body was too powerful and the flames of even tier 6 were snuffed out could when it touched the devil's darkness.

Hades too tried to forcefully hold open the edges of darkness before they closed in and complete the prison around him. However although he used enough force to practically rip his muscles off , he could not hold the darkness from closing in around him as eventually it did and completely snuffed out the light around him.

Once the prison was complete and the god's were sealed inside , the only sense that they had connected to the outside world was sound. Neither could they see or smell anything inside the prison as even Omar burning a flame in his palm was unable to see the fire burning although he could clearly feel the familiar hear in his palms.

It was only when he placed it extremely close to his own eyes that he could see the fire burning as it seemed that the light it emitted was being frantically devoured by the darkness of the prison.

" Let me out Lucifer you dog ". Hades cursed his tone sounding rough and barbaric.

Hades could not beleive they fell for such a trick , he had genuinely beleived that Lucifer was slowing down from all the damage which was why he was not more cautious while going in for an attack.

" HAHAHAHAHAHA , CAUGHT YOU LIKE THE RATS YOU ARE ". Lucifer taunted Hades and Omar as he could not beleive that he actually pulled it off.

The devil was beyond elated as he could see himself finally emerging out of this war the victor.

Hades within the prison could not understand what was stopping them from breaking through and going all out in trying to break-free but when even his strongest tier 6 move was unable to break the prison of darkness the god of death realised that the prison was impossible to be broken from the inside.

" What sorcerery is this , why can't we break this encirclement? ". Hades asked Omar clearly bewildered.

Hades kept hitting the same spot on the wall with his scythe again and again , however the surface of the prison of darkness did not seem to be scratched much less show visible signs of damage as it seemed as if the two god's had been sealed inside by the devil without any means to break out.

Omar calmly placed his hands over Hades's shoulder as he said " Don't waste your energy my friend , now all we can do is trust in our commanders ".

Hades who was clearly panting after unleashing his big move and constantly hacking with his scythe exhaled sharply as he heard this.

Hades was angry , really really angry, not because he was trapped inside the prison but because this was the second time that Lucifer had tricked him in battle.

Even two millennia ago this was exactly how he had been put to sleep as the devil tricked him in battle to defeat him.

It was like the old saying , fool me once and shame on you , fool me twice then shame on me!

Hades had been fooled twice , Rudra had warned him that the devil was crafty and must have something up his sleeve , but Hades was too conceited. The battle was going so well for him that he failed to notice the trick behind Lucifer's moves and eventually fell into this miserable state.

Hades swore internally that if he got out of this prison , he would not give the devil any chances of using any tricks again and would only rest on his scattered ashes. However for now all his hopes were on his pope Shakuni.

As if reading his mind , right at this moment Lucifer shouted " SHAKUNI YOU FILTHY HUMAN SCUM , COME SHOW YOURSELF. THE DEVIL IS HERE TO COLLECT YOUR SOUL ".

Lucifer's voice reverberated for thousands of killometers across hell ,and even reached the capital city and Rudra as when Rudra looked towards the source of the voice in the distance he could see the devil floating above magma with a huge ball of darkness attached to his extended right arm as he stared straight towards Rudra's direction.

A cold chill ran down Rudra's spine, the one outcome he dreaded the most was upon him. It seemed that Omar and Hades had been somehow counted out of the war picture by the devil.

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