Naruto Coming To Marvel - Chapter 609 Santa and Firefox

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a week later.

In the past week, he finally regained control of the skyrocketing chakra, and at the same time sent a batch of Fei Lei Shen Kuai ordered by the Red Queen, and he divided the Kuwu into two parts, one of which was I gave it to Minato Namikaze, and the other was branded with the Flying Thunder God technique and put it in the storage space.

During this time, Charlotte left all the techniques of the Flying Thunder God in the base, the office, and many safe houses, so that he could use the Flying Thunder God's technique for teleportation.

Because he was busy practicing, Coulson was closed at Charlotte's base, and he didn't see Charlotte, let alone make a deal.

At this time, Charlotte Doyle was sitting on the plane, and he was now going to a remote mountain village in Australia, where Zuozhu and the others met Gilgamesh and Santana of the Eternals.

Soon Charlotte said that the plane blocked the nearest airport to the mountain village, and then drove all the way to the destination by car. After getting close to the place, Charlotte asked the driver to go back, and walked towards the place on foot.

I don't know how long after walking over a hill, in a desolate land, Charlotte saw a house and an old tree erected not far from the house, and under the old tree sat a man in white clothes. woman.

After seeing the target, Charlotte walked towards the woman's position and quickly came to a place not far from her at Charlotte's speed.

At this time, Santana was sitting under the tree, wondering if she was meditating or doing something, and didn't care about Charlotte Doyle who was approaching.

In the delicious kitchen, Gilgamesh was Charlotte Doyle who had already noticed the arrival, but he didn't know the purpose of the other party, and he didn't care too much. After all, they lived here in seclusion for many years. There are few people passing by, and the four people I met some time ago did not have any accidents.

However, Gilgamesh still pays attention to Santana. If the other party suddenly goes berserk, he has to rush over to save the other party as soon as possible.

But this guy shouldn't be so unlucky, as soon as he came across the runaway Santa.

At this time, Charlotte came not far from the big tree, looked at the Eternals Saint Na who was sitting cross-legged in front of her, and approached slowly step by step.

Charlotte was ready for defense as he approached. Once the opponent suddenly went crazy and attacked, he had to be ready to resist, and the Immortal Binding Rope was ready to be dispatched at any time.

As for the Eternals, Charlotte didn't know their specific strength before they had a discussion, but according to the performance and words in the movie, it should be stronger than Thor before the awakening.

Soon Charlotte walked in front of Santana and looked at the woman in front of her.

At this moment, Santana felt Charlotte's gaze and opened her eyes, and what caught Santana's eyes was a handsome face.

Even Santana, who has experienced the earth's transformation from the wild to the present, has to admit that the person in front of her is one of the most handsome humans she has seen, and Charlotte's temperament is even more rare.

"You are?"

"Is there something wrong?"

Charlotte looked at Santana and said in surprise, "Like, too similar, really too similar..."

Seeing the words of the man in front of Du Du, Shengna felt a little funny in her heart. This old-fashioned way of chatting up is really unintentional.

But seeing that this guy is so handsome, Santana still cooperated and said, "Like what?"

Charlotte took out her wallet, took out a photo from it, and said, "She's called Firefox, you guys look so alike."

Looking at the photo taken by the man in front of her, Shengna was stunned for a moment, but she didn't expect that what he said was true.

Santana took the photo in Charlotte's hand and looked at the woman above, not to mention it was exactly the same, but it can be said to be exactly the same in appearance, just like it was carved out of a mold, the only difference may be that The temperament of the two is different.

Seeing that there are people exactly like her in the world, Shengna couldn't help but wonder, "Where is she?"

"She died..."

"I'm so sorry, and I'm sorry."

Looking at Santana's expression, Charlotte understood that the other party might have misunderstood something.

This foxfire is not his girlfriend or something, but a killer who was punched to death by Li Locke, but Charlotte didn't explain anything, just put the photo back in the wallet.

"Ma'am, what's your name?"

"Santa, how about you?"

Looking at Santa's outstretched hand, Charlotte shook it directly.

"Charlotte Doyle."

In this remote place, Charlotte Doyle's name has not yet come here, and Santana does not know him.

Holding Santana's hand, Charlotte felt a special softness and coldness. I have to say that the skin of the Eternals is really good.

Charlotte didn't hold each other's hand all the time, and sent it away after a simple handshake.

"Where are you from? It's not easy to find here."

"Indeed, this place is hard to find."

"There is no direct bus here, and no one is willing to send me here, even if it is double the extra money."

"I'm from New York."

Hearing Charlotte's words, Santana smiled. The place they settled in can be said to be a paradise or a very desolate place. In order to be isolated from the world, it can be said to be a hundred miles away. UU reading

"New York, that's not far away, what are you here for?"

"meet you!"

Santana blinked and asked with some doubts, "Have you seen me anywhere else?"

"Some time ago, there was a four-person team of three men and one woman, a youth and three children who saw you in the restaurant behind you."

"One of the kids told me that there was a girl who looked exactly like Foxfire."

Hearing Charlotte Doyle's words, Santana also recalled Kakashi's team of four. At that time, one of the children did stare at her after she came in. She thought that the other party was attracted by her beauty. Attracted, never thought it was for this reason.

Santana smiled: "Maybe this is fate."

Gilgamesh in the room saw Santana chatting and laughing with a man in the distance, which made him a little curious.

For many years, since Shengna suffered from Eternal Demon, she has been attacking everything around her madly from time to time, and she has never made friends, because she is also afraid that she will easily kill those ordinary friends when she is crazy.

With curiosity and fear of Santana's sudden outburst, Gilgamesh walked out of the delicious kitchen and walked towards the two of them.

At this time, Charlotte and Santa were chatting and laughing. At this time, Gilgamesh walked behind Santana and said softly:

"Hey, Santana!"

"Is this your new friend?"

Just as Gilgamesh called out to Santana, Charlotte noticed that Santana, who was still laughing just now, suddenly stiffened, and white eyes appeared in her eyes.

Seeing this situation, Charlotte's hair stood up instantly: Not good...


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