Players In Marvel - Chapter 591 Harry's change, the Hell Squad gathers.

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New York City.

The original bustling international metropolis has completely disappeared at this time.

However it doesn't matter.

New York and Old New York are just one name.

This is an opportunity for a being that is already at the very top of the pyramid.

Great opportunity.

As long as the operation is done properly, you can have more right to speak, even more resources, and more opportunities for interests.

Not only Hammer Industries, the Osborne Group, all the leading companies in the world, all are just about to move.


None of this has anything to do with Harry Osborn.

At this moment.

Harry was wearing a black trench coat, with a soul destroyer on his waist, and a pair of black leather boots on his feet, walking on the ruins of New York City as if on the ground.

This was left by Zhao Li before he left, along with his favorite Xiao 7.

after all.

After returning to the Underworld, Zhao Li would not be able to come out for a while, but he was completely reluctant to throw away these treasures.

Given the circumstances at the time, Harry was one of the few choices for Zhao Li.

"This is proof that he affirms me."

"What should I do, the ferryman from the underworld, I think I can do well too."

Harry is very happy.

Temporarily obtained a suit of Zhao Li's equipment, plus learned some things about the underworld.

That sense of mission, that short-lived superhero experience, has filled the heart of this young master.

All right.

In fact, the eldest young master did exactly that.


In New York State, on this vast and dilapidated ruin, some guys who seem to want to do whatever they want have received justice. least Harry thought it was justice.

"Harry, you really look like a superhero now, Mr. Ferryman."

Mary Jane holds her precious SLR camera in her hands.

Rolling his eyes, he looked at his good brother angrily, and when he said the word "temporary", he deliberately increased his tone.

Tell the truth.

Mary Jane didn't think of it at all, but she simply went out for a trip and took some photos.

Good now.

The beautiful Miss Kikyo fell into hell, and the handsome brother Li also returned to the underworld.

Back from a trip, good guy, everyone is gone, only myself and Harry are left.

Oh, right.

and also…

Mary Jane squinted at the explosive train not far away. Under her chubby body, she had the flexibility that a fat person should not have. Mike, who cooks super delicious.

"Johnny, it's not me, although your skull is really handsome!"

"But don't be afraid of the screams of fans, and stay in the car all the time!"

Mike, holding wheat beer in his hand, said helplessly while shrugging his shoulders.

"I really think you should learn from Harry. They are also people from hell. How can they be so calm?!"

"Underworld, hell?"

"I think it means, oh, of course, I'm not preaching to you, maybe you should have two happy triangle gummies?!"

Mike said, took out two or three triangular-shaped gummies from his pocket, and handed them over reluctantly, saying with a painful face.

"This is my last stock, Johnny, if it wasn't for the fact that you are my best friend, I wouldn't give it to you."


in the carriage.

Johnny took the fondant from Mike's hand with a complicated look and threw it into his mouth.

Soft and q-bombable, it is covered with a layer of sour sand to make the mouth secrete underwater consciousness. After a short period of sourness, the aroma belonging to the fruit blooms in the mouth, sweet and sweet, and people can't help but eat it. Much better.

"Johnny, that contract was originally one of Mephisto's plans."

The old knight Carter smiled at the new generation of knights, with a little comfort in his vicissitudes of life.

"What we're going to do is simple."

"Hell, the dark power is our eternal enemy, a failure does not prove anything."

"Because we always lose, and then we just have to figure out a way to win it back."

"Perhaps you're right."

Johnny nodded with a complicated expression. Now he can only comfort himself so much, what else can he do? !

However, just as he was about to say something, a sudden surge in his soul told him that an uninvited guest had arrived.

Johnny's face changed suddenly.


on the street.

Jessica looked at Mage Jibo and the huge team behind Mage with excitement.

Now, in addition to himself and the mage, a lot of powerful and powerful forces have been added to the team going to hell.

Luke Cage.

Blades, Eric Bruce.

Monster Hunter, Elsa Bloodstone.

Mr. Knight, Mark Spector.

"Can we go to **** now?"

Jessica looked at Master Jibo with joy, and forcibly suppressed the excitement in her heart and asked.

She couldn't wait to rescue that person.


