MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 861: The endgame

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Chapter 861: The endgame

Lucifer unflurred his aura in all its majesty as he approached the city and one after another weaker troops began to downright die or be paralysed as Lucifer approached closer.

In a matter of 5 minutes there were over 30 million casualties on both sides combined as while the tier 2 and under troops were wiped out completely, the tier 3 troops were immobilized completely from action and the tier 4 troops faced a heavy 50% Strength debuff.

Rudra himself lost 10% of his strength but it did not matter much as he too unleashed his aura and flew to the sky to face Lucifer head-on , completely ignoring the tier 5 commanders he was hunting a moment ago who seemed to be extremely delighted by this turn of events.

In an almost maniacal tone the devil said " Do you know that i have lived for over 40,000 years now. 40,000! Does your mortal human brain even comprehend how long of a time it is ?

Do you understand that it took me 174 years to conquer hell! ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FOUR long years until i clawed and scratched and whispered in the ears of demons to turn on their master and slowly gather momentum to take over this realm.

Yet now when I am the ruler and it's my turn to defend, YOU take over the same realm in 9 short months?

9 FUC**** MONTHS ?

Let me tell you something, Shakuni of the elites, in my 40,000 years of existance this is the ONLY occasion where i felt like maybe i am not as cunning as i thought myself to be as there is clearly a more vile and sinister man out there ".

Rudra heard the frustration in Lucifer's voice as he graciously bowed and said " Thankyou for the compliment ".

Lucifer scowled and waved his left arm unleashing a wave of terrifying darkness mana to defend against which Rudra had to fly backwards fast but was still knocked a fair distance back.

" SHUTUP AND LISTEN MORTAL, UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR LAST MOMENTS TO COME EVEN SOONER". Lucifer's bloodshot eyes told Rudra to close his mouth as the devil looked very much over the edge at the moment.

" Time and time again you have foiled my plans to defeat that peace loving beniogre and snub her weak followers for once and for all and although i know you might think coming from the light faction that I Lucifer am an evil bas****. But let me give you the shock of the century, i am not! " Lucifer said in a fast monologue as he took a few breaths afterwards before continuing again

" A chocolate world where nobody harms nobody? That is the sureshot way to send any race to their damnation.

What i offer to humanity is the natural order of the world. Survival of the fittest.

If you were honest with yourself mortal you would understand that it's way better than what beniogre or Hades offers for that matter and which is exactly why I ALMOST , ALMOST nearly regret not obtaining a subordinate like you because together you and me would have been unstoppable.

The three realms United under my crown and you would have been my commander ". Lucifer looked at Rudra as if looking at a weapon that he could not utilize and there was pain in his eyes when he said this.

"But i do not regret it , because I HATE YOUR STUPID GUTS , i hate your face , i hate the fake wings on your back and i hate the stupid guild you created that has foiled my plans again and again and again.

But no more.

Today i sealed your god's.

Today i shall slay you

Today i shall end your guild for once and for all because I LUCIFER HAVE HAD ENOUGH "

Lucifer summoned his sword in his left arm as he dashed towards Rudra once more , this time with the intent to kill.

Lucifer was past the tipping point. The past two days of fighting had been incredibly frustrating for the devil and now everything he had been feeling for the past 9 months , the pain , the suffering , the humiliation was all exploding out as his monologue.

Rudra had hoped that it never came to the two of them squaring off. Him against Lucifer alone , hence preparing the ' Holy Lance ' move as he watched Lucifer like a hawk approaching towards him , Rudra said " Well , just like you, I also have had my fair share of problems in my rise to stand against you here today.

AND I WILL BE DAMNED , If everything i have done so far is to only fall to your sword here.

I don't care if you are a god or the devil or the unnamed god's daughter herself , Today I fight you with everything i have got ! ".

The two tier 5 commanders seemingly misunderstood Lucifer's intentions and tried to jump on Rudra before the devil , but Lucifer quickly let out a pulse of darkness knocking them both aside as he angrily said " Out of my way punks ".

The hate he had against Rudra could only be satisfied with the blood of Rudra on his sword and nothing else , which was why he would not let anyone interfere in this battle here today.

As the two exchanged their first sword blow, everyone on the battlefield tier 4 and above and nearly 70 billion humans on earth stopped fighting or doing their work to solely focus on this clash where a man took on a god

One vs one!

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