Players In Marvel - Chapter 590 Doom's capture, the magic that fell from the sky, is dangerous!

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Las Vegas.

This is the casino that never sleeps, no matter if it's a Wall Street financial giant with millions of dollars every minute.

Tourists who are only ready to play one or two tentatively and see their luck.

Or the group of regular customers who have countless experiences and are quite familiar with them can find their favorite or corresponding casinos here.

That's right.

This is also one of the biggest pillars on which Las Vegas lives!

At this time, the sky was gray, and the fine and continuous light rain continued to hit the spacious asphalt road.

"Where are you?!"

Luke Cage frowned. He got a call from Jessica and got unpleasant news.

Do you want to go to hell? !

Oh my gosh, that sounds like a **** of a joke.

"we are coming."

Jessica's relaxed voice came from the phone.


Here, what is here? !

There were so many sudden things today that Luke Cage's brain couldn't react.

"My current address is... uh, are you going to come to me by taxi?!"

He said subconsciously.

But not yet, when he finished speaking, Luke Cage widened his eyes and staged a big change in front of him.


It was like the sound of electric sparks burning, and Jessica's voice appeared together.

"I just met a Mr. Magician, he has very good skills."


Jessica's voice came from the phone and in front of her at the same time.

The golden color flashes with dark purple black from time to time, and the mysterious rune of magic looks a little dizzy.

A circular portal suddenly appeared in front of Luke Cage.

Immediately after.

Jessica, wearing jeans and a black leather coat, stepped out of the portal. Behind her, was an old man with white hair in a red mage robe, who seemed to be very old.

"This is?"

Luke Cage was a little confused.

"Mr. Jibo, the mage from Kama Taj, will open the passage to **** for us."

Long story short.

Jessica believes that Luke Cage will definitely understand what she means.

"All right."

Luke Cage looked at Jessica who seemed to have changed a lot in front of him, and then looked at the old mage behind him.

Although he still didn't understand what happened, but... he nodded and agreed.

to this.

Master Jibo smiled with satisfaction.

"very good."

"Now our team has expanded a bit, but this is not enough, we also need to find some helpers who are experienced in fighting the dark."


Familiar magic sound.

For Kama Taj's mages, no matter what their status is, in short, the skill of opening the door is definitely a passive special.

Master Jibo is no exception, and a new candidate has appeared, in a dark bar.

The ghostly sound of the violin kept ringing in his ears.

Master Jibo pushed open the door in front of him and took Jessica and Luke Cage to the bar next to him.

"Aren't we going to find someone?"

Jessica looked around suspiciously.

Seriously, she doesn't think there are any good people here. The strong **** aura of these people can't be stopped, especially... Jessica's eyes fell on the wine glass not far away.

The bright red and rust-smelling thick liquid in the cup gave her a very bad look.

"Human blood?"

Luke Cage raised his brows, his fists as big as a casserole clenched tightly together, and it could be seen that he should be enduring the urge to wipe out these scumbags.


At this moment, the door of the bar was suddenly kicked open from the outside, followed by a similarly burly man in a black leather coat with a shaved head.

No nonsense.

A silent killing begins.

With a long knife in his hand, at an extremely fast speed, along with the prelude to the demolition of the bar, all the people who appeared in the bar were instantly killed.

Quick and merciless, he is a star and terrifying guy.

"Hey, you came to the wrong bar."

The man held a **** long knife in his hand and looked at Jessica and the others with a heavy gaze.

"Blade, Eric Bruce, a vampire hunter who tracks down Dracula, the vampire king, always trying to kill him."

"A very nice helper, isn't it?"

Master Jibo smiled.

"I have a fantastic job for you, and it's perfect for you."


Eric Bruce looked at the three in front of him, and the next second, Tong Kong was shocked.

"A trip to hell, I think you'll like it."

Windagol Base, Misty Mountains.

It is covered with thick snow all the year round, and the biting cold wind is blowing, and the world is full of white.

As the portal opened, the group stepped into this ice and snow world.


The moment the soles of her feet landed and felt the bone-chilling cold, Jessica subconsciously raised her head and looked in front of her, then immediately covered her mouth, her eyes widening.