Unexpectedly, Master Jibo shook his head, and as the portal in front of him slowly opened, the voice of the Master reached everyone's ears.

"One more person."

"Going to hell, a very important key."


Johnny frowned and looked at the group of people who suddenly appeared in front of him. The old knight on the side also looked at Mage Jibo and Jessica thoughtfully.

Go to hell.

This is not a good thing.

Even if Ghost Rider is in hell, it's not an easy job.

Take your life!

Yes, this is taking one's own life to play with the devil.


At this moment, Harry and Mary Jane in the distance discovered the situation here, came over to take a look, and unexpectedly met an old acquaintance.

"It's you!"

Jessica raised her eyebrows curiously as she looked at Harry, who was dressed in a completely different style from before.

She used to be a loyal guest of Yuki Ping Ding Restaurant.

Not to mention three meals a day, but basically it's not much different. For the new friends of Kohei, I occasionally meet them in the store, but the two sides are just familiar with each other, and there is not much communication.


Now that you know it, it's a lot easier to talk about.

"This time we went to hell, we only have one purpose, that is to save Miss Kikyo."

Hearing Jessica's explanation, Harry and Mary Jane's expressions changed when the journey initially set off.

Li Zhao, Harry, Mary Jane, and Miss Kikyo, they were originally together.


In the end, it was only the two of them who came back. This kind of thing... it shouldn't be possible to think about it.

"Miss Kikyo?"

"If that's the case, then I'm going too."

Grasping the soul-killing gun at his waist, Harry took a deep breath. This soul-killing gun gave him more courage.


Master Jibo furrowed his brows without a trace, and things were a little unexpected to him.

Harry Osborn.

The eldest young master of the Osborn Group, an ordinary person who is not on the list of power users.

But now... things seem to have taken a different turn.

And the other side.

Harry didn't care what the old man was thinking about, his eyes shifted and fell on Johnny who was not far away with a tangled expression.

"Mr. Blazer, if possible, I'd like to invite you to come with me."


Slowly let out a sigh of relief.

The crimson flames instantly wrapped Johnny's body, hell, demon... These keywords caused the surging flames.

Ghost Rider's bones begin to emerge!

"If it's hell, then... let's go!"

The residence of the Pengele family.

Originally, the whole trance ceremony went well. Before the altar of the nine uncles, the incense was fixed, and it was just about to take a rest.

Wang and Tru are also relieved, the two friendly fat men are exchanging ideas about the relationship between milk tea and fried food.

Even Yuri Bon had changed his outfit for the day and was ready to drink his coffee today.

And only seriously hit Kurom holding her trident and standing in the corner of the room.

Quietly, motionless.


The change came so quickly, and the crowd had just relaxed before they had time to say a word.

Above the altar, this three-pillared incense began to burn quickly, and even the misty smoke from the entire room was shaking.

"I, you ask me too..."

The flesh on Wang's cheeks was shaking, and a bad premonition appeared at the same time, just like what Truu asked.

It makes no sense. Although there are various dangers on the scale of reality, it is impossible for the devil to stare at them!

Demons and ghosts also have things to do, how could they be so coincidental to make trouble for them.

They are unlucky, too bad!

And at the same time.

When Wang and Tru were still in shock, Uncle Ninth threw out the teacup he just picked up and returned to the altar.

With two fingers, he made a magic pattern on his chest at a very fast speed, and he spit out the sound transmission father in one breath.

"Dad, don't worry."

"You go forward quickly, walk the road to the heaven to reach the destination, first let the soul escape and find Xiaoyu."

"It's up to me after this, don't worry!"

These words came out of Jiu Shu's mouth, and the smoke poured into Jiu Shu's mouth like a cloud of smoke.

In the perspective of the soul of the father, as the ninth uncle ignited the yellow talisman, he pinched the altar again with his fingers.

The red smoke tunnel, which was shaking endlessly, began to gradually restore its previous stability.

But Dad didn't dare to delay any longer, grabbed a touch of righteousness in his hand, and stepped up to go deeper.


"Dad's body can't stand the toss... The power of righteousness is being targeted!"

Dad already knew something in his heart.

Especially the reminders that were refreshed in front of him at this time, the old man used to dislike watching these things.

But now Divine Sovereign Doum's offensive is so straightforward, if it weren't for Ninth Uncle's trance method to protect Dad's soul.

