Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7270 . Do you know Xi'er?

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Chapter 7270

When the two saw Shangguan Hao, they were slightly surprised!

Because they had met Shangguan Hao and knew that he was Su Ruoxi's uncle!

But at that time, the two of them were disguised, and Shangguan Hao should not recognize them!

"I have seen two hall masters!" Shen Qingshan was the first to speak.

"Two palace masters, please sit down, I don't know what you are doing in the black market?" Su Zhengnan greeted politely and asked directly.

Hearing this, Feng Lei and Shen Qingshan were obviously taken aback, they didn't expect Su Zhengnan to be so direct!

I thought of something, and suddenly I understood!

"We came to see girl Xi'er. We had some misunderstandings before. We both came to apologize!" Feng Lei said with a smile.

"You know Xi'er?" Shangguan Hao asked in surprise.

Did they think wrong?

"Well, girl Xi'er is still our savior!" Feng Lei said.

"Savior? But we heard that your temple still sent people to hunt down Xi'er!"

Shangguan Hao raised his eyebrows and looked at Feng Lei and Feng Lei, trying to see something on the other's face, but unfortunately, Shangguan Hao was disappointed.

"This is actually a misunderstanding. We have already dealt with the person who hunted down Xi'er. Actually..."

Shen Qingshan was helpless and told Su Zhengnan truthfully about the fact that he and his master were trapped in the Yinzu Continent.

Then I explained the matter of the temple again. The temple itself was stolen by them. Because they didn't like trouble, they didn't clean it up. As long as the people in the temple didn't betray, they would also be happy to be the master of the temple!

It was only for the sake of having a place to stay when I seized the temple!

Shangguan Hao glanced at Su Zhengnan when he heard this, he didn't know anything about the temple!

However, seeing the surprise in Su Zhengnan's eyes, and understanding, it seems that the other party is not lying!

Su Zhengnan was really surprised, he didn't expect so many things in it!

According to what Shen Qingshan said, he also remembered some things about the temple, which matched what Shen Qingshan said. It seems that it was not because the temple suddenly became low-key, but because the temple changed hands!

This made Su Zhengnan very surprised and instantly understood!

"How did the goddess Yunmeng and the two deal with it?" Su Zhengnan looked back at Feng Lei and asked.

"Originally, we imprisoned people and planned to hand them over to Xi'er, but on the way here, we learned that the other party had been killed!" Shen Qingshan said directly.

They were very helpless when they received the news of Yunmeng's death when they were about to arrive at Sky Fantasy City!

"Since it's resolved, it's still a misunderstanding, but the two of you came at a wrong time, Xi'er has retreated, and I'm afraid I won't be able to see the two of you in the short term!" Su Zhengnan thought for a while and said.

"Oh, that's it, then let's go back first, and trouble the two palace masters to give this token to Xi'er girl. After she leaves the customs, let her have time to visit the temple!" Shen Qingshan heard the words and took out a token. Tokens are placed on the table.

"Okay, we'll take it in place of Xi'er!" Su Zhengnan said.

"I still have some compensation for girl Xi'er here..."

"Two palace masters, for compensation or something, you should wait for Xi'er to go to the temple, you can give it to her in person! We can accept the token instead of Xi'er, but nothing else. If Xi'er doesn't want it, we can't do anything about it. Explain!"

"So, except for the token, you still handed over the rest to Xi'er, which seems sincere!" Shangguan Hao hurriedly interrupted Feng Lei's words.

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