The location where the portal opens, behind a cave.

And standing in front of them at the moment is a man who is definitely five or six meters high, his claws are extremely sharp, and the fangs in his mouth are long and hard. He is staring at them, this group of invaders who dare to enter their territory!

"We understand how important your work is, really, and it never occurred to me to bother you."

"You look busy after all."

Master Jibo spoke in a familiar way.

Jessica: "???"

What's the meaning?

Their next partner is this drooling, yelling monster, right? !

"The whole world is in a mess now, and people's emotions are all in a panic, not to mention, it's not even talking about demons."

As Master Jibo's voice fell, a dazzling beam of light instantly shot out from the depths of the cave.

Immediately afterwards, the instant the monster that had been standing in front of them was hit, the entire body disintegrated, as if it had been completely purified by some special power.

"What did you say?"

"Did someone just mention demons?!"

His long orange hair was scattered around his waist, and he was wearing a jacket that looked like a mountaineering outfit. Under the orange-red trousers were a pair of black knee-high boots.

This is a hot-looking girl who seems to be very enthusiastic.

"Elsa Bloodstone, excellent monster hunter, obviously easy to see, isn't it?"

Master Jibo introduced in a sullen tone.

"A hunt by a demon, are you interested?!"

"Oh, of course."

"Don't worry girls, boys, Elsa Bloodstone is here to do it all for you, just after a hot shower."

With a torch in her hand, Elsa Bloodstone spoke cheerfully.

Devil or something.

It's really exciting!

Virginia City.

There was not a single person on the dark street. As the golden portal slowly opened with dark purple light, a group of people gradually appeared here.

On the tall building in the distance, a silver figure looked extremely dazzling in the bright moonlight.

"Moonlight Knight, Mark Spector."

"We need your help to deal with the devil. I think you've seen it on the news about this, haven't you?"

time is limited.

Master Jibo said straight to the point.

"No, I'm sorry, I have other things to do, and I'm not participating in your trip to hell."

When he said this, Mark Spector's tone suddenly paused slightly, and then his voice became a little hoarse, and the tone and way of speaking were completely opposite to just now.

"But the good news is... Ladies and gentlemen, I'm joining."

"How is this going?"

Jessica was stunned.

You are obviously alone, why do you say not to participate at one time, and say to join at another time? !

Seriously, asshole!

"It's different."

Master Jibo shook his head, his eyes fell on the man standing on the tall building in the distance, and he said lightly.

"You can understand that they are the same person, but not the same personality."

"The one willing to join us is... Mr. Knight!"

Uncle Ninth's ability does not need to be doubted.

The trance technique presided over by the Taoist went very smoothly. Dad's soul left the body and walked in a wonderful realm covered with red smoke.

A little bit of righteous energy gathered in the body became the only silk thread that guided forward, connecting Xiaoyu who was far away from the extreme.

"Oh, how long will it take?!"

Dad stopped one step at a time, but he felt that every step he took was a huge distance.

Under the protection of the red smoke, it keeps moving forward, as if it were shuttled in the air, walking on a long corridor of smoke.

This is completely different from the feeling when the soul was out of the body with the righteousness spell, or the sheep charm.

That kind of soul flew out, fluttering like a fairy, and the body was light and fluttering without a body.

It can fly, shuttle, and even pass through walls, but the sense of nothingness that cannot touch the real world is different.

In Ninth Uncle's method of inviting God, the reflected father is a physical entity, and all the senses on the body are no different from living people.

At this time, the old man held the fluorescent silk thread made of righteousness in his hand and stepped forward in the smoke.

It's like climbing a mountain, like crossing a river, it feels very real.

It also made Dad feel tired.

at the same time.

In the room, wisps of cigarettes were wafting, and Wang was making a technical summary of Maoshan Technique.

Although he looks a little greedy, he is a mage from Kama Taj, an apprentice who pursues the mysteries of magic.

Ninth Uncle did not hide his secrets, nor did he avoid it.

The technique shown by the Taoist, which is different from Kama Taj's soul roaming the astral world, also opened Wang's eyes.

