Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7262 . How are they negotiating?

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Chapter 7262

Fortunately, they did not delay the big event!

Everyone in the Shangguan family, leave it to Shangguan Ting and the others, as well as Tian Lao and others to arrange!

Su Ruoxi took his uncle Shangguan Hao out of the space and waited for Su Zhengnan to come over!

the next day

Su Zhengnan brought Su Yun and the three to Su Ruoxi's small courtyard!

"Xi'er, how have you discussed with your grandfather?" Su Zhengnan asked directly when he saw Su Ruoxi.

"Xi'er, what the master said is right, let the Shangguan family stay in the black market. The master said that as long as the Shangguan family is willing, the black market will immediately change its name to the Shangguan family!"

After Su Zhengnan finished speaking, Su Yun was the first to persuade.

Su Yun's words made Shangguan Hao on the side stunned, and looked at Su Zhengnan in surprise!

Although I know that the black market of Su Zhengnan and his wife was established with the help of Xi'er and his wife, and once their husband and wife were the subordinates of Xi'er's father Su Qianmo, that is, his brother-in-law's subordinate!

However, when the brother-in-law left, the contract with each other was cancelled!

Just leave a sentence so that their husband and wife can protect Xi'er!

However, in the past so many years, Shangguan Hao did not expect that Su Zhengnan and his wife were still so kind to Su Ruoxi and even the Shangguan family, which shocked Shangguan Hao!

"Godfather, senior brother, don't worry, my grandfather and uncle agreed to stay. Didn't I bring my uncle out to discuss the specific details with you?" Su Ruoxi said with a smile.

"That's fine, that's fine, hahaha... We will be a family from now on!" Su Zhengnan finally breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this, and said with a smile.

"Then godfather, talk about your plan, and after listening to it, uncle thinks that there needs to be changed, we will discuss it later!" Su Ruoxi thought about it and said directly.

"Okay, then I'll talk about it first. In the years since Xi'er left, I brought three apprentices and elites from the black market to thoroughly clean up the black market in the Central Sky Region. Now the rest of the black market is not bad. Credible man!"

"Of course, there are inevitably moths among them, but we haven't found them, so it can't be said that 100% of the people in the black market are good people. We can find them later and clean them up!"

"But the black market executives are absolutely credible, all of them are our own people, and some who have dissent have been resolved!"

"At present, there is a black market in the four major areas of the Central Sky Territory. Sky Fantasy City is the headquarters of the black market. There are five black markets in the entire Central Sky Territory. This is also after listening to Xi'er's suggestion. We closed the rest of the black market branches. Now, there is a large-scale black market left in each area!"

"Like what Xi'er said, be good, be a signboard, even if there is a black market in each area, if you have a reputation, you will not be afraid of losing business and making money!"

"There are about 10,000 people in each of the other four black markets, of which 5,000 people are responsible for the affairs inside and outside the black market in turn, and the remaining 5,000 people are the dark guards, responsible for protecting the security of the four black markets and solving some problems. The enemy in the dark!"

"We have more than 20,000 dark guards here, and we are responsible for inside and outside the black market. Together with the elders, there are now a total of 1,000 people!"

"What I mean is that when the two of us merge together, we can directly change the black market to the Shangguan family, and the black market of the other four major heavens can also be changed to the Shangguan family's property!"

"And here is also handed over to you, my three apprentices can assist you..." Su Zhengnan said his plan!

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