The magic light wave that came from Latviania slapped on Dad's face directly.

If this is put on hold.

Whether it's the God of Dumu who wants to study righteousness, or to find trouble with the Eight Great Demons, or even to find Dad directly.

Sitting in the antique shop, Dad can calmly argue with this great monarch.


Doom didn't have much time to sit down with the unknown mage, so he chose his usual method.

That is plundering, that is, after taking control, hold it in your hand, and Doom will study it slowly.

And dad.

Now my mind is full of Xiaoyu's affairs, so I can even help Jiu Shu go to **** in the future.

Talk to Doom? !

Let's not talk about whether God Lord Doum listens or not, Dad doesn't have that spare time.


"What a nasty guy. Before Dad finds Xiaoyu, you can't be delayed by you."

In the red smoke, the old man was babbling on himself.

On his body, the fluorescence transmitted through the soul is gradually strengthening, which is the ability of the righteous archmage.

"The monsters and monsters leave quickly."

"The monsters and monsters leave quickly."

As the old man began to chant the spell, he moved forward faster and faster with every jump.

at the same time.

Infiltrating the red smoke, the green righteousness charm also began to resist the pink magic mystery.

Dad worked hard here, and Uncle Ninth didn't stop.

"How brave!"

"He Fang, the devil and the devil, dare to stop Mrs. Big Dipper Zijin's legal drive, and you will be captured without hurrying!"

The ninth uncle threw the burning yellow talisman in his hand, and at the same time drove two small paper figurines in his hand, one left and one right in a stab at the sky.

Exhale with the mouth.


Above the altar, flames flew, and red smoke spread to the ground.

Mrs. Beidou Zijin, whose real honorary title is Doumu Yuanjun, has written a letter to protect her by the means of Taoist Maoshan.

Now that there are people who make trouble, dare to stop halfway, this is really... disrespectful, disrespectful, disrespectful.

"Tiangong Road, Tianting Road, blocking this smoke is like blocking the holy road, bold, bold, really bold!"

"Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals, under the decree to subdue the demons, hurry as the law!"


As if two golden lights flashed, the little paper figurines on the left and the right fell into the fire, and flew with the smoke in an instant.


Jiu Shu's fingers became imprinted, and he pinched the golden sword to kill ghosts.

He kicked on the side of the altar, and a paper knife entwined with yellow paper, yellow talisman and red thread flew into his hand, and then plunged into the fire!


Then, like a firecracker, the brazier burst into flames.

Where spells, spells, and magic meet.

A pink jelly like a living slime, wrapped in a smoke that kept squirming.

However, the powers of Ninth Uncle and Dad are acting at the same time, and the magical power of Lord Doum is being disturbed.

At this moment.

A red light like the setting sun appeared in the sky, it seemed real but fake, illusory and real. At this moment, it was like Doumu Yuanjun's law surpassing ordinary people.


An inexplicable fluctuation flashed, and the pink magic ray was suddenly isolated from it.


In the smoke, a huge phantom bloomed, one left and one right like a silver-faced general with silver armor and silver armor.

Lively and dexterous.

He jumped out of the smoke with a gun in his hand, and quickly turned into a normal human size, with extremely sharp silver light shining from his body, rushing towards the pink magic power.

It's not over yet.

A golden knife seemed to emerge from the void, followed by a loud shout that seemed to come from the sky.


The golden knife turned into golden light in an instant, rushing straight towards the oncoming magic power, and the pink magic power ribbon was passed by everything.


In Doom's lab, Doom senses the feedback of magic.

"Useless struggle."

"No matter how ingenious the spell, no matter how unpredictable the influence is, it is only the same under absolute power."

"And power, and magic, they have only one name!


"That's Doom!



Divine Sovereign Doum raised his hands, and the profound meaning of UU reading magic gathered in his hands, accompanied by bright energy fluctuations.

An extremely huge magical beam of light was launched from Latovonia through the dark clouds!

This time, Doom wasn't heading for Dad.


Gathering extremely huge magic power, it fell from the sky, like a pink meteor that brought destruction directly to the residence of the Pengele family!


"Come on, if you want to fight against Doom, then see what the magic of Doom is!


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