"A wonderful measure of protection."

"Even people with magical powers can't directly see the soul of a trance, they can only imitate the perception of the lake."

"Similarly, if you want to interfere with the soul, or make some kind of means, you can only destroy the space composed of red smoke."

Wang grabbed the fries with his big hands, and at the same time there were slurs in his mouth. It seemed that after he finished eating, he went to take the spell notes seriously this time.

in his magical vision.

Dad's soul disappeared together in a layer of smoke, and the beginning was within the altar of the room.

After the smoke flew out of the window, it slowly dissipated.


On another level, it coexists with the real world, but is hidden in the "spiritual dimension" in the wonderful smoke.

That is, the red smoke corridor where Dad was walking at this time.

The power of this "smoke" not only protects the soul that leaves the body, but also provides magical effects such as positioning, locking coordinates, and even "a thousand miles in an instant".


"Compared to directly exposing the soul to the body, it is very likely to suffer all kinds of damage, the power of Mrs. Zijin from the Big Dipper used by the ninth uncle..."

Regarding the meaning represented by Mrs. Zijin of the Big Dipper, even if Wang wanted to understand, he still needed to study more materials.

after all.

There is still a big gap between the magic principles taught by Kama Taj and Mao Shanshu.


The core of will and spirit is actually mostly the same goal, as long as it can cause miracles... it is magic.

And about magic.

I have to mention a great figure, and that is located on the Caribbean Sea.

The dictator of Latvia.

Not long ago, Lord Doom had just had a harvest. He obtained a small toy that exuded pink light.

One of his doomsday robots is returning extremely fast, and Doom can't wait to study the Jade Fragment of the Four Souls.

And this is the time.

Inside the ruined fortress, dim lights flickered slightly.

Doom put down the magical tome in his hand, and behind the terrifying metal mask, there was a hint of surprise in the eyes of the great king.


"This smell, righteousness?!"

"It didn't take much effort to get it, did it just appear like this?!"


The magic and Doom's mind are connected, and the magic power of the layers of spots is gathered between the fingers.

Just before, he used the power of magic to go back and forth about Bazaar, about the eight demons, and about righteousness and blackness.


At that time, he just forcibly captured a drop of water magic within Latovonia through a magical contract with Atlantis.

Then everything after that is traced back through magic, and now, a sample of the entity has appeared.

The magic feedback tells Doom that there is one more gadget he wants to grab for experimentation!

"Red smoke?!"

"It seems that everyone likes such magnificent colors, but... I caught you!"


The metal arm was raised, and the power of magic was gathering.

Inside the Latvian Fortress of Destruction, it was just a thread of righteousness used to locate Xiaoyu.

At this time, it has also been captured by Doom's magic.

There is no need to say hello, what Divine Monarch Doum thinks is what he must do.

"Dom told you to stop!"


From the pink meteor upstream from the ground, a magical torrent rushed out of the skylight of the Citadel of Destruction.

Doom's magic vanished in an instant through the dark clouds that swept over the fort for years.


In that deep space, the pink magic light enveloped the misty smoke!

At this moment.

Divine Sovereign Doum personally shot, and rudely grabbed the old man who was in a trance.


Big shock.

At the moment when the two forces contacted, the old man in the red smoke only felt that the entire tunnel was shaking.

It is such a strong and intuitive feeling that the sky is crumbling, the earth is shaking and the mountains are shaking.

"Oops, UU Reading has an earthquake."

"Ninth Uncle, what's the matter? Dad still wants to go back to drink hot tea, but he doesn't want to be trapped here."

And also at this time.

Inside the residence of the Pengele family, before the altar, the expression of Uncle Jiu changed drastically.

"not good."

"The three sticks of incense have just begun, why is it burning so violently, mutated, mutated!"


Trudeau was sweating profusely, and the oversized long bread in his hand fell to the ground, and something went wrong.

The soul of Mr. is still outside, how can this make him not worried, Truu turned his head to look at Wang.

Said in a dazed tone.

"Didn't you say that there are so many devils in this world, so there will be no problems?!"

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